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Châteaux of Rhône-Alpes

This is the list of Châteaux in Rhône-Alpes. It is located on the eastern border of the country, towards the south. The region was named after the Rhône River and the Alps mountain range. Divided into 8 departments namely: Ain, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Loire, Rhône, Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

We have listed 1115 Chateaux in the Rhône-Alpes region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 405 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Rhône-Alpes that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Ain

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château des Allymes14th centuryRestoredAmbérieu-en-BugeyProperty of the city since 1984 and it is managed and run by the "Association of Friends of the castle".
Château d'Ambérieux-en-Dombes
Château de l'Aumusse
Château d'Ambérieux-en-Dombes14th centuryRuineAmbérieux-en-DombesThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1905.
Château d'AmbronayAmbronay
Château de Douglas
Château des Avaneins
Château d'Andert15th centuryIn good conditionAndert-et-CondonThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1990.
Château d'Anglefort1741 AnglefortThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1974âteau_d'Anglefort
Château de la Barre14th centuryIn good conditionBrégnier-CordonThe castle was the scene of a news story involving a young seminarian village Brangues Antoine Berthet, initiated in 1826 by the Earl of cord as tutor to his children.
Château de la Bâtie13th century MontceauxThe castle Built, its interior, its chapel, its dependencies and the whole plot were registered historic monument on July 17, 2006âteau_de_la_Bâtie_(Ain)
Château de Beaumont19th centurySaint-Etienne-sur-ChalaronnePrivately owned.
Château médiéval de Bey
Château de BeauregardBeauregard
Château de Beauretour15th centuryRuinsSaint-Germain-les-ParoissesThe building was registered under the historical monuments in 2003.
Château Bouchet19th centuryIn good conditionFareinsOwned by the municipality
Château de Bouligneux14th centuryIn good conditionBouligneuxThe castle was the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since November 15, 1926.
Château du Breuil de MonthieuxMonthieux
Château de Beau-Logis
Château de Brénon
Château de Bourdonnel
Château de BéostVonnas
Château de Bellevue
Château de Beaujeu
Château de La Bruyère Saint-BernardThe building was registered under the historical monuments in 1997.
Château de ChampdorChampdor
Château de Clerdan
Château du Carillon
Château de ChevigneyNeuville-les-DamesPrivate property
Château de ChanayChanay
Château de Chanoz-Châtenay Chanoz-ChâtenayThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1987.âteau_de_Chanoz-Châtenay
Château de Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne15th centuryRemains Châtillon-sur-ChalaronneOwned by the municipality. The remains of the castle are the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since February 22, 1927.
Château de Chavagneux12th-15th centuryIn good conditionGenouilleuxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1942.
Château de Chazey-sur-Ain12th-19th centuryIn good conditionChazey-sur-AinThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1987.
Château de
Château Chiloup14th centuryDagneuxOwned by the town
Château de ChiloupSaint-Martin-du-MontPrivately owned
Château de Chanoz-Châtenay11th centuryChanoz-ChâtenayPrivate property
Château de Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne
Château de Cillery1860 Jassans-RiottierPrivate property.âteau_de_Cillery
Château de CoiseletMiddle agesIn good conditionMatafelon-GrangesThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1983.
Château de Chânes
Château de Corcelles19th centuryIn good conditionTrévouxOwned by an association
Château de CordonMiddle agesRuine Brégnier-CordonThe site includes a calcareous grassland type Mesobromion (lean dominated by a grass lawn: the upright brome ), threatened natural habitat that is among those whose protection is considered a European issue.
Château de Cornillon12th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Rambert-en-BugeyOwned by the municipality
Château de Crassy19th centuryIn good conditionDivonne-les-BainsPrivately owned
Château de Cuchet13th centuryRuinedSaint-Sorlin-en-Bugey
Château de Divonne18th centuryIn good conditionDivonne-les-BainsThe Chateau de Divonne is now converted into a hotel-restaurant four stars.
Château de la Dorches ChanayThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1927.âteau_de_la_Dorches
Château du Déaux
Château de Dortan15th centuryIn good conditionDortanDuring the massacre Dortan in 1944 , the castle Dortan is the headquarters of the German troops based in the village on July 12. Residents of Dortan was detained, tortured and executed
Château des Éclaz Cheignieu-la-BalmeThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1988âteau_des_Eclaz
Château d'Épeyssoles
Château des Éclaz
Château de Ferney-Voltaire17th centuryIn good conditionFerney-VoltaireThe castle was acquired by the French Republic in 1998.
Château de Fléchères
Château de Fetan17th centuryIn good conditionTrévouxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1973.
Château de Fléchères17th centuryIn good conditionFareinsThe castle is now open to the public. It was a setting for many movies like: The Devil by the Tail of Philippe de Broca in 1968, La Marquise shadows in 2009 and many more.
Château de la Falconnière
Château de FleyriatViriatPrivate property.
Château de Genoud14th centuryIn good conditionCertinesThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2006.
Château du Grand-Casset
Château des Greffets
Château de Grilly13th century Grilly Finally in 1960, the castle was acquired by a surgeon Lille. Mr. Piquet, whose descendants still own the castle.
Château de la Tour de Grilly1481RestoredGrillyIt was not until 1993 to see the building of the castle again reunited by its current owner, Ambassador Sergio Piazzi which undertook extensive reconstruction and restoration was completed in 2008 and have handed over to the building to its former glory.
Château de la Griffonnière
Château de Groslée10th century GrosléeThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1992
Château de Grillerin
Château de Gourdans13th centurySaint-Jean-de-NiostPrivately owned
Château d'Honoré d'Urfé 1077 Virieu-le-GrandThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1935âteau_d'Honoré_d'Urfé
Château d'HostelBelmont-Luthé
Château d'Honoré d'Urfé
Château de Jasseron13th centuryRuinsJasseronThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1927.
Château de Joyeux19th-20th centuryIn good conditionJoyeuxPrivate property
Château de Juis12th centuryIn good conditionSavigneuxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1984.
Château de LéazLéaz
Château de Loize
Château de Luponnas
Château de
Château de Longes SulignatThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1991âteau_de_Longes
Château de LoriolFirst mention in 12th centuryRestored ConfrançonOn 20 October 1994, the building was registered under the Historic Monuments.
Château de Loyes18th centuryIn good conditionVillieu-Loyes-MollonCastle Loyes (facades and roofs), the chapel outside (walls and roofs), the enclosure and the neo-Gothic portal, the formal garden, the park, the motte, deck gazebo, the garden with its fence and field plots are subject to registration under the historical monuments since March 28, 2008.
Château de Luisandre14th centuryRuinsSaint-Rambert-en-BugeyPrivately owned
Château de MachurazFirst mention in 1183In good conditionVieuThe whole area and the castle are the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since November 6, 2006.
Château de la Madeleine
Château de Murs
Château de Mareste Chavannes-sur-ReyssouzeThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1969
Château de Meillonnas1350 MeillonnasThe castle, partly owned by the municipality, is not open to the public, but it is possible for specialists to visit.
Château de Meyriat12th centuryRuineVieu-d'IzenaveIt was abandoned in 1791 and subsequently destroyed and looted. There remains only a few ruins.
Château de Meximieux19th centuryMeximieux
Château de Musinens
Château de Montvéran
Château de Montbriand Messimy-sur-SaôneThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1989
Château du Montellier13th centuryIn good conditionMontellier (Le)Private property
Château de Montferrand14th centuryIn good conditionLagnieuPrivately owned
Château de Montépin
Château de Marnix
Château de Mâchuraz
Tour de Montvert
Château de MontgriffonNivollet-Montgriffon
Château de Montluel11th-13th centuryRuinsMontluelPrivately owned
Château de Montplaisant MontagnatThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1981.
Château de Montribloud14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-André-de-CorcyThe castle is usually closed to the public. During the Heritage Days , odd years, Bodin family opened the castle to visit.
Château de Montvéran14th centuryIn good conditionCulozThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1946
Château de Noirefontaine
Château de Pennesuyt14th centuryIn good conditionBourg-en-BresseThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1987.
Chartreuse de Pierre-Châtel12th centuryIn good conditionVirigninOwned by a private company.
Château de Pionneins
Château de Polletins
Château de Prévessin-Moëns
Château de Pyrimont
Château du Plantay14th centuryIn good conditionLe Plantay
Château de Pommier11th centurySaint-Martin-du-Mont
Château de Poncin1180In good conditionPoncinThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1970
Château de Pont-d'Ain14th centuryIn good conditionPont-d'AinThe building of the grand staircase tower said Marguerite was registered as a historic monument February 22, 1927, and the castle and its large common was recorded September 13, 2004. The site itself is registered since August 30, 1946. It does not welcome visitors however is visible externally.
Château de Pont-de-Veyle17th centuryIn good condition Pont-de-VeyleThe building is partially registered under the historical monuments in 1972
Château de Richemont13th centuryVillette-sur-AinPrivately owned.
Château de La RocheIn good conditionSaint-Martin-du-MontPrivately owned
Château de Rochefort-sur-Séran13th centuryRuinedCressin-Rochefort
Château des sires de Bâgé
Château de Romans14th centuryIn good conditionRomansOwned by a private company
Château du RoquetTrévoux
Château de Rossillon14th century RossillonIt was inscribed monuments since September 5, 2005.âteau_de_Rossillon
Château de Rougemont12th centuryRuineArancThe area of the castle was owned by the state from the Revolution. Recently, a descendant of the family of Rougemont bought the land in order to save what remains.
Château de Saint-Bernard13th-14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-BernardThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1997
Château de Saint-Didier-de-FormansSaint-Didier-de-Formans
Château de Saint-Denis-en-Bugey13th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Denis-en-BugeyThe castle tower is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since May 26, 1899.
Poype de Saint-Cyr-sur-Menthon
Château de Salvert
Château de Sandrans
Château des Seychallets
Château de Sérans
Château des Sardières
Château de Saint-Germain12th centuryRuineAmbérieu-en-BugeySince 2008 , the site was the ruins and do the clearing backed by the association "Friends of Saint-Germain and its castle".
Château de Saint-Maurice-de-Rémens18th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Maurice-de-Rémens
Château de Saint-Paul-de-Varax1250In good conditionSaint-Paul-de-VaraxThe building is partially registered under the historical monuments in 1981.
Château de Sainte-JulieFirst mention in 12th centuryIn good conditionSainte-JulieWhile enjoying the charms and benefits of a rural location, the castle of Sainte-Julie also has the advantage of a very favorable economic environment, as it is in the immediate vicinity of exceptional economic poles.
Château de Saix PéronnasThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1987.
Château de Sermenaz13th-16th centuryIn good conditionNeyron
Château de la Serraz SeillonnazThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1978âteau_de_la_Serraz
Château de Sure13th-16th centurySaint-André-de-Corcy
Château de Thol14th centuryRuine but under construction Neuville-sur-AinIn the early 2000s, the association Les Paladins Thol initiated backup jobs and restore the castle. The north tower is currently under reconstruction.
Château de la Tour Neuville-sur-AinThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2006
Château de la Tour-des-Échelles12th-17th centuryIn good conditionJujurieuxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1949
Château de Trévoux14th centuryRemains Trévoux If today is sufficiently large and visible to attract many visitors remains, the building suffered significant damage due to several centuries of neglect and the Revolution . It is still today connected to the city by a long wall that connects to the octagonal tower to the east and to the north west corner of the backyard.
Château de la Teyssonière
Château de Tanay
Château de Treffort
Château de la Tour-des-Échelles
Château de VarambonFirst MillenniumRebuilt and restored VarambonThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2007.
Château de Varepe15th-16th centuryGrosléePrivately owned.
Château de Varey1325In good conditionSaint-Jean-le-VieuxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1983
Château de la Vernay
Donjon de Buenc12th centuryRuinedHautecourt-Romanèche
Manoir de La Forest1398In good conditionRossillonPrivately owned
Maison forte de Montherot de Balan14th centuryIn good conditionBalan
Maison-forte de Saint-Germain14th centuryIn good conditionAmbérieu-en-Bugey
Maison-forte de VillonVilleneuve
Manoir de la RigaudièreJassans-Riottier
Motte castrale de Saint-André-de-Corcy11th centurySaint-André-de-CorcyPrivately owned
Motte castrale de Saint-Jean-de-Thurigneux12th centurySaint-Jean-de-ThurigneuxPrivately owned
Motte castrale de VillarsVillars-les-Dombes
Château de Volognat
Château de Vesancy
Château de Vanans
Château de la Vénerie
Poype de TramoyesTramoyes
Vieux Bourg de L'Abergement-Clémenciat14th centuryRuinedL'Abergement-ClémenciatChabeu Family

Châteaux of Ardèche

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Alba11th centuryRestored Alba-la-Romaine1975: Dr. Magdalene Frimat undertakes restoration, the castle open to the public, organizes exhibitions every summer and hosts shows and seminars, today's children continue his work. The restoration is carried out with the help of historical monuments, the castle is included in the inventory.
Château d'AleyracSaint-Vincent-de-Barrès
Château d'Alba-la-Romaine
Château d'AntoulinChampis
Château d'AntyRoiffieux
Château d'Arras-sur-RhôneArras-sur-Rhône
Château d'Aubenas13th centuryIn good conditionAubenas The castle is located at the highest point of the city, Castle Square, which is held every Saturday morning part of the market of the city.
Château d'AubignasAubignas
Château de BaixBaix
Château de Balazuc11th centuryRestored BalazucIn 2002, the castle ruins is sold by the descendants of Louis Mollier Daniel and Virginia Boulenger, a couple of Lyon. These restore the castle to make guest rooms. They close at the end of 2007 but in 2011, it was bought by Luc Lemaire and Florence, two former journalists. The guest house was reopened in January 2012.
Château de la Balme de MontbrunRuine Saint-Gineis-en-CoironThe castle is located on a hill overlooking the volcanic circus where stood the whole village promontory, today there remains some modest ruins.
Château de Banne11th centuryRuine BanneDestroyed by fire July 12, 1792, will be sold by its owner to a negotiating Vans who used it as a career. All that remains of the walls, staircase and stables.
Château des BardonsEclassan
Château de La Bâtie de CrussolChampis
Château de Berzème
Château de Bayard1404Restored BogyBayard's museum was established in 1975 and presents the life and myth of Pierre Terrail, lord of Bayard, the famous "without fear and without reproach" knight.
Château de Beauchastel1179Ruine BeauchastelDespite the demolition, the site of the village retains until the early twentieth century medieval aspect that enriches architectural elements of the Renaissance.
Château de BeaudinerSaint-André-en-Vivarais
Château Beaumarais19th centuryNeuville-sur-AinOwned by a private company
Château de Beaume Saint-André-en-VivaraisThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1974âteau_de_Beaume
Château de Beaumefort14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Alban-AuriollesIt is subject to registration under the historical monuments since June 2, 2009.
Château de Beauregard17th centuryRestored Saint-PérayThe heirs of Baron sell it in 1947 to the Association of Beauregard. It is owned now by the Diocese of Viviers.
Château de Belle CombeSaint-Jean-de-Muzols
Château BernaudinAnnonay
Château de Bernis1852In good conditionSaint-Marcel-d'ArdècheThe town acquired the castle in 1952 and installed the mayor's office in 1965.
Château de Berzème15th centuryIn good conditionBerzèmeThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1997
Château de BessasBessas
Château du
Château de BessinGilhoc-sur-Ormèze
Château du BijouChomé
Château de BlacieuxTalencieux
Château des BlancsEclassan
Château de Blou12th centuryIn good conditionThueytsThe building supports two turrets roof glazed tiles.
Château du BoisChomérac
Château de La Borie17th centuryIn good conditionPradons
Château des Boscs17th centuryIn good conditionGilhoc-sur-OrmèzeThe castle Boscs is a fine example of Vivarois style.
Château du Bosquet1520In good conditionSaint-Martin-d'ArdècheThe building, private property is registered under the historical monuments in 2003.
Château de Boulogne11th centuryRuineSaint-Michel-de-BoulogneThe castle is in ruins, but they are regularly consolidated. The remains of the castle of Boulogne were classified in Monuments, by order of July 17, 1915.
Château du Bousquet16th-18th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Laurent-du-PapeThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1975.
Château de BournetGrospierres
Château de BozeBozas
Château de BrénieuxSaint-Romain-d'Ay
Château du BretSaint-Péray
Château de Brogieux14th-18th centuryIn good conditionRoiffieux
Château du Bruget17th centuryRestored JaujacThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1954âteau_du_Bruget
Château de Brion (Saint-Laurent-du-Pape)Saint-Laurent-du-Pape
Château de Brion (Jaunac)Jaunac
Château de BrisonSanilhac
Château de Cachard15th centuryIn good conditionBoffresThe current owners built a private zoo. Deer, wild boar, mouflon live in semi-freedom.
Château de CarretSarras
Château de Castrevieille13th centuryIn good conditionJaujacOwned by the municipality.
Château de CastelasSaint-André-de-Cruzières
Château des Célestins
Château de Châteaubourg
Château de La Chèze
Château de CasteljauBerrias-et-Casteljau
Château des Célestins12th centuryIn good conditionColombier-le-CardinalThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1963
Château du CellierSaint-Fortunat-sur-Eyrieux
Château de ChabriolMarcols-les-Eaux
Château de Chambonas12th centuryIn good conditionChambonasThe estate remained in the offspring of Chanaleilles until about 1970. It was then sold and resold after new interiors and restoration of lawns.
Château de Champ-la-LioureChomérac
Château des ChanelsPayzac
Château de ChapdenacThueyts
Château de Charay 16th centuryDismantled La SoucheAt the Revolution , the area Charay was dismantled and sold in several lots, substantially altered since. It remains today of the original building only one tower.âteau_de_Charay
Château de Charbonnel17th century VinezacThe castle Charbonnel or central tower was renamed La Bastide du Soleil by its hotel status.âteau_de_Charbonnel
Château de Charmes-sur-RhôneCharmes-sur-Rhône
Château du CharnèveSaint-Montan
Château de Chassagnes16th centuryIn good conditionLes VansFacades and roofs of the castle, those common, and hydraulics are registered under the historical monuments by order of December 17, 2007.
Château de ChastanetValgorge
Château du ChastelasGrospierres
Château Le ChastelasSaint-Thomé
Château Les ChâtaignersAnnonay
Château de Châteaubourg11th centuryIn good conditionChâteaubourgDuring the religious wars , the castle is under attack by Huguenots. Redesigned, it still faces the French Revolution.
Château de Châteauneuf en BoutièresSaint-Julien-Boutières
Château de Châteauneuf-de-VernouxChâteauneuf-de-Vernoux
Château de ChaussyRuoms
Château de
Château de Chazotte ArleboscThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1981âteau_de_Chazotte
Château du ChevalierSaint-Vincent-de-Barrès
Château de CheylusFlaviac
Château de La CheysserieSaint-Sauveur-de-Montagut
Château de La Chèze14th centuryRestored CheylardThe Association for the Preservation of Heritage Boutièrois (ASPB-castle of Cheze) restores the castle since 1989.
Château de ChirolSaint-Victor
Château de ChoméracChomérac
Château de ClavièresSaint-Agrè
Château Clé
Château de CollansSilhac
Château de Colombier-le-Vieux Colombier-le-VieuxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1927âteau_de_Colombier-le-Vieux
Château du Comte d'AntraiguesLabastide-sur-Bésorgues
Château de ConchisGenestelle
Château de CorsasSaint-Victor
Château Le CôteauAnnonay
Château de Craux12th centuryIn good conditionGenestelleThe castle was the setting in 1974 for the film The Secret of Robert Enrico with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Philippe Noiret and Marlène Jobert.
Château de Crozat14th-19th centuryIn good conditionAlboussièreIt is now hosting events.
Château de Crussol12th centuryRuineSaint-PérayEach early summer, a festival takes place over two days on the site, with concerts, animations, reconstructions.
Château de Déomas1876In good conditionAnnonayThis acquisition allowed Annonay to improve its image as the castle was being a tourist attraction and beautified the city, you can find training centers and reception rooms over a hundred places. An sports complex is located next to the park.
Château de DésaignesIn good conditionDésaignesThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1933.
Château de DevessetDevesset
Château de Déomas
Château de DevèzeVernon
Château de DolGilhoc-sur-Ormèze
Château du DonMarcols-les-Eaux
Château Durtail16th centuryRuine Saint-Romain-de-LerpsThe owners of the castle does not lived there. Custody is entrusted to a lord, usually home Montmeyran.
Château d'EbboVallon-Pont-d'Arc
Château d'Entrevaux12th centuryIn good conditionSaint-PriestIn May 1629, during the wars of religion in Privas Cardinal Richelieu came before the army, preparing the seat of Deprived against Huguenots to settled in Entrevaux.
Château de FagesChazeaux
Château du FauBurzet
Château de FaugèresFaugères
Château des Faugs1886In good conditionBoffresIt is now turned into Vincent d'Indy Museum.
Château de La FaurieSaint-Alban-d'Ay
Château FélyRoiffieux
Château de FontagerSaint-Romain-d'Ay
Château de FontblachèreSaint-Lager-Bressac
Château de Fort-MahonFlaviac
Château de Font-RéalSaint-Jean-Chambre
Château de FougerollesAizac
Château de GallimardBurzet
Château de La Garde14th centuryRuine Roiffieux It is now in ruins and is easily accessible.
Château de Gaud (Labastide-de-Virac)Labastide-de-Virac
Château de Gaud (Saint-Remèze)Saint-Remèze
Château Les GenêtsAnnonay
Château de GerlandeVanosc
Château de La GorceLagorce
Château de Gourdan1777In good conditionSaint-ClairThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1967.
Château de GranouxSaint-Lager-Bressac
Château de GrasGras
Château de GrillouRosières
Château de GriottierSaint-Romain-d'Ay
Château de GrozonSaint-Barthélemy-Grozon
Château de GuignebertSaint-Martin-de-Valamas
Château de Hautségur MeyrasThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1937
Château de Hautvillars SilhacThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1952âteau_de_Hautvillars
Château d'IserandSécheras
Château de JapperenardIn good conditionRoiffieux
Château de Joannas12th-15th centuryIn good conditionJoannasOwned by the municipality and a private person. The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1985.
Château de Joviac1597In good conditionRochemaureThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1971 and 1990, and ranked in 2001.
Château de Joyeuse1540In good conditionJoyeuseIts facades and roofs are included as a historic monument since April 19, 1988
Château Jullien12th centuryIn good conditionVinezacIt is very complex because its parts are built at different times.
Château de LabeaumeLabeaume
Château Lacour1592 Saint-AgrèveDependence of Chateau Lacour served disco (the eponymous) 1968 and 2009. During these years many concerts held thereâteau_Lacour_de_Saint-Agrève
Château de LafargeViviers
Château de Largentière
Château de Logères
Château de LanasLanas
Château de Largentière13th centuryIn good conditionLargentièreThis monument is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 31, 1927.
Château de LarqueBanne
Château LaurentArcens
Château des LèbresBanne
Château de
Château LeynierAnnonay
Château de LiviersLyas
Château de LogèresIn good conditionJoannas
Château de La LombardièreDavézieux
Château de MahunSaint-Symphorien-de-Mahun
Château de Maisonseule13th centuryIn good conditionSaint-BasileCastle Maisonseule was registered as a historic monument on March 24, 1983. It is open to the public in July and August.
Château de MalboscMalbosc
Château de Meyret
Château de Montréal
Château de MalevalMars
Château de MalgarayArlebosc
Château de ManohaArdoix
Château de MantelinSaint-Victor
Château de Marc SeguinAnnonay
Château de MarsBoulieu-lès-Annonay
Château du MasDavé
Château de MaurasChomérac
Château de MayresMayres
Château de MazaLe Cheylard
Château du MeinFélines
Château de MircoulyAnnonay
Château des Moines12th centuryRemains CruasThe Municipality, owner of medieval site for several years, has undertaken a program of renovation and rehabilitation of the village planned to last 25 to 30 years. The project includes housing that can be rented by the year or during the summer as well as houses for traders. The program also involves schools in the municipality (costuming, historical research).
Château de MonestierMonestier
Château de MontagutSaint-Sauveur-de-Montagut
Château de MontanetPeaugres
Château de Montivert13th century Saint-André-en-VivaraisThe castle as a whole, his farm and his common to their facades and roofs, fenced garden, the park and serve, facades and roofs of the input box, and all of the enclosure wall of the domain, are registered under the historical monuments by order of October 12, 2007
Château de Montréal12th century MontréalThroughout the year, it opens its door to make it a fun visit. During the summer (early July to late August), various characters emerge from the Middle Ages and invite you to spend a day with them. Accompanied by guides, come browse the halls of the Castle to meet history and just admire our démonstrtions fighting knights.
Château de Montseveny PradesThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2001âteau_de_Montseveny
Château de MordaneSaint-Barthélemy-le-Plain
Château de LamotheIn good conditionChassiersPrivately owned
Château de La MotteAccons
Château de La MotteVinezac
Château de MunasArdoix
Château de La MurePeaugres
Château de l'OurseViviers
Château de Pampelonne Saint-Martin-sur-LavezonThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1981
Château PérierBoffres
Château de Peychelard10th centuryRuinsLamastre
Château de Peyraud10th century PeyraudThe castle has been inhabited, hence its good condition. It retains many original features: stone floors, terracotta or floor, doors, windows, fireplaces, interior joinery, decorations staff recently rejuvenated for southern parts, wallpaper of the early nineteenth century to the northern partsâteau_de_Peyraud
Château de PeyresBurzet
Château de Pierregourde13th centuryRuinsGilhac-et-BruzacThe castle Pierregourde, whose name comes from the old French "watchtower stone" , although marked by religious wars between Protestants and Catholics , should rather ruin the fact that it was used as a stone quarry after its abandonment.
Château de Pierregrosse11th centuryRuinesSaint-Alban-d'AyCastle Pierregrosse, located next to the castle of Rieux , which it is separated only by ruissau Embrun, takes its name from a huge rock that still serve as the foundation for a part of the castle.
Château du Pin12th centuryIn good conditionFabrasBuilt on the side of mountain , the castle is now surrounded by modern gardens, chestnut and terraces of dry stone. The whole day is a site devoted to contemporary art, opened to the public in 1994 as a museum.
Château Les PinsAnnonay
Château de La PlagneSaint-Jean-le-Centenier
Château du PlantierSaint-Alban-d'Ay
Château de PourcheyrollesMontpezat-sous-Bauzon
Château de PourratDavézieux
Château de PouyolSaint-Victor
Château PradelleBourg-Saint-Andéol
Château de PralongSatillieu
Château du Praron16th century LempsCurrently owned by Bertrand du Pelouxâteau_du_Praron
Château de PrasSaint-Pierreville
Château des Prés (Eclassan)Eclassan
Château des Prés (Ozon)Ozon
Château de PugnèresJoannas
Château de Retourtour10th centuryRuine LamastreThe ruin is due to family quarrels of succession to the 14th century. However, legend tells that in 17th century, a little lord still lived in the castle and robbed the people of Lamastre and surroundings.
Château des Rieux1280In good conditionSaint-Alban-d'AyThe current owner, a descendant of the line is Nicolas Gaspard.
Château de la Rivoire18th centuryIn good conditionanoscThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2001.
Château de La RocheRuineMirabelThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1972.
Château de RochebloineNozières
Château de Rochebonne11th centuryRuinsSaint-Martin-de-ValamasReligious wars are the cause of ruin. The castle was taken in 1577 and 1580 by the Protestants, having been looted it is destroyed in 1595.
Château de Rochecolombe15th centuryRestored Bourg-Saint-AndéolVineyard. Wine lovers of the property and the buyers are welcomed into a tasting room located in a vaulted hall of the 15th century
Château de Rochecolombe (Rochecolombe)12th centuryRuine RochecolombeToo few remaining ruins of defensive elements: turrets, walls and door, and the castle chapel, remained intact.
Château de Rochefort (Ailhon)Ailhon
Château de Rochefort (Jaujac)Jaujac
Château de RocherRocher
Château de RochessauveRochessauve
Château de Rochemaure1120RemainsRochemaureThe castle, with its two walls and tower of Guast subject of a classification as historical monuments since March 22, 1924.
Château de RochemureSaint-Félicien
Château des RomaneauxArlebosc
Château de RosièresSaint-Félicien
Château de RoubiacChampis
Château du RouxMarcols-les-Eaux
Château des Roure14th centuryIn good conditionLabastide-de-ViracThe tour of the castle allows both to discover the historical side of places and events, and the art of sericulture. The Silk Museum , opened to the public in 2002, offers a comprehensive overview of the various stages of manufacture of silk yarn in a silk , which even today, but in a cultural purpose, operate silkworms and mulberry, and mobilize eight people for six to seven months of the tourist season.
Château de Saint-Alban12th century Saint-Julien-en-Saint-AlbanIn 1993, the General Council of the Lozère bought the estate. Then it is also used as a tourist, as well as host Heritage Collections Department (museum pieces).
Château de Saint-Cirgues-en-MontagneSaint-Cirgues-en-Montagne
Château de Saint-Laurent-sous-CoironSaint-Laurent-sous-Coiron
Château de Sampzon
Château Saint-MarcAnnonay
Château de Saint-Marcel-de-CrussolSaint-Georges-les-Bains
Château de Saint MauriceBaix
Château de Saint-Montan11th centuryRuinedSaint-MontanVery touched by the wars of religion , it was neglected until the late 1960s , where for forty years, nearly 10,000 volunteers will succeed to revive the castle and the town.
Château de Saint QuentinFlaviac
Château de Saint-Romain-d'AySaint-Romain-d'Ay
Château de Saint-Sauveur-de-CruzièresSaint-Sauveur-de-Cruzières
Château de Saint-SylvestreSaint-Sylvestre
Château de Saint-Thomé Saint-ThoméThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 2006
Château de SalavasSalavas
Château de la Saumès11th-15th centuryRuinedLablachère
Château des SauvagesDésaignes
Château du ScipionnietLes Vans
Château de la Selve13th centuryIn good conditionGrospierresNowadays, the castle belongs to the Chazallon family, which has a vineyard of 38 hectares in organic and biodynamic led by Benedict Chazallon.
Château de SemolinePrunet
Château de SerrayPréaux
Château de SibleyrasSaint-Pierreville
Château de SolignacGilhoc-sur-Ormèze
Château de SorasSaint-Cyr
Château de SoubeyranIn good conditionSaint-Barthélemy-GrozonThe castle was bought in 1947 by the Fol de l'Ardeche who set a camp and then in 1949 it implanted a house of secular children who become Medico-Pedagogical Institute for young people with a mental handicap light and medium .
Château de SouchetLa Voulte-sur-Rhône
Château de SuzeuxPlats
Château de Tauriers12th-17th centuryIn good conditionTauriersThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1926
Château du TeilLe Teil
Château de Thorrenc13th-18th centuryIn good conditionThorrencThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1950.
Château La TourSaint-Pierreville
Château de La Tourette14th centuryRuinsVernoux-en-VivaraisThe remains of the castle, including its square tower, were enrolled in Monuments, by order of November 7, 1996 along with a fortified house on the same property.
Château de TournayBeauvène
Château de Tournon14th centuryReconstructTournon-sur-RhôneSince 1928 it houses the collections of the Museum of the Rhone.
Château d'UcelUcel
Château d'Urbillac
Château d'Uzer
Château de UrbillacLamastre
Château de Vallon-Pont-d'Arc1630In good conditionVallon-Pont-d'ArcThe castle is now the Town Hall, it is open to the public.
Château de ValoubièresPlanzolles
Château de VaneillesAlissas
Château de Vaussèche15th centuryIn good conditionVernoux-en-VivaraisFacades and roofs of the castle Vaussèche were listed historic monument by order of February 6, 1981 and the same decree the chimney of the great hall of the first floor was ranked
Château de Ventadour11th centuryIn good conditionMeyrasSince 1969, he is the subject of a restoration by Peter and Frances Pottier and a handful of volunteers. The plan of the castle is based on the model of castles Savoy , the tower is attached to the wall. You can see a square tower, towers, two lofts and a fortified gate. The castle was restored in the context of projects Rampart.
Château du VergierDé
Château de Vaussèche
Château de Vogüé
Château de la Vernade15th century ChassiersOwned by the town and its the town hall.âteau_de_la_Vernade
Château de Versas1301In good conditionSanilhacToday the castle belongs Versas "(V, Fond mazon, AD07, online).
Château de Vinsas Bourg-Saint-AndéolIt is now a Vineyardâteau_de_Vinsas
Château de Vocance15th-16th centuryIn good conditionVocanceThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1986.
Château de Vogüé12th century VogüéOn 12 September 1969, the castle is the subject of a registration Historic Monuments by order, which protects walls and roof. Still owned by the family of Vogüé, it is made available to the Living Association Ardèche and open to the public in 1971 .
Château de la Voulte-sur-Rhône14th centuryRestored La Voulte-sur-RhôneCurrently the Town hall.
Donjon de ChastelasJaujac
Maison forte de La CosteVilleneuve-de-Berg
Maison forte de LajavelierVilleneuve-de-Berg
Maison forte du
Maison forte de VaragnesAnnonay
Maison forte de Villeneuve-GraillouseLachapelle-Graillouse
Manoir du ColombierAnnonay
Manoir du Grand MurierAnnonay
Manoir d'OlagneAnnonay
Manoir Pré-PrieurAnnonay
Manoir de RebaulonAnnonay
Manoir de la TuneAnnonay
Palais épiscopal de Viviers18th centuryIn good conditionViviersOwned by the municipality
Presbytère de Satillieu16th centuryIn good conditionSatillieuOwned by the municipality
Tour de BrisonIn good conditionSanilhac
Tour de ChapdenacBarnas
Tour de Mirabel13th centuryRuinsMirabelIt is built of black basalt stones and has its limestone quoins in clear, that gives it its original appearance.
Tour d'OriolArdoix

Châteaux of Drome

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château des Adhémar12th centuryIn good conditionMontélimarIt is now the Centre for Contemporary Art. The stately home was classified a historic monument in 1889.
Château d'Aix-en-DioisAix-en-Diois
Château d'Albon12th centuryRuinsAlbonThe excavations of 1995, undertaken within the backyard uncovered the "palace"; vast monumental building and residential use dating from the 11th century. Those of 1996-1997 have unearthed the remains of the chapel, enlarged in the 13th century.
Château d'Allan12th centuryRuinsAllanIn 1878 were sold at auction the materials of the old town hall (town house) of the church Saint-Jean-Baptiste, cemeteries, etc..
Château d'AlançonRoche-Saint-Secret-Béconne
Château d'Alixan
Château d'AncôneAncône
Château des ArnaudChastel-Arnaud
Château d'AubresAubres
Château d'Aulan12th centuryRestoredAulanNow restored, the castle which is listed as a historic monument is open to visitors and contains many art with a beautiful Spanish pieta objects 14th century, a work of Mignard and a table of Siffrein Joseph Duplessis. The castle has many interesting memories of the Second Empire.
Château d'AutichampAubres
Château de BarcelonneBarcelonne
Château de BarralHauterives
Château de la Baume-de-Transit12th-16th centuryRuinedBaume-de-Transit (La)Owned by the municipality
Château de BeaurièresBeaurières
Tour de Blacon
Château de BeausemblantBeausemblant
Château La BorieSuze-la-Rousse
Château du Bourg et ses communs16th-19th centuryChâteaudoublePrivately owned
Château de la BretonnièreMureilsPrivate property
Château de ChabrillanChabrillan
Château de ChalanconChalancon
Château de Chamaret12th centuryRuinsChamaretThe ruins of the feudal castle located south of the tower. The tower called "Colombier" is the best preserved part of the old manor and can be visited.
Château de Charmes17th century Charmes-sur-l'HerbasseThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1992.
Château ChartroussasLa Garde-Adhémar
Château de ChâteaudoubleChâteaudouble
Château de Châteauneuf-de-MazencChâteauneuf-de-Mazenc
Château de ChâteaurouxPeyrins
Château du ChâtelardHauterives
Château de Chatillon15th centuryChâtillon-Saint-JeanPrivately owned
Château de la Charce13th-16th centuryCharceOwned by the municipality
Château et sa chapelle12th-16th centuryPoët-Laval (Le)Owned by the municipality
Château du CheylardEygluy-Escoulin
Château de la CheysserieLes Tourrettes
Château de ClavelÉtoile-sur-Rhône
Château de CollongesSaint-Donat-sur-l'Herbasse
Château Le CombetLa Répara-Auriples
Château de CompsComps
Château de la Croix HostunThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1988
Château du CrosAnneyron
Château Delphinal13th-14th centuryNyonsPrivately owned
Château de Diane de PoitiersSaint-Vallier
Château des évêques de DieBourdeaux
Château de DivajeuDivajeu
Château de Donzère15th-19th centuryDonzèrePrivately owned
Château du Double17th-19th centuryLens-LestangPrivately owned
Château des Dupuy-MontbrunMontbrun-les-bains
Château des EscalinLa Garde-Adhémar
Château L'EstagnolSuze-la-Rousse
Château d'Eurre (Eurre)Eurre
Château d'Eurre (Saou)Saou
Château d'Eygluy-EscoulinEygluy-Escoulin
Château de FeraillonAlixan
Château de la GabelleFerrassières
Château de GateletPeyrins
Château de Genas17th centuryIn good conditionCléon-d'AndranPrivately owned
Château de GénissieuxGénissieux
Château de Gigors-et-LozeronGigors-et-Lozeron
Château de GillerGénissieux
Château de Gouvernet
Château des GipièresMontbrun-les-Bains
Château de GrâneGrâne
Château de Grignan12th centuryIn good conditionGrignanSince 1987 and the creation by Yves Faure (director) and Christian Trézin (Conservative Castle in 1987), are held in the courtyard of the "night Holidays from Grignan Castle", namely a show outside, shown in July and August.
Château de Hauterives15th centuryIn good conditionHauterivesOwned by the municipality
Château du Haut-LivronLivron-sur-DrômePrivately owned
Château du Haut Livron
Château de l'IsleAllex
Château de JoyeuseLapeyrouse-Mornay
Château de Joyeuse (Drôme)
Château et ses jardins à la française12th-16th centurySaint-VallierPrivately owned
Château de Lachau17th century LachauAccording inscription on the lintel of the door, mansion built in 1660 for Jean Benech, who was a notary and his wife, Marguerite Verdier
Château de Lalo16th-19th centuryEspeluchePrivately owned
Château de La LaupieLa Laupie
Château de Larnage (Anneyron)Anneyron
Château de Larnage (Larnage)Larnage
Château de LasticSaou
Château de Laval-d'AixLaval-d'Aix
Château LoubetBuilt or rebuilt around 1339In good conditionLa Bégude-de-MazencPrivately owned.
Château de MantailleAnneyron
Château de MarsanneMarsanne
Château MessanceGénissieux
Château de Miribel11th centuryRuinsMiribelDamaged over the centuries, the castle was almost completely destroyed in 1938, to provide space for the construction of the Virgin of Mas Rillier. There remain only a few sections of speaker and a round tower heavily damaged walls.
Château de MontalivetMontmeyran
Château Montchenu Drome13th-14th centuryMontchenuPrivately owned
Château de MontélégerMontéléger
Château de Montjoux15th-16th centuryMontjouxPrivately owned
Château de MontluisantMarsanne
Château de MontmeyranMontmeyran
Château de MontoisonMontoison
Château de MontrondPlan-de-Baix
Château de Montségur-sur-LauzonMontségur-sur-Lauzon
Château du MouchetMiddle ages-18th centuryChavannesOwned by a private company
Château de NeyrieuChabeuil
Château de PellafolBarbières
Château de la Pérouze
Château de Poët-Célard
Château de PergaudAllex
Château de Peyrins16th centuryPeyrinsPrivately owned
Château de PiégrosPiégros-la-Clastre
Château de Pizançon19th centuryChatuzange-le-GoubetPrivately owned
Château du PlanFerrassières
Château des comtes de Poitiers12th centuryRemainsBourdeauxThe rectangular tower still retains archivolte decorated with palm leaves and interlacing.
Château des PoitiersÉtoile-sur-Rhône
Château de Pontaix12th centuryRuinsPontaixIt was destroyed at the end of 16th century.
Château Puygiron Drome13th-14th centuryPuygironOwned by a private company
Château de RamièresAllex
Tour de Ratières
Château La Rolière
Château RatierVenterol
Château de RecoubeauRecoubeau-Jansac
Château de ReilhanetteReilhanette
Château de RochegudeRochegude
Château de Rochechinard14th centuryRemainsRochechinardIts medieval origin is obvious and function of defense is very strong, but this ruin has actually discover curiosities. The castle, the tower, the tower and the archaeological site was inscribed monument September 6, 1994.
Château de Rochefort-en-Valdaine12th centuryIn good conditionRochefort-en-ValdaineThe castle hosts summer exhibits and a research center on the feudal mounds. The castle, dungeon, its walls, the house and the chapel of St. Blaise were registered historical monuments September 6, 2001.
Château de La Roche-Saint-Secret-BéconneRoche-Saint-Secret-Béconne
Château de La Roche-sur-le-BuisLa Roche-sur-le-Buis
Château La Rolière1572In good condition (vineyard)Livron-sur-DrômeFrom six hectares of syrah and two hectares of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier, the castle produces seven different vintages. Three red only based syrah whose Cuvée Maurice Marchal and Heart Eleven Cuvée aged in oak, two white, one assembles Roussanne and Marsanne and the other is 100% Viognier, and finally one rosé.
Château RatierVenterol
Château RompuChâteaudouble
Château de la RonceraieLaveyron
Château de RouanneVinsobres
Château de RoussasRoussas
Château de Rousset-les-VignesRousset-les-Vignes
Château de RozierChabeuil
Château de Saint-André16th century Poët-CélardThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1862
Château Saint-AngeÉtoile-sur-Rhône
Chapelle Saint-Didier des Tourettes12th-16th centuryIn good conditionTourrettes (Les)Privately owned
Château de Saint-Ferréol17th centuryPont-de-BarretPrivately owned
Château Sainte-JalleSainte-Jalle
Château Saint-LaurentDiePrivately owned
Château Saint-PierreChabeuil
Château Saint-RomainEspeluche
Château de SaletonAnneyron
Château de Salle10th centuryIn good conditionAix-en-Diois
Château de la SallemardPeyrins
Château de la SaôneLens-Lestang
Château de SauzetSauzet
Château de SenaudAlbon
Château de Serre-de-Parc1770 SavasseThe monument is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since May 30, 1997 and a registration since July 31, 1989âteau_de_Serre-de-Parc
Château de La SizeranneBeausemblant
Château de SoyansRuineSoyans
Château de Suze-la-Rousse11th centuryIn good conditionSuze-la-RousseIn 1978 the University of wine deprived of Suze-la-Rousse moved to the second floor of the castle and the old stables . The garden has a rose garden and a collection Ampelographic 70 varieties various French and foreign in a park of 23 hectares of wooded oaks, pines, maples. The General Council of the Drôme organizes many concerts of jazz and classical music in the courtyard, which has a sound where exceptional sound seems to bounce back against the walls amplified.
Château des comtes de ToulouseVaison-la-Romaine
Château et son parc de Triors18th centuryTriorsPrivately owned
Château de Vachères16th-18th centuryMontclar-sur-GervannePrivately owned
Château des évêques de ValenceMontvendre
Château de Vaugelasb (Alixan)Alixan
Château de Vaugelas (Valdrôme)Valdrôme
Château de Vercoiran
Château de Veaunes17th-18th centuryVeaunesPrivate property
Château de VerclauseVerclause
Château de VéronneVinsobres
Château de Villefranche-le-ChâteauVillefranche-le-Château
Domaine de Plaisance14th-17th centuryGranePrivately owned
Domaine des Thévenins19th centuryBésayesPrivately owned
Domaine de Valensolles20th centuryValenceOwned by a private company
Tour d'AlançonRoche-Saint-Secret-Béconne
Tour de Crest10th centuryIn good conditionCrestCrest's tower was classified a historic monument June 6, 1877. Since 1988, it belongs to the town of Crest, which allows tourists to visit.
Tour de MercurolRoche-Saint-Secret-Béconne
Tour de Ratières9th centuryRemainsRatièresThe excavations was conducted in 1993. During major renovations, have confirmed the existence of an earlier occupation dungeon, perhaps a motte.
Tour de RochebruneRochebrune

Châteaux of Isère

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Alivet19th centuryRenagePrivately owned
Château de l'Alba15th-18th centuryAlbenc (L')Privately owned
Château d'Anjou
Château d'Anthon
Château d'Auberives-sur-Varèze
Château de l'Arthaudière
Château d'Ars
Château de Amblérieu14th-17th centuryBalme-les-Grottes (La)Privately owned
Château de Anjou18th-20th centuryAnjouPrivate property
Château de AnthonAnthon
Château de Ars13th centuryRuinsAvignonet
Château de l'Arthaudière13th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Bonnet-de-ChavagneThe castle of Arthaudière and pavilions, terraces, gates and fence walls, common, the farm and the wells were classified historic monument December 30, 1991.
Château de Auberives-sur-VarèzeAuberives-sur-Varèze
Château de la BalmeMurinais
Château de Barbarin14th- 17th centuryRevel-TourdanPrivately owned
Château de BardonencheRoissardOwned by the municipality
Château de la Bâtie1225RuinsVienneSeverely damaged during the wars of religion that castle was put out of use at the same time as the Pipet, pursuant to a decree of the Council of State of January 26, 1633 concerning the demolition of the highlights of the Dauphiné.
Château Bayard15th centuryIn good conditionPontcharraBayard's museum was established in 1975 and presents the life and myth of Pierre Terrail, lord of Bayard, the famous "without fear and without reproach" knight.
Château de BeaumontLa Mure
Château de Beauregard (Coublevie)17th-19th centuryCoublevieOwned by a private company
Château de Beauregard (Seyssinet-Pariset)18th-19th
Château de Beauvoir13th centuryBeauvoir-en-RoyansPrivately owned
Château de BelmontBelmontPrivately owned
Château de Bocsozel12th centuryRuinedMottier
Château de Bon Repos12th centuryIn good conditionJarrieThe exterior of the castle is accessible at all times, the interior is open to the public on the third Sunday of each month (except August).
Château de Brangues15th-18th
Château de Bressieux13th centuryRuinsBressieux Built in red brick, it is now freely open to visitors and is also used today for RPG size. The ruins of the castle are the subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 16, 1904.
Château des Blondes
Château de Bouquéron15th centuryCorencPrivately owned
Château de Bresson17th centuryMoissieu-sur-DolonPrivately owned
Château du Carré14th-17th centuryTerrasse (La)Privately owned
Château de Château Corbeau13th centuryRuinedMeylan
Château dit Château Neuf17th-19th centuryVertrieuPrivately owned
Château dit Château Vieux13th-15th centuryVertrieuPrivately owned
Château de la ChâtelaineBellegarde-Poussieu
Château du Châtelard14th-17th centuryMontagnieuPrivately owned
Château de Chonas16th-17th centuryChonas-l'AmballanPrivate property
Château de Chaulnes
Château du Cingle14th-16th centuryIn good conditionVernasPrivately owned
Château de Clermont11th centuryRuinedChirens
Château de la Côte-Saint-André13th-19th centuryCôte-Saint-André (La)Owned by the municipality
Château de Crolles15th-18th centuryCrollesPrivately owned
Château de Cuirieu17th-18th centuryTour-du-Pin (La)Privately owned
Château Delphinal12th-13th centuryCrémieuPrivately owned
Château de Demptézieu12th-16th centurySaint-SavinOwned by the municipality
Château de DizimieuDolomieuPrivately owned
Château de Dolomieu17th-18th centuryDolomieuOwned by the municipality
Château de Fallavier1250RestoredSaint-Quentin-Fallavier Under the direction of its last owner, Gabriel Merard, volunteers restore it during the 1970s. Castle Fallavier also recently served as a backdrop for many outdoor scenes of the series DELETED written and directed by Alexandre Astier .
Château de Faverges-de-la-Tour15th-19th centuryIn good conditionFaverges-de-la-Tour
Château du Fayet16th
Château de Franquières17th centuryBiviersPrivately owned
Château des GallerandBellegarde-Poussieu
Château de GaulasAgnin
Château de Herbeys14th centuryIn good conditionHerbeysPrivately owned
Château de JarcieuJarcieu
Château de Longpra12th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Geoire-en-ValdaineIn 1997, the castle in full, the terraces and the South Lawn, flukes, pavilions, the courtyard with its gates and walls, facades and roofs, bringing the grand avenue to the castle and the park are classified by order of August 25, 1997, buildings protected as monuments Historical.
Château de Mérieu14th-18th centuryIn good conditionCreys-MépieuPrivately owned
Château de Moidière17th centuryIn good condition BonnefamilleIt is registered under historical monument since March 21, 1983.
Château du Mollard-Rond14th-17th centurySaint-Jean-d'AvelannePrivately owned
Château de Montagnieu14th-15th centurySoleymieuPrivately owned
Château de Moidière
Château de MontbretonChanas
Château de MontfortCrolles
Château de Montmeilleur15th centurySaint-Baudille-et-PipetPrivately owned
Château de Montrevel15th-17th centuryMontrevelPrivately owned
Château de MontseverouxMontseverouxOwned by the municipality
Château de Morestel14th centuryMorestelOwned by the municipality
Château de la Motte17th centuryMoiransPrivately owned
Château de La Murette14th-17th centuryMurette (La)Privately owned
Château du Passage14th centuryIn good condition PassageMary Josephine Piégay became owner of the castle in 1853, and it's actually his great-grand-daughter, Marguerite de Saint-Romain who still holds the remains. Today all over the castle while the ground floor is open to visitor.
Château La Pierre Isere15th-16th centuryPierre (La)Privately owned
Château de Pupetières
Château de Pipet11th centuryRuinedVienne
Château de Poizieu14th-17th centuryIn good conditionChozeauPrivately owned
Château de Pupetières12th centuryIn good conditionChâbonsOwned by Aymar and Isabelle Virie. The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since November 8, 1972.
Château de Quincivet15th-16th centurySaint-VérandPrivately owned
Château de
Château de Rives14th centuryWell preserved RivesDuring World War II, the castle was requisitioned to house troops. Finally, it is sold in 1999 to the town of Thonon.
Château de Roussillon1548 RoussillonLegend also has it that Shakespeare would have stayed and drew inspiration for his "All's well that ends well". Nowadays all the castle tour. It is thus possible to find the apartments of Cardinal on the second floor of the new castle.
Château de Saint-Chef16th-19th centurySaint-ChefPrivate property
Château de Saint-Jean-de-Chepy15th-16th centuryTullinsPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Julien13th centuryIn good conditionSiccieu-Saint-Julien-et-Carisieu
Château de Sassenage1662In good conditionSassenageThis is the last house built by the lords of Sassenage. The castle and its gardens are the subject of a classification as historical monuments since September 9, 1942.
Château de Septème11th centuryIn good conditionSeptèmeUnder the Empire Septème belongs to André Comte d'Albon, Mayor of Lyon and the current owners, family Kergolay are his descendants.
Château de Serrières13th-17th centuryIn good conditionTreptPrivately owned
Château de Serviantin15th-19th centuryIn good conditionBiviersPrivately owned
Château-fort de SeyssuelSeyssuelPrivately owned
Château de Septème
Château de la Sône
Château de Saint-Jean-de-Chépy
Château de Siéyès17th centuryIn good conditionVoreppePrivately owned
Château de la Sône11th centuryIn good conditionLa SôneThe tour is available during the opening and signposted a mile long allows you to do the trick.
Château de Terrebasse18th-19th
Châtel de Theys13th-14th centuryIn good conditionTheysOwned by the municipality
Château de Tournin17th-18th centuryIn good conditionTour-du-Pin (La)Privately owned
Château du Touvet13th centuryIn good conditionTouvetPrivate property, it is inhabited by the same family for over 500 years. The castle and gardens are open to the public, however.
Château de Uriage15th-16th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Martin-d'UriagePrivately owned
Château de VallinSaint-Victor-de-Cessieu
Château de Verna14th-19th centuryVernasPrivately owned
Château de Virieu11th centuryIn good conditionVirieuThe castle can be visited outside the winter season from Easter to All Saints on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and from 1 July to 31 August every day except Monday. It is home to many cultural events.
Château de Vizille17th centuryIn good conditionVizille In 1983, in anticipation of the celebration of the bicentenary of the French Revolution, the Museum of the French Revolution Vizille took place in different rooms of the castle.
Château de Voissant16th centuryVoissantPrivately owned
Domaine de Vaulserre17th-19th centurySaint-Albin-de-VaulserreOwned by a private company
Domaine des Croisettes19th centuryCôte-Saint-André (La)Privately owned
Grande Chartreuse13th century Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse
Maison forte de la VeyrieIn good conditionBernin
Manoir de la BâtieAgnin
Manoir de la Tour15th centuryIn good conditionLe Cheylas
Tour d'Arces13th centuryRuinsSaint-Ismier
Tour du Treuil13th centuryIn good conditionAllevard
Tour sans Venin13th centuryIn good conditionSeyssinet-Pariset

Châteaux of Loire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ailly11th centuryIn good conditionParignyThe estate remained in the family until it was sold in 2007 to the current owner.
Château de l'Aubépin15th-19th centuryFourneauxPrivately owned
Bastie d'Urfé13th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Étienne-le-MolardSaved from ruin in 1909 by the Archaeological and Historical Society of Drill, the Diana , it is classified a historical monument since October 25, 1912. Important work of the General Council of the Loire since 1990 have greatly improved the image of the Built and welcoming visitors. In seven years (2001 to 2007), the General Council called for 1.14 million euros of work to revitalize this major site of the Loire.
Château de Bellegarde-en-Forez15th-19th centuryBellegarde-en-ForezPrivately owned
Château de la Bastie d'Urfé
Château de Beaucresson
Château de Beauvoir (Arthun)
Château de Bouthéon
Château de la Bernarde et ses dépendances18th centuryRenaisonPrivately owned
Château de La Bruyère et ses dépendances18th-19th centurySaint-Romain-le-PuyPrivately owned
Château de Boisy13th-15th centuryPouilly-les-NonainsOwned by an association.
Château de Bonson17th century BonsonThe building was originally the home of the very rustic Sauveterre family. Inherited by Gonyn of Forette early 17th century, it becomes agriculture then go hunting this family into the leisure property in 1818. Bonson then passed by marriage to the family of Praire Neysieux which the current owners are descended.âteau_de_Bonson
Château de Bouthéon13th centuryIn good conditionAndrézieux-BouthéonThe site is open all year to visitors and business seminars. It is the second most visited Loire department website after the zoo of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine.
Château des Bruneaux15th centuryIn good conditionFirminyIn the castle you can see parts of the 18th century, the castle regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.
Château de Chalain16th centuryChalain-d'UzorePrivately owned
Château de Chalmazel13th centuryIn good conditionChalmazelThe castle was bought in 2002 by new owners, who to restored it and open to visitors and create guest rooms.
Château de ChampagnySaint-Haon-le-Vieux
Château de Chabert17th centuryIn good conditionBoënOwned by the municipality
Château-Grillet16th centuryIn good conditionVérinManaged by Isabelle Baratin-Canet, daughter of the preceding, married Francois Baratin property and they have a son, Nicolas.
Château de Chateaumorand15th-18th centurySaint-Martin-d'EstréauxPrivately owned
Château de Chatellus17th-19th centuryChâtelusPrivately owned
Château de Chevrières
Château de Chevrières1530 ChevrièresThe area is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since October 5, 1964âteau_de_Chevrières
Château de Chenereilles13th-19th centuryChenereillesPrivately owned
Château de CleppéCleppé
Château des Comtes de Forez11th-12th centuryCleppéPrivately owned
Château de Contenson19th centurySaint-Just-en-ChevaletPrivately owned.
Château de Cornillon17th centurySaint-Paul-en-CornillonPrivately owned
Château de Couzan13th centuryRemains Sail-sous-CouzanThe site consists of the area around the castle was registered as a historic monument August 22, 1947 while the remains of the castle were classified since December 20, 1890.
Château de Cuzieu18th centuryCuzieuPrivately owned
Château Dorian19th centuryFraissesOwned by a private company
Château d'Essalois12th centuryRemainsChamblesThe entire castle Essalois looks great and is by its size and position, one of the scenic highlights of the Gorges de la Loire. It symbolizes the union action Mixed development of the Gorges de la Loire. It can be visited freely, its tower with a splendid view of the landscape.
Donjon d'Écotay
Château de Feugerolles13th-17th centuryChambon-Feugerolles (Le)Private property
Château de Gatellier (Charlieu)Charlieu
Château de Gatellier (Saint-Denis-de-Cabanne)16th-18th centurySaint-Denis-de-CabannePrivately owned
Château de la Grange Merlin19th centurySaint-Paul-en-JarezPrivately owned
Château de Grangent12th centuryRemainsSaint-Just-Saint-RambertThe castle has also appeared in the film Charlie's Angels. The castle is now privately owned. It was listed historical monument October 24, 1945 and all the site consists of the tower and its surroundings was recorded March 12, 1946.
Château de Lachal18th centuryValfleuryPrivately owned
Château de Leignecq12th centuryMerle-LeignecPrivately owned
Château de Lupé15th-18th centuryIn good conditionLupéPrivately owned
Château de Malval16th-17th centurySaint-HéandPrivately owned
Château de Marandière15th centuryEstivareillesPrivately owned
Château de Matel16th century RoanneThe Matel Castle now belongs to the family Bourgeois Chevassus.âteau_de_Matel
Château de la Merlée (Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert)1767 Saint-Just-Saint-Rambertâteau_de_la_Merlée_(Saint-Just-sur-Loire)
Château de la Merlée (Saint-Julien-la-Vêtre)13th-16th centurySaint-Julien-la-VêtrePrivately owned
Château de Montrenard14th centuryPouilly-sous-CharlieuPrivately owned
Château de Montrond12th centuryIn good conditionMontrond-les-BainsThe castle was sold in 1828 to an individual who was a stone quarry. Left for a century and a half in retirement, it is saved from final ruin by the Association of Friends of the castle founded in 1969. Since 1984, it is the property of the municipality.
Château de MontrougeSavigneuxPrivately owned
Château de Neubourg18th-19th centuryRiorgesPrivately owned
Château de PeraySaint-Symphorien-de-LayPrivately owned
Château de la Pierre17th centurySaint-Paul-d'UzorePrivately owned
Château de Pommiers-en-ForezPommiers
Château de Pravieux15th-17th centuryPouilly-lès-FeursPrivately owned
Château de QuérezieuxEcotay-l'OlmePrivately owned
Château de Roanne11th centuryRoannePrivately owned
Château de la Roche13th century Saint-Priest-la-RocheDuring the commissioning of the dam in April 1984 , the castle was the only building spared by the waters. It is now located on an island. In 1996, the castle was completely restored and the water dam rating is downgraded to allow access to the castle throughout the year.
Château de Roche-la-Molière14th-18th centuryRoche-la-MolièreOwned by the municipality
Château de Rochetaillée12th-16th centurySaint-EtiennePrivately owned
Château de Saint-André-d'Apchon16th centurySaint-André-d'ApchonPrivately owned
Château Sainte-Anne12th centuryRuinedMarcilly-le-Châtel It is leased to Volerie Forez since 1987.
Chartreuse de Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez1280In good conditionSainte-Croix-en-JarezHermitages of fathers was served by the large convent, destroyed by the people in 1840. The center remains a cross of the same period.
Chateau de Saint-Hilaire-sous-Charlieu17th centurySaint-Hilaire-sous-CharlieuPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Marcel-de-Félines16th-17th centurySaint-Marcel-de-FélinesPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Pierre-la-NoailleSaint-Pierre-la-NoaillePrivately owned
Château féodal de Saint-Polgues12th-13th centurySaint-PolguesPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Vincent18th centurySaint-Vincent-de-BoissetOwned by a private company
Château de Sarron14th-17th centuryFourneauxPrivate property.
Château de Sury-le-Comtal17th-18th centurySury-le-ComtalOwned by a private company
Château de Teillères ou Manoir de Teillères14th-17th centurySaint-GalmierPrivately owned
Château de UrféSaint-Marcel-d'Urfé
Château de Vassalière16th centuryChamblesPrivately owned
Château de Vaugirard17th centuryChampdieuPrivately owned
Château de Villars16th-17th centuryChapelle-Villars (La)Privately owned
Château de Villechaize20th centurySaint-Julien-la-VêtrePrivately owned
Château de Vivert16th centuryEtrat (L')Privately owned
Château de Vougy (Pouilly-sous-Charlieu)Pouilly-sous-Charlieu
Château de Vougy (Vougy)18th-19th centuryVougyPrivate property
Domaine de Beauvoir18th centuryArthunOwned by the municipality
Domaine de Bigny18th centuryFeursPrivately owned

Châteaux of Rhône

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Albigny12th century Albigny-sur-SaôneThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since February 6, 1942âteau_d%27Albigny-sur-Saône
Château d'Ampuis15th centuryIn good conditionAmpuisSeveral elements (chapel, garden, gazebo, entrance gate of the gardens ...) are subject to registration under the historical monuments since July 22, 1996. The castle is privately owned.
Château d'Arginy11th centuryIn good conditionCharentayIt is partially recorded in historical monuments from the 1st of July, 1974.
Château de la Bachasse18th century Sainte-Foy-lès-LyonThe castle is open to Bachasse railwaymen and their families. It can also be booked for events.
Château de Bagnols15th centuryIn good conditionBagnolsIn 1980, Roche bought the estate and sold it in 1987 to the English philanthropist Paul Hamlyn ( 1926 - 2001 ), the second wife of the latter, Helen Guest, transforms into a luxury hotel and the 1st of January, 2007 Lady Hamlyn sold the castle to the hotel group Von Essen.
Château de la Barge16th centuryIn good conditionGrézieu-la-VarennePrivately owned
Château de la Barolli`re15th centuryIn good conditionLimonestIt is registered as historical monument since 1926.
Château des Bassieux17th centuryIn good conditionAnseCurrently the Sain family acquired the estate and Jules Antoine Marie Joseph Sain is winemaker.
Château de Beauregard15th centuryRuinsSaint-Genis-LavalIn 1978 John Williams-the last owner, gives the area to the city of Saint-Genis-Laval, which set up in the public garden.
Château de Bernis1852In good conditionSathonay-VillageThe town acquired the castle in 1952 and installed the mayor's office in 1965.
Château de Bionnay18th centuryIn good conditionLacenasOwned by Erick Roizard Editions of Bionnay and it is the Headquarters Company "Editions of Bionnay" President Erick Roizard. The park, open to the public, extends over four hectares. It includes a French garden, a cave and small gardens on the theme of the rose.
Château de Bois Dieu1640 LissieuThe castle is currently located in the heart of the residential park of the same name and since 1988, the chapel belongs to the municipality of Lissieu.
Château du BuissonFontaines-Saint-MartinPrivately owned
Château de La Bussière16th centuryIn good conditionOullinsIn 1999, the COURLY bought the estate and gives it to the commune of Oullins.
Château de La CarelleMiddle agesIn good conditionOurouxA round tower stands in the middle of dependencies, stretching toward the southwest.
Château des Cartières17th centuryIn good conditionChaponostThe castle is privately owned and not open to visitors.
Château de la Chaize1676In good conditionOdenasCurrently owned by Nicole La Marquise de Roussy de Sales.
Château des Cartières
Château de Chamelet12th centuryRemainsChameletOf feudal original construction, there is still a dungeon square (called Dungeon Saracens), a tower and ramparts.
Château de Chamousset16th-19th centurySaint-Laurent-de-ChamoussetPrivately owned
Château es ChancesRemains HaiesThe castle today remains a tower half collapsed and few sections of wall.âteau_des_Chances
Château de ChandieuSaint-Pierre-de-ChandieuPrivately owned
Château de Charly14th century CharlyThe castle is privately owned and not open to visitors.
Château de CharnayCharnay
Château de Chassagny15th-16th centuryChassagnyPrivately owned
Château de Châtillon-d'Azergues15th centuryIn good conditionChazay-d'AzerguesOwned by an association
Château de Chazay15th centuryIn good conditioChazay-d'AzerguesThese fortifications remain today are the Castellum door , instead of the Post Office, Baboin door and turn truncated near the present church, which belonged to the second chamber.
Château de Chessy1271Restored ChessyIt was ruine during the wars of religion but it was restored in neo-Gothic style in 19th century and in 1971 by Vital-Durand.
Château de la Combe18th century IrignyThe current owner is Pierre-Antoine Goiffon, grand-son of the former. The castle is open to the arts and provides a framework for different shots, including the television series Louis la Brocante.
Château Le Clos Bourbon18th centurySaint-Laurent-d'AgnyPrivately owned
Château de Condrieu1193In good conditionCondrieuThe castle of 13th century, remain the dungeon circular or round Garon, who served as a prison, and some remains of walls.
Château de Corcelles-en-Beaujolais1470In good conditionCorcelles-en-BeaujolaisIn 1984 , the family becomes Richard domain owner and operates the winery. Private property, the castle is open to visitors.
Château de Courbeville13th centuryChessyPrivately owned
Château de Cruzols18th centuryIn good conditionLentillyThe castle is inhabited by several families, but remains one of the most famous monuments Lentilly
Château de Cuire15th century Caluire-et-CuireIn 1956, the building serves as a support for the children of sailors. It all converted into private apartments.
Château de la Damette17th-18th centuryIrignyPrivately owned
Château de l'Éclair19th centuryIn good conditionLierguesThe area is privately owned. It can not be visited.
Château de l'Éclair
Maison forte d'Épeisses
Château de la Fay17th-19th centuryLarajassePrivately owned
Château de la Flachère
Château de la Ferrandière16th centuryDisappeared Lyon and VilleurbanneThe access to the castle was by plane trees, whose course was the Avenue Saint-Exupery.
Château de la Flachère19th centuryIn good conditionSaint-VérandIn 1979 separates from the Duke area which is divided into several properties.
Château de la Fontaine16th centuryIn good conditionAnseThe area is now privately owned. It can not be visited. The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 1912.
Château de FoudrasCharlyPrivately owned
Château de Francheville13th centuryRuineFranchevilleFrom 1990, works to strengthen the bedrock are undertaken.
Château de FromenteMiddle ages Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'OrIn 1943, the estate was sold to the Company of Mary Our Lady that makes college Chevreul-Fromente his current destination.
Château de La Gallée15th centuryIn good conditionMilleryPrivately owned
Château de la Garde17th centurySaint-VérandPrivately owned
Château de Grigny17th centuryGrignyOwned by the municipality
Château du Grand Perron16th century Pierre-BéniteThe house used in 1957 for the last time to hospitalize excess sick victims of the epidemic of Asian flu. The area is now part of the Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud.
Château de la Guerrière17th-18th centuryIn good conditionCouzon-au-Mont-d'OrPrivately owned
Château d'Irigny13th century IrignyThe castle now houses the municipal library.
Maison forte de l'Izérable
Château de Janzé17th centuryIn good conditionMarcilly-d'AzerguesFrancois Boulard of Gatellier, adviser to Parliament Burgundy, whose family still owns the domain.
Château de Jarnioux13th centuryIn good conditionJarniouxThe castle is listed historical monument May 16, 1966 and its open to visitors.
Château de Janzé
Château de la Jayère19th century LyonThe property can not be visited.
Château du Jonchay17th centuryIn good conditionAnseThe area is privately owned. It can not be visited.
Château de JouxJoux
Château de Lacroix-Laval16th century Marcy-l'ÉtoileIn 2007, the Museum of Doll closes and the castle now houses temporary exhibitions.âteau_de_Lacroix-Laval
Château de Laye18th-19th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Georges-de-ReneinsPrivate property
Château de Lissieu11th centuryIn good conditionLissieuThe fortified gate is subject to registration under the historical monuments since 28th of April 1936. The big tower is subject to registration under the Historic Monuments since 8th of May 1936.
Château de Longchêne17th century Saint-Genis-Laval A wide valley separates this domain from the Grand Perron, with whom he is now part of the Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud. Not open to visitors.
Château de Longsard17th-18th centuryIn good conditionArnasOwned by a private company
Château de Lumagne1630 Saint-Genis-LavalThe castle is privately owned and not open to visitors.
Château de MachyMiddle AgesIn good conditionChasselaySince 1996, the castle houses the Theatre Company Arc-en-Ciel.
Château de Ménival17th century Lyon In 1971 the floors are sold as apartments to individuals, the social center retaining only the first stage, before being sold in turn. The west tower has been converted into a triplex. The castle is privately owned and not open to visitors.
Château de Montauzan16th centuryIn good conditionLacenasIn 1966 , the winery was sold to the Order of the Companions of Beaujolais. The Germain family still owns the castle, which became a vineyard of Beaujolais.
Château de Montlys16th centuryIn good condition Saint-Cyr-sur-le-RhôneThe area is currently used for viticulture. The castle can not be visited.
Château de Montmelas12th centuryIn good conditionMontmelas-Saint-SorlinThe area now belongs to the Harcourt family. The property is a vineyard. The Castle Montmelas is privately owned. It is open to visitors.
Château du Mont d'Or17th century Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'OrThe house is now a condominium.
Château de La Motte15th centuryIn good conditionLyonPart of the estate is open to the public. Facades and roofs are included in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments by order of November 4, 1983.
Château Mouterde17th century Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'OrThe castle is privately owned and does not visit.
Château de Noailleux Cailloux-sur-FontainesThe castle of Noailleux, private property can not be visited.
Château d'Ombreval16th centuryIn good conditionNeuville-sur-SaôneIn 1961, Mr. Lawrence and his sister Vergnais Bertrand, son and daughter of previous donate the castle to the town that will make the town hall.
Château de La Palud16th centuryQuincié-en-BeaujolaisPrivately owned
Château-Perret19th century Collonges-au-Mont-d'OrThe area is private property and can not be visited.
Château du Petit Perron16th centuryIn good conditionPierre-BéniteThe Chateau du Petit Perron is open to visitors on request and at special events. The entire field, boundary walls and garden included, is subject to registration as a historic monument since September 25, 2006.
Château de la Pierre16th-19th centuryRégnié-DurettePrivately owned
Château de Pizay11th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Jean-d'ArdièresOwned by a private company
Château de PramenouxFirst mention in 997 Lamure-sur-AzerguesThe castle is currently a private property, part of which is used for seminars, weddings. It hosts guest rooms.âteau_de_Pramenoux
Château de Pusignan12th century PusignanOn July 29, 1789 , Castle Pusignan was looted and burned by a band of brigands potatoes, which were joined by farmers in the area.âteau_de_Pusignan
Château de Rapetour13th centuryIn good conditionTheizéThe castle of Rapetour is open to visitors every weekend from April 15 to October 15 (Saturday and Sunday afternoon).
Château de La Roche17th centuryJulliéPrivately owned
Château de la RochetteMiddle ages Caluire-et-CuireIn 1975, places are converted into home for the elderly house. From 2006, their dilapidated required to relocate the occupants a new property with the same name was built upstream of it, now, the buildings are abandoned.
Château de Rochebonne16th centuryIn good conditionTheizéSeveral restored rooms are open to the public. A museum to discover an impressive press wood.
Château de Rochefort16th-18th centuryIn good conditionAmplepuisPrivately owned
Château de Rochetaillée-sur-Sa�ne12th centuryRestored Rochetaillée-sur-Saône It is in 1959 that Henry Malartre bought the castle, he inaugurated the following year's Automobile Museum.
Château de Ronno18th centuryRonnoPrivately owned
Château du Rozay15th century CondrieuThe castle is privately owned and not open to visitors
Château de Saconay19th centuryPomeysPrivate property
Château de Saint-André du Coing16th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Didier-au-Mont-d'OrThe castle is registered since September 5, 2007. It can not be visited.
Château de Sain-Bel15th-17th centurySain-BelPrivate property
Château de Saint-Cyr12th century Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'OrThe tower was listed historic monument by decree of February 18, 1926.
Château de Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or12th-15th centurySaint-Germain-au-Mont-d'OrOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Lager13th-17th centurySaint-LagerOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Priest14th centuryRebuilt Saint-PriestToday, building of municipal services and event center activities.
Château de Saint-Trys17th centuryIn good conditionAnseToday, Count Dorick Brushes and Countess Sybille born Durand Gevigney, welcome to the castle of business and private events.
Château de Sans-Souci17th century LimonestThe castle became a place of event organization.
Château du Sou1369Remodeled LacenasCurrently several owners share the field.
Château de Sermezy18th centuryCharentayOwned by an association
Château de Ternand1210Remains TernandIn 1562, the Huguenot troops led by Baron Adrets destroy the castle.
Château de Thizy (Rhône)
Château de ThizyThizy
Château de La Tour17th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Genis-LavalThe castle is privately owned and not open to visitors.
Château des Tours13th centuryIn good conditionAnseOwned by the municipality
Château du Tourvéon18th century Collonges-au-Mont-d'OrPurchased by Emile Glaizal early 1900 and sold by his daughter Genevieve Chastel in 1978 it was taken by a group of doctors wishing to do a whole complex Fitness, but went bankrupt and taken over and turned into a residential development in 2003.
Château de Vallières17th centurySaint-Georges-de-ReneinsPrivately owned
Château de la Trolanderie12th centuryIn good conditionCuris-au-Mont-d'OrThe chapel was sold in 2009 and was converted to apartment use.
Domaine d'Avauges14th-18th centurySaint-Romain-de-PopeyPrivately owned
Domaine de Bellerive18th-19th centuryMulatière (La)Private property
Domaine de Vaurenard à Gleizé20th centuryGleizéOwned by a private company
Donjon d'OingtOingt
Ecole Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin19th centuryOullinsOwned by a private company
Maison forte de Bron13th century BronIn 1936 the family Berliet buys the property. Later, a real estate group divides the house into apartments, it is a condominium.
Maison forte d'Épeisses16th centuryIn good conditionVourlesThe large house is a private property . It can not be visited.
Maison forte des Grand'Maisons15th centuryIn good conditionCognyIn 1750, the family sold the building Espinay Claude Picard.
Maison forte de l'Izérable13th centuryIn good conditionMorancéToday, the area is a farm.
Manoir de Parsonge16th century DardillyThe manor belongs nowadays to the common Dardilly
Maison forte du Pin13th centuryIn good conditionMorancéToday the castle is owned by the Girard-Ory family.
Maison forte de Pravieux12th centuryIn good conditionChaponostAt the beginning of 20th century, the The family lives in the house, the wife Marguerite The son of Laurent Bonnevay, president of the General Council of the Rhone and Keeper of the Seals.
Tour des Valois1343In good conditionSainte-Colombe-lès-VienneThe tower is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since December 4, 1919. It can not be visited.
Maison Forte de Vourles13th centuryRestored VourlesThe tourist office of Vourles moved into the courtyard, the building was restored and became the seat of cultural events in the theater or in the paved courtyard.

Châteaux of Savoie

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de
Château d'Aiguebelette-le-Lac
Château d'Apremont13th centuryRebuilt ApremontIn its place now stands a modern house, the terrace on which it stands seems to reuse a larger structure. There are remains of the medieval castle that traces of a large tower, ruined, and another smaller one near the entrance.âteau_d'Apremont
Château de AymavigneJongieux
Château de la Bâtie d'Arvey
Château de Briançon
Château de la BatieGallo-romain-13th centuryIn good conditionBarbyPrivately owned
Château de Beaufort11th century Beaufort-sur-DoronBought in 1937, in another community, then it serves as a rest home for Fathers and holiday center.âteau_de_Beaufort_(Savoie)
Château de Bergin14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Jean-de-CheveluPrivate property
Château du Bettonnet17th-18th centuryBetton-BettonetPrivately owned
Château de Billième13th centuryIn good conditionBillièmeNow a hotel
Château de Boigne19th centuryIn good conditionChambéryOwned by the municipality
Château de Bonport16th century TresserveOn 19 July 2008 , at 2.50 pm , the castle was destroyed by a terrible fire causing the collapse of the roof and the floor and the top floor of the left tower of the castle.
Château de Bornessant16th centuryIn good conditionBillièmePrivately owned
Château de Bourdeau11th centuryRestoredBourdeauThe building was converted into a restaurant for some time before the operation is abandoned and in 1955 he again become a castle for private use.
Château du Bourget13th centuryRuine Bourget-du-LacThe ruins of the castle Bourget subject of a classification as historical monuments since March 21, 1983.
Château de Briançon9th centuryRuine La LéchèreThere are now only a few vestiges of what was once the castle of Briançon.âteau_de_Brian%C3%A7on
Château de Caramagne16th centuryIn good conditionChambèry Three elements of the castle are listed as a historical monument of France (No. Record: PA00118226), the latter being a pavilion in 1963, increased in 2001 and the roof in 2003.
Château de Carron18th centuryFrancinPrivately owned.
Château de Charbonnières
Château des Charmilles19th centuryLa RavoirePrivate property
Château de Château-Vieux
Château de Châteaufort
Château de Château-Neuf
Château de ChamouxChamoux-sur-GelonPrivately owned
Château de Chantemerle ou de Saint-Didier12thRuine La BâthieAt the Revolution, it was declared national property. The department has acquired in 1988, consolidated and lit the Olympic Winter Games 1992. Today, the lighting device has been completely vandalized.
Château de Charbonnières11th centuryRuine AiguebelleIts ruins belonged to the first father-Tunisian President Bourguiba, until acquired by the municipality.
Château de Château-Neuf13th centuryRuineCessensIt also notes the mention of a chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence.âteau_de_Château-Neuf_(Cessens)
Château de Château-Vieux12th centuryRuineCessensThe castle was declared national property and it is sold at Polingui family. Later, it falls to the family Mouxy.
Château du Châtelard11th centuryRuins Le ChâtelardNowadays, the castle has only a few vestiges, including the speaker and a semi-circular tower, scattered vegetation and a staircase carved into the rock.
Château du Châ
Château de Châtillon11th century ChindrieuxA statue of poet and politician Lamartine was implanted near the castle in 1925 by François Boreau then owner. He is a sculptor Chambery March Valett.
Château de CheveluSaint-Jean-de-Chevelu
Château de Chevron15th centuryIn good conditionMercuryCastle Chevron, facades and roofs, is the subject of a partial registration as a historic monument since May 17, 1982
Château de
Château de Combefort13th century Saint-Pierre-de-SoucyCastle Combefort is now privately owned.âteau_de_Combefort
Château des Comtes de Challes13th centuryIn good conditionChalles-les-EauxPrivately owned
Château des Comtes de SavoieLe Bourget-du-Lac
Château de Cornillon12th centuryRuineToday the site was excavated in 1938, has only a few meager remains.âteau_de_Cornillon
Château de CunneSaint-Jean-de-Chevelu
Château des Ducs de Savoie13th-17th centuryIn good conditionChambéryOwned by the department
Château d'Épierre11th centuryRuinsÉpierreThe castle was then almost in ruins. Baron Charles Emmanuel City will, in 1725, the last to hold the title.
Château d'Épierre
Château de Feissons13th centuryRuinsFeissons-sur-IsèreIt is now a restaurant.âteau_de_Feissons
Château de la Forest14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Jean-de-CheveluCurrently owned by Million Rousseau.
Château de Flumet
Château de Gerbaix 13th centuryRuineGerbaixIt is 1679, until the French Revolution, the property of the family Costa de Beauregard.âteau_de_Gerbaix
Château de Grand Mécoras14th centuryRestored RuffieuxThe castle received the delegates price 1991 Castle Mécoras, the association of French old houses.
Château de Grésy12th centuryRuine Grésy-sur-Aix
Château de LocheGrésy-sur-AixPrivately owned
Château de Longefan15th century La BiolleIn 1925, Rosset miss Josephine's daughter Christin, converted the castle into a guesthouse. It also housed a nursing home and holiday for girls in the 1930s. The Rosset family who kept for three generations, until divided into condominiums.âteau_de_Longefan
Château de Lucey13th centuryIn good conditionLuceyAround 1920, a descendant of General sold the castle to Jean-Baptiste Morel, Isère and industrial archaeologist. It then passes to Madame de Camaret, his daughter, whose descendants still own.
Château de
Château de Longeray18th centuryBarberazPrivate property
Château de Manuel à ConflansAlbertville
Maison forte du Grand Mercoras
Château de La Mar13th centuryIn good conditionJongieuxCurrently offers guest rooms
Château des Marches14th centuryIn good conditionLes MarchesThe orphanage became a housewife school in 1950, then a nursing home in 1972, with 90 seats today.
Château de MartinelCogninPrivately owned
Château de MontfalconLa Biolle
Château de MontfortSaint-Sulpice
Château de Miolans11th centuryRuine Saint-Pierre-d'AlbignyToday, the castle, privately owned, is open to the public part of the year.
Château de Montbel13th centuryRuine Saint-Pierre-d'EntremontToday, that remains a part of the dungeon or tower centerpiece, built in beautiful device on the wall, or are distinguished putlog holes used in its construction, as well as the start of a bay.
Château de Montcharvin13th centuryRuinsCogninThe main facade is overlooking a courtyard terrace, whose wall of enclosure was flanked by two round towers.
Château de Montfalcon13th centuryRuine La BiolleIts role was to monitor, as the nearby Castle of Longefan, highways shops between Chambery and Annecy and the neck at the mouth of Lake Bourget.âteau_de_Montfalcon
Château de Montfleury13th centuryIn good conditionAvressieuxNow the Musée du Vieux Terroir
Château de Montfort14th centuryRuine Saint-SulpiceIt was a quadrangular castle, there is little evidence. We can distinguish the location of a dungeon square 7 x 7 m side, and the remains of towers round and semi-circular. It is even home built in small equipment, as the terraces are covered by vegetation.âteau_de_Montfort_(Saint-Sulpice)
Château de Montmayeur12th centuryRuine Villard-SalletIn 1997, the site is part of a thematic route discoveries Stones strongholds of Savoy.
Château de Montmélian11th centuryRuine MontmélianThe ruins of the fort had to undergo two further attacks. Count Glimes, commander of Spanish troops holed up inside was dislodged October 13, 1742 by Duke Charles Emmanuel III. In 1815 is that the Austrian pounded and blew the bridge Montmélian.
Château des Outards13th century Beaufort-sur-DoronThere are remains of some ruined castle walls and virtually unreadable crest.âteau_des_Outards
Château de la Pérouse13th century MontmélianAt the beginning of 20th century, we still distinguish the wall, remains of the medieval castle walls bunk.âteau_de_la_Pérouse
Château de la Rive13th centuryIn good conditionCruetIn April 1985, were discovered a remarkable set of murals Romance, trademarks and restored, they are now exposed to savoisien Museum in Chambery
Château de la Roche du Roi19th centuryIn good conditionAix-les-BainsIn 1986, it was classified as historical monument.
Château de La RochetteLa Rochette
Château Rouge à Conflans15th-16th centuryAlbertvillePrivate property
Château de Saint-Béron19th centurySaint-BéronOwned by a private company
Château de Sainte-Hélène-sur-Isère13th centuryIn good conditionSainte-Hélène-sur-IsèreThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 17, 1940.
Château de Saint-Innocent1314 Brison-Saint-InnocentToday, the castle of St. Innocent belongs to the descendants of Baron Silans the counts of Rupelle; Boucher family of Rupelle old French family, was knighted in 1612.
Château de La Sallaz ou de La Grande Salle13th centuryRuine Beaufort-sur-DoronIn 1939 the ruins were the possession of the Joly family. The fortified house was complemented by the Crey dependence which nothing remains.
Château de Somont13th centuryRestored YenneThe castle was sold to Mr. Borget of Yenne, then the Rosselot family.
Château de Sonnaz15th-17th centurySonnazPrivately owned
Château de Thomas IILe Bourget-du-Lac
Château de Tournon12th centuryIn good conditionTournonCurrently owned by the Angleys Family.
Château de Triviers16th centuryIn good conditionChalles-les-EauxApartments
Château de Verdun-Dessus13th centuryIn good conditionCruetThe castle features the shape of an L and a round tower built, topped with pepper in occupies the interior angle and dominates the rest of the height of buildings.
Château du VillardLa
Domaine de la Serraz17th-19th centuryBourget-du-Lac (Le)Privately owned
Domaine Reinach18th-20th centuryMotte-Servolex (La)State property
La Grande ForestSaint-Jean-de-Chevelu
Hôtel de ville d'Aix-les-Bains16th centuryIn good conditionAix-les-BainsOwned by the municipality
Maison de BoigneChanaz
Maison forte d'
Maison forte de BellecombeAigueblanche
Maison forte de
Maison forte du Chanay14th centuryIn good conditionCruetPart of the castle is a state of ruin.
Maison forte de Chanaz13th centuryIn good conditionChanazOwned by the town
Maison forte de ChoiselSaint-Paul
Maison forte de Cummugnin14th centuryIn good conditionYenne
Maison forte de
Maison forte de
Maison noble de
Maison forte de
Maison forte de
Maison forte de Prélian14th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Jean-de-Chevelu
Maison forte du VillardSaint-Paul-sur-Isè
Maison forte du
Manoir d'Aigueblanche13th century AigueblancheCommunal Property'Aigueblanche
Manoir de Blay14th-17th centuryRuinsEsserts-Blay
Manoir de la Pérouse13th century Saint-MarcelCurrently owned by Guillaume (Inata) and Florent (Asso)érouse
Tour de Bozel12th centuryIn good conditionBozelIt was converted into a rural home and now protected.
Tour du ChaffardRuine CruetIts history is closely linked to the castle above Verdun, who always had the same owners.
Tour Gaillarde14th century PlancherineIn the French Revolution, it was sold as national property and for many owners have succeeded.
Tour de Montmayeur14th centuryRuinsAimeTower Montmayeur the dungeon and the home is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since August 21, 1983.
Tour de PlancherinePlancherine

Châteaux of Haute-Savoie

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aléry15th century Cran-GevrierBy marriage it passes into the hands of the family, purchased in 1907 by Louis Aussedat. It is still owned by the family.âteau_d'Aléry
Château d'Alex14th centuryIn good conditionAlexToday it houses the Salomon Contemporary Art Foundation.
Château-Neuf d'Allinges10th century AllingesIn 1832 the ruins were purchased by Bishop Rey, Bishop of Annecy.
Château-Vieux d'Allinges10th centuryRuineAllingesThe ruins share the eminence of a hill called "hill castles" with those of Chateau Neuf, which they are separated by only 150 m. The castle was accompanied by a village surrounded by walls which there remains little trace.
Château d'Annecy12th centuryIn good conditionAnnecyIn 1952, a new fire and the damage in 1953, the town of Annecy, redeems the State. Restored, it now houses a permanent exhibition of the museum collections of Annecy and the Regional Observatory alpine lakes.
Château d'Arcine (Clarafond-Arcine)12th centuryRedeveloped Clarafond-ArcineIt consists of two towers , one square and one round, and a main house, all surrounded by high walls.âteau_d'Arcine_(Arcine)
Château d'Arenthon
Château d'Arcine (Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny)13th century In good conditionSaint-Pierre-en-FaucignyThe property of the Ennemont family was purchased by the family Daniel Hazelton (Americans) in 1981 who continue to live there.
Château de
Château d'Aléry
Châtelard d'Arbusigny
Château d'Allaman
Château des Avenières19th centuryCruseillesPrivately owned
Château d'Avully14th centuryIn good conditionBrenthonneThe ruins of the old fortress, restored since the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 3, 1974.
Château de BalmesSales
Maison Forte de Bel-Air
Château de la Balme (Choisy)16th centuryChoisyPrivately owned.
Château de la Balme (La Balme-de-Sillingy)La
Château de Barbey15th centuryRestored MieussyThe castle is visible from the outside.âteau_de_Barbey
Château du
Château de
Château de Baudry16th centuryIn good conditionArthaz-Pont-Notre-DamePrivate property
Château de Beauregard (Chens-sur-Léman)12th-18th centuryChens-sur-LémanPrivately owned.
Château de Beauregard (Saint-Jeoire-en-Faucigny)13th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Jeoire-en-FaucignyThe castle remained in the family of Fletcher until 2004 (for 8 centuries), where the owner gave it to the diocese of Annecy which gave a religious community charismatic inspiration is wanting Franciscan, the Eucharistein Fraternity in 2008.
Château de BellegardeSallanches
Château de BellegardeThonon-les-Bains
Château de Béné-RuphySaint-Jeoire
Château du Bérouze17th centuryRestored SamoënsSince 1997 a couple of writers and New Zealand journalists began restoring the castle.âteau_du_Bérouze
Château de BlonaySaint-Paul-en-Chablais
Maison forte de Bevy
Château de Boringe
Château de La Balme-de-Thuy
Maison forte de Bougé
Château de BoëgeBoëge
Château de Bourbonges
Château de BonatrayVillaz
Château de Bonneville13th centuryIn good condition BonnevilleOwned by the municipality.
Château de BourbongeSallanches
Château de BrensBons-en-Chablais
Château de Buffavent15th centuryIn good conditionLullyThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since January 24, 1944.
Château du CengleAllè
Château de CernexCernex
Château de Charansonnay MassingyIt is a rectangular building on which is attached to is a round square dethroned. It remains at the top of the walls walkway on battlements that consoles.
Château de Conzié
Château de la Comtesse
Château de Crempigny
Maison forte de Chillaz
Château du Châtelard-en-Semine
Châtelet du Crédoz
Château de Châtillon-sur-Cluses
Château de la CharniazBonne
Château de
Château de Châteauvieux13th century Alby-sur-ChéranDeclared national property, it is sold to Humbert Roux who yields to the Blanchet family.âteau_de_Châteauvieux_(Alby-sur-Chéran)
Châteauvieux 13th century SeynodIt is now a farm.âteau_de_Châteauvieux_(Seynod)
Château de Châteauvieux18th centuryIn good conditionDuingtOwned by a private company
Château de ChâtelUsinens
Château de Châtillon-sur-Cluses12th centuryRuineChâtillon-sur-ClusesVictor Amadeus III enfeoffs in 1600 in favor of the Marquis de Cluses, Joseph Martin of Fresnoy and heritage, in 1769, the ruins are in the hands of Joseph Planchamp
Château de Chaumont12th centuryRuineChaumontThe fortified house, located in the village, was burned in 1589 and 1590 in the Bernese invasion.
Château de Choisy11559 ChoisyRenaissance castle fireplace is subject to registration under the Historic Monuments since March 8, 1982âteau_de_Choisy_(Haute-Savoie)
Château de ChavarocheChavanod
Manoir Chapuis
Château de Cevins
Maison forte de Chilly
Château de ChitryVallières
Château de ChoisyChoisy
Château de
Château de Clermont (Haute-Savoie)16th century Clermont en GenevoisThe castle was later owned by the families Fortie, Villeneuve, Cottin and Gay.
Château de
Château des ColombièresSaint-Jeoire
Château de Conzié1370 BloyeCurrently owned by Family Simondâteau_de_Conzié
Château de Cormand (Bonneville)
Château de Cormand (Saint-Jeoire)Saint-Jeoire
Château de
Château de CoudréeSciez
Château de la CourAnnecy-le-Vieux
Château du Crédoz13th centuryRuine CornierThe castle, center of lordship , possession of the lords of Faucigny , was an enclave on the lands of Count of Geneva , where a tumultuous history. The lordship extended over the parishes of Cornier, Pers, Reignier and Saint-Romain.âtelet_du_Crédoz
Maison forte de Couvette
Château de CrêteVersonnex
Château de la CrêteThyez
Château de la Croix (Scionzier)16th centuryScionzierOwned by the municipality.
Château de la Croix (Chavanod) ChavanodThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1988âteau_de_la_Croix
Château de Dingy13th century Dingy-Saint-ClairThe castle guarded the mouth of the pass and Bluffy Valley Proud, he was facing Alex Castleâteau_de_Dingy
Château de Disonche (Sallanches)Sallanches
Château de Disonche (Villaz)Villaz
Château de Duingt ou Château de Ruphy1219Ruine DuingtDeclared national property they are awarded in 1796 to Jean Berthet, who in 1833 revendras to Baron Scipio Ruphy . Isaure Ruphy, shall bring the dowry to her husband, Count Henri de la Barge Certeau.
Château de l'Échelle14th centuryIn good conditionLa Roche-sur-ForonOwned by the municipality
Château d'Étrembières
Château d'Ésery
Château d'Évian
Château d'Étrembières13th century ÉtrembièresToday it is the center of a farm.
Château de Faucigny11th centuryRuine FaucignyUnder the Sardinian monarchy, the surrounding terrain and the castle ruins were bought by a member named Bastian.
Château de Fonbonne
château du Châtelard de Feigères
Maison forte de Fillinges
Château de Faverges13th centuryIn good conditionFavergesIn 1980, the municipality of Faverges bought it to turn it into family vacation home. It will be managed for a time by the group resorts Relay Sun.
Château de Fésigny14th centuryIn good condition CusyThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1993.
Château de FéternesFé
Maison forte de Fésigny
Château de la FrasseSallanches
Château de
Château de GruffyRuinedGruffyLords of Clermont
Tour du Petit Grézy
Château de GraillyVille-la-Grand
Château des Guillet-MonthouxIn good conditionThonon-les-BainsThe stairs rise and facade remains of the castle of Guillet-Monthoux subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 30, 1911.
Château de Gye13th centuryIn good conditionGiezFacades, roofs and interior, are subject to registration under the historical monuments since October 9, 1979.
Château de Héré14th-19th centuryIn good conditionDuingtPrivately owned
Château d'Héré
Château d'Habère-Lullin
Château d'Hauteville12th centuryRuinedHauteville-sur-Fier
Château de Hautetour
Château de Jarsagne
Manoir de Jouvernex
Château de Larringes10th century LarringesThe castle house a secret passage leading to the city 's Evian-les-Bains but too dangerous to be used. Today, private property, the castle can not be visited.
Château de LathuileRuine LathuileA square tower, buildings and vaulted basement rooms are the last remains of the castle of Latheron.
Château de Lucinges
Château de Lornay13th centuryIn good conditionLornayIt was restored in 1867 by Bastian Knight, Mayor of Frangy. It is now the center of a farm.
Château de MaclamodChavanod
Château de MarcosseyViuz-en-Sallaz
Château de Marlioz13th century MarliozIt is located in the town in south-west of the church and controlled the old road from Geneva to Chambéry Neydens.âteau_de_Marlioz
Château de Menthon10th centuryIn good conditionMenthon-Saint-BernardIn 2008, for the supposed millennium of the birth of Bernard de Menthon, commemorative events were organized.
Château de MieudryBoussy
Château de Montdésir
Château de Montconon15th century Alby-sur-ChéranThese castles were a defensive system to control the flow of the river.âteau_de_Montconon
Château de Maxilly
Château de Meyrens
Château de Magny
Château de MontagnySallanches
Château de MontanierSamoëns
Château de Montdésir15th century Alby-sur-ChéranIt is also a defensive system to control thr flow of the river with Chateauvieux, Le Donjon, Montconon, Montpon, Montvuagnard and Pierrecharve, which ensured the defense of Alby.âteau_de_Montdésir
Château de MonthouxVétraz-Monthoux
Château de Montpon15th century Alby-sur-ChéranThese castles were a defensive system to monitor fording the river. This is the only one who is still well preserved.âteau_de_Montpon
Château de Montrottier13th centuryIn good conditionLovagnyThe florimontane Academy supports and publishes since 1949 the research and work of Joseph Serand on the castle's history and owners since 2007, those of Julien Coppier on Leo Mares.
Château de MontrossetSallanches
Château de Montvuagnard15th centuryRuineAlby-sur-ChéranCompletely destroyed, it remains in the track of a few walls.âteau_de_Montvuagnard
Château de MoulinsardViry
Château de Montmélian
Château de MusselScionzier
Château de Monnetier
Château de Mornex
Château du NoiretSaint-Jorioz
Maison forte de Novéry
Château de Novel12th centuryIn good conditionAnnecyThe facades and roof are subject to registration under the historical monuments since October 31, 1975.
Château de Novéry15th centuryIn good conditionMinzierIt is subject to registration under the historical monuments since June 22, 1993.
Château de l'OblazChaumont
Châteaux d'OgnySaint-Julien-en-Genevois
Château d'Orlier
Château de OrlierSeynod
Château des Paquelet de MoyronVillaz
Château de PeriazSeynod
Maison forte de Pontverre
Château de Polinge
Château de la Pérouse
Château de la
Château de Pierrecharve13th centuryRuinedMûresThe meadow located at the foot of the rock has already been made available to the public, with facilities for picnicki.
Château de PormoraySallanches
Château de Pieuillet
Château de PressyBonneville
Château de Promery14th century PringyThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since July 20, 1951
Château de RiddesThyez
Château de Ripaille14th centuryIn good conditionThonon-les-BainsThe castle hosted in 2012, the company Grail theater company based in Thonon-les-Bains to play an epic inspired by Ancient Greece: Hyperion.
Château de Rives14th-18th centuryIn good conditionThonon-les-BainsOwned by the town
Château de La Roche-sur-Foron13th centuryRemains La Roche-sur-ForonThere are only a few walls of the castle and the impressive tower, perched on a rock 17 m in height tower only measured 11 m high on the score that probably originally measured.
Château de la Rochette13th centuryRuinsLullyThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1932.
Château de RossyChoisy
Château de La Rebatière
Maison forte de Rogles
Maison-forte de Raclaz
Château de RovoréeYvoire
Château des RubinsSallanches
Château de Rumilly10th century RumillyThe 19th century, engraving 's Eugene Ciceri could show the last remnants before they are permanently lost.âteau_de_Rumilly
Château de Saint-JeoireSaint-Jeoire
Château de Symond
Château de Soyrier
Château de Syrier
Château de Sacconay
Château de Saillon
Château de Saint-Michel-du-LacServoz
Château de Saint-PaulSaint-Paul-en-Chablais
Château de Sainte-Hélène-sur-Isère
Château de Saint-SixtSaint-Sixt
Château du Saix12th centuryIn good conditionLa Roche-sur-ForonCurrently owned by the Family Arestan.
Château de
Château de Sales Thorens-Glières It is in the castle Thorens, open to the public since 1960, the family de Roussy de Sales, a younger branch, still resides today.âteau_de_Sales_(Thorens-Glières)
Château de Sallenôves (Marlioz)12th centuryIn good conditionMarliozThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since April 17, 1931
Château de SallenôvesSallenôvesPrivately owned
Château de SavignySavigny
Château de Saint-Ornex
Château de SciezSciez
Château de SongySaint-Sylvestre
Château de Sonnaz (Thonon-les-Bains)
Château du SougeyArbusigny
Château de Théniè
Château de ThuysetThonon-les-Bains
Château du ThyVille-en-Sallaz
Château du Turchet
Château de Troche
Château de Thiollaz
Châteaux de TernierSaint-Julien-en-Genevois
Château de Thorens1060In good conditionThorens-GlièresOpen to visitors from 1 st April to 30 June, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, from 14h to 18h (individual visitors); during the European Heritage Days (third weekend of September).
Château de Tour de FerSaint-Jeoire
Château des
Château de Trésum1653 AnnecySince 1993, it is the seat of the diocese of Annecy.âteau_de_Trésum
Château du TurbanThônes
Château de TurchonSaint-Jeoire
Château de
Château du Vuache
Château de Villard-ChabodSaint-Jorioz
Château de
Château de ViryViry
Maison forte de Vallièges
Château de VulbensVulbens
Château de Yvoire13th centuryIn good conditionYvoirePrivately owned
Château d'Yvoire
Fort de l'AnnonciadeSales
Le Donjon12th century Alby-sur-ChéranThese castles were a defensive system to control the flow of the river.éran)
Maison BlainIn good conditionDoussardPrivate property
Maison des Freney-de-MonarqueSallanches
Château de Malbuisson
Maison forte de AllaudonQuintal
Maison forte de Chatillon13th centuryIn good condition LugrinCurrently owned by the Cleavers Family.
Maison forte de ChounazSaint-Jeoire
Maison forte de Compey-Lucinge14th centuryIn good conditionFéternes
Maison forte de CoutySales
Maison forte de Cursinges14th centuryRuine PerrignierToday, you can still see in the vegetation remains large sections of walls still mark the location of the strong house Cursinges.
Maison forte de FaramazSales
Maison forte de FortisSales
Maison forte de GermonexSales
Maison forte de Loche14th centuryIn good conditionMaglandThe strong home Loche been an inscription under historical monuments since August 17, 1994.
Maison forte de Loëx15th centuryIn good conditionBonnePrivately owned
Maison forte de Lupigny Boussy
Maison forte de Marclaz15th centuryThonon-les-Bains
Maison forte de Mionnaz14th century Menthonnex-sous-ClermontIt is now a center of a farm.
Maison forte de MollardSales
Maison forte de La RavoireSaint-Jeoire
Maison forte de La Sauffaz15th century Saint-FélixIt is partially registered in 1977, under the Historic Monuments
Maison forte de Vons
Manoir Chappuis DouvaineThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1995
Manoir et château de HumillyViry
Palais de l'Ile11th centuryRestored AnnecyIt is used again in prison during World War II. Restored, it now houses the CIAP (Interpretation Center of Architecture and Heritage), which features a permanent exhibition on the architecture and heritage of Annecy and temporary exhibitions regularly renewed. The historic rooms allow the evocation of ancient monument functions
Site castral de Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
Tour de Beauvivier11th century DoussardThe ruins of the tower stand at the mouth of the dead water and Lake Annecy , where it was built a port monitored. It is included in the Nature Reserve Bout-du-Lac, on the edge of a reed. It is accessible by a pontoon and a metal staircase leads to the top.
Tour du DraillantRuinsPerrignierPrivate property
Tour de GexSallanches
Tour de Langin13th century Bons-en-ChablaisIt was destroyed in 1591 by order of the Council of Geneva, in conflicts between Geneva and Savoy, and only one survived the dungeon.
Tour de Marignan13th centuryRuinsSciezThe vineyards of the Tour de Marignan, managed by MM. Olivier Bernard and Canelli, direct descendants of JM Suchet, covers 5 hectares and has the label "organic wine" since 1993. Production is marketed locally under the name "Castle Tower Marignan."
Tour de Maugny12th centuryRuine Thollon-les-MémisesToday the house is strong in large part destroyed.
Tours de Mons
Tour de Saint-JeoireScionzier
Tour de ServozSallanches

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