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Châteaux of Poitou-Charentes

This is the list of Châteaux in Poitou-Charentes. It is an administrative region in south-western France divided into four departments: Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne

We have listed 431 Chateaux in the Poitou-Charentes region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 186 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Poitou-Charentes that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Charente

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Castrum d'Andone10th century RuineVillejoubert The site has been identified for the first time in xix th century, but it was not until the early 1970s that the excavations are undertaken. Currently, the site is overgrown and access new is no longer indicated.
Hôtel de ville d'Angoulême
Château d'Anqueville15th centuryRemains Bouteville These old parts remain low vaulted broken barrel, a rectangular keep the 13th century flanked by a polygonal turret 15th century and remains of fortifications with battlements, turrets and curtains.
Château d'Ardenne12th-18th centuryIn good conditionMoulidarsPrivate property.
Château d'Ars17th century In good conditionArs Private property.
Château d'Aubeterre11th century Remains Aubeterre-sur-DronneThe gate, the house, the Renaissance Chapel and the remains of the enclosure and the Saint-Jean tower were registered historic monument on March 1, 1973.
Château de Bagnolet1810In good condition CognacReserved for private receptions and guests of the brand, the property is also open to the public during the Rendezvous Gardens and Heritage Days.
Château de Balzac1600 Restored BalzacThe current owner began a restoration of a high fidelity based writings of Guez de Balzac and visitors.
Château de Barbezières15th century In good conditionBarbezièresIt spend between various hands and threatened castle ruin in 1699. The roof will be redone, but in the early twentieth century the roof collapse and it was not until 1981 that the castle was bought and saved from ruin.
Château de Barbezieux1453In good conditionBarbezieux-Saint-Hilaire The castle is now partly owned by the town of 3B-South Charente and partly owned by a private person.
Château de Bayers1434 Renovated Bayers It has been renovated and is open to the public this summer.
Château de Beauregard17th century In good conditionJuillac-le-Coq The estate is open to the public was for tasting and sale of Pineau des Charentes and Cognac.
Château de Barbezières
Château de la Bréchinie
Château de BellevilleFeuillade
Château de Blanzaguet16th century Rebuilt Blanzaguet-Saint-Cybard After the Revolution, the castle was sold as national property 12 Messidor year IV, but was bought and the adjoining land by the municipality in 1867 to make the town hall, school and rectory.
Château de Bonnes16th century In good conditionBonnes It was partly inscribed monument April 10, 1974 for the Renaissance wing and December 4, 1995 for the two wings of the castle, with the exception of the part built in the twentieth century.
Château de Bouëx15th-18th centuryBouëxPrivately owned
Château de Bourg-Charente1607 In good conditionBourg-CharenteIn 1921 it was bought by the Marnier-Lapostolle family to settle its cellars of Cognac necessary to the development of Grand Marnier . Since 2012 there are also stills used for the distillation of bitter orange used in the recipe for Grand Marnier liqueur.
Château de Bourgon15th centuryIn good conditionValencePrivate property
Château de Bouteville11th century In good conditionBoutevilleFrom 1935, the estate was owned by the family Joyet. Then the castle became the property of the municipality of Bouteville.
Château de la Bréchinie17th century RuinedGrassac The home and its walls and all buildings included in this enclosure (enclosure, chapel, dovecote tower) is registered historical monument by order of 31st December 1993.
Château du Breuil16th century In good conditionBonneuil It was listed monument on June 23, 1952.
Château de Brigueuil11th century Ruined BrigueuilThere remains only the gate and the remains of the tower and steeple.
Château de Brillac In good conditionBrillac Demolished many times, including by Louis XI because of the rebellion Guyart Brillac and always rebuilt, it was officially removed and sold by the husband-Labrousse Dansays.
Château de Cellettes16th century In good conditionCellettes The entire castle, house, fence, gate and undeveloped parts was listed historical monument July 23, 2004.
Château de Châtenay
Château de la Chétardie
Château de Cressé
Château de Chabrot14th century In good conditionMontbron The monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since October 12, 1973.
Château de Chalais11th century In good conditionChalais The castle has a double protection to historic buildings: an inscription September 4, 2002 for all buildings constructed and classified the 1st of April 2003 the gatehouse.
Château de Chambes13th century In good conditionRoumazières-Loubert In 2008, the castle was bought by the imitator Yves Lecoq which are equipped guest rooms.
Château de Champagne15th centuryIn good conditionChampagne-Mouton The castle was the internment of 150 Spanish prisoners and was sold in 1807 to the Countess de Castellane who sold it to Mr. Bechemilh-Chatenet.
Château de Chanteloup1850 Cherves-Richemont It is now a guest house established by Martell.
Château de la Chapelle17th-19th centuryChampmillonPrivately owned
Château de CharmantCharmant
Château de Charras17th-18th centuryCharrasOwned by a private company
Château de Châtenay1541In good conditionCognac The castle was bought by Chatenay Hrayr Hakobyan the Armenian businessman who planned to establish a sturgeon breeding pond and will produce caviar.
Château des Chabannes19th centuryJarnacPrivately owned
Château du ChâtelardPassirac
Château de Chenon15th centuryIn good conditionChenon The castle (the main building flanked by two towers) was registered historic monument by order of December 16, 1987
Château Chesnel1610 In good conditionCherves-Richemont Count Ferdinand Roffignac is the head of the wine estate Château Chesnel and founded his company in 1923, his son John and his little son Renaud succeeded him.
Château de la Chétardie11th centuryIn good conditionExideuil It was partly inscribed monument October 30, 1973.
Château de Chillac11th centuryIn good conditionChillac It was rebuilt in the 15th century on the foundations of the old castle.
Château de Cognac12th centuryRestored Cognac The castle as it is visible and visitable now goes back to the construction of Valois.
Château de Confolens11th centuryRemains Confolens For weddings and sales from 1130, the castle passed into the hands of great lords who are not resident only room audience judicial functions was used.
Château de Cressé1875 Bourg-Charente It was converted into a retirement home.âteau_de_Cressé
Château d'Échoisy17th century In good conditionCellettes The Community Commons Country Manslois who acquired has renovated some of the buildings. It is now a protected site for leisure.
Château d'Échoisy
Logis de l'Éclopard
Château de la Faye15th century In good condition Deviat It is listed historical monument since October 23, 1992.
Château de Ferrières
Logis de Frégeneuil
Château de Fayolle12th centuryIn good conditionAbzac Private property.
Château de Ferrières16th century RuinedMontbron The monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since October 12, 1973.
Château de Fleurac (Fleurac)Fleurac
Château de Fleurac (Nersac)1612In good conditionNersac Since 1998, the castle belongs to Michel-Alexandre and Bénédicte Mahy who restore and do visit. A restoration of parks and gardens is underway with the aim of obtaining the label "Remarkable Garden" awarded by the Ministry of Culture.
Château de la FoixMouthiers-sur-Boëme
Château de Fontguyon16th century In good conditionSaint-Amant-de-Nouère It is listed historical monument since September 8, 1989 and the spiral staircase renaissance was classified on September 2, 1994.
Château de la FoucaudieNersac
Château de la Foy14th-18th centuryMouthiers-sur-BoëmePrivately owned
Château de Gademoulin1548Rebuilt in 1875Gensac-la-Pallue A medieval castle was destroyed in 1548 during the uprising of protest against the salt tax. Rebuilt, it is sold as national property to the Revolution and again destroyed.âteau_de_Gademoulin
Château de Garde-Épée
Château de Garde-Épée16th century In good conditionSaint-Brice The castle is registered historical monuments since October 30, 1973.
Château de Gorce15th century In good conditionPleuville It was registered as a historic monument October 14, 2002.
Château de Gourville12th century Gourville Early 19th century, his heirs sold the castle to Rouchier Préneuf, from Tusson, captain of the Imperial Army. Over the last two centuries, the castle changed hands often and then underwent many vicissitudes until 1974, when the then owner undertakes very substantial rehabilitation.
Château de GuratGurat
Château de Jarnac10th century Ruined Jarnac It remains only drawings and engravings.
Château de Juillac-le-CoqJuillac-le-Coq
Château de Juyers15th century Champagne-Mouton Both leveled towers connected by a wall located near the Silver River, a tributary of the Argentor probably date from the 15th century and are the remains of a castle first, just like the pigeonnier that was destroyed in 1930âteau_de_Juyers
Château de LavaudMontbron
Château de Lignères
Château de Lignières
Château de la Léotardie15th century Nonac It was rebuilt in the 18th century and later, and registered historic monument in 1944
Château de Lignères1872 Rouillac This castle has provided the backdrop for some of the film Bang Bang director Serge ax with Sheila. This film was shot on the island of Bendor and Castle Lignéres two properties principal sponsor of the film, Paul Ricard.
Château de Lignières17th century In good conditionLignières-Sonneville Facades and roofs are classified to the Inventory of Historical Monuments and fireplaces on the first floor are listed.
Château de Maillou16th century RuinsSaint-Saturnin Castle Maillou consists of an unfinished tower isolated connected to the main house by a flying bridge.
Château de MarendatMontbron
Château de Marthon10th centuryRemainsMarthon It is registered historical monuments since 1928.
Château de Massignac15th century Alloue It was redesigned in 1861 with installation of a staircase, and it is probably on this occasion that the stair tower was destroyed and drilled openings.
Château de MaumontMagnac-sur-Touvre
Château de Menet16th-19th centuryMontbronPrivately owned
Château de la Mercerie19th centuryIn good conditionMagnac-Lavalette The town with a volunteer association, Heritage Saint-Etienne- took a restoration of the parts built and works of art to open the castle to visitors in the Summer of 2013.
Château de Merpins10th century Ruine Merpins This is after a siege of six led by Marshal Sancerre it is taken in 1387 . King Charles VI ordered its destruction and ruins are sold. But the site will still fighting, it will be occupied by the Catholics and the Protestants. This is the Duke of Mayenne which dislodges in 1577.
Château de Montausier15th century In good conditionBaignes Private property.
Château de Montbron11th century In good conditionMontbron It is registered as Historical monument since 1985.
Château de Montchaude16th century In good conditionMontchaude Private Property. the church was destroyed during the restorations.
Château de Montjourdain18th centuryChassorsPrivately owned
Château de Montmoreau12th century In good conditionMontmoreau-Saint-Cybard The chapel has been classified as a historical monument May 15, 1952 and the facades and roofs of the castle September 18, 1952.
Château de Nieuil16th century In good conditionNieuil Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bodinaud. In 1937, it was one of the first castles of France converted into hotels by Fougerat family, grandparents owners Luce and Jean-Michel Bodinaud.
Château de l'Oisellerie15th centuryIn good conditionLa Couronne Since 1989, the castle belongs to the General Council . It decides to do install a media department of Educational Documentation Centre of Charente.
Château d'Ordières
Château d'Ordières15th century In good conditionBenest It was partly inscribed monument April 13, 1989, the south-east tower is a former dungeon, buildings north consist corner towers and central building.
Château de la Petite MotheFeuillade
Château de Peyras11th century In good conditionRoumazières-Loubert The body of oriental home and cylindrical tower northeast of the castle were registered historic monument by order of December 21, 1998.
Château des Pins10th century In good conditionPins It is registered historical monuments since April 3, 1958.
Château du Pouyaud15th-18th centuryDignac
Château de Praisnaud16th century In good conditionAmbernac The buildings, house, tower, barn, yard, common were registered historic monument October 26, 2004. It is now a Bed and breakfast place.
Château de PranzacPranzac
Château de PressacSaint-Quentin-sur-Charente
Château de Puybautier16th century In good conditionSaint-Coutant It is registered as historical monuments since 2001.
Château de Puyvidal13th century In good conditionSaint-Projet-Saint-Constant It was listed historical monument September 18, 2006
Logis de Puygâty
Château de RancogneRancogne
Château du Repaire12th century In good conditionRougnac Part of the gatehouse, the west wing of the commons, the house, the terrace and the tower was listed historic monument on April 14, 1997
Château de Richemont11th century Renovated Cherves-RichemontIt is purchased by the Community of Communes Cognac.
Château de la Rochandry19th centuryIn good conditionMouthiers-sur-Boëme
Château de la Rochebeaucourt16th centuryRemains Édon. Following a fire on February 5, 1941, the remains today as the monumental foundations on which was built the castle and the building of the Orangery.
Château de Rochebrune11th century In good conditionÉtagnac Currently owned by Henri de Richemont
Château de La Rochefoucauld14th century RestoredLa RochefoucauldOwned by Francois-Alexandre de La Rochefoucauld.
Château de La Rochette14th century In good conditionLa RochetteThe castle was registered historic monument by decree of July 3, 1992- except for the roof, canopy and outside stairway.
Château de Roissac1770 Rebuilt Angeac-ChampagneIn 1770 the remains of the castle are felled to build the present castle.
Château de Saint-Brice14th century Renovated Saint-BriceThe terrace overlooks the park, down to the Charente and the labyrinth of carved boxwood which is listed historical monument since 1971. The park is classified historic garden.
Château de Sainte-CatherineMontbron
Château de Saint-Germain12th century Remains Saint-Germain-de-ConfolensThe ruins consist of two huge towers, connected by a main building. These towers have the distinction of being round outside and square inside. The castle ruins were listed historic monument on May 14, 1925
Château Saint-Martial18th centuryIn good conditionJarnac
Château de Saint-MarySaint-Mary
Château de SansacBeaulieu-sur-Sonnette
Château de Saveille16th century In good conditionPaizay-Naudouin-Embourie It presents an aspect of chateau ally decor renaissance.
Château de Serre15th-17th centuryIn good conditionAbzacPrivately owned
Château de SuauxSuaux
Château de la Tranchade14th century Restored Garat The castle was bought in 1929 and restored by Mr. Gates and his wife, widow wife of Count Amédée Lorgeril. Their descendants have ensured the restoration of the site after the 1999 storm that heavily damaged the area and some buildings as was then able to see Mrs. Trautman, Minister of Culture came up on a few days later.
Logis médiéval de Tessé
Château de Triac17th century In good conditionTriac-Lautrait In 1879, he was rebuilt identically after ancient plans.
Château de Verteuil11th century In good conditionVerteuil-sur-Charente It is partially listed historical monument since March 1966 and fully since 2010, underground are classified. This is a castle that, by historical memories attached to it, and the art treasures it contains, is one of the most remarkable monuments of the Charente.
Château de Vibrac15th century Ruine Vibrac It was designed by Claude Chatillon, in its French Topography which shows a castle 15th century flanked by round and square towers preceded by a forecourt lined accosted the corners of houses in low pyramidal roof buildingsâteau_de_Vibrac
Château de Vilhonneur14th century In good conditionVilhonneur All the facades and roofs of old buildings is subject to registration under the historical monuments since January 24, 1966
Château de Villars-Marange15th-17th centuryMérignacPrivately owned
Château de Villebois13th century RestoredVillebois-Lavalette Since 1980, the Friends of Castle Villebois-Lavalette organizes sites. The wall is slowly regaining its aspect of 13th century with the slots of the west facade, the roof of one of the towers, and other restorations.
Château de Villevert14th century In good conditionEsse Private Home.
Château de Vouzan15th century In good conditionVouzan The assembly formed by the castle and the chapel is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since December 31, 1986.
Donjon de la Chaise11th century In good conditionVouthon It is registered historical monuments since July 8, 1988.
Donjon de Montignac11th centuryIn good conditionMontignac-Charente The remains of the castle were dismantled in 1840. The chapel dedicated to St. Mary was destroyed between 1940 and 1950.
Hôtel de ville d'Angoulême12th century In good conditionAngoulême It is now the town hall. The city hall is surrounded by terraces of cafes and restaurants as well as flowerbeds inspired by French gardens. Nearby, the place New York is the bond between the city hall and promenade wall Desaix, a little further west.
Logis de la Barre16th-18th centuryVillejoubertPrivately owned
Logis du Bouquet16th century Javrezac It is forfeited to the Revolution then bought by Lecoq de Boisbaudran and through marriage to Pierre-Etienne Albert will be the mayor of Cognac from 1791 to 1794.
Logis de Bourgneuf16th century Cherves-RichemontThe home Bourgneuf is mentioned at the end of the Hundred Years War, with income nothingness.
Logis de Boussac17th century In good conditionCherves-RichemontThe house, private property to visit 1st of May to 31st of October on weekends and public holidays or by appointment.
Logis de Chalonne12th century Fléac The home of Chalonne also called the Small Chalonne the Grand Chalonne is located a few kilometers away, in the municipality of Gond-Pontouvre the locality Chalonne overlooking also the Charente
Logis de Cherconnay14th century Restoration Longré It was listed historical monument December 23, 1994
Logis de la Cour12th centuryRuinsMoulidarsPrivate property
Logis de l'Éclopard17th century In good conditionGensac-la-Pallue The home was listed historical monument December 31, 1986.
Logis de Frégeneuil16th century In good conditionSoyaux It is listed historical monument since December 16, 1996.
Logis du Maine-Giraud16th century RuinsChampagne-Vigny It was owned by Philippon, then purchased in 1938 by the Smith Family, who developed and replanted the vineyard.
Logis de la Mothe16th century In good conditionCriteuil-la-Magdeleine This is a wine estate of Grande Champagne that produces Cognac and Pineau.
Logis de Nanclas16th century In good conditionJarnac The home of Nanclas the gate and dovecote were recorded monuments on December 31, 1985.
Logis de Nanteuil14th centuryIn good conditionSers The house, including the lower hall and fled south of the castle were recorded monuments on April 14, 1997.
Logis de Puygâty15th century Restored Chadurie Stone Arceluz restored the castle whose house, towers, the gate and the walls were inscribed as historical monument since March 6, 1987
Logis de Saint-Amant15th century RuinedSaint-Amant-de-Bonnieure The house of Saint-Amant-de-Bonnieure now houses the town hall has been classified historical monuments March 21, 1983.
Logis de Saint-Rémy17th century In good conditionCherves-Richemont Facades and roofs of the building are included in the inventory of historical monuments since June 25, 1979. Private property.
Logis de Sigogne14th century remains Coulgens The set was restored by Marpen club between 1985 and 2008
Logis médiéval de Tessé11th century Restored La Forêt-de-Tessé The destruction caused during the Hundred Years War is not known.
Logis de la TourgarnierAngoulême
Logis des Tours15th century In good conditionVillefagnan Towers, porch and fence wall are registered historical monuments since 1951
Logis de la Vergne15th century In good conditionAlloue It is owned by the town and it is now a cultural venue.
Logis de la Villatte15th century In good conditionAnsac-sur-Vienne The home of Villatte was listed historic monument by decree of 8 March 1991 and the chapel with its coffered ceiling is located in the west wing of the house.
Manoir d'Aizecq16th centuryIn good conditionNanteuil-en-Vallée The pigeon whose interior has retained its bearers is registered historical monument since December 30, 2002.
Motte féodale de LoubertRoumazières-Loubert
Tour du Breuil17th centuryIn good conditionDignac Owned by Bruno Villemandy. The tower and the chapel were enrolled in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments by order of 23 December 1964 the Minister of State for Cultural Affairs.

Châteaux of Charente-Maritime

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aulnay12th century DisappearedAulnay-de-Saintonge The castle has disappeared, the last ruins were leveled in 1840 . The stones were then used in the constructions of the time and many carved stone are visible along its back streets of the village.
Château d'Authon16th centuryIn good conditionAuthon-Ébéon It is listed in the inventory of historical monuments since April 27, 1972
Château de Balanzac16th century Balanzac The castle (facades and roofs) was listed historical monument April 16, 1957, and the Order of 4 October 1994 has extended the registration on the ground of the plot, the enclosure with its towers and its chapel, the well common buildings, the Castle Gallery and woodwork.âteau_de_Balanzac
Château de Bardine12th-13th centuryRuinedLorignac
Château de Beaufief16th century In good conditionMazeray Open to visitors from 14:00 to 18:00 in July and August.âteau_de_Beaufief
Château de Beaulon15th century In good conditionSaint-Dizant-du-Gua It is surrounded by vineyards which produces Pineau and cognac and is known for its Blue fountains.
Château de Bernessard15th-17th centuryGémozacOwned by an association
Château de Berneray17th centuryIn good conditionSaint-SavinienPrivately owned
Château de Bois-Charmant15th century In good conditionNouillers The castle, by inheritance or sale, passes from hand to hand, and there is an inventory of 1756, when maintenance work was carried out.
Château de Bonnemie16th-18th centurySaint-Pierre-d'OléronOwned by the town
Château de Burie16th centuryBuriePrivately owned
Château de Buzay1771 In good conditionLa Jarne Open to visitors daily from 1 July to 30 September from 14:30 to 17:30.
Château de Caillères15th-17th centuryCléracPrivately owned
Château de Chatelars15th-16th centuryMeursacPrivate property
Château de ChatenetRétaudPrivately owned
Château de Chaux17th centuryChevanceauxOwned by a private company
Château-Couvert16th-17th centuryMigronPrivately owned
Château de Cramahé18th centurySalles-sur-MerPrivately owned
Château de Crazannes15th century In good conditionCrazannes Crazannes Castle is open to visitors all year round.
Château de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne15th century In good condition Dampierre-sur-BoutonneThe refurbished rooms, the attic of the castle are accessible tour. Films depict the restoration of the gallery and the general restoration of the structures.
Château de Dion16th-17th centuryChéracPrivate property
Château du Douhet17th century In good condition DouhetIt was registered as a historic monument September 26, 1969
Château d'Écoyeux17th century In good conditionÉcoyeuxIt was registered as a historic monument October 27, 1971
Château d'Écoyeux
Château du FaPonsPrivately owned
Château de la Faye1666 In good conditionVillexavierOn February 26, 2010 the castle was registered under the Historic Monuments.
Château de Feusse17th centurySaint-Just-LuzacPrivately owned
Château de la Garde17th centurySalignac-sur-CharenteOwned by a private company
Château de la Gataudière18th century In good conditionMarennesOwned now by Family Murat Chasseloup Laubat and now offers leisure and rents reception rooms.
Château de la Gataudière
Château de Geay16th centuryIn good conditionGeayPrivately owned
Château de Jonzac16th century Restored JonzacCurrently the north wing of the castle houses the buildings of the Town Hall (restored xix th century ), and the south wing, those of sub-prefecture . The cloister was restored between 1976 and 1978 , and now houses a cultural center with exhibition rooms and Archaeological Museum.
Château de Lussac16th century Lussac It is registered historic monument by Decree of 21 December 1999.âteau_de_Lussac_(Lussac,_Charente-Maritime)
Château de Matha16th century In good conditionMathaThe castle is accessible.
Château de Meux15th century In good conditionMeux The castle and the common subject of a registration under the historical monuments since April 25, 1975
Château de Mons18th century In good conditionRoyanIn the course of the 1980s, the construction of several buildings near the site can uncover foundations attributed to the ancient castle
Château de Montendre11th century Ruine MontendreIn 1923, the castle is owned by Mrs. Faure which transforms a portion of the property for a walk-open-access. At her death in 1953, she bequeathed the castle to the town, which has the facilities: construction of an open air theater in 1959 and establishment of a museum dedicated to local traditions, the art museum and popular traditions, in the square tower.
Château de Montguyon11th century In good conditionMontguyonThe old tower was included in the inventory of historical monuments February 11, 1929, the order was canceled and replaced by the inclusion of the entire castle, the remains of the old stables and July 23, 2004.
Château de la MotheMeursac
Château de la Morinerie17th century In good conditionÉcurat It was listed historical monument December 3, 1969 and it is registered to pre-inventory remarkable gardens.
Château de Mornay16th century Saint-Pierre-de-l'Isle Currently a nursing home. Visiting the park is allowed daily from 14:30 to 18:30
Château de Neuvicq-le-Château15th century In good conditionNeuvicq-le-Château It is now the town hall and it is registered as historical monument since September 14, 1912.
Château de Neuvicq-le-Château
Château de Nieul-lès-Saintes
Château de Nieul-lès-Saintes15th century In good conditionNieul-lès-Saintes Its restoration is ongoing and has been included in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments July 8, 1988. Visits are in July and August.
Château de Panloy18th century In good conditionPort-d'Envaux 10am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm daily except Mondays from 1st of May to 30 September and 10h to 19h daily from 1st of July to 31 August.
Château de PernanAvy
Château de Pisany12th century In good conditionPisany Sold as national property, then it is partially ruined.
Château de Plassac18th century In good conditionPlassac The castle has many historical monuments protection: An inscription on 6 November 2003, a ranking for the entire castle on June 9, 2008 and registration for the course of the same common June 9, 2008
Château de Ransanne15th century Soulignonne Castle Ransanne and small building common were registered historical monument Aug. 29, 1991âteau_de_Ransanne
Château de la Rigaudière18th centuryIn good conditionMédisPrivately owned
Château de Rioux15th century In good conditionRioux It is registered as a historic monument since October 5, 1965
Château de la Rochecourbon15th century In good conditionSaint-Porchaire Today, it is is open to visitors all year round and offers also rent rooms for weddings and all kinds of professional and private events.
Château de Romefort15th century In good conditionSaint-Georges-des-Coteaux This Gothic style chapel was classified as a historical monument December 11, 2002. Not open to the public.
Château de Saint-Jean-d'Angle12th century In good conditionSaint-Jean-d'Angle It was listed Historical Monument on May 14, 1925, then was canceled and he was ranked March 21, 1994
Château de Saint-MauryPons
Château de Saint-Seurin-d'Uzet15th-16th centuryChenac-Saint-Seurin-d'UzetOwned by a private company
Château de la Salle18th centuryGémozacPrivately owned
Château de la Sauzaie18th-19th centurySaint-XandrePrivately owned
Château de Surgères16th centuryIn good conditionSurgèresOwned by the town
Château de Taillebourg15th century Disappeared except the tower. Taillebourg It is open to visitors.
Château de Tesson15th-18th centuryIn good conditionTesson
Château de Thérac15th-16th centuryGonds (Les)Privately owned
Château d'Usson16th century In good conditionPons The Castle Usson / Castle Riddles, through the company Perched In Tree, offers the possibility of sleeping in "treehouses," four in number, each with its own theme: "squirrels", "zen","sailors"and" puzzles.
Château de Vervant16th-18th centuryVervantPrivately owned
Château de Villeneuve-la-Comtesse12th century In good conditionVilleneuve-la-Comtesse The castle is listed as historical monument since May 3, 1949.
Donjon de Fouras14th century In good conditionFouras It is now a museum of local history and it free access.
Donjon de Pons1187 In good conditionPons Open to the public. The tower is part of a whole novel: the Saint-Gilles overcome by the Saint-Gilles hosting an archaeological museum, the pilgrims' hospital and medicinal garden, Saint-Vivien church houses.
Fort Boyard1804 In good condition Owned by the General Council of Charente-Maritime and The building is now mainly known for the TV game show of the same name shot on location since 1990.
Hospice de Soubise17th century Soubise It was listed historical monument December 8, 1928.
Logis de Bouchereau12th-17th centuryMacquevillePrivately owned
Logis de L'Hôpiteau19th centuryBordsPrivate property
Tour de Broue11th century In good conditionSaint-Sornin Today preserved the dungeon reveals two rubble walls supported by buttresses . Remains of walls, which measured the origin almost seven meters high, are still visible.
Tour de l'Isleau12th century RuinsIt was registered as a historic monument by decree of May 14, 1925
Tour de Saint-Sauvant14th century RuinsSaint-Sauvant The tower which is a communal property has been classified as a historical monument October 24, 1914

Châteaux of Deux-Sevres

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Airvault11th century In good conditionAirvault The remains of the castle were registered historic monument October 3rd, 1929 and filed September 24, 2007 in respect of the enclosure and its towers, remains of the Barbican and soil
Château de Argenton-ChâteauArgenton-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château de Baugé17th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Cyr-la-LandePrivately owned
Château de la Blandinière15th-16th centuryMauléonPrivately owned
Château du Bois de Sanzay15th century Restored Saint-Martin-de-Sanzay The Bois de Sanzay is now restored by Mr. and Mrs. Gorse that offer room rentals and cultural visits.
Château de BourdinSaint-Pardoux
Château de Bressuire10th century Remains Bressuire The castle was acquired by the town in 1975 and ranked in terms of the castle of the influence of soil and ditches by order of April 30, 1996.
Château de La Chapelle-Bertrand15th centuryChapelle-Bertrand (La)Privately owned
Château de Cherveux12th century In good conditionCherveux The castle was classified as a historic monument 16 September 1929 . It is now the property of the undivided Redien
Château Coudray-Salbart13th century Restored Échiré 2011 - Work begins on restoration of the Tour du Bois Berthier. 2012 - End of the restoration of the Tower Wood Berthier.
Château de la Coudraie-NoyersMauléonPrivately owned
Château de Coulonges-sur-l'Autize1542 Coulonges-sur-l'Autize The castle is a historical monument since 1994. It now houses the town hall and the tourist office of the municipality.
Château du Deffend19th centuryMontraversPrivately owned
Château des Ducs de la Trémoïlle
Château de la Durbelière
Château des DoridesAubiers (Les)Privately owned
Château des Ducs de la Trémoïlle17th century In good conditionThouars Owned by the town.
Château de la Durbelière15th century Ruine Mauléon The remains of the castle that had been recorded October 26, 1927. The common and the land that had been registered on October 15, 1993 have been classified as a historical monument on January 8, 1996, and the moat, the pigeon, the enclosure walls and Pond.
Château de l'Ebaupinay ou de BaupinayBreuil-sous-Argenton (Le)Private property
Château de la ForêtSainte-VergePrivately owned
Château de La Forêt-sur-SèvreForêt-sur-Sèvre (La)Privately owned
Château de la FoyeCouture-d'Argenson
Château Francois Deux-Sevres18th centuryFrançoisPrivately owned
Château du Gazeau15th centuryIn good conditionSainte-OuennePrivately owned
Château de Gagemont19th centurySaint-Martin-lès-MellePrivately owned
Château de la Guyonnière
Château de GermainSaint-CoutantPrivately owned
Château de Glenay15th-16th centuryRuinsGlénayPrivately owned
Château de la Guyonnière16th century In good conditionBeaulieu-sous-Parthenay From 1st of June to 14th of July and from 20th of August to 30th of September, daily from 9.30am to 12am and from 14:30 to 18h with free self-guided tour and guided tour 3 euro for adults. Guided tours are available all year round by appointment. Throughout the summer, musicians, storytellers and actors occur in the closed holidays.
Château de l'Herbaudière16th century Saivres It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 4th of October 1994âteau_de_l'Herbaudière_(Deux-Sèvres)
Château de Hérisson15th-16th centuryPougne-HérissonOwned by the town
Château de l'Herbaudière
Château de Javarzay1514 In good conditionChef-Boutonne Open daily, including holidays, from 15H to 18H, except Monday and Wednesday.
Château de Jouhé15th-17th centuryPioussayPrivately owned
Château des Loges15th-19th centuryChapelle-Bâton (La)Privately owned
Château de Maillé16th-17th centuryChapelle-Bâton (La)Privately owned
Château de Maisontiers13th century In good conditionMaisontiers The castle partially registered for historical monuments since 1957, is in full since 2005.
Château de Marsay17th-18th centuryMisséPrivately owned
Château de Mauléon13th-18th centuryMauléonState property
Château de Maurivet15th-19th centuryOrouxPrivately owned
Château de la MeillerayeBeaulieu-sous-Parthenay
Château de Melzéard15th centuryPaizay-le-TortPrivately owned
Château de La Mothe-Saint-Héray17th centuryMothe-Saint-Héray (La)Owned by the town
Château des MoulièresSaint-PompainPrivately owned
Château de Muflet14th-17th centurySaint-Aubin-du-PlainPrivately owned
Château de Mursay16th century Ruine Échiré the castle was bought by the niortaise urban community to prevent it from falling apart, having lost its roof a few years ago.
Château de NiortNiort
Château de Noirlieu16th-17th centuryBressuirePrivate property
Château de Nuchèze15th centuryChampdeniers-Saint-DenisPrivately owned
Château d'Oiron15th century In good conditionOiron The castle farm, acquired in 1998, has been converted into exhibition halls and educational rooms.
Château d'Olbreuse14th century Usseau Only the exterior can be visited in July and Augustâteau_d'Olbreuse
Château d'Orfeuille17th-19th centuryGourgéPrivate property
Château des Ousches
Château d'Oriou16th centurySaint-MaxirePrivate property
Château des OuchesSaint-GénardPrivately owned
Château de Parthenay1227 Ruine Parthenay The ruins are classified historical monuments September 2, 1994
Château de la Pastellière16th-19th centuryCombrandOwned by a private company
Château de Payré14th-16th centuryPeyratte (La)Privately owned
Château le Petit Chêne19th centuryMazières-en-GâtineOwned by a private company
Château de Piogé12th-17th centuryAvailles-ThouarsaisPrivately owned
Château du PressoirMauzé-ThouarsaisPrivately owned
Château de ReignéMoyen AgeSouvignéPrivately owned
Château de RetournayMarnesPrivately owned
Château de la Roche19th centuryArgenton-l'EgliseOwned by a private company
Château de la Roche Faton15th century In good conditionLhoumois The main building of the castle is listed under historical monuments July 11, 1973 and December 31, 1993 for the wings common.
Château de la RochetailléeÉchiré
Château de la Roussière (Coulonges-sur-l'Autize)Coulonges-sur-l'AutizePrivately owned
Château de la Roussière (Saint-Maixent-de-Beugné)Saint-Maixent-de-BeugnéPrivately owned
Château de Saint-GelaisSaint-GelaisPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet15th century In good condition Saint-Loup-LamairéIn the 1980s, it was owned by Jean-Jacques Debout and Chantal Goya.
Château de Saint-Mesmin13th century Restored Saint-André-sur-Sèvre The castle of Saint-Mesmin is now managed by a public authority: the Syndicat Mixte du Château de Saint-Mesmin and is open to visitors.
Château Saint-Symphorien19th centurySaint-SymphorienOwned by the town
Château de Salles15th centurySallesOwned by a private company
Château de Sanzay13th century In good conditionArgenton-les-Vallées This castle of the 13th century, the remains of ancient fortifications, the door in the gatehouse flanked by two towers and a chapel with Gothic bays were registered historic monument December 3, 1930.
Château de la Sayette15th century Vasles Every day from 13:30 to 19:30 on July 29 to September 6 (visit the park and the castle).âteau_de_la_Sayette
Château de Sazay19th centurySaint-Hilaire-la-PaludOwned by a private company
Château de la Taillée17th centuryIn good conditionEchiréPrivately owned
Château de Tennessus14th century ModifiedAmailloux The site is now converted into cottages. It was included in the monuments on 7 January 1943 and the garden soil and walls closing on 28th of September 1993 and finally the common 19th of September 2007.
Château du Theil19th centurySaint-Aubin-le-CloudPrivately owned
Château de Thiors15th-16th centuryLuzayPrivately owned
Château de ThouarsThouarsPrivately owned
Château de Vermette15th centuryChapelle-Gaudin (La)Privately owned
Château du Vieux Deffend
Château de la Villedieu de Comblé
Château de la Villedieu-de-Comblé15th-17th centurySainte-EannePrivately owned
Domaine de Lens18th-19th centurySaint-SymphorienPrivately owned
Domaine de Tournelay19th centuryNueil-sur-ArgentPrivately owned
Logis de la Jobtière15th centuryForêt-sur-Sèvre (La)Privately owned
Vieux château d'Montravers15th centuryForêt-sur-Sèvre (La)Privately owned

Châteaux of Vienne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'AbainThurageauPrivately owned
Château d'Aigne17th centuryIteuilPrivately owned
Château d'Angles-sur-l'Anglin (Angles-sur-l'Anglin)12th century In good conditionAngles-sur-l'Anglin Open to the public. It was classified a historic monument February 10, 1926
Château d' Angles-sur-l'anglinAvantonPrivately owned
Château d' Ayron15th centuryAyronOwned by the town
Château d'Auxances12th-15th centuryMigné-AuxancesProperty of a religious association
Château baronial ou des Evêques de Poitiers11th-14th centuryChauvignyOwned by the town
Château de la Bâtie17th centuryMouterre-SillyPrivately owned
Château de BernayMoyen Age-17th centuryIteuilPrivately owned
Château du Bois-Doucet
Château de la Bonnetière
Château de Berrie12th century In good conditionBerrie Open to the public all year. The entire castle and the land on which it was built were classified historic monument October 3, 1997.
Château de Bierson19th-20th centuryMarçayOwned by a private company
Château du Bois-Dousset14th-17th centuryLavouxPrivately owned
Château du Bois-Gourmond14th-16th centuryLoudunPrivately owned
Château de Boismorand15th-19th centuryAntignyOwned by a private company
Château du Bois-Rogue13th-16th centuryLoudunPrivately owned
Château de la Bonnetière13th century Remains La Chaussée The chapel houses an exhibition on the history of the castle.
Château de Bonnivet1515 In good conditionVendeuvre-du-PoitouThe remains of the castle Bonnivets, its boundary wall and the archaeological site were registered historic monument September 19, 2001.
Château d' Bourg-Archambault13th-19th centuryBourg-ArchambaultPrivately owned
Château de la Bournalière17th centuryCuhonPrivately owned
Château du Breuil17th centuryVernonOwned by a private company
Château de la Brosse16th-17th centuryVicq-sur-GartempePrivately owned
Château de Cercigny14th-17th centuryVivonnePrivately owned
Château de la Chaise15th centurySaint-Rémy-sur-CreusePrivately owned
Château de Chambonneau14th century In good conditionGizay Currently owned by the Family Beaucorps-Crequy- Lozouet of Beaucorps-Créquy.
Château de La Chapelle-Bellouin16th centuryRoche-Rigault (La)Privately owned
Château de la Chapelle Bellouin
Château de Château-LarcherChâteau-LarcherOwned by the town
Château de Cherves12th-17th centuryChervesPrivately owned
Château des Chézeaux en bordure du CR 715th-18th centuryVendeuvre-du-PoitouPrivately owned
Château de la Chèze (Chiré-en-Montreuil)Chiré-en-Montreuil
Château de la Chèze (Latillé)17th-19th centuryLatilléPrivate property
Château de Chiré-en-Montreuil15th-17th centuryChiré-en-MontreuilOwned by the town
Château de Chitré16th-19th centuryVouneuil-sur-ViennePrivately owned
Château de Cibioux15th-18th centurySurinPrivately owned
Château de Clairvaux15th century In good conditionScorbé-Clairvaux The castle is a historic monument in 1928. During World War II , the castle was the seat of the Allied Command and serves refugee camp, and hosts even after the camps. Many degradation thus succeed before the purchase by the current owner, with the support of Historic Monuments, undertook its restoration. Besides an exhibition devoted to Henri III, it now houses the Museum of chess.
Château du Cluzeau12th-16th centuryLathus-Saint-RémyPrivate property
Château de la Coincardière15th centurySanxayPrivately owned
Château de la Cour16th-18th centuryJazeneuilOwned by an association
Château de Coussay16th centuryCoussayPrivately owned
Château-Couvert 16th century RuinsJaunay-Clan It was listed in the inventory of Historical Monuments in 1984âteau-Couvert
Château de Crémault16th-17th centuryBonneuil-MatoursOwned by the town
Château de Dissay15th century In good conditionDissay It was classified as a historical monument by order of May 9, 1989
Château d'Épanvilliers1530 Restored BruxIt is open to the public July and August.
Château d'Etables15th-18th centuryCharraisPrivately owned
Château d'Épanvilliers
Château de l'ÉtangSaint-Pierre-d'Exideuil
Château du Fief-Clairet17th centurySaint-BenoîtPrivately owned
Château du Fou15th century Restored Vouneuil-sur-VienneThe gate, the moat, towers, turret, staircase, vault have been classified as a historical monument in 1953. The rest of the castle including the undeveloped parts was included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments in 2010.
Château de Fougeret15th-19th centuryQueauxPrivate property
Château de FurignyNeuville-de-PoitouPrivately owned
Château de la FuyeMouterre-SillyPrivately owned
Château de Galmoisin17th centurySaint-Maurice-la-ClouèrePrivately owned
Château de Gençay1250 Ruine Gençay It is now ruins of archaeological interest.
Château de Gilles de Rais13th-16th centuryChenechéPrivately owned
Château de la Grande Jaille17th-19th centurySammarçollesPrivately owned
Château de Grandmaison15th centuryVouilléPrivately owned
Château de la Groie15th-18th centuryIngrandesPrivately owned
Château de La Guérinière19th centuryGuesnesPrivately owned
Château de la Guitière14th-20th centurySaint-Pierre-de-MailléPrivately owned
Château d'Habin ou Abin15th centurySaint-Genest-d'AmbièrePrivately owned
Château d'HarcourtChauvignyOwned by the town
Château du Haut-Clairvaux10th century Partially restored Scorbé-Clairvaux The imposing building, a tower, probably the smallest, and a stately chapel have been preserved. The remains of the chapel and the dungeon are classified as historical monuments by order of November 25, 1926âteau_du_Haut-Clairvaux
Château de la JarigePressac
Château de Joussé15th centuryJousséPrivately owned
Château de Jutreau15th centurySaint-Pierre-de-MailléPrivately owned
Château de la Lande16th century Montmorillon Visits from outside: from 1st of July to 13th of August daily from 14 am to 17h 30 (except July 14). Visits inside with the 1st of July to 13th of August to 14 h 30 15 h 30 16 h 30 except Saturdays, Sundays and July 14.âteau_de_la_Lande_(Montmorillon)
Château de Lavau15th centuryCelle-LévescaultPrivately owned
Château de Léray16th century In good conditionSaint-Pierre-d'Exideuil It was listed as a historic monument November 7, 1932.
Château de LeugnyLeugnyPrivately owned
Château de Loubressay18th centuryBonnesPrivately owned
Château de Léray
Château de LoudunLoudunOwned by the town
Château de Lusignan11th century Ruine LusignanThe castle served as a prison Jacques Heart and the future king of France, Louis XII. It is listed as a historic monument since 1997.
Château de Lussac-les-ChâteauxLussac-les-ChâteauxPrivately owned
Château de la MaillollièreBlanzayPrivately owned
Château de Marçay12th-18th centuryChouppesPrivately owned
Château de Marconnay15th-17th centurySanxayPrivately owned
Château de Mariéville et abords19th centuryBonneuil-MatoursPrivately owned
Château de la Massardière15th-17th centuryThuréPrivately owned
Château de Masseuil1430 QuinçayCurrently owned by Family Grassin-Gail. It was ranked in the inventory of Historic Monuments April 8, 1963.âteau_de_Masseuil
Château de la MerveillèreThuré
Château de la Messelière15th centuryQueauxPrivately owned
Château La Minauderie17th centuryPoitiersPrivately owned
Château de Mondion15th centuryMondionPrivately owned
Château de MontfauconMoyen Age-15th centuryMarigny-BrizayPrivate property
Château de Monthoiron15th-16th centuryMonthoironPrivately owned
Château de Montpensier15th centuryVézièresPrivately owned
Château de Montreuil-BonninMontreuil-Bonnin
Château de Monts-sur-Guesnes14th-18th centuryMonts-sur-GuesnesPrivately owned
Château de Morthemer19th centuryValdiviennePrivate property
Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers13th century Ruine and abandonedTrois-Moutiers Plants grow from both sides and devastating walls and roofs already in poor condition, and stones suffer the passage of time. Only the chapel is still in relatively good condition and recalls with the pigeon, the power of the ancient feud. An arrow indicates the monument sign at the entrance to the road leading to it from the local road.
Château de la Mothe16th centuryPersacPrivately owned
Château de la Motte (Chalandray)15th centuryChalandrayOwned by a private company
Château de la Motte (Usseau)15th-19th centuryUsseauPrivately owned
Château et église Notre-Dame12th-14th centuryMoncontourOwned by the town
Château des Ormes17th century In good conditionOrmes In 2001 it was acquired and "reconstituted" by Mr. and Mrs. Abbou, the new owners are willing to open to the public the castle and its outbuildings, classified historic monument since 1966 (for the facades and roofs), the rest of domain is registered since 2005 only.
Château du Pin12th-19th centuryCoulongesPrivately owned
Château de La Planche16th centuryVivonnePrivately owned
Château de PrunierPindrayPrivately owned
Château de Purnon18th-20th centuryVerruePrivate property
Château de Puygarreau (Orches)17th centuryOrchesPrivately owned
Château de Puygarreau (Saint-Genest-d'Ambière)15th-17th centurySaint-Genest-d'AmbièrePrivately owned
Château des Robinières16th century Scorbé-Clairvaux Some items are listed under historical monuments since June 27, 1984âteau_des_Robinières
Château de la Roche-Amenon18th-19th centuryBuxeuilPrivately owned
Château des Robinières
Château de Rochefort15th centuryMirebeauPrivately owned
Château de La Roche-GençayMagnéPrivately owned
Château de la Roche-du-Maine16th centuryPrinçayPrivately owned
Château de la Roche-Marteau ou Roche-Martel ou Roche-du-Maine15th-16th centuryRoifféPrivately owned
Château de Rochemaux15th-17th centuryCharrouxPrivately owned
Château de la Roche-d'Orillac15th-17th centurySaint-GaudentPrivately owned
Château des Roches15th-16th centuryVendeuvre-du-PoitouPrivately owned
Château de RouhetBeaumontPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Julien-l'Ars14th centurySaint-Julien-l'ArsPrivately owned
Château de Sautonne17th centuryMartaizéPrivately owned
Chateau de Sommières-du-ClainSommières-du-Clain
Château de Targé15th century In good condition ChâtelleraultIn a town of 884 people, it has today been converted into a municipal museum. The village was incorporated in Targé Chatellerault.
Château de Targé
Château de Ternay1439 In good conditionTernayThe castle is now inhabited and partly converted into cottages and stables cottage can accommodate 10 people.
Château de Touffou12th century In good conditionBonnes It was bought in 1964 by the British advertising David Ogilvy. It is now owned by his wife Herta Ogilvy Lens. They are all devoted to the development of the gardens until his death on 21st of July 1999
Château de la Tour d'Oyré15th-19th centuryAvailles-en-ChâtelleraultOwned by a private company
Château de la Tour-de-Naintré14th-16th centuryNaintréPrivately owned
Château de la Tour-de-Ry ou Tourderie15th-16th centuryCoussayPrivately owned
Château de la Tour-de-Signy16th centuryMarigny-BrizayPrivately owned
Château de Valençay15th centuryAntranPrivately owned
Château de la Valette18th centuryMarigny-BrizayPrivately owned
Château de VaucourLeignes-sur-FontainePrivately owned
Château de la Vervolière
Château de Vayres14th-17th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Georges-lès-BaillargeauxOwned by a private company
Château de Verrières14th-16th centuryBournandPrivately owned
Château de la Vervollière15th-16th centuryCoussay-les-BoisPrivately owned
Château de Villenon15th centuryAnchéPrivately owned
Château de Yversay18th centuryYversayPrivately owned
Château d'Yversay
Domaine de la Réauté17th-18th centuryLigugéPrivately owned
Donjon de Saint-Cassien12th century Angliers It is listed as a historical monument since September 29, 1987.
Forge de Verrières17th-18th centuryLhommaizéPrivate property
Manoir de la ThibaudièreTercé
Tour du Cordier Ruine Poitiers All this old wall to which it belongs has been classified as a historical monument by decree of January 11, 1921
Tour de Viliers BoivinVézières

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