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Chateau Links

Here are links to our research sources and other recommended sites related to French Chateaux:

Chateau Lists

Wikipedia is a fantastic treasure-trove of information on chateaux, however the reader must be careful as it is sprawling and the various lists, composed as they are by different contributors, are often incomplete - sometimes even conflicting in their information.

We are compiling our chateau lists from these lists, together with sources such as Google books, individual societies, the ISMH database and more. - Mentions very large number of Chateaux in Alsace - p.7, index. In French. - Estate agent - French chateau specialist - listing many glorious French Chateau properties currently on the market. very well organized listings, huge number of chateaux

General Researchâteau

Old Books on Chateaux

These appear to be in the public domain and are visible in full at Google Books:

"Castles and chateaux of old Burgundy and the border provinces" (1909) - Francis Miltoun, Milburg Francisco Mansfield -

"Castles and chateaux of old Navarre and the Basque Provinces (1907) - Francis Miltoun -

"Castles and chateaux of old Touraine and the Loire country (1906) - Francis Miltoun -

"Farm houses, manor houses, minor chateaux and small churches: from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries, in Normandy, Brittany and other parts of France" (1917) - Ralph Adams Cram -

"French cathedrals and chateaux, Volume 1" (1903) Clara Crawford Perkins -

"Historic chateaux: Blois, Fontainebleau, Vincennes" - Baron Alexander Dundas Ross Wishart Cochrane-Baillie Lamington -

"Old Touraine the Life and History of the Chateaux of the Loire" (1906) - Theodore Andrea Cook -

"Rambles around French châteaux" (1911) - Frances M. Parkinson Gostling -

"Romance of the Bourbon châteaux" (1905) - Elizabeth Williams Champney -

- also by the same author "Romance of the Feudal châteaux" - and "Romance of the Renaissance châteaux" -

"The châteaux of Touraine" (1906) - Maria Hornor Lansdale -

More - cut / paste this search:,bkv:f,cdr:1,cd_max:Dec+31_2+1900&num=10

Alex Newman -

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