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Regions of France

The aim of this page is to help you to navigate to the chateaux of the region of France you are interested in.

France is divided into 27 administrative regions (French: "régions"), 22 of which are in Metropolitan France, and five of which are overseas. Although Corsica is an Island it is one of the 22 and is called a "territorial collectivity" (French: "collectivité territoriale"). It is considered a région in mainstream usage.

Each metropolitan region and Corsica are further subdivided into departments (French: "départments"). There are 95 mainland departments, Corsica (2A and 2B), plus 4 overseas for a grand total of 101. Mayotte became the 101st department of France on 31 March 2011.

Below is a list of the French Regions and Departments, followed by maps showing departments by name and number.

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List of Regions and Departments of France

(note - without overseas regions)

INSEE codeDepartmentPrefectureRegion
67Bas-RhinStrasbourg Alsace
68Haut-RhinColmar Alsace
24DordognePérigueux Aquitaine
33Gironde [5] Bordeaux Aquitaine
40LandesMont-de-Marsan Aquitaine
47Lot-et-GaronneAgen Aquitaine
64Pyrénées-Atlantiques [8]Pau Aquitaine
03AllierMoulins Auvergne
15CantalAurillac Auvergne
43Haute-LoireLe Puy-en-Velay Auvergne
63Puy-de-DômeClermont-Ferrand Auvergne
14CalvadosCaen Basse-Normandie
50MancheSaint-Lô Basse-Normandie
61OrneAlençon Basse-Normandie
21Côte-d'OrDijon Bourgogne
58NièvreNevers Bourgogne
71Saône-et-LoireMâcon Bourgogne
89YonneAuxerre Bourgogne
22Côtes-d'Armor [4]Saint-Brieuc Bretagne
29FinistèreQuimper Bretagne
35Ille-et-VilaineRennes Bretagne
56MorbihanVannes Bretagne
18CherBourges Centre
28Eure-et-LoirChartres Centre
36IndreChâteauroux Centre
37Indre-et-LoireTours Centre
41Loir-et-CherBlois Centre
45LoiretOrléans Centre
08ArdennesCharleville-Mézières Champagne-Ardenne
10AubeTroyes Champagne-Ardenne
51MarneChâlons-en-Champagne Champagne-Ardenne
52Haute-MarneChaumont Champagne-Ardenne
2ACorse-du-SudAjaccio Corse
2BHaute-CorseBastia Corse
25DoubsBesançon Franche-Comté
39JuraLons-le-Saunier Franche-Comté
70Haute-SaôneVesoul Franche-Comté
90Territoire de BelfortBelfort Franche-Comté
27EureÉvreux Haute-Normandie
76Seine-Maritime [10]Rouen Haute-Normandie
11AudeCarcassonne Languedoc-Roussillon
30GardNîmes Languedoc-Roussillon
34HéraultMontpellier Languedoc-Roussillon
48LozèreMende Languedoc-Roussillon
66Pyrénées-OrientalesPerpignan Languedoc-Roussillon
19CorrèzeTulle Limousin
23CreuseGuéret Limousin
87Haute-VienneLimoges Limousin
54Meurthe-et-MoselleNancy Lorraine
55MeuseBar-le-Duc Lorraine
57MoselleMetz Lorraine
88VosgesÉpinal Lorraine
976Mayotte [1] Mamoudzou Mayotte
09AriègeFoix Midi-Pyrénées
12AveyronRodez Midi-Pyrénées
31Haute-GaronneToulouse Midi-Pyrénées
32GersAuch Midi-Pyrénées
46LotCahors Midi-Pyrénées
65Hautes-PyrénéesTarbes Midi-Pyrénées
81TarnAlbi Midi-Pyrénées
82Tarn-et-GaronneMontauban Midi-Pyrénées
59NordLille Nord-Pas-de-Calais
62Pas-de-CalaisArras Nord-Pas-de-Calais
44Loire-Atlantique [6]Nantes Pays de la Loire
49Maine-et-Loire [7]Angers Pays de la Loire
53MayenneLaval Pays de la Loire
72SartheLe Mans Pays de la Loire
85VendéeLa Roche-sur-Yon Pays de la Loire
02AisneLaon Picardie
60OiseBeauvais Picardie
80SommeAmiens Picardie
16CharenteAngoulême Poitou-Charentes
17Charente-Maritime [3]La Rochelle Poitou-Charentes
79Deux-SèvresNiort Poitou-Charentes
86ViennePoitiers Poitou-Charentes
04Alpes-de-Haute-Provence [2]Digne-les-Bains Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
05Hautes-AlpesGap Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
06Alpes-MaritimesNice Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
13Bouches-du-RhôneMarseille Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
83VarToulon Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
84VaucluseAvignon Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
01AinBourg-en-Bresse Rhône-Alpes
07ArdèchePrivas Rhône-Alpes
26DrômeValence Rhône-Alpes
38IsèreGrenoble Rhône-Alpes
42LoireSaint-Étienne Rhône-Alpes
69RhôneLyon Rhône-Alpes
73SavoieChambéry Rhône-Alpes
74Haute-SavoieAnnecy Rhône-Alpes
75Paris [9]Paris Île-de-France
77Seine-et-MarneMelun Île-de-France
78Yvelines [11]Versailles Île-de-France
91Essonne [12]Évry Île-de-France
92Hauts-de-Seine [13]Nanterre Île-de-France
93Seine-Saint-Denis [14]Bobigny Île-de-France
94Val-de-MarneCréteil Île-de-France
95Val-d'OisePontoise [15] Île-de-France


[1] The INSEE code of Mayotte is 976 (975 is already assigned to the French overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon)
[2] This department was known as Basses-Alpes until 1970
[3] This department was known as Charente-Inférieure until 1941
[4] This department was known as Côtes-du-Nord until 1990
[5] This department was known as Bec-d'Ambès until 1795
[6] This department was known as Loire-Inférieure until 1957
[7] This department was known as Mayenne-et-Loire until 1791
[8] This department was known as Basses-Pyrénées until 1969
[9] Number 75 was formerly assigned to Seine
[10] This department was known as Seine-Inférieure until 1955
[11] Number 78 was formerly assigned to Seine-et-Oise
[12] Number 91 was formerly assigned to Alger, in French Algeria
[13] Number 92 was formerly assigned to Oran, in French Algeria
[14] Number 93 was formerly assigned to Constantine, in French Algeria
[15] The prefecture of Val-d'Oise was established in Pontoise when the department was created, but moved de facto to the neighbouring commune of Cergy; currently, both part of the ville nouvelle of Cergy-Pontoise

Maps of French Regions

Maps of French Departments

- with Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (INSEE) codes

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