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Châteaux of Limousin

This is the list of Châteaux in Limousin. Forming part of the southwest of France, it is divided into three departments: Corrèze, Creuse and Haute-Vienne.

We have listed 206 Chateaux in the Limousin region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 44 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Limousin that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Corezze

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château du Bac16th-17th centuryArgentatPrivately owned.
Château de Bach19th centuryNavesPrivately owned
Château du Bazaneix15th centurySaint-FréjouxPrivately owned
Château de Beauregard15th centuryCollonges-la-RougePrivately owned
Château Bécharie15th-17th centuryUzercheOwned by the Town
Château de Benge16th-18th centuryCollonges-la-RougePrivately owned
Château de Bity12th centurySarranOwned by Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Chirac. In early 2011, France-Soir published a survey indicating that monitoring Castle Bity costs 420 000 euros per year to the state, while "no longer worth much" and Jacques Chirac went there only once a yearâteau_de_Bity
Château-la-BlancheMoyen AgeEspartignacPrivately owned
Château La BordeUssel
Château de Breniges13th centuryMalemort-sur-CorrèzeOwned by the Town
Château de Chadebec19th centurySaint-Germain-les-VergnesPrivately owned
Château de Charlus-le-PailhouxSaint-Exupéry-les-Roches
Château de Comborn11th-17th centuryOrgnac-sur-VézèrePrivately owned
Château d'Cornil14th centuryCornilPrivately owned
Château de Cosnac16th-18th centuryCosnacPrivately owned
Château de Couzages13th-14th centuryChasteauxOwned by a communal public institution
Château de Cramier17th centurySaint-Pantaléon-de-LarchePrivately owned
Château d'eau19th centuryBrive-la-GaillardeOwned by the Town
Château de l'EbralySaint-Dezéry Ussel
Château d'Estresses15th centuryIn good conditionAstaillacPrivately owned
Château de la Fage16th centuryNoailhacPrivately owned
Château de la Farge19th centuryChamberetPrivately owned
Château de Favars12th-14th centuryFavarsPrivately owned
Château de ForsacIn good conditionBenayesOwned by the municipality
Château de la Gane15th century Saint-Exupéry-les-RochesGuided tour of the castle, terraces, gardens and interior of the chapel. It is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Domaine de la Grènerie15th-19th centurySalon-la-TourPrivately owned
Château de la Johannie11th centuryRestoredCuremonte Sold in 1987, it continues to be maintained under the supervision of the architect of Historic Buildings. It was added to the supplementary inventory of historic monument November 22, 1981
Château de Juillac15th centuryJuillacPrivately owned
Château de Lacoste15th-18th centuryNoailhacPrivately owned
Château Lanteuil Correze15th-16th centuryLanteuilPrivately owned
Château de Lapleau17th-19th centuryLapleauPrivately owned
Château de Laveix17th-19th centurySaint-Etienne-la-GenestePrivately owned
Château de LespinasseLa Tourette Ussel
Château du Lieuteret15th-17th centuryDarnetsPrivately owned
Château de Linoire15th centuryTurenneOwned by a private company
Château de Lissac13th-18th centuryLissac-sur-CouzeOwned by a private company
Château de LubersacLubersac
Château du Martret16th-19th centuryCollonges-la-RougePrivately owned
Château de Mauriolles16th-17th centuryLissac-sur-CouzePrivate property
Château Maussac15th-16th centuryCollonges-la-RougePrivately owned
Tours de Merle12th centurySaint-Geniez-ô-MerleThe site is open all year to visitors. It is serves as a framework for historical novel of Louis-Oliver Vitte "Guinotter and knight", whose plot happens in 12th century.
Château de la Morguie17th-18th centurySainte-FortunadePrivately owned
Château de la Mothe14th-19th centuryUsselPrivately owned
Château du Peuch15th-16th centuryLigneyracPrivately owned
Château de Pierrefitte13th-15th centurySarrouxPrivately owned
Château de Plas13th centuryCuremonteAll of these buildings was a historical monument on 31 October 1991, and the site is registered.
Haras national de Pompadour15th-19th centuryArnac-PompadourState property
Château Pontier16th centuryUzerchePrivately owned
Château de Puymaret13th-19th centuryMalemort-sur-CorrèzePrivate property
Château du Puy-de-Val à Espagnac
Château et parc de Puymège16th-19th centuryBrive-la-GaillardePrivately owned
Château du Puy-de-Val15th-16th centuryEspagnacPrivate property
Château de Puyval15th-18th centurySegonzacPrivately owned
Château de Rabaud16th centuryMasseretPrivately owned
Château du Rieux16th centurySaint-Bonnet-les-Tours-de-MerlePrivately owned
Château de Rilhac-Xaintrie15th-19th centuryRilhac-XaintriePrivately owned
Château de la Rue16th-17th centuryLigneyracPrivately owned
Château du Saillant15th-19th centuryVoutezacPrivate property
Château de Sainte-Fortunade15th centurySainte-FortunadeOwned by the Town
Château de Saint-Hilaire14th centuryCuremonteOwned by a private person.
Château de Saint-Germain-LavolpsSaint-Germain-Lavolps
Château de Saint-Priest-de-Gimel18th-19th centurySaint-Priest-de-GimelPrivately owned
Châteaux Les SallesUssel
Château de Sédières
Château de Servières
Château de Sédières15th centuryRestoredClergoux It attracts around 30,000 visitors per year. An exhibition of painting on the loan from the Louvre (Face(s) du Louvre) was organized during the summer.
Château de SégurIn good conditionSégur-le-ChâteauOwned by the municipality
Château de Seilhac13th-19th centurySeilhacPrivately owned
Château de Servières13th centuryRestoredServières-le-ChâteauThe ancient castle, which belonged to Turenne, was burned in 1916 by the German officers interned.
Château Tarnac Correze17th centuryTarnacPrivately owned
Château Le TheilUssel
Château de TurenneTurenne The remains of the building is listed as a historic monument in 1840.
Château de Ventadour11th centuryRuineMoustier-VentadourToday the site is open to the public during the summer (mid-June to mid-September) with guided tours every hour. New excavations are under consideration for years to come.

Châteaux of Creuse

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Arfeuille15th-19th centuryFelletinOwned by a private company
Château de Aubusson11th-15th centuryAubussonOwned by the Town
Château du Bas-Bouteix17th centurySaint-FrionPrivately owned
Château de Bourganeuf15th centuryBourganeufOwned by the Town
Château de Boussac15th centuryRestoredBoussacThe castle was acquired in 1965 by Mr. and Mrs. Blondeau who restored and furnished. Mr. Blondeau is also interested in Aubusson tapestry. He bought the Manufacture Saint-Jean Aubusson.
Château de Bridiers14th-15th centurySouterraine (La)Owned by the Town
Château de Brousse16th centuryBroussePrivately owned
Château de Chantemille10th centuryAhunIt is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since March 28, 2000
Château de La Chapelle-BaloueLa Chapelle-Baloue
Château de la Chezotte15th centuryIn good conditionAhunPrivately owned
Château du Chiroux15th-16th centuryPeyrat-la-NonièrePrivately owned
Château de La Combe16th-19th centurySermurPrivately owned
Château de Crozant10th centuryRuineCrozantA major renovation was undertaken with funding from the state, the regional council and the general council of the municipality in order to reopen the site to the public at the end of the work.
Château de Crocq12th centuryRuineCrocqIt is was joined the Historical monument in 1929.
Château de la Dauge15th centuryLadapeyrePrivately owned
Château des Ecurettes18th centurySaint-Georges-NigremontPrivate property
Château d'Etangsanne14th-19th centurySaint-ChabraisPrivately owned
Château de la Faye15th-17th centurySaint-Dizier-la-TourPrivately owned
Château de Gartempe15th centuryGartempePrivate property
Château de Jouillat14th centuryJouillatThe castle is private and not open to visitors except during Heritage Days.
Château de Ligondeix14th-15th centuryChambonchardPrivately owned
Château de Magnat-l'Etrange17th centuryMagnat-l'EtrangePrivately owned
Château de Mainsat16th-20th centuryMainsatPrivately owned
Château de Malval14th-15th centuryMalvalPrivate property
Château de Margeleix17th centuryPuy-MalsignatPrivately owned
Château de MarsacMarsac
Château de Massenon15th-18th centuryAhunPrivately owned
Château de Montaigut-le-Blanc15th centuryMontaigut-le-BlancPrivately owned
Château du Monteil14th centuryIn good conditionMonteil-au-Vicomte (Le)Owned by the Town
Hôtel des Moneyroux
Château de Montflour16th-19th centuryTardesPrivately owned
Château de Peyrudette15th centuryChampagnatPrivately owned
Château de Pontarion15th centuryPontarionPrivately owned
Château du Puy18th centuryRestoredTercillatThe castle of Puy is open year round to the public and school since 1989 for recreational and cultural performances of Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Leprince de Beaumont, the Fables of La Fontaine, the Tales of Perrault, the Grimm brothers Grimm, and some historical figures whose Man in the Iron Mask.
Château de PuyguillonFresselines
Château de Sainte-Feyre18th centurySainte-FeyrePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Fiel16th-17th centurySaint-FielPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Germain-Beaupré16th centuryRestoredSaint-Germain-BeaupréCurrently a private property and it is classified as historical monument by order of May 9, 1946.
Château de Saint-Maixant14th-15th centurySaint-MaixantPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Germain-Beaupré
Château du Théret15th centuryLa SaunièreThis is the setting of the television movie "Children of Light" in 2002.
Domaine de Vauchaussade15th-19th centuryCompas (Le)Privately owned
Château de Villefort16th centurySainte-Feyre-la-MontagnePrivately owned
Château de Villemoleix15th-16th centuryChambon-sur-VoueizeOwned by a private company
Château de Villemonteix15th centurySaint-Pardoux-les-CardsThe castle is classified historic monument since 1946, it is currently occupied by the owner who bought it in 1982. It is now open to the public.
Ruines du ChapitreAubusson

Châteaux of Haute-Vienne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Aigueperse16th-17th centurySaint-PaulPrivately owned
Château d'AixeAixe-sur-Vienne
La salle d'Arnac
Château de Châlus Chabrol11th centuryRuineChâlusIt was classified as Historical Monument in March 25, 1981.
Château de Bagnac19th centuryReconstructSaint-Bonnet-de-Bellac This monument is the subject of a registration under the historical monuments since May 16, 1975.
Château des Barthon de MontbasBellac
Château de Beauvais18th centuryIn good conditionLimogesPrivately owned
Château de la Borie17th centurySolignacCurrently owned by the Foundation Borie-en-Limousin and houses International center for Artistic Creation.
Château du BoucheronBosmie-l'Aiguille
Château de Bort16th-19th centurySaint-Priest-TaurionPrivate property
Château de BréCoussac-Bonneval
Château de Brie13th centuryChampagnac-la-RivièreThe castle was listed as Historical Monument in 1984.
Château des Cars16th centuryRuineCarsThe remains of the castle are registered under the Historic Monuments December 21, 1982.
Château de Châlus Chabrol
Château de Cromières
Château de Châlus Maulmont
Château de Chalucet12th centuryRuineSaint-Jean-LigoureOwned by the General Council of Haute-Vienne. They launched an extensive program of preservation and enhancement of the site, in order to as a cultural and tourist attraction.
Château de Châlus Maulmont1275RuineChâlusCurrently owned by the Maulmont Family and it is classified as historic monument in March 25, 1981.
Château de chalusset13th-14th centurySaint-Jean-LigoureOwned by the Department
Château du Chambon16th centuryBersac-sur-RivalierThe castle is listed under historical monuments November 28, 2001âteau_du_Chambon
Tour de Château-Chervix12th centuryChâteau-ChervixThis monument is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since March 1, 1945
Château de CloudAmbazac
Château de CourbefyBussière-Galant
Château de la Cosse18th centuryVeyracIt is classified as a historical monument by decree of July 7, 1977.âteau_de_la_Cosse
Château de Coussac-Bonneval14th centuryCoussac-BonnevalCurrently owned by the Bonneval Family. It is registered as Historical monument since August 24, 1960.
Château de la Côte-au-Chapt12th-13th centuryDarnacOwned by the Town
Château de Cromières13th centuryCussacThe chateau is registered under Historic Monuments January 7, 1992.
Château de Dompierre15th-19th centuryDompierre-les-EglisesPrivately owned
Château de Douillac16th centurySaint-Yrieix-la-PerchePrivate property
Château des DucsMortemart
Château des Essarts17th centuryBeaune-les-MinesIt is registered as Historical monument in October 30, 1996.
Château d'EstivauxVeyrac
Château d'Etivaux14th-17th centuryVicq-sur-BreuilhPrivately owned
Château d'Eyjeaux15th centuryEyjeauxPrivate property. The building is subject to registration as a historic monument since August 12, 1988.
Château de Faye18th centuryRestoredFlavignacIt is registered as Historical Monument in May 4, 2000.âteau_de_Faye
Château de La FaugerasBoisseuil
Château du Fraisse15th-16th centuryNouicPrivately owned
Château de Fromental17th centuryFromentalPrivately owned
Château de Gigondas10th centuryIsle It is now privately owned and not open to visitors.âteau_de_Gigondas
Château de La Garenne
Château de Lage-PonnetBersac-sur-Rivalier
Château de Laplaud18th centuryOradour-sur-GlanePrivately owned
Château de Lascroux19th centuryCromacPrivate property
Château de Lastours12th centuryRuineRilhac-LastoursMedieval festivals are held regularly during the summer holidays.
Château de Laugerie17th-18th centuryFeytiatPrivately owned
Château de Lavaud-Bousquet16th-20th centuryChâteau-ChervixPrivate property
Château de Lavergne17th-18th centurySaint-Priest-LigoureOwned by a private company
Château de LeychoisierBonnac-la-Côte
Château de Leymarie19th centuryBeynacPrivate property and it is listed under Historical Monuments since August 12, 1988.âteau_de_Leymarie
Château de MaillofrayBlond
Château de Marval15th-17th centuryMarvalPrivately owned
Château du Mas de l'Age15th centuryCouzeixPrivate property and it is listed under Historical Monument since February 18, 1975âteau_du_Mas_de_l%27Age
Château du Mazeau16th centuryRempnatCurrently owned by a Real estate company.
Château de Monismes13th centuryRuineBessines-sur-Gartempe Owned by the town. The ruines are listed under Historical Monuments January 17, 1992.âteau_de_Monismes
Château de Montagrier19th centurySaint-Bonnet-de-BellacPrivately owned
Château de Montauran
Château de Montautre
Château de Montméry
Château de Montbrun12th centuryRestored DournazacIt is one of 4 sites represented Limousin Park Miniature France, near Paris.
Château du Monteil (Arnac-la-Poste)13th centuryArnac-la-Poste It is subject to registration as a Historic Monument since February 19, 1964.
Château de MontmagnerArnac-la-Poste
Château de Montméry1885AmbazacPart of the film "Lady Chatterley" was filmed here in 2005.
Château de Mortemart12th-15th centuryMortemartOwned by a private company
Château de la Mothe15th centuryTersannesPrivately owned
Château de Nedde16th-17th centuryNeddePrivately owned
Château de Nexon17th centuryIn good conditionNexonIt is now the Town Hall of Nexon. The area is open all year round with free access.
Château de NieulNieul
Château d'Oreix Arnac-la-Poste
Château de Pennevayre15th-16th centuryVerneuil-sur-ViennePrivately owned
Château de Peyrat-le-Château15th-16th centuryPeyrat-le-ChâteauOwned by the Town
Château de PuymesnilAzat-le-Ris
Château du PuytisonFeytiat
Château de la Quintaine15th centuryPanazolPrivately owned
Château du Reynou19th-20th centuryVigen (Le)Owned by a private company
Château de Ris-Chauveron14th centuryRebuiltAzat-le-Risâteau_de_Ris-Chauveron
Château de La Rivière-aux-SeigneursAugne
Château de Rochechouart12th centuryIn good conditionRochechouartIt is owned by the General Council of the Haute-Vienne. It houses a regional museum of Contemporary Art and Local services of the General Council of the Haute-Vienne.
Château de La RonzeBlond
Château de Saint-Auvent17th centurySaint-AuventProperty of a private company
Château de Salvanet18th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Priest-TaurionOwned by Ghislaine Laguiche. Its offer room rental for receptions
Château de Sannat18th-19th centuryRoussac ; Saint-Junien-les-CombesPrivate property
Château de Teillet Bonnac-la-Côte
Château de Thouron18th centuryThouronPrivately owned
Château de la Tour aux Paulmes15th-16th centuryVerneuil-MoustiersOwned by a private company
Châteaux de TrasforêtAmbazac
Château de Traslage17th centuryVicq-sur-BreuilhCurrently owned by Marquise Villelume.âteau_de_Traslage
Château de Valmate19th-20th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Laurent-les-EglisesPrivately owned
Château de VauguenigeSaint Pardoux
Château de Vicq16th centuryVicq-sur-BreuilhPrivately owned
Domaine de La BouchieAixe-sur-Vienne
Domaine de Curzac16th centurySaint-Vitte-sur-BriancePrivate property
Ensemble rural dit le Vieux Château16th-18th centuryJourgnacPrivately owned
Manoir de La Croix du BreuilBessines-sur-Gartempe
Manoir de l'Osmonerie Aixe-sur-Vienne
Manoir du Puy-MartinBlanzac
Motte castrale dite Le ChâteauRazèsPrivate property
Tour de LubignacArnac-la-Poste
Vestiges du château des vicomtes de Limoges13th centuryAixe-sur-VienneOwned by the municipality

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