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Chateaux of Alsace

Here is a list of Chateaux in Alsace, a region in the far North-East of France which is divided into two departments - Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin (Lower Rhine and Upper Rhine).

We have listed 169 Chateaux in the Alsace region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 119 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Alsace that are not in our list, please let us know!

Note - A few of the chateaux may be "double listings" of the same chateau: One of the challenges of the Chateaux of Alsace is that, being close to the German border, the land has at times been part of German territory and thus the chateaux often have both French and German names. If you are able to assist with nomenclature, please let us know.

Info sources: -âteaux_d'Alsace

Chateaux of Bas-Rhin

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Andlau (Haut Andlau)1246-1264RuinsAndlauMedieval Castle - constructed on a narrow granite outcrop at an altitude of 451m.
Château Petit-Arnsberg14th centuryRuinsObersteinbachState property
Château d'OdratzheimIn good conditionOdratzheimPrivately Owned
Château d'Urendorf16th centuryIn good conditionErnolsheim-BruchePrivately Owned
Château d'eau de Sélestat1906In good conditionSélestatOwned by the town
Château d'eau de Strasbourg19th centuryIn good conditionStrasbourgPrivate property
Château d'Ensisheim aka le Kœnigsbourgextant 1326Ruins, almost nothingEnsisheimOnce famous
Château d'IttenwillerRenovated in 1838In fine conditionSaint-Pierre
Pavillon Joséphine
Château du Belfortbefore 1226VestigesBelfortBuilt by the Count of Mountbéliard, no longer extant (?).
Château du Bernstein11th-15th centuryRuinsDambach-la-VillePentagonal Donjon.
Château Bilstein12th century; 13th centuryRuinsUrbeisState property
Château du Birkenfelsc.1260RuinsOttrottMedieval Castle
Château du Birkenwald1562 on site of castle defunct by 1158 and on site of older abbey dating to 880Beautifully restoredBirkenwald
Château de Bouxwiller15th centNo longer extantBouxwillerDestroyed in the French Revolution.
Château de Boemstein
Château de Bonnefontaine19th centuryAltwillerPrivately Owned.
Château de Breuschwickersheim13th-18th centuryIn good conditionBreuschwi-
Privately Owned
Château et cimetière de Châtenois13th-14th centuryRuinsChâtenoisPrivate property
Château de Dachstein aka. Turckheimc.1244RenovatedDachstein
Château de Diedendorfc.1570?DiedendorfRenaissance Chateau
Château de Dietrich18th centuryIn good conditionReichshoffenPrivately Owned
Château de Diemeringen
Château de Dreistein13-14th centuryRuinsComprises 3 separate castles
Château de Drulingen
Château épiscopal de Benfeld16th centuryBenfeldPrivately Owned.
Château Fabvier19th centuryKintzheimOwned by a Private company.
Château du Fleckensteinextant 1165RuinsLembach
Château du Frankenbourg12th centuryRuinsNeuboisOriginal building attributed to Clovis I.
Château du
Château de FrœnsbourgMentioned in 1235, restored 14th c.RuinsDestroyed by the French in 1677, probably already abandoned at that time.
Château de Froeschwiller19th centuryIn good conditionFroeschwillerPrivately Owned
Château du Geisberg17th-18th centuryRuinedWissembourgPrivately Owned
Château du Grand-Geroldseck12-15th centuryRuins
Château de Greifenstein aka. Griffon12-14th centuryRuinsSaverneComprises 2 castles, separated by a ditch.
Château de Grünstein13th, 15th, 19th centuryStotzheimPrivately Owned.
Château de Guirbaden11th centuryRuins
Château Hervé ou BourcartIn good conditionDachsteinPrivately Owned
Château du Hagelschloss aka. Château de Waldsberg13th centuryRuinsAlso known as Château de Waldsberg.
Château de Haguenau / des Hohenstaufenc.1120LostHaguenauDestroyed in 1687, now lost
Château de Haut-Barr (Hohbarr)c.1100Ruins
Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg1114, possibly earlier site to 774ReconstructedOrschwillerFamous. Abandoned after Thirty Years' War, restored after 1900 under the direction of Wilhelm II of Germany.
Château du Haut-Village ou Château d'Andlau17th-18th centuryStotzheimPrivately Owned.
Château de Herrensteincommenced
Château de Hohenbourg12-16th centuryRuinsWingenDemolished by Montclar in 1680.
Château de Hohenfels13th centuryRuinsDambach
Château de Hohenstein13th centuryRuins
Château de Hunebourg20th centuryIn good conditionDossenheim-sur-ZinselPrivately Owned
Château Klinglin18th centuryRuinedIllkirch-GraffenstadenOwned by the town
Château de Kagenfels12th-16th centuryRuinsOttrottRuined by 1664.
Château de Kintzheim12th century, possibly on site of 8th c.RuinsNow a major falconry center
Château de Koepfel??Ottrott
Château de Kronembourg
Château Lorentzen14th, 16th, 18th, 19th centuryRuinedLorentzenPrivately Owned
Château de la Cour d'Angleterre17th-18th centuryIn good conditionBischheimProperty of an association
Château du Crax
Château de la Leonardsau19th-20th centuryIn good conditionObernaiOwned by the town
Château de Kolbsheim1703RestoredKolbsheimFamous for its gardens.
Château de Landsberg13th, 16th, 19th centuryIn good conditionNiedernaiPrivately Owned
Château du Landsberg12th, 13th and 15th c.Ruins
Château épiscopal de Lauterbourg
Château de Lichtenberg13th centuryRuinsTour des Fontaines 7km Lichtenberg-Ingwiller via le Tierkirchlein 7kmReduced to ruins through artillery fire in 1870. Undergoing renovation.
Château de Lœwenstein aka. Lindenschmidt13th centuryFragmentary ruins, destroyed in 1387Wingen
Château de Lutzelbourg (Ottrott)1076, 1196, 1220, 1530RuinsOttrottDestroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Not to be confused with Lutzelbourg in Lorraine
Château de Lutzelhardtc.1250RuinsRuined by 1538.
Château de Mittelhausen14th, 16th, 19th centuryMittelhausenPrivately Owned.
Château du Nideck13th centuryRuinsDestroyed by fire 1636.
Château de Niedernai
Château du Nouveau-Windsteinextant by c.1250RuinsWindstein
Château d'Oberhof12th centuryRuins apparently restoredSaverne
Château d'Ochsenstein12th centuryRuinsComprises 3 separate castles.
Château d'Osthoffen13th century on site of earlierReconstructed - magnifique!Converted to Renaissance château.
Château d'Osthouse1436RestoredRenaissance château.
Château de l'Ortenbourg / Ortenberg13th centuryRuins, renovatedScherwiller
Château de La Petite-Pierre (aka. Lützelstein)12th centuryRebuiltDeveloped as residence, keep destroyed 19th century.
Château du Petit-Geroldseck13th centuryRuinsHaegen
Château du Petit-Koenigsbourg aka. Château du Oedenbourgc.1114ruins, attractiveOrschwillerVery obscure despite being close to the famous Haut-Kœnigsbourg
Château de Pourtalès1750Restored
Château de Rathsamhausenc.1220RuinsOttrottRight next to Château de Lutzelbourg
Château de Ramstein (Bas-Rhin)c.1293Ruins (unsafe)ScherwillerSeveral hundred metres from Château de l'Ortenbourg.
Palais du Rhin1884-1888In very fine conditionStrasbourgNeo-Renaissance chateau built by Hermann Eggert.
Château du Ringelsbourg aka. Château du Grand Ringelstein13th centuryRuinsOberhaslach
Château de la Roche13th centRuinsBellefosse
Château Le Bel19th centuryLampertslochOwned by a Private company.
Château des Rohan aka. Château de Saverne1780 on site of 1670restoredSaverneRenaissance Chateau, also there is a small the Château Vieux (Old Castle) of 1417, which is still preserved today.
Château des Rohan1673 on site of 1274RestoredMützig
Palais Rohan1731-1742In fine conditionStrasbourgExtravagant renaissance Chateau.
Château du Petit-RingelsteinUnknownFragmentary remainsOberhaslach
Château de la Roche aka château de Delle, Datenried or Stein Tattenreid1232(?)RuinsDelle
Château de la RosenbourgMentioned 15th cent, possibly 11th or 12th c.Restored, private residenceWesthoffenRumors of ancient Templar ownership, unproven.
Château de Saint-Germain?DestroyedGermannshof, WissembourgDestroyed in 1471
Château de Saint-Pantaléon?DestroyedVierthurn, WissembourgDestroyed in 1471
Château de Saint-Rémy?Burned in 1570, destroyed in 1830East of Wissembourg
Château de Saint-Paul?Destroyed in 1470Wissembourg
Château de Salm1205-1400RuinsLa Broque
Château de Scharrachbergheim15th, 18th, 19th centuryIn good conditionScharrach-
Privately Owned
Château de Schirmeck
Château de Schœneck13-16th centuryRuinsDambachDestroyed in 1680 by French troops.
Château de Spesbourg1246-1250RuinsAndlau
Château Teutsch19th centuryIn good conditionWingen-sur-ModerProperty of an association
Château de Thanvillé16th, 17th, 18th centuryRuinedThanvilléOwned by a private company
Château du Vieux-Windsteinc. 1205RuinsWindstein
Château du Moyen-Windstein
Château de WangenWangenPrivate property.
Château de Wangenbourg13th centuryRuins, spectacularWangenbourg-Engenthal
Château de Warthenberg1158?RuinsErnolsheim-lès-SaverneMysterious origins - possibly mentioned in 1158
Château du Wasenbourgc.1273magnificent ruinsNiederbronn-les-Bains
Château du Wasigenstein10th century, 13th centRuinsNiederst-
At least 2 castles on this site. Associated with the German legend of Waltharius.
Château de Wasselonne18th centuryVestiges
Château de Werde12th, 16th, 18th centuryMatzenheimPrivate property.
Château de Wineck aka. Windeckc.1300RuinsWineckerthal, Dambach
Château d'Ensisheim aka le Kœnigsbourg
Château de Wittschloessel aka. "Schmalenstein"13th centuryFragmentary remainsDambachDestroyed in 1677
Château de Wœrthc.1300Reconstructed as part of the townWœrth
Château des Zorn de Plobsheim16th centuryIn good conditionPlobsheimOwned by the town
Foyer de Charité18th-19th centuryIn good conditionOttrottProperty of an association

Chateaux of Haut-Rhin

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Altkirchc.1215Vestiges, several of which are incorporated into more modern buildingsSundgau
Château d'Aspach-le-Haut?LostAspach-le-HautPrecise location not knownâteau_d%27Aspach-le-Haut
Château d'eau de Colmar19th centuryIn good conditionColmarOwned by the town
Château du Bilstein?RuinsUrbèsNot to be confused with Bilstein-Aubure
Château du Bilstein-Aubure12th centRuinsAubure (Riquewihr / Ribeauville)
Château du Blochmontfirst recorded mention when sold in 1271RuinsKiffis (canton de Ferrette)
Château de Freidbourg
Château du Blumensteinmentioned in 1287, possibly 12th centuryVestigesWintzfeldenVery obscure and ancient ruin -
Château du Burgsthal
Château du Burgsthalschloss
Château de Bollwiller16th centuryBollwillerProperty of an association.
Château du Bucheneck1251, possibly earlier site dating to beginning of 11th c.Beautifully restoredSoultz
Château de Butenheim12th centuryPetit-LandauOwned by a Private company.
Château Burrus
Château de Burgstall12-13th centuryRuinsGuebwillerPrivate property
Château de Dagsbourg12th-13th centuryRuinsEguisheimOwned by the town.
Château de Dornach13th and 17th cent.RestoredMulhouse
Château d'Échéry13th centuryRuinsSainte-Croix-aux-Mines
Château d'Engelbourg14th-15th centuryRuinsThannOwned by the town
Château de Ferrettec.1100, possible Roman siteRuinsFerrette
Château de Florimontmentioned 1258RuinsBelfortVery close to the Swiss border
Château de Freundstein1297RuinsBelfort984m above sea level, difficult to access
Château de Gestion
Château du Girsberg / Girsberg-Stein13th centuryRuinsRibeauvillé
Château du Gigersberg
Château du Griechenfels?Sparse ruins / vestigesOrschwihrAlmost nothing known about this obscure ruin -
Château du Gutenbourg
Château de Hagueneckmentioned in 1263Restored RuinsWettolsheimNot to be confused with Haneck, or Haguenau!
Château de Haneckmentioned in 1422VestigesSoultzbach-les-Bains, Munster
Château de Hartfelsenschloss
Château de Hartmannswillerc. 1288RestoredHartfield, MurbachTwo chateaux close together
Château du Haut-Hattstatt
Château du Haut-Ribeaupierre13th-14th centuryRuinsRibeauvilléOwned by the town
Château des Hattstatt-Schauenbourg13th, 16th, 17th, 18th centuryIn good conditionSoultzbach-les-BainsOwned by a private company
Château de Hegenheim18th centuryHégenheimPrivately Owned
Château de Heidwiller12th-19th centuryRuinedHeidwillerPrivate property
Château de Herrenfluhc. 1312RuinsMurbach (?)
Château de Hirtzensteinc. 1265RuinsWattwiller
Château de Hohenack aka. HohnackRuinsLabaroche
Château de Hohrupfc.1270, possibly abandoned by 1469VestigesLautenbach-Zell-Sengern, Murbach
Château d'Angraet (aka Angreth, Angroett)Interregnum (1250-1273?)RazedGuebwiller
Château du Hohlandsbourg1279Ruins(?) Restored(?)WintzenheimDestroyed 1637. Ruins open to public in summer.
Château du Hohrupf
Château du Hugstein1227Vestigesbetween Buhl and Guebwillerdestroyed in 1806
Château d'Husserenin good state of preservationHusseren-les-Châteaux
Château d'Husenbourg
Château des Ifs16th centuryIn good conditionKientzheimPrivately Owned
Château d'Isenbourg
Château de Kaysersbergc. 1220Ruins in good state of preservation
Château de Lupfen-Schwendi15th-19th centuryIn good conditionKientzheimPrivate property
Château de la famille d'Eplingen16th-17th centuryIn good conditionHagenthal-le-BasOwned by the town
Château de Landskronextant in 1297Ruins partly restored, further work plannedLeymenRebuilt by Vauban after 1665.
Château de Liebensteinmentioned 1218, possibly 11th cent.Some remainsLiebsdorf
Château des comtes de Montbéliard-Wurtemberg16th centuryRuinedRiquewihrOwned by the town
Château de Drachenfels
Château de Meywihr aka. Minnewiller13th centuryVestiges / very little remainsAmmerschwihr
Château de Molkenbourg1287RebuiltGuemar
Château de Montoric.1185A few vestigesNear Rougemont-le-ChâteauVery obscure, little known
Château de Morimontextant 1271RuinsOberlarg
Château de Neuenbergc.1340Transformed & restoredGuebwiller
Château d'Ollwiller
Château d'Orschwihr13th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th centuryRuinsOrschwihrPrivately Owned
Château de Pflixbourg1212-9RuinsWintzenheim
Château de Reichenberg19th-20th centuryIn good conditionBergheimPrivately Owned
Château de Reichenstein15th-16th centuryIn good conditionKientzheimOwned by the town
Château de Reinach18th-19th centuryIn good conditionHirtzbachPrivate property
Château de Reineck
Château de Ribeauvillé aka. Château Bas des RibeaupierreRuinsRibeauvillé
Château de Ringelstein
Château de Saint-Léon-Pfalz8th-13th centuryIn good conditionEguisheimProperty of an association
Château de Sainte-Croix-en-Plainementioned in 1173Destroyed (fire) in 1858Colmar
Château de Saint-Ulrich aka Château de Grand-Ribeaupierre12th cent. on site of earlier castleRuinsRibeauvillé One of three castles (with the Girsberg and the Haut-Ribeaupierre) which dominate the commune of Ribeauvillé.
Château de Schlossbuckel
Château du Schrankenfels
Château de Schwarzenbourg1262Griesbach-au-Val
Château du Stauffen
Château du StettenbergRuinsOrschwihr
Château de Stoerenbourg
Château du Strohbourg
Trois châteaux
Château Wagenbourg15th-18th centuryIn good conditionSoultzmattPrivately Owned
Château de Walbach15th-18th centuryIn good conditionWalbachPrivately Owned
Château de Wahlenberg 1006Vestiges / ruinsEguisheimOne of the three Châteaux d'Eguisheim, between Eguisheim and Husseren-les-Châteaux
Château de Weckenberg13th-16th centNothing remainsWattwiller
Châteaux de Weckmund13th centuryRuinsHusseren-les-ChâteauxOwned by the town
Château de WildensteinRuinsKruthâteau_de_Wildenstein
Château de Wineckc.1200RuinsKatzenthalConfusing - there are two Chateau Winecks
Palais du Conseil souverain d'Alsace

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