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Châteaux of Centre

This is the list of Châteaux in Centre. It is one of the 27 regions of France, around the Loire Valley, northwest of the geograpical centre of country. It was divided in 6 departments: Cher, Eure-et-Loire, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, Loiret

We have listed 627 Chateaux in the Centre region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 149 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Centre that are not in our list, please let us know!

Info sources: -âteaux_de_Franceâteaux_de_la_région_Centre

Châteaux of Cher

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aigues-Mortes15th-16th centuryVenesmesPrivately owned.
Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil14th centuryIn good conditionAinay-le-VieilPrivately owned but it's part of the tourist route.
Château d'Apremont13th centuryRuineApremont-sur-AllierIn its place now stands a modern house, the terrace on which it stands seems to reuse a larger structure. There are remains of the medieval castle that traces of a large tower , ruined, and another smaller one near the entrance. The date of 1652 one is registered on its lintel.âteau_d'Apremont
Château de Argent-sur-Sauldre18th centuryArgent-sur-SauldrePrivate property
Château de Aubigny-sur-Nère16th-17th centuryAubigny-sur-NèreOwned by the municipality
Château d'Autry16th-19th centuryIn good conditionMéreauOwned by a Private company
Château de Bannegon12th centuryRestoredBannegonThe current owners inherited the castle in 1988 and created an association ( Bannegon Millennium ) whose mission is to restore the castle.
Château de BeaujeuRestored in 19th centurySens-BeaujeuIt offers Bed and Breakfast, venue for weddings and other occassions.
Château de Béthune11th-17th centuryChapelle-d'Angillon (La)Privately owned
Château de La BeuvrièreSaint-Hilaire-de-Court
Château de Bigny16th-18th centuryVallenayPrivately owned
Château de Billeron18th-19th centuryLugny-ChampagneOwned by a Private company
Château de Blancafort15th-19th centuryBlancafortPrivately owned.âteau_de_Blancafort
Château de BletBlet
Château de Bois-Sire-Amé
Château de Blosset1771Vignoux-sur-BarangeonCurrently owned by Dr. and Mrs. Morlon. It's regularly open and its grounds to the public especially during the Heritage Days and by appointment.
Château de Bois-Bouzon17th centuryFarges-en-SeptainePrivately owned
Château de Bois-Sire-Amé14th centuryRuineVorlyThe chateau is the subject of several successive protections as historical monuments.
Château de BonnaisLate 15th centuryCoustOne wing of the chateau now houses a cottage.
Château de Boucard14th centuryRestoredNoyerCurrently owned by Marie-Henriette de Montabert. It is opened to the public and listed among the stages of Route Jacques Heart.
Château d'eau Bourges19th centuryBourgesOwned by the municipality
Château de Brécy13th-16th centuryBrécyOwned by a Private company
Château de la Brosse19th centuryFarges-AllichampsPrivate property
Château de Bruère-Allichamps17th centuryBruère-AllichampsPrivately owned
Château de Buranlure15th-18th centuryBoulleretPrivately owned
Château du Bussy14th-15th centuryBussyPrivate property
Château de Chappe16th-19th centuryBourgesPrivately owned
Château de Châteaufer
Château de Châteauneuf-sur-Cher
Château de Châteauneuf-sur-Cher11th centuryChâteauneuf-sur-CherThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since 19th of February, 1926.
Château de Chevilly15th-17th centuryMéreauPrivately owned
Château de la CommanderieFarges-Allichamps
Château de Cornançay18th-19th centuryEpineuil-le-Fleurielâteau_de_Cornan%C3%A7ay
Château de Coulon16th-17th centuryGraçayâteau_de_Coulon
Château de Creuzet14th centuryUnder restorationCoustPrivately owned.
Château de Culan12th centuryExcellent conditionCulanThe castle is open to visitors daily from Easter to Halloween. Medieval weekends are held the last week of July and August, and a dozen visits torchlight some summer evenings.
Château du Grand-Besse15th centurySaint-MaurPrivate propertyâteau_du_Grand-Besse
Château de Grand ChavanonNeuvy-sur-Barangeon
Château de Grossouvre13th-15th centuryGrossouvrePrivately owned
Château de l'Hospital-du-Fresne12th centuryBlancafortPrivate property
Château de l'Isle-sur-Arnon15th-19th
Château de la Ferté17th centuryLazenayPrivately owned
Château de Foëcy15th-18th centuryFoëcyPrivately owned
Château de la Forêt15th-18th centuryThaumiersPrivately owned
Château de la Forêt-Grailly15th-19th centurySaint-Christophe-le-ChaudryPrivately owned
Château de la Grand'CourMid 12th centuryRestoredMornay-BerryCurrently owned by Mr Jean-Pierre Berger.
Palais Jacques-Cœur1443under restorationBourgesThe palace is owned by the State, is managed, lively and open to the public by the Centre of National Monuments.
Donjon de Jouy14th centuryRuineSancoinsThe remains of the tower of Jouy were enrolled in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments by order of March 27, 1926.
Château de Jussy1590Restored and modernizedJussy-ChampagneThe chateau is surrounded by a large garden to the French, is fully furnished with period furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries, and adorned with tapestries and paintings. It also houses a collection of suits of 19th centuryâteau_de_Jussy
Château de la Lande18th-19th centurySaulzais-le-PotierPrivately owned
Château de Lignières
Château de Lauroy18th centuryClémontPrivately owned
Château de Lazenay13th-14th centuryBourgesOwned by the municipality
Château de Lienesse16th centuryNeuilly-en-DunOwned by a Private company
Château de Lignières17th centuryRebuiltLignièresThe Chateau Lignières is the seat of the Association François Le Vau Lignières, working among others for the promotion and site restoration.
Château de Maupas17th centuryMoroguesIt is open to the public in May, September, June Tuesday-Sunday in the after from 15h-19h and everyday in the month of July-August from 14h-19h.
Château de la Maisonfort16th-18th centuryGenouillyPrivately owned
Château de Maubranche15th-20th centuryMoulins-sur-YèvrePrivately owned.âteau_de_Maubranche
Château de Mehun-sur-Yèvre1367RuineMehun-sur-YèvreThe chateau is owned by the municipality and a museum dedicated to King Charles VII. It is also the of a medieval festival held every summer of July.
Château de Meillant13th centuryRestoredMeillantBy Order of March 2, 1926, the castle is the subject of a registration under the Historic Monuments, supplemented by the following: all the facades and roofs of the castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since April 4, 1963.
Château de Menetou-Couture15th-19th centuryMenetou-CouturePrivately owned
Château de Mehun-sur-Yèvre
Château de Menetou-Salon19th centuryMenetou-SalonPrivately owned
Château de Montalivet-Lagrange16th centuryRestoredSaint-BouizeThe chateau has been classified historical monument September 8, 1999.
Château de Montrond13th centuryRuineSaint-Amand-MontrondSince 1969, excavations have been conducted on site. Every summer, teams of young volunteers, guided by archaeologiststo give them an idea of what are the influence of the chateau.
Château de la Motte-Béraud14th-15th centurySagonnePrivate property
Château de Nancay15th-19th centuryNançayPrivately owned
Château de Neuvy-Deux-Clochers12th centuryRuineNeuvy-Deux-ClochersExcavations are carried out in 2004 shows that it was built at the end of 12th century.
Château de la Noue17th centuryVierzonOwned by a Private company
Chateau de la Périsse18th centuryDun-sur-AuronPrivately owned
Château de Pesselières
Château de Pesselières12th centurysubject of restoration work since the late 90's.JalognesIn 2009, a hedge maze was created in front and a hundred trees of various species were planted in the park selected both for their aesthetic appeal as for their botanical interest.âteau_de_Pesselières
Château du PézéauBoulleret
Château du Plaix16th centurySaint-Hilaire-en-LignièresCurrently owned by the folk group "Thiaulins Ligniéres". It now houses a museum of arts and peasant traditions.
Château du Plessis15th centuryCelle-Condé (La)Privately owned
Palais Jacques-Cœur
Château du Préau15th-18th centuryNohant-en-GoûtPrivately owned
Château de Quincy14th centuryRebuilt in 1648QuincyCurrently owned by Nicloas-Louis de Quincy. Not open to the public.âteau_de_Quincy
Château des Réaux19th centuryChautay (Le)Privately owned
Château-Renaud17th centuryGermigny-l'ExemptPrivately owned
Château de Rozay15th-16th centurySaint-Georges-sur-la-PréePrivate property
Château de SagonneFirst mention in 832Restored in 1970sSagonneThe chateau was partially recovered and its now open to visitors.
Château de Saint-Florent-sur-Cher15th-16th centurySaint-Florent-sur-CherOwned by the municipality
Château du Coulombier de la Salle
Château de Saint-Florent-sur-Cher15th-16th centurySaint-Florent-sur-CherOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Hubert19th- 20th centuryNeuvy-sur-BarangeonOwned by a Private company
Château féodal de SancerreMiddle AgesRuineSancerreThe location of the chateau is now occupied by a mansion (1874) by Louis XII style and a private park, owned by the Company Marnier-Lapostolle.
Château de Saragosse14th-17th centuryIn good conditionLimeuxPrivately owned
Château de Savoye15th-19th centuryVillabonPrivately owned
Château des Stuarts16th centuryRestored in 17th and 19th centuryAubigny-sur-NèreCurrently owned by the town and it is used as the City Hall and as a Museum.
Château de TerlanDun-sur-Auron
Château de Turly15th-17th centurySaint-Michel-de-VolangisPrivately owned.
Château de la Vallée16th centuryAssignyPrivately owned
Château de la Verrerie15th centuryModified in 1894OizonCurrently owned by Beraud de Vogue, president of the Route Jacques Heart. It has a restaurant and 12 hotel rooms.
Château de Villattes15th-16th centuryLéréOwned by a Private company
Château de VillemenardSaint-Germain-du-Puy
Château de Villiers15th-19th centuryChassyPrivately owned
Château de
Château de Vouzeron1887RenovatedVouzeronIt had many expensive work, both in the building and in the park, completely abandoned for decades.âteau_de_Vouzeron
Château d'Yssertieux14th-19th centuryChalivoy-MilonPrivately owned
Ensemble castral a Cuffy13th-16th centuryCuffyPrivate property
Maison Grégueil15th-19th centuryIn good conditionChâteaumeillantOwned by the municipality.

Châteaux of Eure et loire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Anet16th centuryRestoredAnetPrivately owned and inhabited the castle is open to the public, its rooms are furnished with some period furniture, and more recent purchases.
Château d'Abondant17th centuryIn good conditionAbondantOwned by a Private company.
Château de Alluyes12th-16th centuryAlluyesProperty of an association
Château d'Arnouville17th-19th centuryGommervillePrivate property.
Château d'Allainville
Château d'Alonville
Château d'Alluyes
Château d'Ancise
Château d'Aunay (ancien)
Château de l'Aval
Chateau de Barjouville16th centuryBarjouvillePrivately owned
Château de Beaumont-les-Autels
Château des Boulard
Château de la Boulidière
Château de Bouville
Château de la Brunetière
Tour de Bois-Ruffin
Château de Baronville17th centuryRenovatedAuneauSince 1981 , the castle is open to rent for large wedding receptions, product launches, film shoots, as well as group tours by appointment. Among the many personalities who have been there are: Prince Jean of Luxembourg, Sir Elton John, Chinese actress Angelbaby and many more.
Château de Blanville17th-18th centurySaint-LupercePrivately owned
Château de Bouglainval17th-19th centuryBouglainvalPrivately owned
Château du Boullay-Thierry17th-18th centuryBoullay-Thierry (Le)Private property
Château de Bouthonvilliers17th-18th centuryDangeauPrivately owned
Château de la Brosse18th centuryNottonvillePrivately owned
Château de Cambray18th centuryGermignonvillePrivately owned
Château de Châteaudun
Château de la Choltière
Château de Comteville
Château de Crécy
Château de Champ-Romain18th centuryThivillePrivately owned
Château de Chantemesle15th-18th centuryLogronPrivately owned
Château de CharbonnièresCharbonnières
Château de CourtalainArrou
Château de Châteaudun1171Perfectly preservedChâteaudunCurrently owned by Centre of National Monuments.
Château des Coudreaux18th centuryMarbouéPrivately owned
Château de Courtalain1483CourtalainCourtalain is a living chateau, where several types of architecture overlap: Renaissance, Gothic and English 17th century.
Château de Denonville18th centuryDenonvillePrivate property
Château de Dreux12th centuryRuineDreuxIt is the former royal chateau in the town of Dreux, whose remainsare still important and contains the Royal Chapel of Dreux. Owned by the St. Louis Foundation.âteau_de_Dreux
Château d'EsclimontSaint-Symphorien-le-Château
Tour de l'Épaule
Château d'Escorpain16th-19th centuryEscorpainPrivate property
Château de La Ferté-Vidame14th centuryRuinedLa Ferté-VidameCurrently owned by the General Council of Eure-et-Loir.
Château de Frazé15th-18th centuryFrazéOwned by a Private company
Château de Fontaine-la-Guyon
Château de la Gadelière12th-17th centuryRueil-la-GadelièrePrivately owned
Château du Grand Fresnay
Château de la Galaisière
Château de Goury17th centuryLoigny-la-BataillePrivately owned
Château de Guainville12th centuryGuainvillePrivate property
Château de la Hallière18th centuryDignyPrivately owned
Château de Herces1772Berchères-sur-VesgreSince 2009, the chateau belonged to Mohammed Bin Butti Al Hamid Hamid of Abu Dhabi and Saif Bin Mohammed Bin Butti.âteau_de_Herces
Château de Houville-la-Branche17th-18th centuryHouville-la-BranchePrivately owned
Château de Illiers-Combray16th centuryIlliers-CombrayPrivately owned
Château de Janville
Château de Javersy
Château du Jonchet16th centuryIn a state of ruine but restored in 1950sRomilly-sur-AigreCurrently owned by the designer, Hubert de Givenchy.
Château des Laval1653SoursIt is now a park and can be visited from June 25 to September 24.âteau_des_Laval
Château de Levesville15th-17th centuryBailleau-l'EvêquePrivately owned
Château de Levainville
Château de La Loupe
Château de Louville
Château de Lumeau
Château de Maillebois15th-19th centuryMailleboisPrivately owned
Château de Manou
Château de Marcouville (Eure-et-Loir)
Château de Mémillon
Château de Marmousse
Château de Meslay-le-Vidame
Château de Montdoucet
Château de Montireau (vieux)
Château de Mormoulins
Château de Mottereau
Château de Maintenon12th centuryMaintenonOwned by the General Council of Eure-et-Loir. Several pieces restored, furnished and decorated are open to visitors.
Château de Memillon15th-17th centurySaint-Maur-sur-le-LoirPrivately owned
Château de Méréglise18th-19th centuryMéréglisePrivate property
Château de Moléans16th-18th centuryMoléansOwned by a Private company
Château deâteau_de_Montboissier_(Montboissier)
Château de Montigny le Gannelon19th centuryMontigny-le-GannelonPrivately owned
Château de Montigny-sur-Avre17th-19th centuryMontigny-sur-AvrePrivately owned
Château de Montuel18th centuryMontigny-sur-AvrePrivately owned
Château de MoresvilleFlacey
Château de Nogent-le-Roi15th centuryNogent-le-RoiOwned by the municipality
Château de Nogent-le-RotrouNogent-le-Rotrou
Château d'Oursières17th-18th centuryArgenvilliersPrivately owned
Château d'Oysonville
Château du PuisetPuiset
Château de Primard
Chateau de Rabestan12th-18th centurySaint-Avit-les-GuespièresPrivately owned
Château de la Robertière
Château de la Rémonière
Château de Reverseaux18th centuryRouvray-Saint-FlorentinPrivately owned
Château de la Rivière17th centuryPontgouinPrivate property
Château de la Robertière1162DestroyedAbondantHistorical and archaeological research is ongoing. The work is carried out with the support of the National Board of Forestry, the Regional Archaeology and the city of Dreux Serviceâteau_de_la_Robertière
Château de RoussainvilleIlliers-CombrayPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets17th centurySaint-Lubin-des-JoncheretsPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Éman
Château de la Saussaye
Château Saint-Jean17th centuryNogent-le-RotrouOwned by the municipality
Château de Senonches12th-17th centurySenonchesOwned by the municipality
Château du Sorel-Moussel17th centurySorel-Moussel
Château de Sours17th-18th centurySoursPrivately owned.
Château de SpoirMignières
Château de la Touche-Hersant16th-18th centuryLannerayPrivately owned
Château de Touchebredier18th centuryChapelle-du-Noyer (La)Privately owned.
Château du Thieulin
Château de la Vignardière
Château de Vitray
Château de Tremblay-les-Villages13th centuryTremblay-les-VillagesPrivately owned.
Château de Vauventriers16th-17th centuryChampholPrivately owned.
Château des VauxIn good conditionPontgouinOwned by the Fondation d'Auteuil. 100 orphans occupied the premises under the diretion of Father Barrat, missionary of the Holy Spirit.
Château de Vérigny16th-18th centuryVérignyPrivately owned.
Château de Villebeton18th-19th centuryMée (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Villebon14th centuryVillebonA replica was used for advertisements for chocolate Guerin Boutron the 19th century and it's open to visitors.
Château de Villemesle17th-18th centuryBoisgassonOwned by a Private company
Château de Villepion15th-17th centuryTerminiersOwned by a Private company
Château de Villeprévost16th-18th centuryTillay-le-PéneuxPrivately owned
Propriété de la Tour de l'Ascanne16th centurySaint-Ouen-MarchefroyOwned by a Private company

Châteaux of Indre

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Argy12th centuryRestoredArgyOpen to visitors. It has museum and nature activities.
Château d'ArsUnknown or in the 14th centuryLourouer Saint-LaurentTha chateau is available for hire for private events, seminars, festivals.
Château d'Azay-le-Ferron15th centuryPreservedAzay-le-FerronCurrently owned by the city of Tours. It was remarkably preserved, it hasa magnificent collection of Renaissance furnitures, 16th century and Empire.
Château du Boisrenault
Château de Bouchet-en-Brenne13th centuryRosnayIt is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since September 23, 1955.
Château de Bouges1765Bouges-le-ChâteauOwned by the Centre of National Monuments and open to the public.
Château de Bourg-le-Château12th-16th centuryBommiersPrivately owned.
Château de Breuil-Yvain15th-18th centuryOrsennesPrivately owned.
Château de Brosse10th centuryRuineChaillacThe chateau is the subject of a registration under the historical monument since March 11, 1935.
Château de Burlande15th centuryVilliersPrivately owned.
Château de Céré15th-18th centurySaint-Hilaire-sur-BenaizePrivately owned.
Château de Cluis-Dessous
Château de Cluis-Dessus
Château de Chabenet15th centuryLe Pont-Chrétien-ChabenetIt is owned by Hapimag (service company in the individual leisure and lifestyle sector).
Château de Châteaubrun14th centuryCuzionOwned by a Private company
Château du Châtelier15th-17th centuryPommiersPrivately owned.
Château de Chazelet14th centuryChazeletPrivately owned
Château de ClavièresArdentes
Château féodal a Cluis12th-13th centuryCluisOwned by the municipality
Château de Cors15th-17th centuryOulchesPrivately owned
Château du Coudray15th-17th centuryLuçay-le-LibrePrivately owned.
Château du Courbat17th-18th centuryPêchereau (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Eguzon-Chantôme12th-18th centuryEguzon-ChantômeOwned by a Private company
Château de la Ferté1659ReuillyThe chateau is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since June 20, 1986.
Château de Forges15th-17th centuryConcremiersOwned by a Private company
Château de FrapesleModified in the 2nd EmpireIssoudunThe chateau is a private property belonging to the Luneau Family.
Château de la Garde-Giron15th-16th centuryPrissacPrivately owned
Château de Gargilesse13th-18th centuryGargilesse-DampierrePrivately owned
Château-Guillaume12th centuryLignacOwned by a private person.
Château d'Ingrandes11th centuryIngrandesThe chateau is open to the public, it receives many visitors at various events. Some guest rooms have been designed to accommodate visitors during their stay in the region. Five guest class (4 ears Gites de France ) are available in the remains of the castle. There is a private pool, a picnic area, a river, a boat, bicycles.
Château de l'Isle-Savary15th-17th centuryClionPrivately owned
Château d'IssoudunIssoudun
Château de Laleuf18th centurySaint-MaurPrivately owned
Château de Levroux15th-16th centuryLevrouxPrivately owned
Château de Luçay-le-Mâle16th centuryLuçay-le-MâlePrivately owned
Château de Lurais15th centuryLuraisPrivately owned
Château de Lys-Saint-Georges14th-15th centuryLys-Saint-GeorgesPrivately owned
Château du MagnetMers-sur-Indre
Château de Mazières12th-15th centuryTenduPrivately owned
Château du Mée18th centuryPellevoisinOwned by a Private company
Château de Mézières-en-Brenne15th centuryMézières-en-BrenneOwned by the municipality
Château du Mont14th centurySazeray
Château de Monteneaux15th centuryLuraisPrivately owned
Château de la Motte d'Anjoin17th centuryAnjouinPrivately owned
Château de Montgarnaud12th-16th centuryParnacPrivately owned
Château de la Moustière17th-18th centuryVicq-sur-NahonPrivately owned
Château-Naillac12th-16th centuryBlanc (Le)Owned by the municipality
Château de Neuvy-Saint-SépulchreNeuvy-Saint-SépulchreOwned by the municipality
Chateau de Nohant18th centuryNohant-VicState property
Château de l'Ormeteau15th centuryReuillyPrivately owned
Château de Palluau-sur-Indre12th-16th centuryPalluau-sur-IndreOwned by a Private company
Le Château de la Prune au Pot
Château du Parc Châteauroux18th-19th centuryChâteaurouxOwned by the municipality
Château de Paudy12th centuryPaudyPrivately owned
Château de Plaincourault12th-15th centuryMérignyPrivately owned
Château du Plaix-Joliet15th-19th centuryLourdoueix-Saint-MichelPrivately owned
Château de Pouzieux13th-15th centuryChâtillon-sur-IndrePrivately owned
Château de la Prune-au-Pot13th centuryCeaulmontPrivately owned
Château de PrungetTenduPrivately owned
Château de Puybardeau1830RestoredLignerollesâteau_de_Puybardeau
Château Raoul10th centuryReshuffles and restoredChâteauroux Currently private residence of the prefecture and not open to the public.
Château de Romefort12th-19th centuryCironPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Chartier15th centuryRestored Saint-ChartierThe castle has hosted for 32 years the festival of Saint-Chartier, called the International meetings and Master Luthiers Ringers until 2008.
Château médiéval Sainte-Sévère-sur-IndreMiddle AgesSainte-Sévère-sur-IndreOwned by the municipality
Château de Sarzay15th centuryRestoredSarzayCurrently owned by Richard Hurbain.
Château seigneurial15th centuryChâtre (La)Owned by the department
Château de la Tour du Breuil16th centuryVeuilPrivate property
Château de la Tour-RivarennesRivarennes
Château de Touvent19th centuryChâteaurouxOwned by the department
Château de Valençay10th centuryValençayIt is now a Luxury place where you can plan your wedding and other events. It is also open to visitors.
Château de Veuil15th-16th centuryVeuilPrivately owned
Château de Valençay
Château de Villegongis16th-18th centuryVillegongisPrivately owned
Château de Villentrois12th-15th centuryVillentroisPrivately owned
Ensemble castral a Châtillon-sur-Indre12th-13th centuryChâtillon-sur-IndrePrivate property
Pavillon dit des Ducs16th centuryBuzançaisPrivately owned

Châteaux of Indre et loir

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'AmboiseRestoredAmboiseIt is open to visitors and offers the most remarkable panoramas of the Loire valley. Each visit will experience the French history.
Château des Archevêques15th-19th centuryArtannes-sur-IndrePrivately owned.
Château des Archevêques de Tours15th-17th centuryCandes-Saint-MartinPrivately owned.
Château d'Argenson17th centuryMailléPrivately owned.
Château d'Artigny1919MontbazonIt was the first hotel company in the Centre region, it's cellar holds among 45,000 bottles of French wines and the finest collection in world of wines of Touraine. It has welcomed personalities such as the Queen Mother of England and Haile Selassie.
Château d'Azay-le-Rideau1518RestoredAzay-le-RideauIt is now managed by the National Monuments and open to the public.
Château de Azay-sur-Cher14th-15th centuryAzay-sur-CherPrivately owned.
Château de Bagneux13th-15th centuryBournanPrivately owned.
Château de La Bourdaisière
Château de Baschet12th-18th centuryAssayOwned by a Private company
Château de Beaulieu18th centuryJoué-lès-ToursPrivately owned
Château de Beaumont13th-19th centuryIn good conditionBeaumont-la-RoncePrivately owned.
Château des Belles Ruries17th centuryMonnaiePrivately owned.
Château de Benais16th centuryBenaisPrivately owned
Château de Betz14th-15th centuryBetz-le-ChâteauPrivately owned.
Château de Boisbonnard14th-16th centuryVilleperduePrivately owned
Château de BonaventureHuismes
Château de la Bourdaisière1529ReconstructMontlouis-sur-Loire It is now a hotel with a wonderful Bar of Tomatoes and a wonderful park and garden.
Château de Bossay12th centuryBossay-sur-ClaisePrivately owned
Château de Boussay16th-18th centuryBoussayPrivately owned
Château de la Brêche15th-19th centuryParçay-sur-ViennePrivately owned
Château des Brétignolles15th-18th centuryAnchéPrivately owned.
Château de Bridoré15th centuryBridoréPrivately owned
Château de Candé16th centuryModifiedMontsThis is where the marriage of the former king of England, Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield took place. It hosts several events, such as "Flower Show Val de l'Indre" or Land of Sound Festival.
Château des Cartes18th centurySonzayPrivately owned.
Manoir du Clos-Lucé
Château de La Celle-Guenand14th centuryLa Celle-GuenandIt is now a Bed and Breakfast, Gites and Reception Rooms for weddings, family celebrations or functions.
Château de Champchevrier16th centuryRedesigned several timesCléré-les-PinsCurrently owned Mr. and Mrs. Pierre BIZARD. Its hosts wedding and other events, tour group and school trips.
Château de Champigny-sur-Veude16th centuryChampigny-sur-VeudePrivately owned
Château de Chanteloup1760DestroyedAmboiseThere remains a spectacular and famous manufactures garden: "The Pagoda".
Château de Chantilly16th-17th centuryCourcelles-de-TourainePrivately owned
Château de Chargé15th-18th centuryRazinesPrivately owned
Château de Château-Renault12th-17th centuryChâteau-RenaultPrivately owned
Château du Châtelier12th centuryPaulmyPrivately owned
Château de Châtigny15th centuryIn good conditionFondettesOwned by a Private company
Château de la Chatonnière14th-16th centuryAzay-le-RideauOwned by a Private company
Château de Chavigny17th centuryLernéPrivately owned
Château de Chéniers16th-17th centuryCheilléPrivately owned
Château de Chenonceau15th centuryWell maintainedChenonceaux The chateau is furnished, decorated with rare tapestries and ancient paintings, flowers in every season, sets of several ornamental gardens, a park and a winery. This historical monument is most visited chateau in France. It was visted with many popular personalities like: Queen Elizabeth II in 1979, Prince Charles and Pricess of Wales, Lady Diana and many more.
Château de la Chevrière16th centurySachéPrivately owned
Château du Chillou15th centuryJaulnayPrivately owned
Château de Chinon10th centuryRestoredChinonCurrently owned by the General Council of Indre-et-Loire and its a museum.
Château du Clos-Lucé formerly known as Manoir du Clos-Lucé15th centuryRestoredAmboiseLeonardo da Vinci lived there for 3 year until his death in May 2, 1519. Today, it is a place of interpretation and synthesis of knowledge which aims to show and discover the world of Leonardo da Vinci. Open to the public since 1954.
Château de Cinq-Mars la Pile12th-16th centuryRuinedCinq-Mars-la-PilePrivately owned
Château de Civray-de-Touraine18th centuryCivray-de-TourainePrivately owned
Château de Contebault16th-17th centuryHuismesPrivately owned
Château de Coulaine15th centuryBeaumont-en-VéronPrivately owned.
Château de Couzières16th-18th centuryVeignéPrivately owned
Château de la Cour-au-Berruyer12th centuryIn good conditionCheilléPrivately owned
Château de Cravant15th-17th centuryCravant-les-CôteauxPrivately owned
Château de Crissay14th-16th centuryCrissay-sur-MansePrivate property
Château de la Crouzillière16th centuryJoué-lès-ToursPrivately owned
Château de Détilly15th-17th centuryBeaumont-en-VéronPrivately owned
Château de DolbeauSemblançayPrivately owned
Château d'Epigny18th-19th centuryLigueilPrivately owned.
Château de l'Estang
Château des Etangs15th centuryBosséePrivately owned.
Château d'Esvres13th-18th centuryEsvresOwned by a Private company.
Château de la Farinière17th centuryIn good conditionCinq-Mars-la-PilePrivately owned
Château de la Folaine15th centuryIn good conditionAzay-sur-IndrePrivately owned
Château de Font-Baudry ou Fontbaudry19th centuryPreuilly-sur-ClaisePrivately owned
Château de Fréteval
Château de Fontenay-Isoré15th centurySaint-BauldPrivately owned
Château des FourchettesPocé-sur-CissePrivately owned.
Château de Frau15th-16th centuryThizayOwned by a Private company
Château de Fromentières15th centuryChinonPrivately owned
Château Gaillard16th centuryIn good conditionAmboisePrivately owned
Château de la Gaillardière16th-18th centuryCroix-en-Touraine (La)Owned by a Private company
Château de Genillé15th-16th centuryRuinsGenilléPrivately owned
Château de Gizeux13th centuryGizeuxCurrently owned by the Laffon Family. The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since May 24, 1945.
Château du Grand-Châtelet15th-16th centuryThilouzePrivately owned
Château du Grand Launay16th centurySemblançayPrivately owned
Château du Grand-Pressigny12th centuryGrand-PressignyIt now houses the County Museum of Prehistory Grand Pressigny.
Château de Grillemont et ses communs15th-19th centuryChapelle-Blanche-Saint-Martin (La)Privately owned
Château de la Grillière16th-17 centuryFaye-la-VineuseOwned by a Private company
Château de la Guerche1454 centuryRebuilt La Guerche Open to the public from June 30 to September 28. The painting, classic and contemporary, photography, performing arts such as theater have their place in the events taking place on this site.
Château des Hayes14th-16th centuryChannay-sur-LathanPrivately owned.
Château d'Hodebert16th centurySaint-Paterne-RacanCurrently owned by Helie Roullet La Bouillerie and a private property.âteau_d'Hodebert
Château de Hommes16th centuryHommesPrivately owned
Château de l'Islette16th-17th centuryIn good conditionCheilléPrivately owned
Château de Jallanges1465RestoredVouvrayIt's now a hotel that offers wide services such as facilities for wedding and banquet, and there is a chapel on site. Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet that is served daily and a nice view of the garden from your room.
Château de Langeais10th centuryRestored and refurnishedLangeaisIt is now a museum, managed by the Institut de France.
Château de Leugny18th centuryAzay-sur-CherPrivately owned
Château des Lions14th-15th centuryPreuilly-sur-ClaiseOwned by a Private company
Château de Loches11th centuryRestoredLochesIt is built about 500 meters above Indre. It was used as a prisin from the 15th century until 1926.
Château de La Louère15th centuryMarcé-sur-EsvesOwned by the municipality
Château de Louy17th-18th centuryRestignéPrivately owned
Château de Luynes13th centuryLuynesIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 17 July 1926.
Château de la Marbellière17th centuryJoué-lès-ToursPrivately owned
Château de Marçay15th-17th centuryMarçayOwned by a Private company
Manoir de Monfort
Château du Mousseau
Château de Marcilly-sur-Maulne16th centuryReconstructMarcilly-sur-MaulneCurrently owned by the Wanecq Family. Open to visitors.
Château de Mesvres12th-16th centuryCivray-de-TourainePrivately owned
Château de la Michelinière16th centuryAzay-sur-CherPrivately owned.
Château de Mondon16th centuryMarigny-MarmandePrivately owned
Château de Montgauger16th centurySaint-EpainPrivately owned
Château de MontpouponMiddle AgesRestoredCéré-la-RondeThis was the setting of some films like: The Three Musketeers of Borbedie in 1961 and Quentin Durward 1971 series.
Château de Montrésor14th-16th centuryIn good conditionMontrésorOwned by a Private company
Château de Montreuil-en-Touraine15th-16th centuryMontreuil-en-TouraineOwned by a Private company
Château de la Motte-Sonzay1507SonzayCurrently owned by a Private Company.
Château de Nazelles16th centuryNazelles-NégronPrivately owned
Château de Nitray1516Athée-sur-CherIts open to the public.
Château de Noizay16th-17th centuryNoizayPrivately owned
Château de l'Olivier18th-19th centuryRochecorbonPrivately owned
Château du Paradis16th-18th centuryCroix-en-Touraine (La)Privately owned
Château de la Pataudière16th-19th centuryChampigny-sur-VeudePrivate property
Château de Paviers16th centuryCrouzillesPrivately owned
Château de PaulmyPaulmy
Château du Petit-Bois19th centuryMettrayPrivate property
Château du Pilorget18th centurySaint-SymphorienPrivately owned
Château de Plessis-lez-ToursMiddle AgesRemodeledLa RicheThe castle now houses a theater and European homes company since 1999.
Château de Pocé-sur-Cisse15th-19th centuryPocé-sur-CisseOwned by the municipality
Château du Pressoir16th centuryPanzoultPrivate property
Château de Razilly15th-18th centuryBeaumont-en-VéronPrivately owned
Château des Réaux14th centuryRebuilt in the 15th centuryChouzé-sur-LoireIt is now a Bed and Breakfast that provides comfort modern in a setting worthy of a fairy tale.
Château de Reignac15th centuryRebuiltReignac-sur-IndreToday, it has been converted into a luxury hotel.
Château de Richelieu17th centuryRebuiltRichelieuCurrently owned by the Chancellery of the University of Paris. Open to the public.
Château de la Roche Racan17th centurySaint-Paterne-RacanPrivately owned
Château de la Rochefuret17th-19th centuryBallan-MiréPrivately owned
Château et de la collégiale des Roches-Tranchelion16th centuryAvon-les-RochesPrivately owned
Château de Roncée16th centuryPanzoultPrivately owned
Château de Rouvray15th-16th centuryChambonPrivately owned
Château d'Ussé15th centuryRigny-UsséThis remarkable place is open to the public. One of the best area in the castle that you and your kids will love is The Sleeping Beauty. Charles Perrault will be inspired by this tale castle for Sleeping Beauty in the Wood . The castle also contains a stage, installed along the walkway, through a set of wax statues.
Château du Rivau1445RestoredLémeréOwned now by Eric and Patricia Laigneau. Its open to the public with alot of wonderful attraction- Chateau, Garden with 400 collection of roses obtained by breeders- David Austin and Andre Eve and rare plants. It also organized festival every year and many more.
Château de Rochecotte18th centuryRestoredSaint-PatriceIt is now a luxury hotel and a famous restaurant.âteau_de_Rochecotte
Château de Saint-Germain15th-16th centurySaint-Jean-Saint-GermainPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Michel-sur-Loire15th centurySaint-Michel-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château des Roches14th-16th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Quentin-sur-IndroisPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine15th centurySainte-Maure-de-TouraineOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Sénoch18th centuryVarennesPrivately owned.
Château de Saché12th centuryRebuiltSachéIt's a museum. Inside the chamber Balzac, large lounge and dining room with its decor of wallpaper are the subject of a classification as historical monuments since June 27, 1983.
Château de Sansac16th centuryLochesPrivately owned
Château de Sassay16th-17th centuryLigréPrivately owned
Château de Semblançay12th-16th centuryRuinsSemblançayPrivately owned
Château de Sepmes16th centurySepmesPrivately owned
Château des Sept Tours15th centuryRestored in 20th centuryCourcelles-de-TouraineIn 1987, the castle and the 78-hectare property is acquired by a Canadian company that makes a golf-hotel-restaurant. The site is open to the public in 1991.âteau_des_Sept_Tours
Château de Tours11th centuryRestoredToursThe castle has night lighting putting the site value in view of the Cathedral , also remarkably enlightened. This urban setting value and emphasis on cultural and heritage castle vocation, do not forget that there is a little castle that once testified that Tours was one of the main strongholds of the Kingdom of France. However, this contributes to the fact that the city of Tours is labeled "City of Art and History" since 1988.
Château de la Tour-du-Raynier14th-15th centuryVerneuil-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Châteaux d'Uzage et de Bonaventure15th-19th centuryHuismesPrivately owned
Château d'Ussé
Château du Val d'Auray16th centuryAzay-le-RideauPrivately owned
Château Les ValléesIn good conditionTournon-Saint-Pierre
Château de Valesne15th-18th centurySachéPrivate property
Château de La Vallière14th-17th centuryIn good conditionReugnyPrivately owned
Château de Valmer16th centuryChançayCurrently owned by Aymard de Saint Venant.
Château de la Vauguyon12th-19th centuryChinonPrivately owned
Château de Vaujours12th centuryRuineChâteau-la-VallièreThis area is today private property open to visitors.
Château de Vaufoinard16th centuryRochecorbonPrivately owned
Château de Velors15th-18th centuryBeaumont-en-VéronPrivately owned
Château du Verger (Chaveignes)15th-17th centuryChaveignesPrivately owned
Château du Verger (Vou)15th-16th centuryVouPrivately owned
Château de Verneuil-sur-Indre15th-18th centuryIn good conditionVerneuil-sur-IndreOwned by a Private company
Château de Villandry16th centuryRestoredVillandry It is known for its six gardens : the dungeon effect dominates the garden decoration (1 ha), the ornamental garden with boxwood high, the water garden type "classic", the sun garden created in 2008, the maze of hedges, and the herb garden of medieval inspiration. A lawn tennis was reopened in 2010. Open to visitors.
Château du Vivier des Landes15th centuryCourcelles-de-TouraineOwned by a Private company
Domaine de la Donneterie17th-19th centuryNeuillé-Pont-PierrePrivately owned
Domaine de Montpensier ou Coudray-Montpensier14th-20th centurySeuillyOwned by the department
Manoir de La Côte16th centuryReugnyRegistered in 1930, is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since February 1989ôte
Manoir de Montfort16th centuryChançayIt's now a hotel, they have swimming pool, tennis court and fun activities like riding and hiking.

Châteaux of Loir et cher

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Angé15th-18th centuryAngéPrivately owned
Château d'Avaray13th-19th centuryAvarayPrivately owned.
Château de Beauregard15th centuryRestoredCellettesIt is one of the castles of the Loire and is famous for its Gallery Illustrious . It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list in 1840.
Château de Blois854RestoredBloisThe Royal Chateau of Blois common panorama courtyard of French architecture from the Middle Ages to the Classical era which makes it a key building for understanding the evolution of the architecture over the centuries. The restored royal apartments are furnished and decorated with polychrome decoration of xix th century , created by Flèix Duban in line with contemporary restaurant Viollet-le-Duc.
Château de Bois-Freslon14th-16th centuryTernayOwned by a Private company
Château de la Borde17th centuryVernou-en-SologneOwned by a Private company
Château des Bordes18th-19th centuryPontlevoyPrivately owned
Château du BreuilCheverny
Château de Bury16th centuryMolineufOwned by a Private company
Château de Cerqueux17th-18th centuryJosnesPrivately owned
Château de Challay16th-19th centuryMontoire-sur-le-LoirPrivate property
Château de Chambord1519RestoredChambordNational Estate of Chambord covers 5440 ha, of which 1,000 ha are open to the public, making it the largest enclosed forest park in Europe.
Château de Chantecaille15th-17th centuryMerPrivately owned
Château de ChaslayMontoire-sur-le-Loir
Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire15th centuryRestoredChaumont-sur-Loire It is located on the last wild river of Europe , recently entered the World Heritage Site by Unesco . It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list in 1840.
Château de Chaussepot17th centuryPoislay (Le)Privately owned
Château de Cheverny1624ChevernyIn 1922, the Marquis de Vibraye (owner) opened the castle to the public. The family still lives there and the castle of Cheverny has become one of the castles of the Loire 's most visited, famous for its rich interiors and its collection of art and tapestries. It was visited by the Queen Mother of England in 1963.
Château de ChissayChissay-en-Touraine
Château de Chémery15th-16th centuryChémeryPrivately owned
Château de Chitenay (Chitenay)17th-18th centuryChitenayPrivately owned
Château de Colliers18th centuryMuides-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château de Conon15th-16th centuryCellettesPrivately owned
Château de Cour-sur-Loire15th-19th centuryCour-sur-LoirePrivately owned
Château des Diorières16th-18th centuryChauvigny-du-PerchePrivately owned
Château de Diziers15th-16th centurySuèvresPrivately owned
Château de Droué17th centuryDrouéPrivately owned
Château de l'Etoile12th-19th centuryAuthonPrivate property
Château de Ferté-Imbault16th-19th centuryFerté-Imbault (La)Privately owned
Château de Fougères-sur-Bièvre
Château de Fontenailles16th centuryLorgesPrivately owned
Château des Forges15th-16th centurySuèvresPrivately owned
Château de Fougères-sur-Bièvre1475RestoredFougères-sur-BièvreCurrently owned by the Centre of NAtional Monuments. Its open to visitors.
Château de FrétevalMiddle AgesRuineFrétevalThe area is currently the property of Armand de La Rochefoucauld, Duke of Doudeauville.
Château du Fresne17th-18th centuryAuthonPrivately owned
Château du Gué-Péan16th-18th centuryIn good conditionMonthou-sur-CherOwned by a Private company
Château d'Herbault1525NeuvyPrivately owned.
Château d'HerbillyMer
Château de Lavardin11th centuryRuineLavardin It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 21st of November, 1945.
Château de Lierville16th centuryVerdesOwned by a Private company
Château de Madon15th-18th centuryCandé-sur-BeuvronPrivately owned
Château de Marcheval18th centuryMillançayPrivately owned
Château de Mareuil-sur-Cher17th centuryMareuil-sur-CherOwned by the municipality
Château de MatvalMiddle AgesRuineBonneveauThe manor with its round tower, the mound and cave dwellings were registered historic monument November 18, 1971.
Château de La Ménaudière15th-19th centuryChissay-en-TouraineOwned by a Private company
Château de Menars1646MenarsAfter 1830 , Prince Joseph de Riquet Caraman the castle creates an establishment called "military academy" or vocational school, which aims to bring together young people of different nationalities conditions and to give them a common education. To this end, he built a large hotel in the east of the forecourt, partly preserved, and a small gas plant to provide gas lighting in college.
Château de Meslay18th centuryMeslayPrivately owned
Château de MondoubleauMondoubleauOwned by the municipality
Château et moulin Monteaux16th-18th centuryMonteauxOwned by a Private company
Château Le Mont Suzey20th centuryYvoy-le-MarronOwned by a Private company
Château de Montgiron17th-18th centuryVeilleinsPrivately owned
Château de Les Montils12th centuryMontils (Les)Owned by the municipality
Château de Montlivault16th-18th centuryMontlivaultPrivately owned
Château de Montmarin17th centurySargé-sur-BrayeOwned by a Private company
Château de Montoire11th-14th centuryMontoire-sur-le-LoirOwned by the municipality
Château de Montrichard11th centuryRuineMontrichard It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 14th of July, 1877.
Château de la Morinière16th centuryMur-de-SolognePrivately owned
Château de la Motte14th-19th centuryChaumont-sur-TharonnePrivate property
Château du Moulin1480Well maintainLassay-sur-CroisneIn 1960, the Chateau du Moulin served as a framework for the TV series Thierry la Fronde.
Château d'Onzain17th centuryOnzainPrivate property
Château dit l'Oratoire de Courtiras18th centuryVendômePrivately owned
Château d'OrtieSalbrisPrivate property
Château de la Possonnière
Château de la Pigeonnière17th-19th centuryIn good conditionChaillesPrivately owned
Château du Plessis-Fortia17th centuryHuisseau-en-BeauceThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since 27th of August, 1953âteau_du_Plessis-Fortia
Château du Plessis-Villelouet16th-19th centuryChaillesPrivately owned
Château de la Possonnière1515RestoredCouture-sur-LoirIn 2003 are created "gardens Possonnière" with a rose garden with over 200 varieties of roses ancient and modern. Private property but open to visitors.
Château des Radrets15th-18th centurySargé-sur-BrayePrivate property
Château de Renay15th centuryRenayPrivately owned
Château de Rivaulde19th-20th centurySalbrisPrivate property
Château de Rochambeau16th-19th centuryThoré-la-RochetteOwned by a Private company
Château de Roujoux17th centuryFresnesOwned by a Private company
Château de Saint-AgilSaint-AgilPrivately ownedPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Aignan11th-17th centurySaint-AignanPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Denis-sur-Loire1341RestoredSaint-Denis-sur-LoireCurrently owned by the Ayguesparsse Family. Open to the public.
Château de Selles-sur-Cher13th-17th centurySelles-sur-CherOwned by a Private company
Château de Souesmes15th-17th centurySouesmesPrivately owned
Château de Talcy1520TalcyIt is run by the Centre of National Monuments. The castle was one of the locations of a TV movie, The King, squirrels and snakes, released late in 2009.
Château de la Thomasserie18th centuryVallières-les-GrandesPrivate property
Château de Toisy16th-18th centuryChapelle-Vendômoise (La)Privately owned
Château de Troussay15th centuryChevernyCurrently owned by Stanislas de Sainte Marie.
Château de Vendôme12th-14th centuryVendômeOwned by the municipality
Château de la Vicomté16th-17th centuryBloisPrivately owned
Château de Villedard18th centuryYvoy-le-MarronOwned by a Private company
Château de Villesavin16th centuryTour-en-SologneIt offers venue for wedding and reception and open to the public who likes to visit the museum of horse-drawn carriages and strollers and enjoy its green where you will find raising the Donkey Poitou.
Domaine des Grotteaux17th-19th centuryHuisseau-sur-CossonOwned by a Private company

Châteaux of Loiret

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château des AissesLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château d'Adon
Château d'Alosse
Château d'AllouSandillonPrivately owned
Château d'Amoy17th-19th centuryOisonPrivately owned.
Château de l'Ardoise16th centuryPithiviersPrivately owned
Château d'ArrabloyArrabloy
Château d'Assay15th-18th centuryBeaulieu-sur-LoirePrivately owned.
Château d'AudevilleAudevillePrivately owned.
Château d'Augerville12th centuryAugerville-la-RivièreThe chateau is now a luxury hotel complete with a golf course.
Château des AulnettesLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château des BallusLa Chapelle-sur-Aveyron
Château de Baffou
Château des Barres 1
Château des Barres 2
Château de Beaudenin
Château de Bellecour
Château de Bennes
Château du Bois-Joli
Château du Brochard
Château du Bruel
Château de la Buffière
Château du Buisson
Château des Buissons
Château de La Bussière
Château de BardySandillon
Château des BarresNogent-sur-Vernisson
Château de BauleBaule
Château de Beaulieu-sur-Loire14th centuryBeaulieu-sur-LoireOwned by the municipality
Château de BellecourPithiviers
Château de BellefontaineLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Bellegarde14th centuryBellegardeChateau Bellegarde is only partially in the inventory of Historical Monument.
Château de BellevueNogent-sur-Vernisson
Château de la BeuvronneLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Boisgibault17th centuryArdon The property was held to hunting and receptions were known throughout the country.
Château de la BohardièreLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Bondaroy14th centuryBondaroyOwned by de La Taille family. It is occassionally banquets or seminars. You can visit the April 1st to Sept. 30- from 10am to 12pm and from 14h to 16h.
Château de Bon-Hôtel19th centuryLigny-le-RibaultPrivately owned
Château du Bouchet19th centuryDryThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1991 and listed in 1993.
Château de BrenneIsdes
Château de la Brûlerie19th centuryDouchyPrivately owned
Château de BuglainArdon
Château de La Bussière16th centuryLa BussièreOwned by the Chasseval Family. The museum was established in 1962. It presents a colledtion of works of arts on fishing in fresh water.
Château de la CantéeLigny-le-Ribault
Château de CendrayJouy-le-Potier
Château de Chamerolles16th centuryRestoredChilleurs-aux-BoisOwned by the General Council of Loiret. It houses a perfume museum located in the south wing and it hosts a variety of parts and uniqye items reflecting the history of perfume and hygiene over the centuries.
Château de ChampmoreauLorcy
Château de Cerf-Bois
Château de Champoulet
Château des Chapelles
Château de Châteauneuf-sur-Loire
Château de Château-Renard
Château de Chenailles
Château de Chenevières
Château de Cherupeaux
Château de Coquille
Château de Courcy-aux-Loges
Château de ChampvallinSandillon
Château de Changy-les-BoisVarennes-Changy
Château de ChartraineLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de ChaselleLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de ChâteaurenardMiddle AgesChâteaurenard
Château de ChemaultBoiscommun
Château de la CherelleJargeau
Château de ChevauLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Chevilly18th centuryChevilly
Château de ClaireauSully-la-Chapelle
Château de Coligny12th-16th centuryChâtillon-ColignyPrivately owned
Château de CombreuxCombreux
Château de Cormes16th centurySaint-Cyr-en-ValPrivately owned
Château de la CourLigny-le-Ribault
Château de Courcelles-le-Roi15th-19th centuryCourcellesPrivately owned
Château de Courcelles-le-RoyBeaulieu-sur-LoireOwned by a Private company
Château de Cuissy17th-19th centuryLion-en-SulliasPrivately owned
Château de Dammarie-en-Puisaye12th-19th centuryDammarie-en-PuisayePrivately owned
Château de Dampierre-en-Burly17th centuryDampierre-en-BurlyThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since 6th of March, 1928.
Château de Denainvilliers14th-19th centuryDadonvillePrivately owned
Château de Dunois15th-16th centuryBeaugencyOwned by a Private company
Château de l'ÉmerillonCléry-Saint-André
Château d'Escrennes
Château des EssartsMoyen Age-18th centuryMarsainvilliersPrivately owned
Château des évêques d'OrléansMeung-sur-Loire
Château de la Ferté16th centuryLa Ferté-Saint-AubinThe Chateau is part of several events like the Feast of the plants, The night every Thursday and Friday in July-August, Flea market and The Heritage Day in Sept., and Christmas at the Castle (1st 3 weeks of Dec.) Open to the public everyday.
Château de La Fontaine17th centuryOlivetLa Fontaine Park is open to the public for guided tours organized by the tourist office 5 and the Heritage Days. It was also open to the public at events organized by local associations.
Château des FontainesLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de la Forêt12th centuryMontcressonOwned by the MacMahon Family and it is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 29th of September, 1986.
Château de la FrogerieLigny-le-Ribault
Château de Flotin
Château de Fontpertuis
Château de la Folie-Joinville
Château de la GarenneBarville-en-Gâtinais
Château des Gaschetières
Château des Giraults
Château du Gué-Gaillard
Hôtel Groslot
Château du Grand-Reigneville
Château de la Guette
Château du GamereauSandillon
Château de la GaudinièreÉgry
Château de GautrayLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château des GévrilsDammarie-sur-Loing
Château de Gien14th centuryRemodeledGienIt houses the International Museum of Hunting. Being managed by the Gerenal Council of Loiret.
Château de la GoronnièreSaint-Cyr-en-Val
Château du Grand-ValCerdon
Château de la GrisonnièreLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château du Hallier16th centuryRuineNibelleThe castle is listed in the inventory of historical monuments since 1967.
Château de la HuardièreSully-sur-Loire
Château de la Houssaye
Château de Huisseau-sur-Mauves12th-18th centuryHuisseau-sur-MauvesPrivately owned
Château de l'Isle16th centuryRuineSaint-Denis-en-ValCurrently owned by the Association for the Protection of the castle of the Isle.
Château de JarnonceVitry-aux-Loges
Château de la Jonchère
Château de la JavelièreMontbarrois
Château des LandesLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Louans
Château de LorrisMontargis
Château du Lude12th centuryJouy-le-PotierThe castle gardens are open to visitors from April to September (10h to 13h and 14h to 18h)âteau_du_Lude_(Loiret)
Château de la Luzerne16th-17th centuryChambon-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Château de la LuzièreLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château des MadèresArdon
Château de Malesherbes14th centuryMalesherbesIn 2008, it is open to the public from 7 July to 22 August.
Château de MardereauCléry-Saint-André
Château du Mariau
Château du Mazurais
Château de la Matholière
Château de Molaine
Château de Montberneaume
Château de Montvilliers
Château de la Motte-Boulin
Château des Mousseaux
Château MarieGaubertin
Château de Mézières-lez-CléryMézières-lez-Cléry
Château de Mez-le-Maréchal12th centuryDordivesPrivately owned
Château de Meung-sur-Loire12th centuryMeung-sur-LoireIt is one of the largest and oldest chateau in Loire. It served as prison, its most famous prisoner was the poet, François Villion. Open to visitors and venue for private event.
Château de la MivoieNogent-sur-Vernisson
Château de MivoisinDammarie-sur-Loing
Château de MontesaultLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Montguignard13th centuryPithiviers-le-VieilPrivately owned
Château de Montliard16th-19th centuryMontliardPrivately owned
Château de MontourJouy-le-Potier
Château de MorchêneSaint-Cyr-en-Val
Château de la Mothe16th-17th centurySaint-Lyé-la-ForêtPrivately owned
Château de la Motte-BastilleJuranville
Château de la Motte (Châteaurenard)17th centuryChâteaurenardOwned by a Private company
Château de la Motte (Égry)Égry
Château de la Motte (Saint-Cyr-en-Val)Saint-Cyr-en-Val
Château de la Motte (Vitry-aux-Loges)Vitry-aux-Loges
Château de la Motte-PoirierMontbarrois
Château des MuidsLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Nacelle
Château de Nailly
Château du Muguet19th centuryBreteauThe castle is famous for hosting the conference Briare , penultimate meeting of the Allied Supreme Council in June 1940 during the Second World War.
Château de la PapinièreLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château des Prateaux
Château de Prepinson
Château de Puiseaux
Château du Pin17th centuryRestoredMérinvilleHome of a private person.
Château du PlessisVitry-aux-Loges
Château de Pont-Chevron19th centuryRebuiltOuzouer-sur-TrézéeThe castle opened in 1983 a museum dedicated to the construction of Pont-Chevron and two mosaics. The museum was partly rebuilt in 2008 to accommodate large and small.
Château du PoutylOlivet
Château de PraslinsNogent-sur-Vernisson
Château de la Prêche17th centuryChécyPrivately owned
Chateau de La Porte (Sandillon)18th centurySandillon
Chateau de La Porte (Saint-Cyr-en-Val)Saint-Cyr-en-Val
Château de PuchesseSandillon
Château de Pully18th centuryLailly-en-ValPrivately owned
Château du PuyFaverelles
Château de la Queuvre15th-16th centuryFérollesPrivately owned
Château de la RenardièreArdon
Château de Rilly
Château de ReyvilleSaint-Cyr-en-Val
Château de la Rivière16th-17th centuryChâtenoy
Château de RochefortBarville-en-Gâtinais
Château de Rocheplatte13th-18th centuryAulnay-la-RivièrePrivately owned
Château du Rondon17th centuryOlivetPrivate property
Château de la RousselièreArdon
Château de Rouville15th centuryRenovatedMalesherbesThe castle and its outbuildings and grounds, are subject to registration as a historic monument since August 30, 2001.
Château du RuthLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de Saint-Brisson14th centuryRestoredSaint-Brisson-sur-LoireIts a museum. There is a firing demonstrations of medieval war machines (with real nullets) every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in July and August. Tours, exhibition, theater and concerts are also available.
Château de Sainte-ClaireIsdes
Château de La Selle-sur-Bied
Château des seigneurs du canal
Château de Solvin
Château de Saint-Michel15th-19th centurySaint-MichelPrivately owned
Chapelle Saint-Michel18th centurySaint-Jean-de-BrayePrivately owned
Château de Selle-sur-le-Bied (La)17th-20th centurySelle-sur-le-Bied (La)Privately owned
Château de SolaireBonnée
Château de la SourceOrléans
Château de Sully-sur-Loire14th centuryRestoredSully-sur-LoireOpen to visitors. The castle hosts every year in May and June since 1973 , an international festival of classical music, the festival and the Loiret Sully.
Château de la TisonnièreJargeau
Château des Tourelles
Château de Trétinville
Château de Trousse-Barrière
Château de la Touanne17th-19th centuryBacconPrivately owned
Château de Trousse-Barrière19th centuryBriareToday, it belongs to the town of Briare which uses as an exhibition center and artists' residence.
Château de la Turpinière17th-19th centurySennelyPrivately owned
Château de La Valette18th centuryPressigny-les-PinsIn Feb. 10, 2012, the municipality sold th estate to the stock company Domaine de La Valette, a project to establish an inter-vilage residence valid for seniors, nursing home, Alzheimer's unit and leisure.
Château de Villette
Château de la Violière
Château de VauxVitry-aux-Loges
Château de Vieux-MaisonsLigny-le-Ribault
Château de ViévilleSaint-Cyr-en-Val
Château de VignelleJouy-le-Potier
Château de VillaineLa Ferté-Saint-Aubin
Château de VillecanteDry
Château de VillefallierJouy-le-Potier
Château de VilliersArdon
Château d'Yèvre-le-Châtel13th centuryYèvre-la-VilleOwned by the municipality
Petit Château de Autry-le-Châtel15th centuryAutry-le-ChâtelPrivately owned

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