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Châteaux of Auvergne

This is the list of Châteaux in Auvergne its in south central France. It comprises the 4 department of Allier, Puy de Dome, Cantal and Haute Loire.

We have listed 466 Chateaux in the Auvergne region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 100 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Auvergne that are not in our list, please let us know!

Châteaux of Allier

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ancinet15th centuryDoyetPrivately owned.
Château des Aix14th-18th centuryMeillardPrivately owned.
Château d'Arçon17th centuryVicqPrivately owned.
Château d'Artangues17th centuryChareil-CintratPrivately owned.
Château d'Avrilly15th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryRestoredTrévolOwned by a Private company.
Château de l'Augère19th-20th centuryAgongesPrivately owned.
Château du Bost
Château de Beaulon19th centuryBeaulonPrivately owned.
Château de la Beaume18th-19th centuryVeurdre (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Beaumont18th centuryAgongesPrivately owned.
Château de Banassat15th-16th centuryChirat-l'EglisePrivately owned.
Château de Beauregard18th centuryVeurdre (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Beauvoir15th centuryEchassièresPrivately owned.
Château de Beauvoir (Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre)15th-20th centurySaint-Pourçain-sur-BesbrePrivately owned.
Château de Beauverger15th centurySaulzetPrivately owned.
Château de Bellenaves14th-18th centuryBeaulonPrivately owned.
Château du Beyzat12th-15th centuryBellenavesPrivately owned.
Château de Bien-Assis15th centuryrestoredMontluçonIt was in 1970 that the friends of Montluçon buy Bien-Assis Castle in order to save it from demolition back 1970. It is now open for Exhibitions.
Château de BillyPartially RuineBillyToday, the castle still belongs to the municipality. The partially ruined castle investigated a classification as a historical monument since May 17, 1921. The outer wall is, for its part, registered since December 9, 1929.
Château de Bisseret15th-19th centuryLavault-Sainte-AnnePrivately owned.
Château de Blanzat15th-19th centuryChareil-CintratPrivately owned.
Château de Bourbon-l'Archambault10th centuryRuineBourbon l'ArchambaultClassified historic monument in 1862. The tower Who Grumbling that was classified as a historical monument by decree of June 14, 1961.
Château de Bord-Peschin15th-16th centuryDoyetPrivately owned.
Château des ducs de Bourbon1250In good conditionMontluconThe chateau houses a museum dedicated to popular music and instruments, a total of more than 800 instruments. It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 15 May 1926.
Château de la Boube17th centuryChevagnesPrivately owned.
Château du Bouchat14th-15th centuryLafélinePrivately owned.
Château de Bompré15th-18th centuryBarberierPrivately owned.
Château des Bordes15th centuryCouzonPrivately owned.
Château de Boucherolles16th centuryTrebanPrivately owned.
Château de la Brosse-Raquin13th-15th centuryTortezaisPrivately owned.
Château de Brugheas18th centuryBrugheasPrivately owned.
Château de BussetEnd of 13th centuryIn good conditionBussetOwned by a private person. Open to the public.
Château de Chambon14th, 17th centurySaint-Rémy-en-RollatPrivately owned.
Château de La Chaise
Château de Charmeil
Château de la Chaussière
Château de la Cour
Château de Chambonnet16th centuryDompierre-sur-BesbrePrivately owned.
Château de Charnes16th-19th centuryMarignyPrivately owned.
Château de Châtelperron15th centuryChâtelperronPrivately owned.
Château du Chatelard14th-16th centuryEbreuilPrivately owned.
Château de Chappes15th centuryFerriéres-sur-SichonIt was registered as part monument June 9, 1992. Not open to the public.âteau_de_Chappes
Château de la Chaussiéreend of 19th centuryIn good conditionVieureOwned by a private person.
Château des Chaussins14th-16th centuryIn good conditionAbrestPrivately owned.
Château du Chatelard14th-16th centuryEbreuilPrivately owned.
Château de Chatignoux15th, 17th, 19th centuryMuratPrivately owned.
Château des Chaulets18th, 19th centurySouvignyPrivately owned.
Château de Chavroches13th centuryChavrochesPrivately owned.
Château de Chareil-Cintrat16th centuryChareil-CintratAfter a first registration in 1930, the Chateau investigated a ranking as historical monuments since November 3, 1958. It is now managed by the centre for national monuments.
Château de Chéry16th, 17th, 18th centurySouvignyPrivately owned.
Château des Chevennes17th-19th centuryChapeauPrivately owned.
Château de Chouvigny17th centuryGivarlais Dates of protection: Nov. 26, 1990.
Château de Clusors15th-19th centurySaint-MenouxPrivately owned.
Château du Cluzeau18th centuryEstivareillesPrivately owned.
Château de la CondemineBuxieres-les-MinesPrivate. Joined historical monuments since 1928âteau_de_la_Condemine
Château de Contresol19th centuryDonjon (Le)Private property.
Château de la Cour-en-Chapeau15th-16th centuryChapeauPrivately owned.
Château de la Crête16th-20th centuryAudesOwned by a Private company.
Château du Creux18th centuryVallon-en-SullyOwned by a Private company.
Château de la Croizette16th centuryUssel-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Douzon14th-18th centuryEtroussatPrivately owned.
Château des Echardons18th centuryAgongesOwned by a Private company.
Château des Echerolles17th-19th centuryFerté-Hauterive (La)Privately owned.
Château des Ecossays15th centuryBresnayOwned by a Private company.
Château de Escurolles15th-19th centuryEscurollesPrivately owned.
Château de l'Épine15th centuryAgongesPrivately owned.
Château de Ferrières16th centuryFerrières-sur-SichonPrivately owned.
Château de Fontariol15th centuryTheil (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Fontnoble18th centuryBiozatPrivately owned.
Château de Fontorte17th centuryMonteignet-sur-l'AndelotPrivately owned.
Château de la Forêt de ViryLiernollesPrivately owned.
Château de la Forêt15th, 19th centuryYgrandeProperty of an association.
Château de Fourchaud14th-16th centuryIn good conditionBessonPrivately owned.
Château de Gannat12th centuryIn good conditionGannatIt is now a museum known as Museum Yves Machelon.
Château de Gayette15th-18th centuryMontoldreMunicipal property.
Château des Gouttes17th-19th centuryThionnePrivately owned.
Château de Grand-Champ19th centuryBizeneuilleOwned by a Private company.
Château du Grand Coudray15th-17th centuryChappesPrivately owned.
Château des Granges15th centuryEscurollesOwned by a private person. It is the subject of a registration under the Historic Monuments since 8 March 1983âteau_des_Granges
Château de la Grillière19th centuryMonétay-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château de la Guerche18th centuryNassignyPrivately owned.
Château des Guichardots1875UnknownSaint-Gérard-de-VauxPrivate. The building is registered under the historical monuments in 2002âteau_des_Guichardots
Château d'Hauterive18th centurySaint-Gérand-de-VauxPrivate property.
Château d'Hérisson
Château des d'Hérisson11th CenturyRuinesHérissonCurrently owned by the town of Hérisson.
Château d'IdogneMiddle AgesMonteignet-sur-l'AndelotPrivately owned.
Château d'Issards15th-19th centuryAutry-IssardsPrivately owned.
Château de Jaligny-sur-Besbre13th-16th centuryJaligny-sur-BesbrePrivately owned.
Château Jaunelate 15th century it was demolished in 1965Montlucon The new owners did demolish the same time as the neighboring houses they owned and residence was built here.âteau_jaune
Château de Jenzat13th- 18th centuryJenzatPrivately owned.
Château de Joulet17th centuryYzeurePrivately owned.
Château de Lafont19th centuryBroût-VernetOwned by a Private company.
Château de Lally18th centuryMontetâteau_de_Laly
Château de la Lande14th centuryUnknownRoclesIt was subject registration as a historical monument since December 3, 2001âteau_de_la_Lande_(Rocles)
Château de Langlard15th centuryMazerierPrivately owned.
Château de La Salle13th centuryMeillersPrivately owned.
Château de Lécluse19th centuryNeuilly-le-RéalPrivately owned.
Château du Lonzat18th-19th centuryJaligny-sur-BesbrePrivately owned.
Château de Lurcy-Lévis17th centuryLurcy-LévisPrivately owned.
Château du Mas15th centuryTeillet-ArgentyPrivately owned.
Château de Montgeorges
Château du Méage15th-16th centuryRongèresPrivately owned.
Château des Millets15th-18th centurySaint-Didier-en-DonjonPrivately owned.
Château de Mirebeau17th, 19th centuryTrévolPrivately owned.
Château de Montibillon18th centuryUnknown Saint-Sorninâteau_de_Montbillon
Château de Montgilbert13th centuryRuinesFerriéres-sur-SichonPrivate. It was listed historical monument October 11, 1930.
Château de Montaigu-le-Blin14th-15th centuryMontaigu-le-BlinPrivately owned.
Château de Montaiguët-en-Forez15th centuryMontaiguët-en-ForezPrivately owned.
Château de Montchenin18th centuryToulon-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château du Moutier17th-18th centuryBessay-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château d'eau Moulins18th centuryMoulinsPrivately owned.
Château de Mortillon15th- 17th centuryCoulangesPrivate property.
Château de MuratMiddle AgesMuratPrivately owned.
Château de Nassigny14th-19th centuryIn good conditionNassignyOwned by a Private company.
Château de Naves14th-15th centuryNavesPrivately owned.
Château de Nades
Château de Neuville12th, 14th centuryVillefranche-d'AllierOwned by a Private company.
Château de Noailly15th centuryMagnetPrivately owned.
Château fort Noyant-d'Allier15th, 18th, 19th centuryNoyant-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Nomazy17th centuryMoulinsPrivately owned.
Château de l'Ours13th-15th centurySainte-ThérenceMunicipal property.
Château de Panessière18th centuryGennetinesPrivately owned.
Château de Panloue17th centuryYzeureMunicipal property.
Château de Paray17th centuryBessay-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Petit-Bois
Château de La Palice12th-13th centuryrestoredLapalisseThe castle has been listed as a historic monument list in 1862. It was classified historic monument October 29,1999.
Château du Plaix17th centuryMeaulnePrivately owned.
Château du Plessis15th centuryAutry-IssardsPrivately owned.
Château de Pomay17th centuryBLusignyPrivately owned.
Château de Pouzeux16th centuryYzeurePrivately owned.
Château de Pouzy15th-18th centuryPouzy-MésangyPrivately owned.
Château de Puy-Guillon15th-19th centuryVernussePrivately owned.
Château de Puy-Vozelle19th centuryEspinasse-VozellePrivately owned.
Château de Puyfol15th-17th centuryCindréPrivately owned.
Château de La Pommeraye15th-19th centuryAgongesPrivate property.
Château du Riau15th centuryVilleneuve-sur-AllierThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1946 and 1991, and in 1977.
Château de Rilhat15th-17th centuryCognat-LyonnePrivately owned.
Château de Ris15th-16th centuryBessonPrivately owned.
Château de la Roche-Othon17th centuryHérissonPrivately owned.
Château de Rochefort16th-17th centuryBessonPrivately owned.
Château de Rochefort (Saint-Bonnet-de-Rochefort)12th, 15th, 18th, 19th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-RochefortPrivately owned.
Château des Sacrots17th centuryAgongesPrivate property.
Château de Saint-Genest
Château de Sceauve
Château de la Salle14th, 18th, 19th centuryVieurePrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Augustin18th centuryChâteau-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Géran ou du Parc17th centurySaint-Gérand-de-VauxPrivate property.
Château de Saint-hubert1755-1758rebuilt in 19th centuryChavenonIt is now a Monasteryâteau_de_Saint-Hubert_(Chavenon)
Château de Saint-Pont17th-18th centurySaint-PontPrivately owned.
Château de Salbrune15th centuryBeaune-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Salles16th centurySaint-Germain-de-SallesPrivately owned.
Château de Saligny14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th centurySaligny-sur-RoudonPrivately owned.
Château de Segange15th-16th centuryAvermesPrivately owned.
Château de la Souche15th centuryIn good conditionDoyetPrivately owned.
Château de Souys17th centurySaint-MenouxPrivately owned.
Château de Thoury15th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Pourçain-sur-BesbreOwned by a private person but opened for visit. It is registered historic monument 13 February 1928.
Donjon de la Toque12th centuryIn good conditionHuriel today houses a museum that contains, on the one hand, the history of the Lords of Huriel. It is subject to a classification in respect of Historic Monuments since December 28, 1886.
Château de Veauce11th centuryVeauceIt is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 30 August 1985.
Château de Verneuil-en-Bourbonnais14th centuryVerneuil-en-BourbonnaisPrivately owned.
Château du Vieux-Bost
Château du Vieux-Bost15th-18th centuryBessonPrivately owned.
Château du Vieux Chambord14th, 16th, 19th centuryTreteauPrivately owned.
Château du Vieux-Melay17th- 18th centuryNeuvyPrivately owned.
Château de Vignoux17th-18th centuryDomératPrivately owned.
Château de la Viveyre15th, 17th, 18th centurySouvignyPrivately owned.
Château du Vousset16th centuryVerneuil-en-BourbonnaisPrivately owned.
Domaine de Balaine19th centuryVilleneuve-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Domaine de Chaugy17th-19th centuryBessay-sur-AllierPrivate property.
Palais des ducs de Bourbon14th-15th centuryMoulinsProperty of the department.

Châteaux of Haute Loire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Adiac15th-18th centuryBeaulieuPrivately owned.
Château d'Agrain13th, 15th centuryOuidesPrivately owned.
Château de Allègre14th-15th centuryIn good conditionAllègreMunicipal property.
Château de Arlempdes12th, 13th, 15th centuryArlempdesProperty of an association.
Château d'Artias12th centuryRetournacMunicipal property.
Château d'Aurec15th-16th centuryAurec-sur-LoireMunicipal property.
Château d'Auzon14th centuryonly remains of the old chateauAuzonThis is a private property. Joined historical monument (1989).
Château Beaufort13th centuryruinsGoudetIt is a private property and not opened to public.
Château de la Beaume17th- 18th centuryAlleyrasPrivate property.
Château du Besset13th centuryUnknownTenceChateau Besset was listed historic monument on 30 September 1991âteau_du_Besset
Château de la Bilherie18th centuryGrèzesPrivately owned.
Château de Bonneville14th, 16th, 17th, 18th centurySaint-Pierre-EynacPrivately owned.
Château de la Borie15th, 16th centuryChenereillesPrivately owned.
Château du Bos12th, 13th, 17th, 18th centuryBleslePrivately owned.
Château de Bosbomparent14th centurySaint-BeauzirePrivate property.
Château de BouzolsMoyen AgeArsac-en-VelayPrivately owned.
Château de La Brosse
Château de Carry12th, 15th centuryGrazacPrivately owned.
Château de Carry-Vertamise
Château de Chardon
Château de Chabanoles13th, 15th, 18th centuryRetournacPrivately owned.
Château de Chabrespine13th centuryruinsGrazacThe remains are located on a rocky outcrop surrounded by a loop of music stream, a tributary of Lignon . The site is dangerous because of the cliffs bordering on three sides.âteau_de_Chabrespine
Château de Chabreuges14th, 15th, 19th centurySaint-Laurent-ChabreugesPrivately owned.
Château de Chalenconbetween 1021- 1047remainsSaint-André-de-Chalencon It is listed in the inventory of historical monuments since 1913.
Château du Chambon15th, 19th centuryCerzatPrivately owned.
Château de Champ15th, 16th, 17th, 18th centurySaint-HostienPrivately owned.
Château fort de Chassignolles13th, 16th centuryChassignollesPrivately owned.
Château de Chavaniac14th centuryIn good conditionChavaniac-LafayetteThe Chateau houses the Museum of the general, statesman and humanist Lafayette. It is subject to registration as a historic monument since 12 August 1989.
Château du Cheylonrecovered at the end of 14th centuryUnknownPolignacOpen to the public and its for free.âteau_du_Cheylon
Château fort de la Clauze14th centuryGrèzesPrivately owned.
Château de Cluzel17th centuryMazeyrat-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Courbière13th, 15th, 18th centuryCéaux-d'AllègrePrivately owned.
Château de Domeyrat12th-15th centuryDomeyratIt is classified as a historical monument. It is owned by the General council of Haute-Loire.
Château fort d'Esplantas13th, 16th, 18th centuryEsplantasPrivate property.
Château des Évêques-du-Puy
Château de l'Espinasse14th, 15th centurySaint-BeauzirePrivately owned.
Château et sa chapelle11th, 12th, 14th, 16th centurySaint-IlpizePrivately owned.
Château des Évêques-du-Puy14th century RestoredMonistrol-sur-LoireListed as a Historical monument (1935).
Château de Flaghac11th, 15th, 20th centurySaint-Georges-d'AuracPrivately owned.
Château de Folgoux14th centuryMalvièresPrivately owned.
Château de Gendriac13th, 16th, 17th, 18th centuryCoubonPrivately owned.
Château de Grenier-Montgon19th centuryRuinGrenier-Montgon
Château de la Grangeasse18th centuryAurec-sur-LoirePrivately owned.
Château de Jonchères11th, 12th, 18th centuryRauretMunicipal property.
Château de Jagonas
Château fort de Joyeuse13th centuryDunièresPrivate property.
Château fort de Lamothe14th, 17th, 18th centuryRuinedLamotheOwned by a Private company.
Château de Lardeyrol11th centuryRuinesSaint-Pierre-Eynacâteau_de_Lardeyrol
Château de Lavoûte-Polignac14th, 17th, 19th centuryLavoûte-sur-LoirePrivately owned.
Château de Léotoing13th, 14th centuryLéotoingPrivately owned.
Château de Lauriat
Château de Lavée
Château de Léotoing
Château de Lespinasse
Château de Mariac13th centuryLafarreState property.
Château du Malploton
Château de Martinas18th, 19th centuryMonistrol-sur-LoirePrivate property.
Château du Mazigon17th, 19th centuryPradellesPrivately owned.
Château de Mercoeur13th centuryBlesleProperty of an association.
Château de Mercoeur (Saint-Privat-d'Allier)13th, 18th centurySaint-Privat-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de MirmandeRuines- destroyed in the 15th centurySaint-Jean-LachalmThere remains only a section of wall that can be visited freely.âteau_de_Mirmande
Château de Mons15th, 16th, 18th, 19th centuryPuy-en-Velay (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Monastier-sur-Gazeille (Le)14th, 16th, 19th centuryIn good conditionMonastier-sur-Gazeille (Le)Municipal property.
Château de Monistrol-sur-Loire14th, 15th, 17th centuryMonistrol-sur-LoireProperty of an association.
Château de Montmoirat17th centuryAutracPrivately owned.
Château d'Ombret16th centurySauguesPrivately owned.
Château de Paulhac12th, 15th, 19th centuryPaulhacPrivately owned.
Château de Poinsac14th, 15th, 16th, 18th centuryCoubonPrivately owned.
Château de Polignac11th centuryRuinesPolignacRecovery and restoration of the castle of Polignac has been a commitment by the Council of the Community of agglomeration of Puy-en-Velay at 60 000 per year maximum of 6 years from 2008.
Château de Recours13th centuryRuinesBeaulieuAt the extreme south of the rock, you can see the foundation of a tower. The tour is freeâteau_de_Recours
Château de Rochebaron12th centuryRuinesBas-en-BassetA group of volunteers has been working since 1972 to protect and enhance it, and arrange tours. Chateau Rochebaron been a classification as historical monuments since December 1951.
Château de RochefortBessonThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1928âteau_de_Rochefort_(Besson)
Château de RochegudeRuineSaint-Privat-d'Allier The latter was included in the inventory of historical monuments ( historical monument ) in 1974âteau_de_Rochegude_(Haute-Loire)#Lieux_et_monuments
Château de la Roche-Lambert16th centurySaint-PaulienPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Didier-d'Allier14th, 15th centurySaint-Didier-d'AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Germain-Laprade15th, 17th, 19th centurySaint-Germain-LapradePrivately owned.
Château Saint-Pal-de-Chalencon15th centurySaint-Pal-de-ChalenconPrivate property.
Château de Saint-Romain-Lachalm15th, 18th centurySaint-Romain-LachalmPrivately owned.
Château de Seneuil RuineSaint-VincentThe castle had two tower, the first north with a tower that there are still some pieces up again wall. The second surrounding buildings and a chapel. Open to the public for freeâteau_de_Seneuil
Château de Séneujols14th, 15th, 16th, 17th centurySéneujolsPrivate property.
Château de Servières13th, 15th centurySaint-Didier-sur-DoulonPrivately owned.
Château de Siaugues-Sainte-Marie13th, 14th centurySiaugues-Sainte-MariePrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Vidal 9th centurySaint-Vidal
Château de Soubreys14th, 15th centurySalettesPrivately owned.
Château du Thiollent15th, 17th, 18th centuryVergezacPrivately owned.
Château de Torsiac14th centuryTorsiacPrivately owned.
Château de la Tour-Daniel14th, 16th, 17th centuryCoubonPrivately owned.
Château de la Tour-Maubourg12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th centurySaint-Maurice-de-LignonMunicipal property.
Château de Vachères13th, 15th, 18th centuryPrésaillesPrivately owned.
Château de Vabres
Château de Vernières18th centuryIn good conditionTalizat
Château de Valprivas15th, 16th, 18th centuryValprivasPrivately owned.
Château de Vaux14th, 19th centurySaint-Julien-du-PinetPrivately owned.
Château de Ventressac15th-18th centuryChamalières-sur-LoirePrivately owned.
Château de Verchères15th, 16th centuryGrazacProperty of an association.
Château de Vernassal17th, 18th centuryLéotoingPrivately owned.
Château du Villard15th, 16th, 18th, 19th centurySaint-Germain-LapradePrivately owned.
Château de Volhac12th, 16th, 17th, 19th centuryCoubonPrivately owned.

Châteaux of Puy de Dome

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Allagnat17th, 19th centuryCeyssatOwned by a Private company.
Château d'Aulteribe15th centuryRemodeled and restored in second half of 19th centurySermentizonIt is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 30 March 1949.
Château du Bailli15th centuryBesse-et-Saint-AnastaiseMunicipal property.
Château de 17th centuryrebuilt in 1843 after a fireDoratIts huge library of 60,000 volumes was one of the richest in France, among the most coveted books include the original edition of The Provincial of Blaise Pascal. As one of the main attractions of the region, the castle has long been open to the public until 1914, but it had to close its doors after multiple burglaries.âteau_de_Barante
Château de la Barge13th, 16th, 17th, 18th centuryCourpièreOwned by a Private company.
Château de la Bâtisse14th, 15th, 18th centuryChanonatPrivately owned.
Château de la Bâtisse (Puy-Guillaume)16th centuryPuy-GuillaumePrivately owned.
Château de Beaubois14th, 15th, 18th, 19th centuryLezouxPrivately owned.
Château de Beaurecueil15th, 18th centuryNonetteOwned by a Private company.
Château de Beyssat18th, 19th centuryMaringuesPrivately owned.
Château de Blanzat18th centuryBlanzatPrivately owned.
Château de Blot-le-Rocher11th, 13th, 15th centuryRuinsSaint-Rémy-de-BlotPrivately owned.
Château de Bonnebaud13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th centurySaint-Pierre-le-ChastelPrivate property.
Château de Bosredon14th, 15th, 18th centuryVolvicMunicipal property.
Château de Beaufranchet12th centuryRuinesSaillanta tower of the ruined castle. A farm occupies the main space. It can be seen engraved on an old well in stone, in the central courtyard, the remains of the crest of the family of Beaufranchet.
Château du Bourgnon18th centuryTours-sur-MeymontPrivately owned.
Château du Bouy16th centuryChampétièresPrivately owned.
Château fort du Broc13th, 14th, 17th centuryBroc (Le)Private property.
Château de Bulhon18th centuryBulhonPrivately owned.
Château de Busséol12th centuryBusséolPrivately owned.
Château de Chalus14th, 15th centuryRuinedChalusOwned by a Private company.
Château de Chalendrat
Château de Chantelauze
Château de Cordès
Château de Chaméane16th centuryChaméanePrivately owned.
Château des ChampsThiersPrivately owned.
Château de la Chassaigne15th, 18th centuryThiersPrivate property.
Château de Châteaugay14th, 15th, 16th centuryChâteaugayMunicipal property.
Château de Châteldon12th centuryChâteldonPrivately owned.
Château de la Chaux-Montgros16th centurySallèdesPrivately owned.
Château de Chazeron13th centuryIn good conditionLoubeyratCurrent owner is Raphael Bruny. Open for tour charge, tourist activities, facility rentals.
Château de Cheix14th, 15th, 17th centuryNeuvillePrivately owned.
Château Cocu13th centuryRuinsAuzat-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château de Coppel13th centurySaint-Julien-de-CoppelPrivately owned.
Château de Cotteuges13th, 15th, 18th, 19th centurySaint-DiéryPrivately owned.
Château de Cordés15th centuryOrcivalIt is classified historic monument November 20, 1933.
Château de Le Crest14th centuryCrest (Le)Municipal property.
Château-Dauphin12th centuryPontgibaudCurrent owner is Gabriel Germiny. The castle, the garden and the museum are open to visitors.
Château de Davayat17th, 18th, 19th centuryDavayatMunicipal property.
Château de Denone15th, 16th, 17th centuryEffiatPrivately owned.
Château Domaize16th, 17th centuryDomaizePrivately owned.
Château de Echandelys18th, 19th centuryEchandelysPrivately owned.
Château d'Effiat1627In good conditionEffiatThe Effiat castle was classified a historic monument April 16, 1942 and registered in June 1980 and again on 10 March 2004 ranked 6.
Château fort de la Faye14th, 15th, 17th centuryOlmetPrivately owned.
Château féodal10th, 15th centuryMiremontPrivately owned.
Château de Fontanay17th, 18th centurySaint-Georges-sur-AllierPrivately owned.
Château de La Garde12th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th centuryBort-l'EtangPrivate property.
Château des Grimardies17th, 18th, 19th centuryAugerollesPrivately owned.
Château d'Hauterive17th, 18th centuryIssoireOwned by a Private company.
Château des Horts14th, 16th centuryThiersPrivately owned.
Château de Joserand15th, 16th, 19th centuryJoserandPrivately owned.
Château du Lac13th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryMonestier (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Lavaur17th, 18th centuryBroc (Le)Privately owned.
Château de Lavaure18th centuryNeschersPrivately owned.
Château de Liberty18th, 19th centuryCondat-lès-MontboissierPrivately owned.
Château de Letz15th, 16th centuryAugnatPrivately owned.
Château des Martinanches11th, 15th, 16th, 18th centurySaint-Dier-d'AuvergnePrivately owned.
Château de Maulmont16th, 19th centurySaint-Priest-BramefantOwned by a Private company.
Château de Mauzun13th centuryRuinsMauzunOwned by a Private company.
Château de Mezel12th, 13th centuryMezelPrivately owned.
Château de Mirabel17th, 18th centuryRiomOwned by a Private company.
Château de La Chaux Montgros
Château de Montredon
Château de Murol en Saint Amant
Château de Mons17th, 19th centuryArlancPrivately owned.
Château de Montfleury16th, 18th centuryLapsPrivately owned.
Château de Montaigut-le-Blanc13th, 15th centuryMontaigut-le-BlancPrivately owned.
Château de Montmorin12th, 13th, 15th, 16th centuryRuinedMontmorinPrivately owned.
Château de Murol12th CenturyRuinesMurolOwned by the Municipality of Murol. The castle has been classified historical monument in 1889.
Château de Murol (Saint-Amant-Tallende)14th centuryRuinedSaint-Amant-TallendePrivate property.
Château de l'Oradou17th centuryRemainsClermont-FerrandDemolished by the Ministry of Education in 1985 to build the College of Oradouâteau_de_l'Oradou
Château d'Opme14th, 17th centuryRomagnatPrivately owned.
Château de Pagnant18th, 19th centurySaint-André-le-CoqPrivate property.
Château du Pirou
Château de Parentignat1707restored and conserved the castle in 1970s and 1990sParentignatOwned by the Family Lastic and its a private property.
Château de La Pause17th centuryPessat-VilleneuvePrivately owned.
Château de Périgères17th centuryMonsPrivately owned.
Château de Pionsat14th, 15th, 16th centuryPionsatPrivately owned.
Château de la Poivrière14th, 15th, 19th centurySaint-Sylvestre-PragoulinPrivately owned.
Château de Pont-du-Château17th centuryPont-du-ChâteauMunicipal property.
Château de Puy-Saint-Bonnet14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th centuryCharbonnières-les-VieillesPrivately owned.
Château des Quayres18th centuryLapsPrivately owned.
Château de Rabanesse15th, 17th, 18th centuryClermont-FerrandProperty of a public institution of the State.
Château des Raynauds
Château de Randan13th CenturyIn good conditionRandanCurrently owned by the Regioanl Council of Auvergne.
Château de Ravel1147RavelThe chateau, the chapel, the terraces with their retaining wall and the small park were classified Historical Monument in May 20, 1958.
Château de la Ribeyre16th, 17th centuryCournon-d'AuvergnePrivately owned.
Château d'eau Riom19th centuryRiomMunicipal property.
Château de La Roche13th centuryChaptuzatThe Chateau de la Roche was listed historical monument October 9, 1965 and the oval tower was closed January 25, 1981.
Château fort de la Rochette16th centuryEstandeuilPrivately owned.
Château fort de la Roue14th centurySaint-AnthèmePrivate property.
Château de Saint-Cirgues16th, 18th centurySaint-Cirgues-sur-CouzeMunicipal property.
Château de Saint-Diéry14th, 18th centurySaint-DiéryPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Floret13th, 14th centurySaint-FloretMunicipal property.
Château de Saint-Genès-l'Enfant17th, 18th centuryMalauzatPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Gervazy13th centurySaint-GervazyMunicipal property.
Château de église Saint-Jean du Marchidial12th, 13th, 18th centuryChampeixProperty of an association.
Château de Saint-Quintin10th, 12th, 17th centurySaint-Quintin-sur-SiouleOwned by a Private company.
Château de Saint-Saturnin13th, 14th, 15th centuryIn good conditionSaint-SaturninPrivately owned.
Château de Sampigny17th, 18th centuryGerzatPrivately owned.
Château de Sarlièves17th centuryCournon-d'AuvergnePrivately owned.
Château de Saurier16th, 18th centurySaurierMunicipal property.
Château de SauviatMoyen AgeSauviatPrivately owned.
Château de Seymiers16th, 18th centuryFayet-le-ChâteauPrivately owned.
Château de Teilhet14th, 15th centuryMaratPrivately owned.
Château de Theix
Château de Tournoël
Château de Turluron
Château de la Terrasse18th centuryCrevant-LaveinePrivately owned.
Château de Tournoël11th centuryRestoredVolvicOwned now by Claude and Bernadette Aguttes and its open for tours (with charge) and tourist entertainment.
Château des Tours-Portabéraud17th, 18th centuryMozacPrivately owned.
Château de Travers14th, 17th, 19th centurySaint-SandouxPrivately owned.
Château de Vassel13th, 15th, 17th centuryVasselPrivately owned.
Château du Verger17th, 18th, 20th centuryArtonnePrivately owned.
Château des Vergnes17th, 18th centuryClermont-FerrandMunicipal property.
Manoir de Veygoux1623-1624Charbonniéres-les-VarennesSince October 1997 , the mansion Veygoux is the property of the municipality of Charbonniéres-les-Varenne
Château de Villemont16th centuryIt is now on a major restorationVensatThe chateau was registered and outbuildings surrounding the courtyard were classified MH May 17, 1974 and then all, including the park was Ranked 19 April 2012.
Château de Villeneuve-Lembron15th centuryundertook major restoration workVilleneuveOwned by the state and it is managed by the Centre for National Monuments. Open to the public.
Château de Viverols13th, 16th, 17th centuryViverolsPrivately owned.
Domaine de Varvasse16th, 18th, 19th centuryChanonatPrivately owned.
Château de la Vilatelle

Châteaux of Cantal

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Alleuze14th centuryRuinesAlleuzePrivate property but open to visits. It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 9 March 1927.
Château d'Anjony15th centuryTournemireOwned by the Family Pelissier Léotoing Anjony and its a private property but open for visit.
Château d'Anteroches15th centuryUnknownMurat It is currently owned by the Anterroches Family and it is a private home.
Château fort d'Apchon12th-15th centuryRuinsApchonPrivate property.
Enceintes d'Albo
Tour d'Anval
Tour d'Arches
Château d'Aubijou
Château d'Auxillac
Château d'Avenaux
Château d'AurouzeruinesMolompizeOwned by the town of Molompize.
Château d'Auzers16th centuryRebuiltAuzersCurrently owned by the Douhet Auzers. Private home.
Château de Benoire13th centuryRuinesBredonsâteau_de_Benoire
Château de Baradel
Château des Bardéties
Château de Bassignac
Château de la Bastide (Saint-Simon)
Château de Bégoule
Château de Bégus
Château de Bélinay
Château Benoid
Château de Berbezou
Château de Béteilles
Tour du Bex
Château de la Borie (Lieutadès)
Château de la Borie (Vitrac, Cantal)
Château de Boudieu
Château de la Bouygue
Château de la Boyle
Château de Bracon
Château de Branugues
Château de Bressanges
Château de Broise
Château du Bruel
Châteu du Buisson
Château de Broussette15th centuryReilhacOwned by the Delzons Family and it is a private property.
Château de Bonnac16th century; 17th centuryBonnacPrivately owned.
Château de la Borie15th-17th centurySaint-Vincent-de-SalersPrivately owned.
Château de Branzac13th centuryRuinesPleauxDoomed to extinction, a new owner has undertaken to identify and consolidate its ruins. Not opened for visit.
Château de Caillac16th centuryHad some renovationsVézac It is listed historical monument since November 10, 1997 and has a park remarkable.
Château de Cances
Château de Carbonnières
Château de Castellane
Château de Cères
Château de Chambres
Château de Chambeuil
Château de Chanterelles
Château du Chastellet
Château du Châtelet
Château de Chaules
Château de La Chaumette
Château de Chavaroche
Château du Cambon14th-18th centurySaint-CerninPrivately owned.
Château de Carbonat14th centuryGradually fell in ruines but it was extensively restored in early 20th centuryArpajon-sur-CéreNot opened to the public.
Château de la Cavade17th centuryPolminhacPrivately owned.
Château de Chanterelle15th centurySaint-Vincent-de-SalersPrivately owned.
Château de Carlat10th centuryRuinesCarlatOwned by the Prince of Monaco.
Château de Celles17th centuryCarlatCurrent owned by the Garneau Family.
Commanderie de Celles13th centuryCellesThe Commanderie de Celles been a classification as historical monuments since 24 September 1990.
Château de Chassan16th centuryFaverolles Currently owned by the Bosquillon Family of Jenlis and Fontant.Visits from July 6 to August 31: daily. From 1st May to 31 October by appointment.
Château de Chavagnac12th centuryChavagnac
Château de la Cheyrelle19th-20th centuryDiennePrivately owned.
Château de Clavières (Ayrens)13th centuryRuinsAyrensâteau_de_Clavières-Ayrens
Château de Claviéres (Polminhac)17th centuryreconstruction in 1857PolminhacThe current owner is the Salvage Clavires Family. Its a house boat now and a private property
Château de Clavièresmid-17th centuryRemainsVelzicFacades and roofs of the castle and its joint are protected by its inclusion in the inventory of historical monuments on 29 December 1978âteau_de_Clavières_(Velzic)
Château de Combes16th centurySaint-SaturninPrivately owned.
Château de Comblat15th centuryVic-sur-CerePrivate Home. It is listed in the inventory of historical monuments since 18 November 2002.
Château de Conros13th centuryArpajon-sur-CereOwned now by the Mongon Family.
Château de Couffour12th centuryHot-AiguesCurrently owned by the municipality of Hot-Aigues. It is now a Hotel and restaurant run by Chef Serge Viera.
Château fort de Couzan15th-19th centuryVebretPrivately owned.
Château de Crérvecœur,13th centuryRuinesSaint-Martin-Valmerouxâteau_de_Crèvecœur_(Auvergne)
Château de Cropières13th-18th centuryRuinedRaulhacPrivately owned.
Demeure de Dilhac15th centuryMonvertPrivate Property and it is a subject of historical monument.
Château de la Durantie
Château du Doux19th centuryYoletPrivately owned.
Château d'Escorailles8th centuryRuinesEscorailles
Château d'Escorolles15th century; 18th centuryCheyladePrivately owned.
Château d'Escouts
Château d'Espinassols
Château de l'Estrade
Château d'Estresses
Château d'Eyry
Château d'Entraigues16th centuryBoissetVisits in July and August on Thursdays from 14pm to 18pm. Other days by appointment.âteau_d'Entraigues
Château d'Estang16th centuryMarmanhacThis is a private property. The Estang castle was registered as a historic monument on 21 March 2005.
Château d'Estresse15th centuryAstaillacThis is a private property. It is heritage listed in 1971.
Château de Fabrègues12th centuryAurillacCurrently owned by the Bruno Family of Alignyâteau_de_Fabrègues
Château de Fargues14th centuryVitracOpen to the public.
Château de Fabrègues
Château de La Fauvélie
Château de Folat
Château de Fontenille
Château de La Fontio
Château de Fortuniers
Château de Foulholes
Château de La Fromental
Château de Faussanges18th-19th centurySaint-CerninPrivately owned.
Château de Ferluc14th-17th centuryRuinedDrugeacPrivate property.
Château de La Force14th centurySaint-SimonCurrently owned by the Bonal Family. Not opened to the Publicâteau_de_La_Force_(Saint-Simon)
Château de Frayssinet14th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-CondatPrivate propertyâteau_de_Frayssinet
Château de La Grillère14th centuryRebuild and well maintainedGlénatIt is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bergon. It's a Hotel/Bed and Breakfast.âteau_de_La_Grillère
Château de Gagnac
Château de Galuze
Château de La Garde-Roussillon
Château de Gardin
Château de Giou
Château de Gironde
Château de La Gresse
Château de La Griffoul
Château de La Grillère14th to 17th centuryGlénatProperty of an association
Château du Grossaldet
Château des Huttes17th centuryRemainsPolminhacNot opened to the public.
Tour de l'Herm
Château d'Hautevaurs
Château du Jarrousset15th century; 17th centuryChapelle-d'Alagnon (La)Privately owned.
Château de Jaleyrac
Château de Jarriges
Château de Jarry
Château de Jarousset
Château de Labeau17th centurySaint-SimonCurrently owned by the Jalenques-Colinet Family of Labeau. Private Propertyâteau_de_Labeau
Château de Laborie (Maurs)
Château de Laborie (Saint-Vincent-de-Salers)
Château de Lacam
Château de Lachaux
Château de Lamargé
Château de Lapierre
Château de Lascanaux
Château de Lastic-Montsuc
Castelsoubro des Latga-Monrelie
Château de Laurichesse
Château de Layre
Château de Ligonnès
Château de Lollière
Château de Longuevergne
Château de Lugarde
Château de Lachau17th centuryCarlatPrivate homeâteau_de_Lachau
Château de Lalaubie17th centurySaint-SimonCurrently owned by the Troussel Familyâteau_de_Lalaubie
Château de Lamargé15th centuryUnder constructionFontangesNot open to the public.
Château de Lamartinie16th centuryYtracCurrently owned by the Saint-Vincent Family. Not opened to the public.
Château de Lamothe18th century; 19th centuryCalvinetPrivately owned.
Château de Laroque13th centuryLaroquebrouCurrently owned by the Municipality of Laroquebrou.
Château de Lescure15th centurySaint-Martin-sous-VigourouxCurrent owner is Sophie Couillaud and it a Bed and Breakfast.
Château fort de Leybros14th-15th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-SalersPrivately owned.
Château d'eau du Lioran19th-20th centuryLaveissièreProperty of a public institution of the State.
Château de Longuevergne15th centuryAnglards-de-SalersCurrently owned by Michel Greget. It is now a Bed and Breakfast.
Château de Longevialle18th centuryLoubaressePrivate property.
Château de Madic15th centuryRuinesMadic
Château de Mardogne12th-13th centuryJoursacPrivately owned.
Château de Malabec
Château de Mandilhac
Château de Marlat
Fort villageois de Mareugheol
Château de La Maurinie
Château de Meissac
Château de Mercœur
Château du Meynial
Château de Miecaze
Château de Moissalou
Château de La Moissétie
Château de Monsélie
Château de Montamat
Château de Montfort
Château du Montel-le-Roucoux
Château de Monthély
Château de Montlogis
Château de Montreisse
Château de Montsalvy
Château de Montsuc
Château de La Morétie
Château de Murat-Lagasse
Château de Murat-La-Guiole
Château de Murat-la-Rabe
Château de Muret
Château (Villa) Marguerite19th centuryNeussargues-MoissacIt is now belong to the Lorient Familyâteau_Marguerite
Château de Massebeau15th centuryMuratPrivately owned.
Château de Mazerolles16th-19th centuryIn good conditionSalinsOwned by a Private company.
Château de Mercoeur15th century.AllanchePrivately owned.
Château fort de Merle ou de Chaule13th-15th centurySaint-ConstantPrivately owned.
Château de Messac (Reilhac)13th centuryIn good conditionReilhacCurrently owned by the Maitrier Family.
Château de Messac (Laroquebrou)16th centuryLaroquebrou It is listed historical monument since July 28, 1972.
Château de Messilhac12th centuryRaulhacCurrently owned by the Dubois-Rambaud Family. It is possible to visit the castle of the first Messilhac May 31 August 14:30-18:30. Groups by appointment at 04-71-49-55-55.
Château de Miremont13th centuryRuinesChalvignacIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since 26 March 1973. Not open to the public.
Château de La Moissétie13th centuryIn good conditionAurillacCurrently owned by Eric Rinaudo and it is now a Bed and breakfast.
Hâtel de Monaco1490 Vic-sur-CéreThe owner allows a virtual tour of the tower with its history and photos of the interior especially with the beautiful spiral staircase built in volcanic breccia.
Château fort de Montbrun15th centuryMéalletPrivately owned.
Château de Montal12th centuryRemainsArpajon-sur-CéreDestroyed during the Hundred Years War.âteau_de_Montal-lez-Arpajon
Château de Montvallat16th century; First half 17th centuryChaudes-AiguesPrivately owned.
Château de Murat-la-Rabbe15th-18th centuryMonselie (La)Privately owned.
Château fort de Naucase ou Naucaze12th-17th centurySaint-Julien-de-ToursacMunicipal property.
Tour de Naucelles
Château de Noalhac
Château de Nozières-Soutro
Castelsoubro de Nozières
Château de Neyrecombes
Château de Niossel
Château de Nussargues
Château d'Olmet19th centuryVic-sur-CéreCurrently owned by the Foundation for Disabled, Monique Monteynard. It is also a Museum.
Château d'Œillet
Château d'Ourzaux
Château d'Oyez16th centurySaint-SimonOwned now by the Pascal Family. It's a private residence and not opened to the public.
Château d'Oze12th centuryremainsSénezerguesThere are only remains of a tower in the site, a few walls and a lookout ober the gorge of the Auzeâteau_d'Oze
Château de Palemont
Château de Parlan
Château de Pellou
Château de Penieres
Château de La Peyre-en-Jordanne
Château de Peyrusse
Château de Plaignes
Château de La Plaze
Château du Poux
Château de Pouzols
Château de Pruns
Tour de Puechmouriez
Château de la Pachevie15th-19th centuryRoffiacPrivately owned.
Château de Palmont15th-19th centuryFontangesOwned by a Private company.
Château de Pesteils15th centuryPolminhacThe castle is open to visitors since 1956. It has a permanent exhibition of twenty wax figures made ??by the Grevin museum in the old museum of Aurillac, referring to the past life of the family Pesteils.
Château de Peyrelade12th centurySaint-SaturninPrivately owned.
Château de Pompignac14th centuryLoubaressePrivately owned.
Château de Ragheaud15th-18th centuryRuinedSaint-CerninPrivately owned.
Château du Rieu
Château de Réghaud
Manoir de Rivière
Château de La Revel
Château de Rochegonde
Tour de Roffiac
Château de La Roquenatou
Suc de Roudadour
Château de Roumégoux
Château de La Roussière
Château de Rochebrune15th-18th centuryOradourPrivately owned.
Château de Roffiac15th centuryRoffiacMunicipal property.
Château de Rochemaure1120RemainsRochemaureRanked as Historical monument (1924).
Hâtel de La Ronade or Maison de la Ronade14th centuryIn good conditionSalersToday, the building is known as the "House of Ronade" still inhabited by descendnats (Garrigue-Lagane). The visitor can enjoy private dining rooms open to the public at literary and cultural evenings "philosophy café" "Read-dedication", etc ... organized by "Friends of Salers" association created by Jean-Pierre Lagane March 31, 1970.
Château de Ruynes12th centuryit was dismantled and some remains of the rampart.Ruynes-en-MargerideThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since 18 December 1981âteau_de_Ruynes
Château de Saignes12th-19th centurySaignesMunicipal property.
Château de Sadour
Château de Sailhans
Château de Saint-Angeau
Château Saint-Étienne
Château de Saint-Pol-de-Nozières
Château de Saint-Victor
Château de Sévéraguet
Château de Sartiges
Château de Scorailles
Maison de Sistrières
Château de Solignac
Château de Soubrevèze
Château de Stalapos
Château de Lasalle15th-16th centuryVic-sur-CèreMunicipal property.
Château de Saint-Chamant14th centurySaint-ChamantOwned now by the Couderc Family of Saint-Chamantâteau_de_Saint-Chamant
Château Saint-Étienne9th centuryRefurbished in 1997AurillacOwned by the Municipality of Aurillac and it is now a Museum of volcanoes: open to the public.
Château de Saint-Pol15th-16th centurySaint-Martin-ValmerouxPrivately owned.
Château de Sedaiges1461In good conditionMarmanhacOwned now by the Riverieux Family of Varax. Open for visits and its now a Bed and Breakfast place.
Château de Sénezergues13th centurySénezerguesPrivately owned.
Château de Sourniac17th-19th centurySourniacPrivately owned.
Château des Ternes12th centuryThe TernesOpened to the public.
Chateau de Tautal Bas 12th centurysouth-central France
Château de Tautal-Soubro
Château des Tensouses
Villa du Terrondou
Château de Teyrou
Château de Thinières
Château de Trancis
Château de Trémoulet
Château du Trioulou
Château de Trancis19th-20th centuryYdesOwned by a Private company.
Château de la Trémolière15th, 18th centuryIn good conditionAnglards-de-SalersMunicipal property.
Château de Turlande11th centuryRemainsPaulhencThe site is open to the public for free and offers a remarkable viewâteau_de_Turlande
Château de Val13th centuryIn good conditionLanobreOwned by the municipality of Bort-les-Orgues. Open to the public.
Château de Vabret
Château de Valens
Château de Valentines
Château de Vals
Château de Veysset
Couvent de Vic dit le Manoir
Gibet de Vic-en-Carladez
Château de Vieillevie
Château de Varillettes16th centuryGood Condition Saint-GeorgesIt is now a Hotel with 13 rooms, restaurant, reception for weddings, Pool and tennis court.âteau_de_Varillettes
Château de Vic dit Castelvielh12th centuryRemainsVic-sur-CéreOpen to the public. It in the high part of the town, so you can see the beautiful view of the town and the valley of the Cére Lead.
Château bas de Vic15th centuryVic-sur-CéreNot opened to the public.
Château fort de Vieillevie11th-16th centuryVieilleviePrivately owned.
Château de Veyrières13th-17th centuryRuinedSansac-de-MarmiessePrivately owned.
Château de Viescamp15th-18th centuryIn good conditionLacapelle-ViescampPrivately owned.
Château de La Vigne14th centuryIn good ConditionAllyOwned by the Fayet de la Tour Family and its open to the public and guest.
Château de Vigouroux12th centurySaint-Martin-sous-VigourouxPrivate home.
Château de Vixouze13th centuryPolminhacOwned now by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Leonore. Open to the public for free and permanent exhibition of paintings by Leonardo. Rentals for wedding, seminars or meeting.
Château de La Volpilhère15th centuryRuineSaint-Martin-sous-Vigourouxâteau_de_La_Volpilhère
Château de La Voulte16th centuryMarmanhacPrivate property and currently owned by the Frances Familyâteau_de_La_Voulte
Commanderie d'Ydes
Château d'Ytrac

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