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Châteaux of Languedoc-Roussillon

This is the list of Châteaux in Languedoc-Roussillon. It is in the southern most region of France. It consists of 5 departments: Aude, Gard, Hérault, Lozè, Pyrénées-Orientales

We have listed 420 Chateaux in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 125 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Languedoc-Roussillon that are not in our list, please let us know!

Info sources: -âteaux_de_France

Châteaux of Aude

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ancien palais épiscopal ou ancien château14th-18th centurySaint-Papoul
Château de Airoux16th-17th centuryAirouxPrivately owned.
Château d'Ailleville
Château de l'Abbé12th-14th centuryVentenac-CabardèsPrivately owned
Château d'Aguilar12th centuryRuineTuchanIn 1999, it is the setting for the television series Tramontane
Château d'AlbièresAlbières
Château des évêques d'Alet14th centuryCournanelPrivately owned
Château de Aragon16th-17th centuryAragonPrivately owned.
Château d'Argeliers17th centuryArgeliersPrivately owned.
Château d'Arques14th centuryRestored and partially rebuiltArquesFrom the Revolution, the castle fell into ruin. It is sold as national property and suffered some damage. It is classified as a historic monument in August 16, 1887. It is then restored and open to visitors.
Château de Arzens15th-16th centuryArzensPrivately owned.
Château d'AuriacRuineAuriacThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1948.
Château de Baraigne16th-17th centuryBaraignePrivately owned.
Château de Bar-sur-Seine
Château de Bligny
Château de Montaigu
Château de Bréviandes
Château de Brienne
Château de Bucey-en-Othe
Château de la Barthe16th-17th centuryBelflouPrivately owned.
Château de Belflou15th-19th centuryBelflouPrivately owned.
Château de BlanchefortRennes-les-Bains
Château de Bouilhonnac16th centuryBouilhonnacPrivately owned.
Château de BouisseBouisse
Château de BugarachUnder contructionBugarachThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1948âteau_de_Bugarach
Château de Cahuzac18th centuryCahuzacPrivately owned.
Château de Chacenay
Château de Chamoy
Château de Charmont-sous-Barbuise
Château de Chavaudon
Château de Camps-sur-l'AglyCamps-sur-l'Agly
Château de CapenduMoyen AgeCapenduOwned by the municipality.
Château de Cascastel12th-18th centuryCascastel-des-CorbièresOwned by the municipality.
Château de Castel d'AseSoulatgé
Château de CastelmaureEmbres-et-Castelmaure
Château du Castelet des Crozes18th centuryCastelnaudaryOwned by a private company.
Château de Castelnaudary16th centuryCastelnaudaryOwned by the municipality.
Cité de CarcassonneFirst mention in 333 ADRestoredCarcassonneIn 1997, the city is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Today, the city has becoma a major tourist attaction which receives more than 2 million tourist each year. Several motions pictures haven been filmed in Carcassonne, around the city, as it offers a movie set in the Middle Ages which is perfect.
Château de Caudeval13th-18th centuryCaudevalPrivately owned.
Château de la Caunette16th centuryLastoursOwned by a private company
Château de Cavanac18th centuryCavanacPrivately owned.
Château de CeleyranGallo-romainSalles-d'AudePrivately owned
Château de Citou16th centuryCitouOwned by the municipality
Château de Clermont-sur-Lauquet12th-14th centuryClermont-sur-LauquetPrivately owned
Château de Couffoulens18th centuryCavanacPrivately owned
Château de Couiza16th centuryCouizaOwned by a private company
Château de Coustaussa12th-16th centuryRuinsCoustaussaPrivately owned
Château du Clos-Saint-Roch
Château de CucugnanCucugnan
Château de DomneuveTuchan
Château de Durban11th centuryDurban-CorbièresPrivately owned
Château de Droupt-Saint-Basle
Château de Durfort11th centuryRuineVignevieilleThe current ruins are those of a fortified settlement, including a chapel, home to rectangular windows and a tower. High thick walls, cellars and wells, vaulted rooms of square buildings, corner towers, turrets and a main tower are still visible. Today, the castle is privately owned. The castle is not consolidated, the risk of falling rocks is high.
Château de FaFa
Château de Ferrals16th centurySaint-PapoulPrivately owned
Château de Fitou12th centuryFitouPrivately owned
Château de Gaussan14th-19th centuryBizanetPrivately owned.
Château de Jaucourt
Château de Labécède-Lauragais17th centuryLabécède-LauragaisPrivately owned
Château de Lafage16th centuryLafageOwned by the municipality
Château de LastoursFirst mention in 1067RuineLastoursThe 4 castle are on a rocky outcrop above the town, the names are Cabaret (main), Tour Régine (latest and smallest), Surdespines (least preserved), Quertinheux (advanced battle defends the castles entrance).
Château de Leuc13th-17th centuryLeucPrivately owned
Château de Malves-en-MinervoisMalves-en-MinervoisOwned by the municipality
Château de La Motte-Tilly
Château de Marquein16th centuryMarqueinPrivately owned
Château de Mézerville15th-17th centuryMézervillePrivately owned
Château de MiramontMoyen AgeBarbairaOwned by the municipality.
Château de Molleville13th-18th centuryMollevillePrivately owned
Château de MontferrandMontferrand
Château de Montmaur15th-17th centuryMontmaurPrivately owned
Château de Padern11th centuryRuinePadernThe castle is in ruins, is not classified as historic monuments , the site is completely abandoned, and its getting worse by the day.
Château de PaulignanTrausse
Château de Plancy
Château de Poussey
Château de Praslin
Château de Polisy
Château de Pont-sur-Seine
Château de Payra-sur-l'Hers16th centuryPayra-sur-l'HersPrivately owned
Château de Pennautier17th-19th centuryIn good conditionPennautierPrivately owned
Château de Peyrepertuse10th centuryRuineDuilhac-sous-PeyrepertuseIts ruins now serve nearly 100,000 visitors per year. They dominate the 800 m the vineyards of the region and the village of Duilhac (the Corbières).
Château de Pieusse11th centuryRuinePieusseThe castle is now in the private domain and can not be visited. This is a "real" Cathar castle in the sense that it was not altered by the royal crown upon annexation of Roussillon in France. It is characterized by a massive dungeon era whose use was essentially defensive. It is sold as national property in 1791.
Château de La Pomarède14th-15th centuryPomarède (La)Privately owned
Château de Pomas15th-17th centuryPomasPrivately owned
Château de Puichéric16th-18th centuryPuichéricPrivately owned.
Château de Puilaurens1229RuineLapradelle-PuilaurensIt is now owned by the town.
Château de Puivert12th centuryRuinePuivertSince its sale in 1995 by the family of Puivert, the castle has served on many films (The Ninth Gate, Winged Migration, The Passion of Beatrice ...) thanks to its well-preserved tower.
Château de Quéribus10th centuryRenovatedCucugnanIt was between the years 1998 and 2002 that runs the full restoration of the castle. Many efforts are made ??to develop the site and secure access from the castle to the public. Thus, the roof of the tower has been converted into spacious terrace for visitors.
Château de Quillan13th centuryIn good conditionQuillanPrivately owned
Château de Rieux-Minervois13th-19th centuryRieux-MinervoisPrivate property
Château de Roquecourbe-Minervois18th-20th centuryRoquecourbe-MinervoisPrivate property
Château de Ricey-Bas
Château de Roquefère17th centuryRoquefèrePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Ferriol17th centurySaint-FerriolOwned by a private company
Château de Sainte-Maure
Château de Saint-Martin-de-Poursan16th centuryCarcassonnePrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Martin de Toques12th-14th centuryBizanetPrivately owned.
Château de Saint-Michel-de-Lanès13th centuryIn good conditionSt Michel de LanèsIt is now a Bed and Breakfast.
Château de SaissacAppeared in text in 960Ruine but under restorationSaissacSince 1995, the municipality has a program of restoration. Some of the rooms have a small museum with information about the old currency, including the "treasure" found in Saissac (2000 denier, found in 1979 during the construction).
Château de Sallèles-d'Aude16th-18th centurySallèles-d'AudeOwned by the municipality
Château des Saptes16th centuryConques-sur-OrbielPrivately owned
Château seigneurial Serres16th-18th centurySerresPrivately owned
Château de La Serpent17th-18th centurySerpent (La)Privately owned
Château de Serviès-en-Val13th-19th centuryServiès-en-ValPrivately owned
Château du Terral19th-20th centuryOuveillanPrivate property
Manoir des Tourelles
Château de Termes10th centuryRuineTermesIn ruins, the castle has undergone significant consolidation work, archaeological and topographical and architectural analysis. It is open to visitors and has a label designed to inform visitors. With the prospect of a better recovery, a program of archaeological research is being developed by the municipality and is likely to make fundamental elements of knowledge and development of the site.
Château de Villar-en-Val17th-19th centuryVillar-en-ValPrivately owned
Château de Villarzel15th-17th centuryVillarzel-du-RazèsPrivately owned
Château de Vermoise
Château de Vaux
Château de Vendeuvre-sur-Barse
Château de Villehardouin
Château de Villerouge la CrémadeFabrezan
Château de Villerouge-Termenès12th centuryRuineVillerouge-TermenèsThe castle played an important role during the crusade against the Albigensians. The castle ruines, been a classification as historical monuments since October 6, 1976.
Tour Barberousse10th centuryRuineGruissanToday, the village of Gruissan built in circulade surrounds the castle ruins at the foot of which is the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption . The site of the tower offers a pretty spectacular view, where you can admire the town and the coast, the pond, the salt marshes and the port of Gruissan.

Châteaux of Gard

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Castellum divisorium de NîmesRuinsNîmesOwned by the municipality
Château d'Aigues-MortesAigues-Mortes
Château d'Aigremont
Château d'Aramon
Château d'Aiguèze
Château d'Allègre
Château d'Anduze
Château d'Arpaillargues
Château d'Aubussargues
Château d'Aumessas
Château d'AllègreFirst mention in 1163RuineAllègre-les-FumadesThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since July 25, 1997.
Château de Aramon18th-19th centuryAramonOwned by a private company
Château d'Assas18th centuryVigan (Le)Owned by an association
Château d'Aubais17th centuryAubaisOwned by the municipality
Cheylard d'Aujac12th-13th centuryIn good conditionAujacPrivately owned
Château des BarbutsSaint-André-de-Valborgne
Arque de Baron
Château de Beauvoisin
Château de Bez
Château de Boucoiran
Château des Buissières
Château de Bouquet
Château Barnier
Château de Bellecoste
Château de Roucaute
Château de Barjac10th centuryBarjacThe castle was restored and opened in 2008, now houses the Town Hall and became the cultural center od the town with exhibitions halls, drawing and painting, dance, music and accommodating the various associations.
Château de la Basse-CourMonteilsPrivately owned
Château de Beaucaire12th-16th centuryBeaucaireOwned by the municipality
Château de Blauzac14th centuryBlauzacPrivate property
Château de Boissières
Château de Brignon
Château Barnier
Château de Bellevue
Château de la Bastide d'Orniols
Château de la Bastide-d'Engras
Château de BoissièresBoissièresIt is now privately owned but it can be visited during Heritage Days.
Château de BrésisMoyen AgePonteils-et-BrésisPrivate property
Château de Calvières (Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze)17th-19th centurySaint-Laurent-d'AigouzeOwned by a private company
Château de Calvières (Vézénobres)18th centuryVézénobresPrivately owned
Château de Calvisson
Château de la Capelle
Château de Campestre
Château de Cornillon
Château fort de Corconne
Château de Clapices
Château de Caladon
Château de Collias
Puech de Cendras
Château de Cassagnoles
Château de Crouzas
Château de Castelnau Valence
Château de CandiacVestric-et-Candiac
Château de Cardet18th centuryCardetPrivately owned
Château Le Castellas12th-17th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-SalendrinquePrivately owned
Castellas de Belvezet13th-14th centuryBelvézetOwned by the municipality
Château de Caveirac17th centuryCaveiracOwned by the municipality
Château du Chaylard12th-14th centuryAujacPrivately owned
Château dit Le Duché12th-19th centuryUzèsPrivately owned
Château de Domazan
Château de Durfort12th centuryDurfort-et-Saint-Martin-de-SossenacPrivately owned
Château, église et presbytère15th-17th centuryPrivately owned
Château d'Espeyran19th centurySaint-GillesToday it houses the National Centre of microfilm and digitization. It is surrounded by a park of about 13 hectares where an archaeological reserve. It can be visted during Heritage Days.
Château d'Espinassous
Château de Fan1550LussanThe xxi th century, the visit is free and open to the outside. The property is private and can not be visited.âteau_de_Fan
Château de la Fare16th centuryCavillarguesPrivately owned
Château de Ferreyroles10th centurySt Privat de ChampclosDuring the last century, the tourist exploitation of the grooves (nudist camps) destroyed an ancient mill down the path between the castle and the river.âteau_de_Ferreyroles
Château de Fesq17th centuryVic-le-FesqPrivately owned
Château de Foissac
Château de Fontarèches
Château de FourquesMoyen AgeFourquesPrivately owned
Château de Fressac13th centuryRuinsFressacOwned by the municipality
Château de Gaujac17th centuryGaujacPrivately owned
Château de Grailhe
Château de Gicon
Château de Gajan
Château de Gallargues
Château de Garrigues
Château de Garons
Château de Générac
Château de Génolhac
Château de Générac11th centuryRestorationGénéracIt is now co-owned by the municipality and part of the building houses the Museum of the cooperage.
Château d'IsisIn good conditionSaint-Julien-de-la-NefPrivate property
Château de Lascours13th-18th centuryLaudunPrivate property
Château de Lédenon12th-18th centuryLédenonPrivately owned
Château de Lascours (Boisset-et-Gaujac)
Château de Lussan11th centuryLussanThe castle now houses municipal services and is characterized by a steeple bell on one of its corner towers.
Château de Madières14th-18th centuryRoguesOwned by a private company
Château de Mandajors12th centuryRuineSaint-Paul-la-CosteIt remains Castle Mandajors the ruins basements carved into the rock, a few departures towers, bread oven. The chapel in perfect condition, still serves as a place of worship would be the smallest Protestant church in France with only a couple of places.âteau_de_Mandajors
Château de MontaletMoyen AgeMolières-sur-CèzePrivate property
Château de Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers16th centuryMontaren-et-Saint-MédiersPrivately owned
Château de MontcalmVestric-et-CandiacPrivately owned
Château de Maransan
Château de Montjoie
Château de Montclus12th-17th centuryMontclusPrivately owned
Château de Montdardier13th centuryMontdardierCastle Montdardier been entered in respect of historical monuments since February 20, 1989. Private property.
Château de Montfaucon12th centuryMontfauconPrivately owned
Chateau de Montfrin12th-19th centuryMontfrinPrivately owned
Château de Montpezat14th-16th centuryMontpezatPrivately owned
Château de Nicolaï
Château de Pondres12th centuryVillevieilleIt is the largest castle in the department of Gard, currently in a state of disrepair strong concern justifying the start of a campaign to rescue and restoration to restore this unique part remains its past splendor. The pigonnier, also very poor, deserves such measures ...âteau_de_Pondres
Château de Portes12th centuryUnder restorationPortesThe castle is open to visitors all year round. Exhibitions, educational activities and cultural events are also organized.
Château de Pougnadoresse12th centuryPougnadoressePrivately owned
Château du plaisir
Château de Pouzilhac12th centuryPouzilhacPrivately owned
Château de Rabasse17th centuryRemoulinsPrivately owned
Château de Ribaute13th-18th centuryRibaute-les-TavernesPrivate property
Château de Roux
Château de Roquemaure13th centuryRoquemaurePrivately owned
Château de Rousson17th centuryRoussonPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Chaptes13th-17th centurySaint-ChaptesPrivately owned
Château de Salze
Château de Saint-Jean-du-Gard13th centurySaint-Jean-du-GardCurrently the building is managed by private owners, the site is open to the exhibitions and cultural events are held. Famous people stayed within its walls, Thoiras Marshal, the Duke of Rohan, Basville (intendant of Languedoc), Count de Broglie, the Duc de Noailles, Marshal Montrevel, Marshal Villars.
Château de Saint-Hippolyte-de-Caton15th-18th centurySaint-Hippolyte-de-CatonOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Laurent-Le-Minier1664Saint-Laurent-le-MinierSince 1977, the property was divided into co-properties. The castle of Saint-Laurent-le-Minier been entered in respect of historical monuments since January 6, 1988.
Château de Saint-MaximinMoyen Age-18th centurySaint-MaximinPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Victor-de-MalcapSaint-Victor-de-Malcap
Château de Sardan19th centurySardanPrivately owned
Château de Saze16th centurySazeOwned by the municipality
Château du SolierLasalle
Château de Sommières13th-18th centurySommièresOwned by the municipality
Château de TeillanAimarguesCurrently owned by Mrs. Cazenove and can be visited during Heritage Days.
Château de TheyrarguesRivières de TheyrarguesStill owned by the Ramel Family and its a private property.âteau_de_Theyrargues
Château de Toiras15th-18th centuryThoirasPrivately owned
Château de Tornac11th-16th centuryTornacPrivately owned
Château de La Tour13th centurySalles-du-Gardon (Les)Owned by the municipality
Château de Vallabrix16th centuryVallabrixPrivate property
Château de Vibrac
Fort Vauban
Château de Valliguières14th-19th centuryValliguièresOwned by the municipality
Château de Valcombe
Château fort de Valgarnide
Château de Villevieille13th-18th centuryIn good conditionVillevieillePrivately owned
Château de Vissec1228VissecA formal presentation and an exhibition of originals held from August 7 to August 23, 2010 in the exhibition hall of the castle. The room of the castle has housed exhibitions 400 lamps acetylene.
Château d'UzèsUzès
Domaine de Castille17th-20th centuryArgilliersPrivate property
Domaine de Saint-Privat17th-18th centuryVers-Pont-du-GardPrivately owned
Domaine de la Tour13th-19th centurySaint-ChaptesPrivately owned
Fort Saint-André1292Villeneuve-lès-AvignonFort Saint-Andrè is classified as a historical monument by orders of April 25, 1903 and November 14, 1925.
Ruines du Castellas12th-13th centurySaint-Victor-la-CosteOwned by the municipality

Châteaux of Herault

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abbaye de Cassan12th-18th centuryIn good conditionRoujanOwned by a private company
Château d'Agel12th centuryIn good conditionMontpellierOwned now by Mr. and Mrs Ecal-Besse. It is now a Bed and Breakfast place.âteau_d'Agel
Château d'Alco1740In good conditionMontpellierThe Alco castle was bought in January 1980 by the General Council of Hérault . It is the subject between 1985 and 1989, an extensive program including the construction of the Hotel Department, now located in front of him. It now houses the reception rooms and a restaurant for advisors. The gardens are open to the public.
Château d'Arboras1654ArborasCurrently owned by Mr. Coltier. It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since October 24, 1990âteau_d'Arboras
Château d'Assas1759In good conditionAssasThe castle was the setting for the filming of La Belle Noiseuse, a film by Jacques Rivette in 1991 and Return of Casanova 's Island Niermans in 1992. It can be visited on request or during Heritage Days.
Château d'AubaiguesSt-Étienne-de-Gourgas
Château d'AumelasRuineAumelasOwned by the town and it is subject to a classification under historical monuments since June 12, 1989.
Château des Bashy du Cayla17th centuryPignanOwned by the municipality
Château de Baulx12th centuryIn good conditionSt-Jean-de-BuègesOwned by the town
Château de Beaufort16th centuryBeaufortCurrently a vineyard and it is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since December 21, 1984âteau_de_Beaufort_(Hérault)
Château de BélargaBélarga
Château du Battut
Château de Bionne17th centuryWell preservedMontpellierToday its a Castle hotel and owned by a commercial company.âteau_de_Bionne
Château de la BlaquièreSaint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière
-Château de Bocaud1618RestoredJacouNow owned by the city of Jacou Bocaud Castle and its gardens are the subject of a restoration campaign. They are for the moment (September 2010) restoring the castle, not open to the public.âteau_de_Bocaud
Château Bon1694-1700In good conditionMontpellierPrivately owned
Château du BoscMudaison
Château de Bouloc10th centuryGoneCeilhes-et-RocozelsIn 1964 , the castle was destroyed by Bouloc Compagnie Nationale du Bas-Rhône in the impoundment of the dam's Avène to contain the flood of Orb. The location of the building is now under water, a few hundred meters south-west of the village of Ceilhes, opposite the current Café du Lac and along the old road known as Peyral (departmental D902) , where there is still the old barn castle, called "Farm Building"âteau_de_Bouloc
Château de BrissacBrissac
Château de Buzignargues17th centuryBuzignarguesPrivately owned.
Château de CabrerollesCabrerolles
Château de Cabrières
Château de Capion
Château de Capestangn
Château de Cabrières6th centuryCabrièresBetween 1986 and 1991, the excavations were conducted by the Group for Research and Studies Clermontais, led by Laurent Schneider
Château de Cambous16th-17th centuryIn good conditionViols-en-LavalPrivately owned
Château de CandillarguesCandillargues
Château de Canet14th centuryRuinsCanetPrivate property
Château de CaravettesMurles
Château de CastelnauCastelnau-de-Guers
Château de Castries16th centuryRestoredCastriesIn 1985, the castle is listed historical monument since 1966, and its bequeathed to the French Academy, on the decision of its owner, Count René de La Croix de Castries said "the Duke de Castries", heir to the house of La Croix Castries.
Château de Caunelles16th centuryJuvignacThe area is now the center of a large vineyard in "Saint-Georges-d'Orques."âteau_de_Caunelles
Château de Cazilhac13th centuryRestoredBousquet-d'OrbCastle Cazilhac is a member of the Conservatory gardens and landscapes. The courtyard and gardens are open to visitors.âteau_de_Cazilhac
Château de Cazouls-d'Hérault13th centuryCazouls-d'HéraultOriginally owned by the Order of Temple, followed by Order of St. John of Jerusalem and Timothy Mochalâteau_de_Cazouls-d'Hérault
Château de CeyrasViols-en-Laval
Donjon de Colombières-sur-Orb14th centuryColombières-sur-OrbThis dungeon is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since June 28, 1939.
Château de ConasPézenas
Château de CoujanMurviel-lès-Béziers
Château de CournonterralCournonterral
Château de CreysselsMèze
Château du CrosLe Cros
Château de la Devèze18th centuryVérarguesOwned by a private company
Château de Dio11th centuryDio-et-ValquièresCurrently owned by a private person. The castle gate Dio been a classification as historical monuments since October 24, 1930
Château de l'Engarran18th centuryLavéruneCurrently owned by the SCEA Chateau de Engarran.
Château des évêquesMurviel-lès-Montpellier
Château d'EsparrouLes Plans
Château de FélinesMèze
Château de FlaugerguesEnd of 17th centuryMontpellierOwned by Mr. and Mrs. Colbert. This area is then transmitted by inheritance, but never sold. It is the center of a vineyard and can visit all year round.
Château de FondoucePézenas
Château de FosFos
Château de Fozières
Château de FourquesJuvignac
Château de Fozières12th centuryFozièresOwned by a private person and it is subject of a registration under the historical monuments since February 1951.
Château de GardiesArgelliers
Château de la Garenne17th-18th centuryPoussanPrivate property
Château des GaucelmLunel
Château du GéantSt-Guilhem-le-Désert
Castellas de GignacGignac
Château de GirardMèze
Château de Grézan
Château de GourgasSt-Étienne-de-Gourgas
Château fort de GourgasSt-Étienne-de-Gourgas
Château de GrandsagnesSoulié (Le)State property
Château de la Grange des PrésPézenas
Château de Grézan19th centuryLaurensOwned by Ms. Marie-France Lanson. It is now winery.
Château des Guilhem12th centuryRuineClermont-l'HéraultOwned by the Association of values and heritage (held in leasehold by the city of Clermont-Hérault) The site is open to visitors, althought the access to the castle is not possible.
Château de Jonquières1656In good conditionJonquièresOwned now by Mr. and Mrs. Cabissole. It is now a vineyard and a Bed and Breakfast place.âteau_de_Jonquières
Château de Jonquières
Château de LarcadePouzols
Château de Laroque11th centuryLaroqueOwned by a private person and it is a subject of a registration under the historical monuments since January 22, 1979.
Château de LaroqueSt-Étienne-de-Gourgas
Château de Larzac17th-19th centuryPézenasPrivately owned
Château de Lavérune
Château de LaurouxLauroux
Château de la LauzeSt-Jean-de-Védas
Château de Lavagnac17th centuryMontagnacIt is now owned by a company name Leisure & Land SA (Cox Group, UK).âteau_de_Lavagnac
Château de Lauzières12th-15th centuryOctonPrivately owned
Château de Lavalette17th centuryLavalettePrivately owned.
Château Levat18th centuryMontpellierMore recently, the castle is owned by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Herault.
Château de Lézignan-la-Cèbe17th centuryLézignan-la-CèbePrivately owned
Château de Libouriac1883BéziersIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since December 12, 1995âteau_de_Libouriac
Château de Londres16th-17th centuryNotre-Dame-de-LondresPrivately owned
Château de Loubatières15th-18th centuryPézenasPrivately owned
Château de LunasLunas
Château de Lunel-Viel19th centuryLunel-VielOwned by the municipality
Château de MalavieilleMérifons
Chateau de Margon15th-18th centuryIn good conditionMargonOwned by a private company
Château de Marsillargues14th-18th centuryMarsillarguesOwned by the municipality
Château de Maureilhan14th-17th centuryMaureilhanPrivately owned
Château de MercoirolLes Aires
Château de MéricCastelnau-le-Lez
Château de la Mogère
Citadelle de Minerve13th centuryMinerveOwned by the municipality
Château de la Mogère1715MontpellierIt is listed as a historic monument since 1945.
Château de MonpeyrouxMontpeyroux
Château de MontarnaudMontarnaud
Château de Montferrand12th centuryRuineSaint-Mathieu-de-TreviersOwned by the municipality.
Château de Montferrier-sur-Lez17th-18th centuryMontferrier-sur-LezOwned by the municipality
Château de Montlaur (Montaud)MontaudPrivately owned
Château de Montlaur (Poussan)PoussanPrivate property
Château de Montlaur (Murles)Murles
Château des évêques de Montpellier16th centuryLavéruneCurrently owned by the municipality and it now a Museum of Contemporary Painting.
Castellas de MontpeyrouxMontpeyroux
Château de MontpezatPézenas
Château de la Mosson1723MontpellierOwned by the municipality.
Château de MourèzeMourèze
Château de MurlesMurles
Château de MurvielMurviel-lès-Béziers
Château de MusMurviel-lès-Béziers
Château des Archevêques de Narbonne14th centuryCapestangOwned by the municipality and it is the subject of a classification as historical monuemnts since September 29, 1995.
Château de Nizas16th-17th centuryNizasOwned by a private company
Château d'O1743RestoredMontpellierPassed through many hands, the estate was acquired in 1906 by the General Council of Hérault. The carefully restored castle and the park also restored, now house a 230-seat theater, an amphitheater of 1800 and an auditorium of 600 seats. The area is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday.
Château du ParcPézenas
Château de Pardailhan17th centuryIn good conditionPardailhanCurrently owned by Famille Joecker
Château de ParlatgesSaint-Pierre-de-la-Fage
Château de Pégairolles-de-l'Escalette12th-17th centuryPégairolles-de-l'EscalettePrivately owned
Château de Perdiguier13th-18th centuryMaraussanPrivately owned
Château de Peyrat16th-17th centuryTourbesPrivately owned
Château de Pézènes-les-Mines14th-17th centuryPézènes-les-MinesPrivately owned
Château de PignanPignan
Château de la Piscine18th centuryIn good conditionMontpellierIn April 1965, the area was visited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother during a private visit to France.
Château de PopianPopian
Château de Poussan-le-Haut1370BéziersPrivate owned and it is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since October 31, 1975âteau_de_Poussan-le-Haut
Château de PouzollesPouzolles
Château de Preignes-le-Vieux12th-16th centuryViasOwned by a private company
Château du PuechLe Puech
Château de Puilacher17th-18th centuryPuilacherPrivately owned
Château de Puimisson18th centuryPuimissonOwned by the municipality
Château de Puissalicon13th-17th centuryPuissaliconPrivately owned
Château de Puisserguier12th centuryPuisserguierPrivate property
Château de RestinclièresPrades-le-Lez
Château de Ribaute16th centuryRestoredLieuran-lès-Béziers Since August 2004, the current owners to undertake restoration of the castle and park in the English style of eight hectares. It is now a Tourist accomodations or a Bed and Breakfast place.âteau_de_Ribaute
Château de RoquelunePézenas
Château de la Roquette12th centuryIn good conditionRouetPrivately owned
Château Saint-Bauzille19th centuryBéziersCurrently owned by Jean-Claude Gisclard. A project of a Piano Museum is being constructed here.âteau_Saint-Bauzille
Château de Saint-Geniès-de-Fontedit17th centurySaint-Geniès-de-FonteditPrivate property
Château de Saint-GuiraudSaint-Guiraud
Château de Savignac-le-Haut12th centuryIn good conditionCazouls-lès-BéziersOwned by Mr. La Paquerie and it is now a Bed and Breakfast place.âteau_de_Savignac-le-Haut
Château de Saint-Jean-de-VédasSt-Jean-de-Védas
Château de Saint-JulienPézenas
Château de Saint-MartinLa Vacquerie
Château de Saint-MauriceSt-Maurice-Navacelles
Château de Saint-MichelSaint-Michel-d'Alajou
Château de St-Martin-de-GravesPézenas
Château de St-Martin-du-VignogoulPignan
Domaine de Saint-Jean-de-Bébian
Château de Saint-Martin-de-Graves
Château de Saint-Martin-du-Vignogoul
Château de Saint-PargoireSaint-Pargoire
Château de Saint-PrivatSaint-Privat
Château de Sorbs16th-17th centurySorbsPrivately owned
Château de SoubèsSoubès
Château de la Tour (Hérault)19th centuryMontadyPrivately owned
Château du Terral
Château de TressanTressan
Château d'Usclas-du-BoscUsclas-du-Bosc
Château de Vendres13th centuryVendresPrivately owned
Château de Verchant16th centuryIn good conditionCastelnau-le-LezIt is owned by Domaine de Verchant and it is now a Castle Hotel.âteau_de_Verchant
Château du Vieux Mujolan12th centuryFabrèguesOwned by a private person and it is now a Vineyard. It is subject for registration under historical monument since July 22, 1991.
Château du VillarelBrissac
Domaine de GrammontRebuilt between 1895 and 1897Montpellier
Domaine de St-Jean de BébianPézenas
Maison Castanier-ReyMauguio
Résidence des abbés de Joncels17th centuryTour-sur-Orb (La)Privately owned
Roc CastelLe Caylar
Tour de Montady12th centuryMontady

Châteaux of Lozere

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'ApcherRuinePrunièresKeep intact is almost the only trace of the castle.
Château d'ArigèsIn good conditionBédouès
Château d'Ayres8th centuryIn good conditionMeyrueisBecome a Luxury Hotel and Restaurantâteau_d'Ayres
Château de la Baume1630PrinsuèjolsThe "Versailles" lozérien, private property. The castle is open to visitors, was inscribed on the list of historical monuments in 1963âteau_de_la_Baume
Château de Barres
Château de BlanquefortLes Vignes
Château du Boy14th centuryLanuéjolsBecome climate center.
Château de Calberte11th centuryFully restoredSaint-Germain-de-CalberteOwned by the Darnas Family. Today the castle is almost completely restored. The visit will be paid and so it is used to finance the work of clearing. In summer, an exhibition recounts the restoration work and the result of excavations. Its owner, goldsmith jeweler, will also present its productions.
Château de Cambiaire1366RestoredSaint-Étienne-Vallée-FrançaiseLong the castle was a private property not visiting. Sold in 2011, it now has a tourist vocation cottages, guest house etc..
Château de Canilhac12th centuryRuinsCanilhac
Château de Castanet13th centuryPourcharessesAfter restoration is completed in 2006, the castle will take guided tours and exhibitions organized by the Community of the Town.
Château de Castelbouc12th centuryRuineSainte-Enimie. It is now in ruins, and is virtually inaccessible.
Château de la Caze15th centuryLaval-du-TarnIt was transformed in to a Luxury hotel and restaurant.
Château du Champ1288AltierThe castle now belongs to a private person and do not visit. In 1981, given the magnitude, urgency and cost of work to be done, it was decided to create a SCI family, with the aim to restore and keep it alive.
Château de Chanac1194RuineChanac Keep in tact is almost the only trace of the castle.
Château de Chapieu11th centuryRuineLanuéjolsToday the castle is reached by following a path, but the few remaining ruins are overgrown.
Château de CharbonnièresMontbrun
Château du Choizal17th centuryIn good conditionBalsièges
Château de Combettes (Estables)Estables
Château de Combettes (Ribennes)18th-20th centuryRibennesPrivately owned
Château de Condres15th-18th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-MontaurouxPrivately owned
Château de CougoussacGabrias
Château de Florac13th centuryFloracSince 1976, the castle was recently used as it became the seat of the Cevennes National Park which restored. In addition, it houses a permanent exhibition "Passengers Landscape": a modern performance space, interactive quadrillingue (French, English, German, Dutch).
Château du Fort14th-17th centuryChambon-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château de Fournels16th-18th centuryFournelsPrivately owned
Château de la Garde14th centuryRuineAlbaret-Sainte-Marie It is now in ruins and is easily accessible.
Château de la Garde-Guérin13th centuryRuinsPrévenchèresOwned by the municipality
Château de GralhonFlorac
Château de GrandlacLaval-du-Tarn
Château de la GrangeServières
Château de Grizac13th centuryLe Pont-de-MontvertOwned by Renaud Laubespin. On December 21, 1984, the house (the remaining parts of the castle) were classified historical monument, and all outbuildings and farm buildings was registered.
Château d'Hauterives12th centuryRuinsSainte-Enimie
Château de Luc12th centuryRuineLucIn 1878 , the tower is transformed into a chapel and a statue of the Virgin Mary at the top is installed. The castle ruins were listed historical monument February 10, 1986.
Castel MerletLa Malène
Château de Meyrueis10th centuryRuineMeyrueisDemolished in 1632, replaced by the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rock (1875)
Château de Miral13thn centuryBédouèsIt gradually fell into ruin, until a private action in the early 1980s for repair. Thus the castle is protected by registration as historical monuments since 1984.
Château de MontferrandRuineBanassac It is now in ruins but remains easily accessible
Château de MontjézieuMention in 12th centuryRestoredLa CanourgueIn 1971 , the castle is listed as a historical monument.
Château de Montialoux12th centuryRuineSaint-BauzileThe remains include a wall, terraces that may indicate the presence of a second wall. A vaulted passage leads to the courtyard, the chapel was against the enclosure. A newer home occupies the south side of the courtyard, it also remains the foundations of a round tower.
Château de Montjézieu
Château de MontmiratSaint-Étienne-du-Valdonnez
Château abbatial Naussac16th-17th centuryNaussacOwned by a private company
Château d'Orfeuillette1875In good conditionAlbaret-Sainte-MariePrivately owned
Château de PlanchampPied-de-Borne
Château de Prades12th-13th centuryIn good conditionSainte-EnimieOwned by a private company
Château de Ressouches16th-17th centuryChanacPrivately owned
Château de Rocheblave16th centuryIn good conditionIspagnac
Château de Roquedols1300RepairedMeyrueisInformation Centre of the Cevennes National Park and open to the public. (temporarily closed).
Château du Roure11th-15th centuryPrévenchèresPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Alban11th centurySaint-Alban-sur-LimagnoleBecome psychiatric hospital, also houses the tourist office and part of the museum's collection of Mende.
Château de Saint-Julien-d'Arpaon13th centuryRuineSaint-Julien-d'ArpaonThe castle then suffer the ravages of time, and is currently in ruins, though better preserved than many castles in Gevaudan.
Château de Saint-Lambert18th-19th centuryIn good conditionMarvejolsPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Saturnin13th centuryRestoredSaint-SaturninIt is also in ruin at the national inventory in 1968 but an association begins to restore it. It is also registered as a historical monument since 1995.
Château de Salgas18th-19th centuryIn good conditionVebronPrivately owned
Château des SallèlesBanassac
Château du SolierSaint-Hilaire-de-Lavit
Château du Tournel13th centuryRuineSaint-Julien-du-TournelThe castle appeared in some films- Coline Serreau " Saint-Jacques ... Mecca.
Château de la VigerieLangogne
Château de Villaret12th centuryAllencIt remains today a tower located in the center of the natural park valley of Villaret, where he hosts various exhibitions.
Domaine du Solier16th-18th centurySaint-Hilaire-de-LavitPrivately owned
Domaine de la Grange16th-17th centuryServièresPrivately owned
Manoir d'IssengesIn good conditionBédouèsPrivate property
Manoir de Montesquiou15th centuryIn good conditionLa MalènePrivate property

Châteaux of Pyrenees orientales

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'ArdaSournia
Château d'Aubiry19th-20th centuryIn good conditionCéretPrivate property
Château d'En Bardou19th- 20th centuryElneOwned by the municipality
Château de BélestaBélesta
Château de Canet-en-Roussillon11th centuryRestoredCanet-en-RoussillonRegistered as an historic monument since 1984, is being restored by the Friends of Old Canet.
Château de Castelnou11th centuryRestoredCastelnouCurrently owned by the Credit Agricole South Mediterranean.
Château Royal de Collioure12th centuryCollioureThe castle is owned by the General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales since 1952 and manages the reception of the public and the organization of events, with the city of Collioure and Cultural Network Catalan Earth.
Château des Comtes de Conflent-Cerdagne11th centuryCorneilla-de-ConflentPrivately owned
Château de Corbère10th-15th centuryRuinsCorbèreOwned by a private company
Château de Cuxous11th-13th centuryCassagnesPrivately owned
Château DucupPerpignan
Château de l'Esparrou19th centuryIn good conditionCanet-en-RoussillonPrivate property
Château d'Evol13th centuryOlettePrivately owned
Château féodal de CarolPortaOwned by the municipality
Fort Libéria
Château, dit Mas de Las Fons12th-14th centuryCalceOwned by the municipality
Château et enceinte fortifiée Montalba-le-Château12th-13th centuryMontalba-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château de MossetMosset
Palais Majeur
Château de NyerNyer
Château de ParacollsMolitg-les-Bains
Château de Pujols13th centuryRuinsArgelès-sur-MerOwned by the municipality
Château de RiellMolitg-les-Bains
Château de la Roca d'Anyer10th-16th centuryRuinsNyerOwned by the municipality
Château de SabardaCaudiès-de-Fenouillèdes
Château de Saint-Hippolyte17th-18th centurySaint-HippolytePrivately owned
Château de SaüThuir
Château de Tautavel13th centuryTautavelOwned by the municipality
Château de Valmy1888-1900In good conditionArgelès-sur-MerPrivately owned
Château vicomtal Saint-Pierre de Fenouillet11th centuryRuinsFenouillet
Château du VivierLe Vivier
Château d'UltrèreFirst mention in 673RuineArgelès-sur-MerApart from cultural tourism, the site is a climbing very popular with local rock climbers. About fifty channels are equipped traveled. More broadly the site developed into places of hiking and diverse. (Site for paragliding, mountain biking, etc ...).
Château d'Ultrère
Fort de Bellegarde17th centuryIn good conditionLe Perthus
Fort Lagarde17th centuryRestoredPrats-de-Mollo-la-PresteIn 1976 , more than fifty years after its disarmament, it was acquired by the joint undertaking restoration.
Forteresse de Salses1497Salses-le-ChâteauBeing manage by the Centre of the National Monuments.
Fort Libéria1681RestoredVillefranche-de-ConflentThe fort was put up for sale and purchased in 1955 by Mr. Marcel Puy, who made ??it a wedding gift to his wife. Finally in 1984, Mr. Puy signed a long lease with 4 merchants of the city and after three years of restoration, the fort was opened to the public in 1987.
Fort Saint-Elme1538-1552In good conditionColliourePrivately owned
Palais des rois de Majorque13th centuryPerpignanOwned by the General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales and its open to the public. Events are being organized here.
Tours de Cabrenc13th centuryRuinsSerralongueOwned by the municipality

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