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Châteaux of Basse-Normandie

This is the list of Châteaux in Basse-Normandie. It was created in 1956, when the Normandy region was divided into Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy. It consists of 3 departments, Calvados, Manche and Orne

We have listed 302 Chateaux in the Basse-Normandie region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 77 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Basse-Normandie that are not in our list, please let us know!

Info sources: -âteaux_de_France

Châteaux of Caldavos

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ablon15th-18th centuryAblonPrivately owned.
Château d'AillyFirst mention in 1959Berniéres-d'AillyThe estate remained in the family until it was sold in 2007 to the current owner.
Château de la Motte Acqueville16th-17th centuryAcquevillePrivately owned.
Château d'Aguesseau17th, 19th centuryTrouville-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château d'Assy16th, 18th centuryOuilly-le-TessonPrivately owned.
Château de Aubigny16th centuryAubignyPrivately owned.
Château d'Aubigny (Cahagnes)17th centuryCahagnesOwned by a Private company.
Château de Audrieu18th centuryIn good conditionAudrieuPrivately owned.
Château de Balleroy17th centuryBalleroyClassified in Historical Monument (1951).
Château de Banneville-la-Campagne14th centuryBanneville-la-CampagnePrivately owned.
Château de Bénouville
Château de Brécy
Château les Bruyères
Château de Barbeville18th centuryBarbevillePrivately owned.
Château et manoir Baron-sur-Odon16th-19th centuryBaron-sur-OdonPrivately owned.
Château de Bavent17th centuryBaventOwned by a Private company.
Château de BeaumaisBeaumaisPrivately owned.
Château de Beaumont-le-Richard12th centuryEnglesqueville-la-PerceeIt is now a farm.
Château de Belleval17th centuryChouainPrivately owned.
Château de Béneauville16th-18th centuryBaventPrivately owned.
Château de Béneauville (Chicheboville)17th centuryChichebovillePrivately owned.
Château de Bénouville1770Rehabilitated and restoredBénouvilleCurrently owned by the General Council of Calvados. Its open for the public.
Château de Bény-sur-Mer17th-18th centuryBény-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château de Berné18th centurySaonnetPrivate property.
Château de Bernesq16th centuryBernesqOwned by a Private company.
Château de Bernières17th centuryBernières-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château de Besneray17th centuryChapelle-Yvon (La)Privately owned.
Château de BeuzevalGonneville-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château de Beuzeval19th centuryHoulgatePrivate property.
Château de Boissy16th centurySullyPrivately owned.
Château de Bougy18th centuryBougyProperty of a private company.
Château de Boutemont16th, 17th centuryOuilly-le-VicomtePrivately owned.
Château de la Motte Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse18th centuryBretteville-l'OrgueilleusePrivately owned.
Château Le Breuil-en-Auge16th-18th centuryIn good conditionBreuil-en-Auge (Le)Owned by a Private company.
Château de Brécy17th centurySaint-Gabriel-Brécy In 1992, Didier and Barbara Wirth resume work to restore the architectural elements, complete garden and beautify the surrounding landscape. It has the label "Remarkable Garden".
Château les Bruyéres13th centuryextensive renovations.CambremerSold in 1992, when the castle was converted to accommodate guests.
Château de Caen11th centuryCaenThe Castle has first classified historical monument on July 12, 1886.
Château de Colombières
Château de Cairon16th centuryCaironPrivately owned.
Château de Canchy16th-17th centuryCanchyPrivately owned.
Château de Canon17th centuryMézidon-CanonA petting zoo of farm opened in 2010 and hosted 10,000 visitors in 2012. The garden tour is paid, the castle can be visited by appointment.
Château de Carel16th, 18th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Pierre-sur-DivesPrivate property.
Château de Castilly17th-18th centuryCastillyPrivately owned.
Château de Cesny-aux-Vignes17th-19th centuryCesny-aux-Vignes-OuézyPrivately owned.
Château de ColbertBlainville-sur-OrneOwned by a Private company.
Château de Colombiéres11th centuryColombiéresOwner current Count étienne de Maupeou of Ableiges.
Château de Courseulles-sur-Mer17th centuryIn good conditionCourseulles-sur-MerOwned by a Private company.
Château de Courcy12th centuryRemainsCourcyPrivate and it is a farm now.
Château de Combray16th centuryFauguernonPrivately owned.
Château de Coupigny18th centuryAiranPrivately owned.
Château de Cramesnil16th, 17th centurySaint-Aignan-de-CramesnilPrivately owned.
Château de Crémel17th centuryMonceaux-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Creully11th centuryhad many changes and improvementsCreullyIt is owned by the Municipality of Creully and its offers offers grand rooms used today for various events: weddings, concerts, conventions and exhibitions.
Château de Creullet14th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryCreullyPrivately owned.
Château de Cricqueville-en-Auge16th, 18th centuryCricqueville-en-AugePrivately owned.
Château de Crèvecœur-en-AugeCrèvecœur-en-AugePrivate
Château de Dampierre17th centuryDampierreOwned by a Private company.
Château de Douville17th centuryMandeville-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Esquay-sur-Seulles17th centuryEsquay-sur-SeullesPrivately owned.
Château de Falaise12th centuryReconstructedFalaiseCurrently owned by the Municipality of Falaise. This castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list in 1840.
Château de Fauguernon12th, 13th, 16th centuryFauguernonPrivately owned.
Chateau de Fervaques16th-17th centuryFervaquesProperty of an association.
Château de Fontaine-Etoupefour15th, 16th, 18th centuryFontaine-EtoupefourPrivately owned.
Château de Fontaine-Henry1530sremodeledFontaine-HenryCurrently owned by Marquis Oilliamson.
Château du Fresne17th centuryArgencesPrivately owned.
Château Le Fresne-Camilly17th, 19th centuryFresne-Camilly (Le)Privately owned.
Château des FresnesCampignyPrivately owned.
Château de Fresney-le-Puceux16th-17th centuryIn good conditionFresney-le-PuceuxPrivately owned.
Château de Fumichon16th-17th centuryFumichonPrivately owned.
Château Ganne11th-12th centuryPommeraye (La)Private property.
Château de Grandchamp-le-Château18th centuryGrandchamp-le-ChâteauPrivately owned.
Château de Grisy16th, 17th, 18th centuryVendeuvrePrivately owned.
Château d'eau de la Guérinière20th centuryCaenOwned by the municipality.
Château de Guernon-Ranville18th centuryRestoredRanvilleIt now boasts of charming cottages.
Château de Guillaume le Conquérant11th-12th centuryBonneville-sur-TouquesPrivately owned.
Château d'Harcourt17th, 18th centuryThury-HarcourtPrivately owned.
Château de Hermival-les-Vaux17th centuryHermival-les-VauxOwned by a Private company.
Château d'eau Hérouville-Saint-Clair20th centuryIn good conditionHérouville-Saint-ClairOwned by the municipality.
Château de La Houblonnière15th centuryHoublonnière (La)Privately owned.
Château du Houlley17th-18th centuryCourtonne-la-MeurdracPrivately owned.
Château de Juaye18th, 19th centuryJuaye-MondayePrivately owned.
Château de Jucoville16th-17th centuryCambe (La)Privately owned.
Château de Juaye18th, 19th centuryJuaye-MondayePrivately owned.
Château de Juvigny-sur-Seulles18th centuryJuvigny-sur-SeullesPrivately owned.
Château de Lasson14th, 17th centuryRuinedLassonPrivately owned.
Château de Lion-sur-Mer13th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryIn good conditionLion-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château de Louvagny17th, 18th centuryLouvagnyPrivately owned.
Château de Louvigny18th centuryLouvignyPrivately owned.
Château de MaillocSaint-Julien-de-MaillocPrivately owned.
Château et son parc Magny-en-Bessin17th centuryMagny-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château du Mesnil-d'O18th centuryVieux-FuméPrivately owned.
Château de Le Mesnil-Germain17th centuryMesnil-Germain (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Le Mesnil-Guillaume16th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryMesnil-Guillaume (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Mont-à-la-Vigne15th, 16th, 17th centuryMonteillePrivately owned.
Château de Monts18th centuryMonts-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Morainville17th centuryMesnil-sur-Blangy (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Neuilly-la-Forêt12th, 13th, 14th centuryNeuilly-la-ForêtPrivate property.
Château de la Noë18th, 19th centuryTracy-sur-MerPrivate property.
Château de Olendon17th, 18th centuryOlendonPrivately owned.
Château d'Olivet11th centuryremainsGrimbosq The remains of the castle are the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 21 July 1988.
Château de Ouilly-du-Houley18th centuryOuilly-du-HouleyPrivately owned.
Château d'Outrelaize16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 19th centuryGouvixPrivate property.
Château du Pin17th, 18th centuryPin (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Pontécoulant
Château des Planches18th centuryAmbliePrivately owned.
Château de La Pommeraye11th centuryLargely rebuiltThe PommerayeToday, with an area of ??20 hectares and classified bird sanctuary, it is split between park bailey mound, vegetable garden, orchard, pond, hills, woods and meadows.
Château de Pontécoulant2nd half of 16th centuryPontécoulantIt was established as a Museum since 1908. It is under registration in respect of historical monuments since March 26, 1927.
Château de Préaux-Saint-Sébastien18th centuryPréaux-Saint-SébastienPrivately owned.
Château et sa poterne d'entrée Roque-Baignard (La)17th centuryRoque-Baignard (La)Privately owned.
Château de la Rochelle19th centuryBernières-le-PatryPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-André-d'Hébertot17th, 18th centurySaint-André-d'HébertotPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Germain-de-Livet15th centurySaint-Germain-de-LivetIt became the property of the City of Lisieux in 1958.
Château de Saint-Pierre-du-Jonquet18th centurySaint-Pierre-du-JonquetPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Pierre-du-Mont16th centurySaint-Pierre-du-MontPrivately owned.
Château de Thaon17th, 18th centuryIn good conditionThaonPrivately owned.
Château de la Tour18th centurySaint-Pierre-CanivetPrivately owned.
Château de Tournebu12th, 13th, 16th, 17th centuryPartially RuinedTournebuPrivately owned.
Château de Tour-en-Bessin18th centuryTour-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Tréprel18th centuryTréprelPrivately owned.
Château de Vaubadon18th, 19th centuryVaubadonPrivate property.
Château de VaucellesVaucellesPrivately owned.
Château de Vaulaville18th centuryTour-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Vaussieux18th centuryVaux-sur-SeullesPrivately owned.
Château de Vauville17th centuryMathieuPrivately owned.
Château de Vendeuvre18th centuryrenovatedVendeuvre It is open to the public since 1983 and houses the museum of miniature furniture, the first collection in the world of miniature furniture, a collection of dog kennels and pet, the series of rooms is a fine example of the art of living 18th century which also reflect the kitchens of the same era.
Château de Versainville17th centuryVersainvilleSince 1930 it is subject to a classification in respect of historical monuments since June 2008.
Château de Vicques16th-17th centuryVicquesPrivately owned.
Château de Victot13th- 19th centuryVictot-PontfolPrivately owned.
Château de Vienne-en-Bessin15th-17th centuryVienne-en-BessinPrivately owned.
Château de Villers17th centuryVillers-sur-MerOwned by a Private company.
Château de Villiers-sur-Port à Huppain13th, 16th centuryPort-en-Bessin-HuppainPrivately owned.
Château de Villeray18th centuryMoutiers-en-Cinglais (Les)Owned by a Private company.
Château de Vimont18th centuryVimontPrivately owned.
Château de Vouilly18th centuryVouillyPrivately owned.
Domaine de Castillon18th-19th centuryCastillonPrivate property.
Domaine de Manneville 17th-18th centuryLantheuilPrivate property.
Donjon de VireRuinsVire

Châteaux of Manche

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'AmfrevilleEnd of 15th centuryAmfrevilleThe chateau is investigated a registration in respect of historical monuments since March 30, 1965.
Château de l'Angotière16th-18th centuryDomjeanPrivately owned.
Château dit Maison d'Anneville18th centuryAnneville-en-SairePrivately owned.
Château d' AuversAuversPrivately owned.
La Bastille14th centuryDestroyedBeuzeville-la-Bastille
Château de Belleneau
Château du Bel Esnault19th centurySaint-Côme-du-MontPrivately owned.
Château de BeaurepaireIn good conditionMartinvast
Château de la Bretonnière17th-18th centuryGollevillePrivately owned.
Château de Bricquebec11th centuryRuinesBricquebecThe ruins of the old Castle are subject to a classification in respect of historical monuments on the first list of historic monuments.
Château de la Brisette18th centurySaint-Germain-de-TournebutPrivately owned.
Château de la Boulaye17th centuryCerisy-la-Forét During the battle of Normandy, it houses the headquarters of the 2nd U.S. infantry division.
Château de BoucéelVergonceyPrivately owned.
Château de Canisy16th-19th centuryCanisyPrivate property.
Manoir de Caillemont
Château de Chantore
Château de Carantilly18th-19th centuryCarantillyPrivately owned.
Château de Carneville17th-18th centuryCarnevillePrivately owned.
Château le Castel16th centuryHébécrevonPrivately owned.
Château de Cerisy17th centuryCerisy-la-SalleOwned by a Private company.
Château de la Chaize15th-19th centuryLoges-Marchis (Les)Privately owned.
Château de Chanteloup14th-16th centuryRuinedChanteloupPrivately owned.
Château de Charuel11th centuryRuinesSaceyâteau_de_Charuel
Château de Chaulieu17th-18th centuryChaulieuPrivately owned.
Château de Coigny17th centuryCoignyPrivately owned.
Château de Crosville-sur-Douve15th-17th centuryRuinedCrosville-sur-DouvePrivately owned.
Château du DickPortbailPrivately owned.
Château d'Etienville16th-19th centuryEtienvillePrivately owned.
Château de Flamanville17th centuryFlamanvillePrivately owned.
Château de Flottemanville
Château de FrancvilleFontenay-sur-MerPrivately owned.
Château de Franquetot17th centuryCarquebutPrivately owned.
Château de Franquetot (Coigny)16th-18th centuryCoignyOwned by a Private company.
Château des Galeries16th centuryBricquebecPrivately owned.
Château de Gavray
Château de la Germonière19th centuryVast (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Gonneville15th-17th centuryGonnevillePrivately owned.
Château de Grandval18th centuryNeuville-au-PlainPrivately owned.
Château de Grainville15th centuryGranvillePrivately owned.
Château de Gratot13th centuryrenovatedGratot The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 4 August 1970 and has become a tourist spot.
Château de Haye-du-Puits (La)Haye-du-Puits (La)Owned by the municipality.
Château de LonguevilleLonguevillePrivately owned.
Château de la Mare16th centuryCavignyPrivately owned.
Château des Montgommery
Château dit aussi manoir de Mariéville16th-18th centuryBeuzeville-au-PlainPrivately owned.
Château des MatignonIn good conditionTorigni-sur-VireOwned by the municipality.
Château de Montfort15th-16th centuryRemilly-sur-LozonPrivately owned.
Château de Montgomery17th centuryDuceyOwned by the municipality.
Château de Néhou10th centuryDestroyedNéhou The building, already in ruins, was destroyed at the beginning of the 20th century.âteau_de_Néhou
Château de Néhou
Château d'Olonde16th centuryCanville-la-RocquePrivate property.
Château de la PaluelleSaint-JamesPrivately owned.
Château de la Palluelle
Château de Parigny15th-19th centuryParignyPrivately owned.
Château de PépinvastVicel (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Pirou12th centuryrestoredPirouBecame farm in 17th century and it was registered in 1968 under the Historic monuments.
Château de Plain-Marais14th centuryBeuzeville-la-BastilleOwned by a private person.
Château de Pont-Rilly18th centuryNégrevilleOwned by a Private company.
Château du Pont-Roger15th-17th centurySaint-Jean-des-ChampsPrivately owned.
Château de Querqueville18th centuryIn good conditionQuerquevilleOwned now by the municipality of of Querqueville. The Chateau is now the Mayor/ the City hall of the Municipality.
Château des Ravalet1562TourlavilleIt is owned by the municipality of Cherbourg. The castle (open only at certain times, especially during Heritage Days ), the park (open to public) and emissions (1873-1875) are classified historic monument since 1996.
Château de Regnéville
Château de Rochemont
Château de la Roche-Tesson
Château des Ruettes
Château de Regnéville14th centuryexcavation and restoration work to restore it.Regnéville-sur-MerOwned now by the General Council of The Municipality of Manche.
Château de Réville16th-18th centuryRévillePrivately owned.
Château de la Roque16th centuryHébécrevonPrivately owned.
Château du Rozel18th-19th centuryRozel (Le)Owned by the municipality.
Château de Saint-Germain-sur-SèvesSaint-Germain-sur-SèvesPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Pair
Château de Soulles
Château Sainte-MarieAgneauxPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Pierre-EgliseSaint-Pierre-EglisePrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Pierre-de-SemillySaint-Pierre-de-SemillyPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Pois17th-18th centurySaint-PoisOwned by a Private company.
Château de Sainte-Marie-du-Mont16th-17th centurySainte-Marie-du-MontPrivately owned.
Château de SaceySaceyOwned by the municipality.
Château de Saint-Sauveur-le-VicomtePartly ruinedSaint-Sauveur-le-VicomteThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1840.
Château de Sébeville18th centurySébevillePrivate property.
Château de Servigny16th-19th centuryYvetot-BocagePrivately owned.
Château de Sotteville16th-17th centurySottevillePrivate property.
Château de Tocqueville16th-19th centuryIn good conditionTocquevillePrivately owned.
Château de Tourlaville16th-19th centuryTourlavilleOwned by the municipality.
Château de Tourville18th centuryLestrePrivately owned.
Château du Tourps11th centuryDestroyed, there remain some ruins.Anneville-en-SaireIt is registered in 2005, under the Historic Monuments.
Château de ValognesValognes
Château de Vassy dit aussi Le Logis17th centuryBréceyOwned by a Private company.
Château de la VaucelleIn good conditionSaint-Lô
Château de Vierville18th centuryViervillePrivately owned.
Domaine de Beaurepaire19th centuryHardinvastPrivately owned.
Domaine de Chiffrevast17th centuryTamervillePrivately owned.
Domaine de l'Isle-Marie17th centuryPicauvillePrivately owned.
Domaine de Nacqueville19th centuryQuerquevilleOwned by a Private company.
Hôtel de Grandval-CalignyIn good conditionValognes
Manoir de Brion1137Dragey-RonthonThe British writer Vincent Cronin resided there at the end of his life.
Manoir de Coutainville15th centuryAgon-CoutainvilleIt is now a Bed and Breakfast
Manoir de Graffard1360Partly ruineBarneville-CarteretCurrently owned by Mr. and Mrs. MauricePezet.
Manoir de Mesnil-Viteyend of 15th centuryAirelIt is not a Bed and Breakfast.
Manoir de Saint-Ortaire15th centuryBurnt in 1346DézertThis is a private property.
Manoir de Vauville15th centuryVauvilleOwned by a private person. It has a Botanical Garden ranked remarkable garden in 2004.
Hôtel de Beaumont1767ValognesOwned by the family of the Courtils, it was recorded in 1927 and then classified historical monument in 1979.

Châteaux of Orne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aché19th-20th centuryValframbertPrivately owned.
Château Aubry-en-Exmes14th centuryAubry-en-ExmesPrivately owned.
Château de Aunay-les-Bois17th-19th centuryAunay-les-BoisOwned by a Private company.
Château d'Avoines ou Avoine17th centuryAvoinePrivately owned.
Château et ses communs L'Aigle17th centuryAigle (L')Owned by the municipality.
Château de Bazoches-au-Houlme15th-18th centuryBazoches-au-HoulmePrivately owned.
Manoir de la Baronnie
Manoir de la Bérardière
Manoir de Bray
Château de Beauvais16th-17th centuryCetonPrivately owned.
Château du Boële17th-18th centuryGlos-la-FerrièrePrivately owned.
Château de Bonvouloir15th-18th centuryJuvigny-sous-AndainePrivately owned.
Château du Bourg-Saint-Léonard18th centuryIn good conditionBourg-Saint-Léonard (Le)Owned by the municipality.
Château de Carrouges14th centuryCarrougesManaged by the Center for National Monuments , it is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since December 6, 1927.
Manoir de la Cocardière
Château de Corru
Manoir de la Cour
Château de Chailloué17th centuryChaillouéPrivately owned.
Château de ChamboisMiddle AgesIn good conditionChamboisPrivately owned.
Château de Chandai18th-19th centuryChandaiPrivately owned.
Château de Chanceaux et sa chapelle16th-18th centurySaint-Jouin-de-BlavouPrivately owned.
Château de Chèreperrine18th centuryOrigny-le-RouxPrivately owned.
Château de Cisai15th-17th centuryCisai-Saint-AubinPrivately owned.
Château de Courménil18th centuryCourménilOwned by a Private company.
Château et temple Courtomer17th-18th centuryCourtomerPrivately owned.
Château de Couterne16th centuryCouterneIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since April 17, 1931.
Château de Cuy17th centuryOccagnesPrivately owned.
Château de Domfront1010-1020RuinesDomfrontThe ruined castle is the subject of restorations since 1984 by the Association for the restoration of the Château de Domfront. These ruins rise into a public park, and are therefore free to access.
Château des ducs d'Alençon
Château des Ducs d'Alençon12th centuryAlençonIt is the subject of a classification as historical monuments by the list of 1862.
Château des Ducs ArgentanMiddle AgesIn good conditionArgentanOwned by the municipality.
Château médiéval et vestiges qui en dépendent ExmesMiddle AgesExmesOwned by a Private company.
Château du Feillet17th centuryMage (Le)Privately owned.
Château de La Ferté-Frênel19th centuryFerté-Frênel (La)Owned by a Private company.
Château de Flers16th centuryIn good conditionFlersThis is currently the Town hall and the Museum.
Château de la Forêt-Auvray16th-17th centuryForêt-Auvray (La)Private property.
Château de La Fresnaye17th century La Fresnaye-au-Sauvagethe castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 5, 1958.
Château des Feugerets16th-18th centuryRuinedChapelle-Souëf (La)Privately owned.
Château de Fontaine-les-Bassets18th centuryFontaine-les-BassetsOwned by a Private company.
Château de Gacé14th-17th centuryGacéOwned by the municipality.
Manoir de la Guyardière
Château de GannesMiddle AgesHôme-Chamondot (L')Privately owned.
Château de l'Hermitière18th centuryHermitière (L')Privately owned.
Château de Jumilly
Château des Lettiers18th centuryTrinité-des-Laitiers (La)Privately owned.
Château de Lignou16th-19th centuryLignouPrivately owned.
Château des Loges17th-18th centuryHauteriveOwned by a Private company.
Chateau de Lonné17th centuryIn good conditionIgéPrivately owned.
Château de Lorière18th centuryRouge (La)Privately owned.
Château de Médavy15th centuryMédavyThe castle is open to visitors every summer afternoons. The inner journey to discover an elegant staircase, ornate French furniture fairs xviii th century portraits recalling the previous owners, the Countess of Thiroux.
Château de Maison-Maugis13th- 19th centuryMaison-MaugisPrivately owned.
Château de Marchainville13th centuryMarchainvillePrivately owned.
Château de Marcère
Château de Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes18th centuryMénil-Hubert-en-ExmesPrivately owned.
Château de Messei11th centuryMesseiPrivate property and not open to the public. It remains today a section of wall included in a farm building, moat and two feudal mounds enrolled Historic Monuments by order of 3 July 1975.
Château de MonthimerIn good conditionLa Perrière
Château de Morthimer15th centuryPerrière (La)Privately owned.
Château de la Motte17th-19th centuryMotte-Fouquet (La)Privately owned.
Château d'Ô11th centuryMortréeCurrently owned by Duke Dominique Dimitri Crussol d'uzes.
Manoir de la Nocherie
Château des Ostieux15th-19th centuryYveteaux (Les)Privately owned.
Château de la Pellonière13th centuryPin-la-Garenne (Le)Property of an association.
Château du Petit-Jard19th centurySaint-Patrice-du-DésertPrivately owned.
Château de Rabodanges17th centuryRabodangesPrivately owned.
Château de Roche d'Igé
Château de Rânes14th-18th centuryRânesOwned by the municipality.
Château du Repas17th century ChênedouitThe new owner-M. Henry Dewavrin - strives to bring back the luster to this remarkable part of Norman heritage.
Château de la Roche18th centuryCochère (La)Privately owned.
Château de Rossan13th centuryRestored in 1875Sennecey-le-GrandPrivate property and not open to the public
Château de RoseyIn good conditionRoseyPrivate property and not open to the public
Château Saint-Hilaire-sur-Risle17th-18th centurySaint-Hilaire-sur-RislePrivately owned.
Manoir de la Saucerie
Château de Saint-Sauveur16th-17th centurySainte-Honorine-la-ChardonneOwned by a Private company.
Château de Sassy18th centurySaint-Christophe-le-Jajolet It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 11 May 1932.
Château du TertreSaint-Martin-du-Vieux-Bellême
Château de Tercey
Château du Tertre (Sérigny)17th-18th centurySérignyPrivate property.
Château de Torchamp18th centuryTorchampPrivate property.
Château de Vaugeois15th centurySaint-Ouen-le-Brisoult
Château de La Ventrouze16th centuryVentrouze (La)Privately owned.
Château de Villebadin17th-18th centuryVillebadinPrivately owned.
Château de Villers-en-Ouche18th centuryVillers-en-OucheOwned by a Private company.
Château de Villeray16th centuryCondeauOwned by a Private company.
Château de Vimer18th centuryGuerquesallesThis building served as a field hospital after the bombing of Vimoutiers on 14 June 1944.âteau_de_Vimer
Château de Voré18th centuryRémalardPrivately owned.
Château du Vieux-Beaufai
Château des Yveteaux17th-20th centuryYveteaux (Les)Privately owned.
Domaine de Beaufossé19th centuryEssayPrivately owned.
Domaine de la Cour16th-17th centuryMénil-GondouinPrivately owned.
Domaine du Fontenil15th-17th centurySaint-Sulpice-sur-RislePrivately owned.
Domaine des Joncherets18th centuryMesnière (La)Privately owned.
Domaine de Lonrai17th centuryLonraiOwned by a Private company.
Domaine de Monceaux18th-20th centuryMéhoudinPrivately owned.
Domaine de Prulay18th centurySaint-Langis-lès-MortagnePrivate property.
Domaine Saint-Michel-Tuboeuf17th centurySaint-Michel-TuboeufPrivately owned.
Manoir de la Bérardiére16th centurywell maintainSaint-Bômer-les-ForgesCurrently owned by the Roulleaux-Dugage Family.
Manoir de la Chaslerie16th centuryrestored in 1991La Haute-ChapelleThe public can visit free of charge outside the mansion throughout the year. The interior can also be visited, but by groups and by appointment, and the entry fee is minimal.
Manoir de la GuyonnièreSaint-Jean-des-Bois

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