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Châteaux of Lorraine

This is the list of Châteaux in Lorraine. As a region in modern France, it is consists of four departments: Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle, Vosges.

We have listed 315 Chateaux in the Lorraine region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 98 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Lorraine that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Meurthe-et-Moselle

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de l'Abbé de Bouzey18th centuryLaneuveville-devant-NancyPrivately owned
Château d'AboncourtAboncourt
Château d'Acraignes ou de GuiseFrolois
Château d'AdoménilRehainviller
Château d'AfflévilleAffléville
Château d'AffracourtAffracourt
Château de l'Avant-GardePompeyOwned by the Town
Château Anthoine16th-18th centuryIn good conditionVandoeuvre-lès-NancyPrivately owned
Château d'Art-sur-Meurthe18th centuryRestored and maintainedArt-sur-MeurtheThe castle is an entertainment site through the town, holiday, cultural events ... that allow to visit at the same time as its domestic remain well supplied with wood and various fireplaces. The place is also suitable for weddings and various receptions and cocktails.
Château de l'Avant-GardePompeyOwned by the Town
Château de Bainville13th centuryRuineBainville-aux-MiroirsThe area around the ruined tower is dangerous and the risk of falling existing stones, the site is closed to the public (security perimeter).
Château de BasChampigneulles
Château Baudinet-de-CourcellesLay-Saint-Christophe
Château de Bicqueley17th-18th centuryBicqueleyPrivately owned
Château de Blâmont1200RuineBlâmontSince 1991, volunteers from the Key Association Arch strive to maintain the site and give it new life.
Maison-forte médiévale14th centuryBoucqCurrently owned by Jean-François Denizot.
Château médiéval de Bouvron15th centuryBouvronSold as national property to the Revolution, the castle was converted into a farm operation up to this dayâteau_de_Bouvron
Château de Brabois17th centuryRuinsVillers-lès-Nancy
Château de Briey et fortificationsBriey
Château de Blâmont
Maison-forte médiévale
Château de BrouchetièreBriey
Château du CharmoisVandœuvre-lès-Nancy
Château de Condé-sur-Moselle
Château de Choloy19th centuryCholoy-MénillotPrivately owned
Château de Clémery15th-19th centuryClémeryPrivately owned
Château Colin19th-20th centuryBelleauPrivately owned
Château de Cons-la-Grandville17th centuryRestoredCons-la-GrandvilleOpen to the public, the castle and its joint are restored since 1984.
Château Corbin19th centuryIn good conditionLiverdun
Château de Dieulouard997RestoredDieulouard The castle houses the "Museum Friends of Old Country Dieulouard" to present artifacts from the ancient city os Scarpone as well as collections of the 16th and 17th centuries as weapons of last 3 wars.
Château de Etreval16th centuryEtrevalPrivate property
Château de Eulmont18th centuryEulmontPrivately owned
Château d'Euvezin16th-18th centuryEuvezinPrivately owned
Château d'Étreval
Château d'Eulmont
Château de FicquelmontThumeréville
Château de Fleur-FontaineAmance
Château de Fléville1320Fléville-devant-Nancy It is also one of the few castles in Lorraine spared Richelieu order of Louis XIII at the end of the Thirty Years War. Owned by the Lambel Family since 1802. Open to the public.
Château de FrovilleFroville-la-Romane
Château de la Franche-MoitresseEulmont
Château de Gerbéviller17th centuryIn good conditionGerbévillerToday, the castle is inhabited by the Prince and Princess Charles d'Arenberg, the House of Arenberg.
Château d'Haroué1720HarouéOwned by the Beauvau-Craon Family. Open to visitors.
Château d'HatrizeHatrize
Château Haussonville16th centuryHaussonvillePrivately owned
Château d'Haroué
Château d'Haussonville
Château de HautChampigneulles
Château de JaillonJaillon
Château de Jaulny11th centuryJaulnyIt is the subject of a partial registration under historical monuments since February 4, 1988.
Château de Jeandelaincourt14th centuryJeandelaincourtFor a little history on these homes, visit the village.
Château de la Favorite1730Close to getting ruineLunévilleIt is classified entirely under historical monuments on September 21, 2011.
Château de LenoncourtLenoncourtPrivately owned
Château de Longwy17th centuryLongwy Owned by the City. It is listed as World HEritage by UNESCO under the work of Vauban.
Château des comtes de LudresLudres
Château de Lupcourt17th-18th centuryLupcourtPrivate property
Château de Lunéville
Château de Lunéville1703Under restorationLunéville2015 is the date of completion of the total restoration of the burned parts. The restored parts are open to visitors. It is free of charge (excluding events or shows), and can be done daily from 9am to 12pm and 14pm to 18pm (from 10am on Sunday).
Château de Madame de Graffigny17th centuryRestoredVillers-lès-NancyIt has a remarkable park that has many rare species.
Château de Mailly-sur-Seille12th-13th centuryMailly-sur-SeillePrivately owned
Château Moselly
Château de ManoncourtManoncourt-sur-Seille
Château de ManonvilleManonville
Château de MantevilleÉpiez-sur-Chiers
Château du Maréchal LyauteyThorey-Lyautey
Château de Martigny15th-19th centuryColmeyPrivately owned
Château de Mars-la-TourMars-la-Tour
Château de la famille de MitryLeménil-Mitry
Château de Montaigu17th centuryIn good conditionLaneuveville-devant-NancyIt is now the Lorraine Museum of Nancy.
Château de MoncelJarny
Château du MontetVandœuvre-lès-Nancy
Château de Morey17th centuryMoreyPrivately owned
Château MoselliChaudeney-sur-Moselle
Château de Mousson13th centuryRuineMoussonIt was destroyed by the locals who acted under duress French troops. Castle Mousson been a classification as historical monuments since April 1932.
Château de Moyen1444RuineMoyenAmong the elements of the castle are still visible are: The manor house, the prsion tower, the well and the episcopal palace.
Château de Neuviller-sur-Moselle16th-18th centuryNeuviller-sur-MosellePrivately owned
Château de Nomeny14th centuryNomenyOwned by the Town
Château d'OnvilleOnville
Château de ParroyParroy
Château de Pierrefort1306MartincourtPrivate property and it is now a farm building.
Château de Pierre-Percée12th centuryRuinePierre-PercéeIt has not been rebuilt and its stones were used as building materials. It is owned by the National Board of Forestry.
Château de Prény11th centuryPrényThe castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 1862.
Château de PuxePuxe
Château de Pierre-Percée
Château de Prény
Château de Rembercourt-sur-MadRembercourt-sur-Mad
Château de RémicourtVillers-lès-Nancy
Château de la RochottePierre-la-Treiche
Château de RosièresRosières-aux-salines
Château de Saulxures (Saulxures-lès-Nancy)18th centurySaulxures-lès-NancyPrivately owned
Château de Thorey-LyauteyThorey-LyauteyPrivately owned
Château de VandelévilleVandeléville
Château de VaudémontVaudémontOwned by the Town
Château de Ville-au-Val15th-18th centuryVille-au-ValPrivate property
Château de Villers-les-Prud'homme16th-17th centuryVille-au-ValPrivate property
Château de VilletteVillette
Domaine de la ferme et du château de Tichémont14th-19th centuryGiraumontPrivate property
Enceinte épiscopale et ancien châteauBlénod-lès-Toul
Maison-forte de Barisey13th centuryRuineBarisey-au-PlainIt is not turned into a farm house building.
Maison-forte de BezaumontBezaumont
Maison-forte de Saint-PancréSaint-Pancré
Maison-forte de Sexey-aux-ForgesSexey-aux-Forges
Maison-forte de ThézeyThézey-Saint-Martin
Maison-forte de Tumejus15th centuryBullignyCurrently owned by Family Bonjean. The domain is registered under partly historical monuments, since February 13, 1997.
Maison-forte de Villey-Saint-ÉtienneVilley-Saint-Étienne
Palais des Ducs de Lorraine1502In good conditionNancy It currently houses the Lorraine History Museum which tells the story of Lorraine territory from prehistory to modern times mainly via the history of the Duchy of Lorraine.
Prieuré de VanrangévilleVarangéville
Tour MahuetLabry

Châteaux of Meuse

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château de Arrancy-sur-Crusne17th centuryArrancy-sur-CrusnePrivately owned
Château d'Arrancy-sur-Crusne
Château du Bas-CharmoisMouzay
Château Bar-le-Duc Meuse16th-19th centuryBar-le-DucOwned by the Town
Château de Burey-la-Côte16th-17th centuryBurey-la-CôtePrivately owned
Château de Chalaines18th centuryChalainesPrivately owned
Château de Charmois17th centuryMouzayPrivately owned
Château de Choiseul15th-16th centuryStainvillePrivately owned
Château Claudot16th centuryBeurey-sur-SaulxPrivately owned
Château du ClosSampigny
Château du Haut-Charmois
Château de Combles-en-BarroisSampigny
Château de Commercy1708In good conditionCommercyOwned by the municipality and it is now the town hall and other municipal services.
Château de Dieue-sur-Meuse18th centuryDieue-sur-MeusePrivately owned
Château des ducs de Bar10th centuryIn good conditionBar-le-DucThis building now houses the Musée Barrois.
Château de Fresnois17th-19th centuryMontmédyPrivately owned
Château de Gombervaux14th centuryRestoredVaucouleurs The association runs the place by organizing cultural and tourist activities, attracting a wide audience anxious to know better this regional heritage.
Château de GondrecourtGondrecourt-le-Château
Château de Goussaincourt17th centuryGoussaincourtPrivately owned
Château d'Hannoncelles16th-20th centuryVille-en-WoëvrePrivately owned
Château de Hattonchâtel
Château de Hattonchâtel860Rebuilt in 1923Vigneulles-lès-HattonchâtelMiss Belle Skinner, American benefactor Hattonchâtel she helped rebuild the ruins after the war of 1914-1918. She was responsible for the reconstruction of the castle, the town hall and school laundry.âteau_de_Hattonchâtel
Château de Jean d'Heurs1140Lisle-en-RigaultSeveral remains of the abbey, parts of the castle and the park are protected under the Historic Monuments.
Château de la ForgeHaironvilleThe elevation and the roof of the main building are the subject of a registration under the Historic Monuments by order of June 9, 1947.
Château de l'Isle16th centuryCousances-les-ForgesPrivately owned
Château de Koeur-la-Petite18th centuryKoeur-la-PetitePrivate property
Château de LabessièreAncemont
Château de Ligny-en-BarroisChâteau de Ligny-en-Barrois
Château de LionLion-devant-Dun
Château de Lisle18th centuryLisle-en-RigaultPrivate homes. The home, outside of the classified parts, is the subject of an entry under historical monuments since February 18, 1992.
Château de Louppy-sur-Loison12th-18th centuryLouppy-sur-LoisonPrivately owned
Château de la MalpierreRigny-la-Salle
Château de Montbras
Château de Marbeaumont20th centuryIn good conditionBar-le-DucOwned by the Town
Château de MauvagesMauvages
Château des Monthairons1857MonthaironsBought in 1985 by Thouvenin family since 1989, brings the castle Monthairons as qu'Hostellerie of charm and character.
Château de Montiers-sur-SaulxMontiers-sur-Saulx
Château de MontmédyMontmédy
Château de Morlaincourt16th- 20th centuryChanterainePrivately owned
Château de Neuville-en-Verdunois16th-18th centuryNeuville-en-VerdunoisPrivately owned
Château d'OurchesOurches-sur-Meuse
Château de Sampigny1668SampignyThe castle is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since February 24, 1976âteau_de_Sampigny
Château Stanislas18th centuryCommercyOwned by the Town
Château du Tertre18th centuryTronville-en-BarroisOwned by the Town
Château de Thillombois17th centuryRestoredThillombois It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since March 6, 1995.
Château de la Varenne16th-19th centuryHaironvilleOwned by a private company
Château de Vaucouleurs14th centuryVaucouleursOwned by the municipality
Château de Ville-sur-SaulxIn good conditionLisle-en-Rigault
Château de Void14th centuryVoid-VaconPrivately owned
Château de WatronvilleWatronville
Domaine de BeaupréChassey-BeaupréPrivately owned
Domaine de Bertheléville (ancien)17th-19th centuryDainville-BerthelévillePrivately owned
Domaine dit du Fourneau19th centuryDammarie-sur-SaulxOwned by a private company
Maison-forte de Bazincourt-sur-SaulxBazincourt-sur-Saulx
Pigeonnier du château Autrécourt-sur-Aire18th centuryAutrécourt-sur-AirePrivately owned

Châteaux of Moselle

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ancien château Lasalle18th centuryBan-Saint-Martin (Le)Owned by an association
Château d'Ancerville
Château d'Alteville15th centuryRestoredTarquimpol
Château de AncervilleAncervillePrivately owned
Château d'Arry1714RuineArryThe castle was completely destroyed during the Second World War in 1946. The property now belongs to the Federation of Families of France Moselle who manages a recreation center.âteau_d'Arry
Château d'Aubigny16th centuryRestoredCoincyOwned by Marie-Odile Ornellas. The gardens of Aubigny can be visited during the summer, especially during the Heritage Day (3rd weekend of September).âteau_d'Aubigny
Château d'Aulnois14th centuryRestoredAulnois-sur-SeilleCurrently owned by SIVU Valley of the Pail (local authority involving nine municipalities). It is now houses a Public elementary school, restaurant, periscolaire, leisure center, socio-cultural activities and events.
Château de BagneuxVernéville
Château BarrabinoForbach
Château de BarstBarst
Château de Berg-sur-MoselleBerg-sur-Moselle
Château de Bétange19th-20th centuryFlorangePrivately owned
Château de Bidestroff16th centuryBidestroffPrivately owned
Château de BitcheFirst mention in 12th centuryRuineBitcheThe Citadel of Bitche is part of the network of great sites in Moselle. Through its underground complex, audio-visual museum tour takes visitors to discover the history of the fortress.
Château de BlettangeBousse
Château de Bourg-EschSchwerdorff
Château de BuchyBuchy
Château de BurthécourtSalonnes
Château de Buy1188RestoredAntillyIt currently houses a nightclub frequented by quite the gay population of the Messina area.âteau_de_Buy
Château Buzelet18th centurySainte-RuffinePrivately owned
Château de Chahury20th centuryChâtel-Saint-GermainPrivately owned
Château de Charleville-sous-Bois18th centuryCharleville-sous-BoisPrivately owned
Château de Chérisey17th-19th centuryChériseyPrivately owned
Château de Colombey10th centuryRuineCoincyToday it is difficult to locate the castle in the middle of the park is no longer used as cattle. It is the foundations, cellars covered with a mound of earth and already tall trees, a deep well of twenty meters and an average building, still standing, which served as a stable for the castle.
Château de Courcelles1690Montigny-lès-MetzCurrently owned by Bernard Anthonioz and it became a 4-star boutique hotel with gourmet restaurant.âteau_de_Courcelles
Château de Craincourt15th-16th centuryCraincourtPrivately owned
Château de DieuzeDieuze
Château de DitschvillerCocheren
Château d'Einartzhausen17th centuryPhalsbourgThe building is currently on the land full of ancient stronghold, a few meters from the door of Germany, and is currently adjacent to the municipal flats. The castle is still used as a framework for cultural events, especially during the festival.
Château des Étangs17th centurySaint-Vincent-du-LorouërPrivate home. The castle is the subject of a registration monuments since October 3, 1988âteau_des_Étangs
Château Espagne18th-19th centuryMeyPrivately owned
Château des Étangs
Château Fabert15th-16th centuryMoulins-lès-MetzOwned by the municipality
Château du FalkensteinFirst mention in 1127RuinesPhilippsbourgThe ruins is the property of the State, it is classified historic monument since February 16, 1930 and access to the ruins has been banned since 1999.
Château de Fénétrange14th-18th centuryFénétrangeOwned by the municipality
Château fort de VryVry
Château-fort Rodemack15th-18th centuryRodemackPrivately owned
Château de Frauenberg13th-18th centuryFrauenbergOwned by an association
Château de FürstFolschviller
Château de Gendersberg1723HanvillerGentersberg is now a farm , isolated on the shelf that extends northwest of Hanviller, including a fairly large area buildings seem to have been built at the beginning of the 18th century.
Château de GeroldseckNiederstinzelOwned by the Town
Château du Grand-Arnsberg12th centuryRuineBaerenthal It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since November 1994âteau_du_Grand-Arnsberg
Château de GoinGoin
Château de La Grange1731RestoredManom It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since February 1984.
Château de La Grange-aux-Ormes1187In good conditionMarly
Château de Guermange18th centuryGuermangeOwned by the Department
Château des Hayes17th centuryHayes It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since November 18, 2004âteau_des_Hayes
Château d'Helfedange12th centuryGuinglangeToday, the area Helfedange belongs to the descendants of Antoine Louis celini Cressac Soleuvre and his wife Henriette, Baroness Vincent. The castle is private and can not be visited.
Château du Helfenstein14th centuryRuinePhilippsbourg The ruins are very little remains, except for a well discovered in 1928, but is a nice sporty drive.âteau_du_Helfenstein
Château de Hellering17th centuryHombourg-HautCurrently owned by Alain M. Berthol. It was destroyed by fire in November 1918.
Château d’Henriette de LorraineSaint-Avold
Château de HingsangeGrostenquin
Château dit Le Hof, à Guentrange18th centuryThionvillePrivately owned
Château Hohe Weyersberg1560RuineMouterhouseThe only remains is the ruine tower.âteau_du_Hohe_Weyersberg
Château de Hombourg-Budange1566Hombourg-BudangeCurrently owned by Charles Louis de Rochechouart Mortemart. The castle Homburg been a classification as historical monuments since 1928.
Château de Hombourg-HautHombourg-HautOwned by the Town
Château d'Hausen (Hombourg-Haut)
Château de la HorgneMontigny-lès-Metz
Château de JallaucourtJallaucourt
Château des Lanzy19th centuryMeisenthalA chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows is built in the middle of the 19th century and the altar consecrated in 1854 by Monseigneur Dupont des Logesâteau_des_Lanzy_%C3%A0_Meisenthal
Château de Logne1105RuineRurange-lès-ThionvilleThe castle and archaeological museum visit of the falconry and a treasure hunt on the theme of the legend of the drip pan for gold today animate the old castle.âteau_de_Logne
Château des ducs de Lorraine11th centurySierck-les-BainsThe castle houses a collection of weapons 15th and 16th centuries in his arsenal.âteau_des_ducs_de_Lorraine
Château de Lorry18th centuryLorry-MardignyPrivately owned
Château de Luc17th-20th centuryHayesPrivately owned
Château de LueHayes
Château de Luttange13th-20th centuryLuttangeOwned by the Town
Château de Lutzelbourg11th centuryRuineLutzelbourg It is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since February 1930.
Château de Malbrouck1419ManderenBelonging to the network of Great Sites Moselle, Chateau de Malbrouck offers a dynamic exhibition showcasing five centuries of history through sets of the amazing imagery and models. Medieval banquets and performances are often held within its walls.
Château de Mardigny16th-19th centuryLorry-MardignyPrivately owned
Château de Marimont15th centuryRuineBourdonnayit is registered historical monuments since December 24, 1991âteau_de_Marimont#Lieux_et_monuments
Château de MercyRestoredArs-LaquenexyIt was part of the municipality of Mercy until its merger with the commune of Laquenex.
Château de Montoy15th centuryMontoy-FlanvilleToday it is completely redeveloped into apartments.
Château de MoyeuvreMoyeuvre-Grande
Château de Mouterhouse1505RuineMouterhouseThe remains of a tower polygonal and curtain, which still existed before the Second World War, are slaughtered in 1944. Rubble served Career stones after the war, during reconstruction.âteau_de_Mouterhouse
Château d'OriocourtOriocourt
Château d'OttangeFirst mentioned in 13th centuryIn good conditionOttangeCurrently abandoned
Château de Pange1720PangeCurrently owned Family Pange.
Château de Pépinville
Château de Preisch16th-19th centuryIn good conditionBasse-RentgenPrivately owned
Château de Rahling14th centuryRahlingIt is now a farm building. It listed as a historic monument as ditches, the remains of ancient walls and outbuildings were scored by the same order of April 29, 1994âteau_de_Rahling
Château du Ramstein13th centuryRuineBaerenthalLocated in the State Forest Hanau, the ruins are the property of the state. The common Baerenthal signed March 4, 2008 a long lease for a term of 18 years.
Château de Réchicourt15th-18th centuryRéchicourt-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château RexrothCharleville-sous-Bois
Château de Romécourt16th-19th centuryIn good conditionAzoudangePrivately owned
Château de Rothenbourg9th centuryRuinePhilippsbourgThe castle seems to have given its name to the family Blick Rothenburg, who held several fiefs of Lords of Bitche, and who died in 1749.
Château de Roussy-le-BourgRoussy-le-Bourg
Châteaux de Roussy-Seigneurie et Roussy-Comté15th-19th centuryRoussy-le-VillagePrivately owned
Château de Rudlingen18th centurySierck-les-BainsMeanwhile, the domain reaches the Luxembourg border and consists of several acres of forest, orchards, and gardens surrounding the castle.âteau_de_Rudlingen
Château Saint-OswaldBeckerholz
Château Saint-Sixte12th centuryFreistroffIt is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since November 1991âteau_Saint-Sixte
Château de SarreckOberstinzel
Château-fort médiéval de Schell-VinsbergVolstroffPrivately owned
Château du Schlossberg11th centuryRuineForbachIt was demolished on December 14th 1634 during the Thirty Years War. The site then passed into the hands of several families before being bought by Gustave Adt, important local industry who undertook the historic excavation
Château des Seigneurs de RéchicourtBourdonnayPrivately owned
Château de SierckSierck-les-Bains
Château de Sonis1830Mouterhouseâteau_de_Sonis_%C3%A0_Mouterhouse
Château de Thionville15th-18th centuryThionvilleOwned by the Town
Château du TournebrideHayange
Château de Turquestein965RuineTurquestein-Blancrupt The castle was not spared and was destroyed on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu in 1634.âteau_de_Turquestein
Château fort de VarsbergHam-sous-Varsberg
Château de VauxVaux
Château de Valmont
Château de VernévilleVernéville
Château de Vic-sur-SeilleVic-sur-SeilleOwned by the Town
Château de Volkrange et ses communs13th-18th centuryThionvilleOwned by an association
Château de Waldeck13th centuryRuineEguelshardtThe fortress was dismantled in 1633 by the troops of French of Marshal of the Force. It is still visible today.
Château de Woippy7th centuryWoippyIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since December 4, 1968
Domaine du château de Landonvillers20th centuryCourcelles-ChaussyPrivate property
Domaine de Wendel et Château18th-20th centuryHayangeOwned by a private company
Maison-forte de Château-VouéChâteau-Voué
Maison-forte de DistroffDistroff
Palais abbatial de GorzeGorze
Palais du Gouverneur1902RestoredMetzIn the park are still the remains of Roman walls and huge underground rooms of the tower of Hell, which formed an angle of medieval walls.

Châteaux of Vosges

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'ArboisJubainville
Château d'Autigny17th-19th centuryIn good conditionAutigny-la-TourPrivately owned
Château de Bazelaire de LesseuxLusse
Château de Bazoilles18th centuryBazoilles-sur-MeuseIt is not currently subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments.âteau_de_Bazoilles
Château de Beaufremont12th centuryRuineBeaufremontThe castle is registered historical monuments May 6, 1966 (facades and roofs of the castle and houses the entrance, access steps and wrought iron railing.
Château de BellevueLe Clerjus
Château de Belval1904SaulcyThe Regional Health Insurance Fund recent site manager have stayed here until 2006. A commercial project is underway.âteau_de_Belval_(Vosges)
Château de Bourlémont
Château de Bouzillon
Château de Bruyères
Château de Bourlémont1242FrebécourtIn 1963, the castle passed by inheritance to the family of Rohan-Chabot. It was included un the inventory of historical monuments by order of June 15, 1977.
Château de BouzeyDombrot-sur-Vair
Château des Brasseurs1888In good conditionXertignyIt is currently the town hall. Until now, the castle is not subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments.
Château de Bruyères10th centuryRuineBruyèresThe building was destroyed by fire in 1715. There exists today a chapel dedicated to raising Saint Blaise east of the summit plateau.
Château des Capucins18th centuryRambervillersThe property is fully enclosed by a wall. The current owner opens the doors of the castle each year in mid-September at the European Heritage Days. Unusual dinners are also organized.
Forteresse de Châtel-sur-Moselle
Château de Couvonges
Château de Crèvecœur
Forteresse de Châtel-sur-Moselle11th centuryRuine Châtel-sur-MoselleAll the constituent parts of the fortress, to the exclusion of the modern building, the subject of a classification as historical monuments since April 18, 1988
Château du Châtelet12th-16th centuryIn good conditionHarchéchamp
Château du Chesnois19th centuryRuinsBains-les-Bains
Château de Crèvecœur16th centuryVaud´villeThe castle is now privately owned and not open to visitors. It is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since February 25, 1974âteau_de_Crèvecœur_(Vosges)
Château de Darney1725DarneyFollowing the gathering of Czech and Slovak volunteers Darney during the First World War, and after the official recognition of the Czechoslovak National Council in France in June 1918 Darney also a Czech museum was created in the castle in 1938 by Mayor André Barbier . The building is registered historical monuments December 28, 1984 (castle walls).
Château de DarnieullesDarnieulles
Château de DeuillySerécourt
Château de Dombrot16th centuryRuinedDombrot-le-SecCurrently owned by Guy Pierron
Château de Dommartin-sur-Vraine15th centuryRuineDommartin-sur-VraineThe remains of the castle Dommartin-sur-Vraine are subject to registration under the historical monuments since April 14, 2004.
Château d'Épinal13th centuryRuineÉpinal Restoration of the Chinese revolution with the participation of the state, the Lorraine Region, the Department and the City of Epinal. Collaboration with the Heritage Foundation, the municipality has also launched a subscription sponsorship for businesses and individuals.
Château d'Épinal
Château de Failloux18th centuryIn good ConditionJeuxeyCompletely renovated at the beginning of the 2000s, it now has several guest rooms (like Castle Roncourt near Contrexéville).
Château de Faîte14th centuryRuinsWisembach
Château de Fontenoy-le-Château980RuineFontenoy-le-ChâteauNearly a thousand years after its founding, it remains a ruin of the dungeon, still impressive, but threatened with rapid disappearance, as her condition deteriorated. The first stone of the new siding was put on July 5, 2008 at medieval festivals.
Château de Gemmelaincourt1778RuinedGemmelaincourt
Château de Girecourt-sur-Durbion1540In 2012, the association Old French houses recognized the quality of the restoration by the awarding of a prize of € 10,000.
Château d'Harcourt16th centuryIschesThe castle is now privately owned and not open to visitors. It is not subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments.
Château de Landaville16th centuryLandavilleThe current owners bought the castle in 2008. They renovate, landscape the right wing into rental apartments, reorganize the gardens, build a greenhouse ...âteau_de_Landaville
Château Lobstein1904Ville-sur-IllonIt should be noted that in addition to the brewery and the castle is a subdivision built in the 1980s who is known as "closed Lobstein".
Château de Lichecourt15th centuryIn good conditionRelangesSince 2000, the chateau houses a retirement home for horses, called "White Horsehair" to ensure a quality end of life for older horses, prematurely worn, rough, abused or abandoned.
Château de Martinvelle17th centuryMartinvelleThe castle is not currently subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments . Laure Esmez Deutout Pigache currently lives in the castle. She is the head of a farm growing pome fruits and stone.
Château Maugiron16th centuryValfroicourtThe charred ruins are incorporated into a new, more modest construction xix th century, to be transformed into a farm.
Château de MonthureuxMonthureux-sur-Saône
Château de MousseyMoussey
Château de Pompierre1741PompierreIt is not currently subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments.
Château des princes de Salm-Salm1754In good conditionSenonesThe chateau is now privately owned. Communal property, it has been renovated and now hosts housing.
Château de Roncourt18th centuryHagnéville-et-RoncourtThe castle was bought by illustrator and politician Yann Wehrling in 2006. The building now serves dinner some nights and since 2011, guest rooms (like the castle Failloux near d'Epinal).
Château de Saint-Baslemont14th centuryRestoredSaint-BaslemontToday the situation has not changed. The main building has been restored and are still common in ruins after the fire of 1975. The castle was sold in 2010.
Château de Saint-Jean-du-Marché13th centuryRuineLa Neuveville-devant-LépangesDestroyed by the Franco-Swedish troops during the Thirty Years War in the mid xvii th century , today it has beautiful ruins reveal a dungeon, towers, ramparts, a fortified gate and a chapelâteau_de_Saint-Jean-du-Marché
Château de Saint-Ouen16th century Saint-Ouen-lès-PareyNear the castle is located in the Church of the Holy Trinity, where are buried the lords of the village. You can see including Hector memorial Thorn.âteau_de_Saint-Ouen_(Vosges)
Château de Sainte-Lucie
Château de SavignySavigny
Château de Saint-Jean-du-Marché
Château Puton18th centuryIn good conditionLe Clerjus
Château de Romain-aux-Bois16th centuryRomain-aux-BoisPrivately owned
Château de Rorthey11th-13th centuryIn good conditionSionnePrivately owned
Château Saint-Dié12th-13th centurySaint-DiéOwned by the Town
Château de Sandaucourt16th centurySandaucourt In 2000, Dr. Kirsch wants to donate to the Museum Lorraine who refuses. Finally it is the owner of the castle Thuillières , Matthieu Cognet, who acquired and continued the restoration work initiated by Dr. Kirsch.
Château de Saulxures1854Saulxures-sur-Moselotte It's now abandoned or threatened with demolition. On the occasion of 150th birthday, the castle defenders have presented an exhibition of documents and photographs of start of construction until today, well as there postcards the commune hundred years ago.
Château de Semouse1885XertignyThe castle was bought by Nancy craftsman in 1984. Until today, it is not subject to any registration or classification as historical monuments.
Château du Spitzemberg10th centuryRuineLa Petite-FosseThis castle Lorraine Vosges has nevertheless played an important role in the strategic observation and defense of the valley of the Fave. There is also a capital of ban, then a feudal lordship late Lorraine.âteau_du_Spitzemberg
Château des Thons1603RuineThonsIt remains today as the left half. The other half was dismantled in the early 20th century and rebuilt in the United States.
Château de Thuillières
Château de Thuillières1722ThuillièresIt opened for visit in the summer and the Ministry of Culture, the castle and entered the loft historical monuments June 25, 1986 and class facades and roof August 28, 1989.
Château de Tollaincourt18th centuryIn good conditionTollaincourt
Château de la Trinité18th centuryIn good conditionLamarche
Château de Valfroicourt18th centuryValfroicourtPrivately owned
Château de VilléNossoncourt
Le Châtelet19th centuryIn good conditionBains-les-Bains
Maison-forte d'AdomptGelvécourt-et-Adompt
Maison-forte de BulgnévilleBulgnéville

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