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Châteaux of Midi-Pyrénées

This is the list of Châteaux in Midi-Pyrénées. It is the largest region of metropolitan France by area, larger than the Netherlands or Denmark. It is consists of 8 departments: Ariège, Aveyron, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Lot, Haute-Pyrénées, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne.

We have listed 618 Chateaux in the Midi-Pyrénées region (including ruins and "lost" Châteaux), of which 144 have their own dedicated page. If you know of any Châteaux in Midi-Pyrénées that are not in our list, please let us know!

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Châteaux of Ariège

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d’AlliatAlliat
Château d'ArtixArtix
Château d'ArvignaArvigna
Château d'AucazeinAucazein
Château d'Aynat Bédeilhac-et-Aynat
Château de CastelbonBetchat
Castelet du Castet12th-13th centuryAleu
Château Crampagna13th-18th centuryCrampagnaPrivately owned
Château de Durban-sur-Arizemoyen âgeDurban-sur-ArizeOwned by a private company
Châteaux de Château-Verdun et de Gudanes18th centuryIn good conditionChâteau-VerdunOwned by a private company
Château de Fiches17th-19th centuryVerniollePrivately owned
Château de Fornex15th-17th centuryFornexPrivate property
Château de Foix11th centuryRestoredFoixThe castle was classified a historical monument and restored under the direction of Paul Boeswillwald former employee of Viollet-le-Duc in the restoration of the city of Carcassonne.
Château de Gargas17th centuryVivièsPrivately owned
Château de Gaudiès13th-18th centuryGaudièsPrivately owned
Château de la Garde (Seix)Moyen AgeSeixPrivately owned
Château de la Garde (Ustou)Ustou
Château de Lacombe17th centuryTarascon-sur-AriègePrivately owned
Château de Lagarde1063RuineLagardeSince 1990, various groups of volunteers trying to reclaim what was once one of the finest French castles 17th century.
Château de Léran15th-19th centuryLéranOwned by a private company
Château de Ligny9th centuryIn good conditionLigny-en-CambraiIn 1996, the castle was transformed into a luxury hotel.
Château de Lordat11th centuryLordatThe castle now houses thirty mainly European raptors (eagles , vultures , kites , hawks , owls , owls). The visitor can discover them in shelters or cages specially designed, but also in the context of a show, "The Eagles Lordat", which allows to observe in flight.
Château fortifié d' Loubières13th centuryLoubièresPrivately owned
Château de MarveilleLes Bordes-sur-Arize
Château de Miglos1320RuineMiglossince 1987, the Association of Friends of the Castle of Miglos work for the preservation and enhancement of the site.
Château de Mirabat (Oust)Oust
Château de Mirabat (Seix)Seix
Château de Montréal-de-Sos
Château de Mirabat (Ustou)Ustou
Château de Montaillou13th centuryRuinsMontaillouOwned by the municipality
Château de Montréal-de-Sos12th centuryRuineAuzatSince 2000, a program of archaeological excavation was launched. This program is initiated and led by the mayor of Auzat which is attached the services of a historian, Florence Guillot.
Château de Montségur12th centuryRuineMontségurIn 1968, the GRAME (Group Archaeological Research Montsegur and Vicinity) was founded. This has led several excavations on the site.
Château de Nogarède16th centurySieurasPrivately owned
Château de PailhèsMoyen AgePailhèsPrivately owned
Château de Poudelay19th centuryFabasOwned by a private company
Château de Prat15th-19th centuryIn good conditionPrat-BonrepauxPrivately owned
Château de Quérigut
Château de QuérigutFirst mention in 1208RuineQuérigutIt remains today a massive tower of the castle in ruins, which was the old dungeon.
Château de RoquefixadeFirst mention in 1034RuineRoquefixadeThe castle underwent various revisions of 14th the 16th centuries and was finally destroyed in 1632 by order of Louis XIII.
Château de RouzeRouze
Château de Saint-Girons16th-17th centurySaint-GironsOwned by the department
Château de Saint-Quentin-la-Tour12th-18th centurySaint-Quentin-la-TourPrivately owned
Château des SalenquesLes Bordes-sur-Arize
Château de Savignac16th-19th centurySavignac-les-OrmeauxOwned by a private company
Château de Sibra19th centuryLagardeOwned by a private company
Château dit de TerrideMirepoixPrivately owned
Château d'UssonFirst mention in 11th centuryRuineRouze

Châteaux of Aveyron

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Albinhac15th-16th centuryIn good conditionBrommatPrivately owned
Château d'AuberoquesIn good conditionSévérac-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château de Balsac12th centuryBalsacIt is now a private residence, guest house.âteau_de_Balsac
Château de Bertholène17th centuryRuineBertholèneThe only remains of the chateau was a circular corner tower and square turret.
Château de Belcastel9th centuryBelcastelThis imposing castle was home to the family Saunhac . It is since 2005 owned by two New York galleries. It is open to the public from early April until mid-November.
Château de la BoissonnadeIn good conditionLaguiolePrivately owned
Château de la BonnaudieBar
Château de Bouillac18th centuryBouillacPrivately owned
Château du Bosc12th centuryNaucelle It was the family home of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Château des Bourines13th-15th centuryIn good conditionBertholènePrivately owned
Château de Bournazel14th centuryBournazelThe castle entrance is marked by a porch with two truncated towers which is a remnant of the ancient wall of the first medieval castle.
Château du Bousquet14th centuryIn good conditionMontpeyrouxPrivately owned
Château de BrousseFirst mention in 935Brousse-le-ChâteauToday, the castle is managed by the rural home of the county with temporary exhibitions. It is open to visitors.
Château de BrusqueBrusque
Château de Cabrespines17th centuryIn good conditionCoubisouPrivately owned
Château de Cajarc13th-15th centuryIn good conditionSalvagnac-CajarcPrivately owned
Château de Calmont d'OltFirst mention in 883RuineEspalionThe castle is part of the Route of the Lords of Rouergue which includes 24 castles, and graduated in 1997 Trophy of Cultural Tourism in Midi-Pyrénées. Visitors are also invited to participate in other activities (archery, crossbow, jousting swords (quintain), making a chainmail ), a book on the topic of the Middle Ages is available. All funds from the tourism industry are reinjected into the site (jobs, building materials, research).
Château de Camboulan16th-19th centuryAmbeyracPrivately owned
Château de Castelnau-Pégayrols
Château de Castelnau-PégayrolsCastelnau-PégayrolsThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1975.
Château du Colombier17th centuryIn good conditionSalles-la-SourcePrivately owned
Château de Cougousse14th-15th centuryIn good conditionSalles-la-SourcePrivately owned
Château de Coupiac13th centuryCoupiacCastle Coupiac present in its exhibits furnished rooms on daily life in the Middle Ages: history of calligraphy and writing, costumes, stages of life. Medieval activities are regular during the summer, events are held on the theme of the Middle Ages.
Château de Dalmayrac16th-18th centuryRodellePrivately owned
Château d'EngayresqueIn good conditionSévérac-le-ChâteauPrivately owned
Château d'Entraygues13th centuryEntraygues-sur-TruyèreDuring the Revolution, Entraygues is confiscated and sold as national property.
Château d'Estaing15th centuryEstaingAt the time of the sale, several European newspapers reference, however expressed their reservations about the transaction.
Château de Falgous18th centuryMounes-ProhencouxPrivately owned
Château de la famille des Castelnau14th centurySaint-Côme-d'OltOwned by the municipality
Château de La Caze (Peyrusse)1420 Peyrusse-le-RocThis private castle can not be visited.
Château de FayetFayet
Château de Floyrac1670Onet-le-ChâteauDuring the German occupation, the welfare association in the army moved into the castle a resort to military children in the occupied zone. Then, the Directorate works camps of Aveyron, it organizes training mentoring. Since, it is the General Council of the Aveyron department that is installed fireplace Childhood.
Château de FontangesOnet-le-Château
Château de Frayssinet (BorBor
Château de Frayssinet (Estaing)Estaing
Château de Freyssinet (Nayrac)1582RuineNayracThis private castle collapses, it can not be visited.
Château de Galinières12th centuryRestoredPierreficheRestoration campaign on the master and the ruined part of the house between 1994 and 2001. The tower is open to visitors since 1992.
Château de Ginals14th-18th centuryVilleneuvePrivately owned
Château de Galinières
Château de GissacGissac
Château de Graves16th centuryVillefranche-de-RouerguePrivately owned
Château de GuizardVillecomtal
Château Inférieur de Peyrusse-le-Roc12th-13th centuryPeyrusse-le-RocOwned by the municipality
Château de Kermaria1890Morlhon-le-HautPrivate propertyâteau_de_Kermaria
Château de Larguiès16th-17th centurySalles-CuranPrivately owned
Château de Latour957Marnhagues-et-LatourSince 1991, the castle belongs to the municipality of Marnhagues-et-Latour . Demonstrations and tours are organized by the Association of Friends of Castle Latour , who undertook the restoration of the castle.
Château de LonguebrousseTaussac
Château de Loupiac16th centuryIn good conditionLapanousePrivately owned
Château de LugansMoyen Age-19th centuryGaillac-d'AveyronPrivately owned
Château de Marinesque14th centuryIn good conditionNaussacPrivately owned
Château de MasseEspalionThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1928
Château de Mas Rougier14th centurySaint-AffriquePrivately owned
Château du Méjanel15th-16th centuryIn good conditionRecoules-PrévinquièresPrivately owned
Château de MélacRuinedSaint-Rome-de-CernonPrivately owned
Château de Montaigut10th centuryGissacThe Association of Friends of Montaigut castle , which became the owner in 1968, undertook a large-scale restoration. The castle will be permanently saved in 1989. Today, the castle became a permanent center of cultural activities.
Château de Montalègre14th centuryVersols-et-LapeyreRecently, the castle was converted into a hotel.
Château de Montarnal11th-14th centurySénerguesPrivate property
Château de Montalègre
Château de MontjauxMontjauxThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1978.
Château de Montrozier15th-16th centuryIn good conditionMontrozierPrivately owned
Château de Mostuéjouls13th-18th centuryMostuéjoulsPrivately owned
Château de Najac1253NajacThe castle is open to visitors arriving visite.Pour the bottom of the hill, so there is a hill to climb, steep but not insurmountable.
Château d'Onet-le-Château1518Onet-le-ChâteauThere are still large fireplaces in public areas, and a well in the backyard.
Château d'Oustrac18th-19th centuryLaguiolePrivate property
Château d'Onet-le-Château
Château de PagaxRuineFlagnacIt is now owned by the Dessalles family began renovations in 2005, the year of acquisition.
Château de Planèze
Château de Panat16th-18th centuryIn good conditionClairvaux-d'AveyronPrivately owned
Château de Peyrelade11th centuryRivière-sur-TarnThe castle is owned by the municipality of Rivière-sur-Tarn. Major restoration work started in 1977 continues today.
Château de la PèzeIn good conditionSavignacPrivately owned
Château de Planèze15th centuryLuc-la-PrimaubeCurrently owned by the Family of La Malene. It is subject to registration as a historic monument since November 7, 1991.
Château de Pomayrols11th centuryRenovatedPomayrolsThe museum of agricultural tools located in the municipal part of the castle is open for groups by appointment by contacting the town hall.
Château de PruinesPruines
Château du PuechVillecomtal
Château de RecoulesMoyen Age-19th centuryIn good conditionRecoules-PrévinquièresPrivate property
Château de Réquista16th-17th centuryBastide-l'Evêque (La)Privately owned
Château de la Roque16th centuryIn good conditionFayetPrivately owned
Château de Roquelaure12th centuryLassoutsOwned by the municipality
Château de Roumégous
Château de Roumégous1250Ruinela Salvetat-Peyralès
Château de Saint-Beauzély12th centurySaint-BeauzélyThe castle keep within its walls the museum stone crafts and rural life.
Château de Saint-Félix17th centuryRodezPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Eulalie-d'Olt15th centuryIn good conditionSainte-Eulalie-d'OltPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Geniez de BertrandSaint-Georges-de-LuzençonThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1978.
Château de Saint-Izaire1317 Saint-IzaireIn 1988 , the town became the owner of the entire building leased to the "Life and Castle", who created a small museum in memory of the past of the village and the inhabitants of Association Saint-Izaire.
Château de Saint-Julien d'Empare14th centuryIn good conditionCapdenac-GarePrivately owned
Château de Salles-Curan1441-1447In good conditionSalles-CuranPrivately owned
Château de SalmiechSalmiech
Château de SanhesRodelle
Château de Saint-Beauzély
Château de Séverac
Château de Sanvensa16th centuryIn good conditionSanvensaPrivately owned
Château de SavignacSavignac
Château de Selves16th centuryLa VinzelleIt is currently owned by the family Poujade.
Château de Sénergues11th-12th centuryIn good conditionSénerguesPrivately owned
Château de la ServairieMouretThe building is listed as a historical monument in 1995.
Château de Sévérac13th centurySévérac-le-Château
Château de SorgueCornus
Château de TaurinesCentrès
Château de ThénièresSaint-Symphorien-de-Thénières
Château de Tholet11th centuryTholetIt retains its old home in the dungeon turned into 16th century (presence of arms of families Solages -1562-and Montpoissier), and a house adjoining redesigned over time, especially in the 16th and 18th centuriesâteau_de_Tholet
Château de ToulongerguesVilleneuvePrivately owned
Château de Toulonjac15th centuryToulonjacPrivately owned
Chateau de Triadou16th centuryIn good conditionPeyreleauPrivately owned
Château de Vabre18th centuryOnet-le-ChâteauToday, the castle houses the training center of Rodez Aveyron Football.
Château de ValadiValady
Château de Valon14th centuryRuine but under restorationLacroix-BarrezIt is now a museum and it's open to visitors.
Château de VarèsEstaing
Château de Vezins17th centuryIn good conditionVézins-de-LévézouPrivately owned
Château de Venzac17th centuryMur-de-BarrezIt is subject of an entry in the inventory of monuments history since May 30, 1989.
Château de Versols14th-17th centuryIn good conditionVersols-et-LapeyrePrivately owned
Domaine de Vialatelle18th centuryOnet-le-ChâteauThe body of the building area Vialatelle offers much resemblance to the castle of La Roque by its plan and appearance.

Châteaux of Gers

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ampelle13th centuryPergain-TaillacThe castle has been listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments in 1987âteau_d'Ampelle
Château d'Avensac
Château d'Argenteins18th-19th centurySainte-RadegondePrivately owned
Château de Avensac14th-19th centuryAvensacPrivately owned
Château d'Avezan13th centuryRestoredAvezanIt was bought in 1972 by Patrice Cournot who has undertaken and completed the restoration.
Château de Balarin13th centuryMontréalPrivately owned
Château du Bartas ou Barthas16th centurySaint-GeorgesPrivately owned
Château de Bassoues14th centuryBassouesOwned by the municipality
Château de Bazian16th-17th centuryBazianPrivately owned
Château de Beaumont14th-18th centuryBeaumontPrivately owned
Château de Betplan17th centuryBetplanPrivately owned
Château de Bézéril18th centuryBézérilPrivately owned
Château de Pimbat-Cruzalet16th centuryVic-FezensacPrivately owned
Château de Bonas18th-19th centuryBonasPrivately owned
Château de Bouvées15th-18th centuryLabrihePrivately owned
Château du Busca-Maniban17th centuryMansencômeOwned by a private company
Château de Cadreils17th centuryBerracPrivately owned
Château de Campaigno18th centuryLigardesPrivately owned
Château de Cassaigne13th-18th centuryCassaignePrivately owned
Château de Castelmore16th centuryLupiacToday the castle is owned by the Senator-Mayor Yves Rispat.
Château de Castelnau d'AuzanCastelnau-d'Auzan
Château de Caumont1525Cazaux-SavèsCurrently owned by Mr. and Mrs. de Castelbajac. Private (visit possible, hire rooms for events).
Château de Clermont-Savès18th centuryClermont-SavèsPrivately owned
Château du Clot17th centurySainte-MèrePrivately owned
Château de Courrensan13th-18th centuryCourrensanPrivately owned
Château d'Esclignac15th-16th centuryMonfortOwned by a private company
Château de Espas12th-17th centuryEspasPrivately owned
Château de FieuxMiradoux
Château de Flamarens13th-16th centuryFlamarensOwned by a private company
Château de Fontenilles18th centuryGimontPrivately owned
Château de FourcèsFourcès
Château du Garranée11th-15th centurySeissanPrivately owned
Château de Gachepouy
Château gascon
Château de Herrebouc17th-18th centurySaint-Jean-PoutgePrivately owned
Château de Homps13th centuryHompsPrivately owned
Château de L' Isle-Bouzon13th-18th centuryIsle-Bouzon (L')Privately owned
Château L'Isle-de-Noé18th centuryIsle-de-Noé (L')Owned by the municipality
Château de Laas18th centuryLaasOwned by a private company
Château de LabarrèreLabarrère
Château de Lacassagne13th-18th centurySaint-Avit-FrandatOwned by a private company
Château de Lagardère13th centuryLagardèrePrivately owned
Château de Laplagne19th centuryMontesquiouPrivately owned
Château de LarressingleMoyen AgeLarressinglePrivately owned
Château de Lasserade20th centuryLasseradePrivately owned
Château de Lasserre14th-18th centuryIn good conditionBérautPrivately owned
Château de Lau13th-14th centuryLaujuzanOwned by the municipality
Château de LauretSainte-GemmePrivately owned
Château de Lavardens13th-17th centuryIn good conditionLavardensOwned by the municipality
Château de Léberon15th-17th centuryCassaignePrivately owned
Château de Loubersan11th centuryLoubersanIt was bought in 1993 by fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The castle can not be visited.âteau_de_Loubersan
Château de Madirac16th centuryIn good conditionRomieu (La)Privately owned
Château de Magnas16th centuryMagnasPrivately owned
Château de MaignautMaignaut-Tauzia
Château de Maniban14th-17th centuryMauléon-d'ArmagnacOwned by a private company
Château de Manlèche16th centuryPergain-TaillacOwned by a private company
Château de Mansencôme14th centuryMansencômeAfter the Revolution, the castle passed into the hands of successive owners who drop gradually.âteau_de_Mansencôme
Château de Marignan17th-18th centuryBarsPrivately owned
Château de Marin16th centuryAuchPrivately owned
Château de Marsan18th centuryMarsanPrivately owned
Château de Mas-d'Auvignon13th centuryMas-d'AuvignonPrivately owned
Château de MasseubeMasseube
Château de Mauhic15th centuryIn good conditionLoubédatPrivately owned
Château de Mazères15th-18th centuryBarranPrivately owned
Château de Mérens13th-17th centuryMérensPrivately owned
Château de MirandeMirande
Château de Monbrun19th centuryMonbrunPrivately owned
Château de Montaut-les-CréneauxMontaut-les-Créneaux
Château de la Mothe14th centuryMontesquiouPrivately owned
Château de Mothes13th-19th centuryCondomPrivately owned
Château de Orbessan17th-18th centuryOrbessanPrivately owned
Château de Peyriac17th centuryCondomPrivately owned
Château de Plieux14th centuryPlieuxWriter Renaud Camus , who lives, made ??a major contemporary art exhibition center and cultural events.
Château de Pouylebon13th centuryPouylebonOwned by the municipality
Château de Pouypardin13th-16th centuryCondomPrivately owned
Château de Pujos16th centuryRoquebrunePrivately owned
Château du Rieutort17th centuryRoquelaurePrivately owned
Château de Rouillac14th centuryGimbrèdeThe castle is now part of a set of inhabited buildings and agricultural use. It consists "of a rectangular main body flanked by two square towers on the front line.âteau_de_Rouillac
Château de SabazanMoyen Age-16th centurySabazanPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Blancard16th-19th centuryIn good conditionSaint-BlancardOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Cricq15th centuryAuchOwned by a municipal public institution
Château de Saint-Julien17th centuryCahuzac-sur-AdourPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Gemme13th centurySainte-GemmePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Lary13th-15th centurySaint-LaryPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Léonard18th centurySaint-LéonardPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Martin-d'Armagnac16th centurySaint-Martin-d'ArmagnacPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Mère13th centurySainte-MèreSold as national property during the Revolution , he was stripped of its interior but building itself survived unscathed, except for gaps in the walls to recover stones.
Château de Salleneuve18th centuryMont-d'AstaracPrivately owned
Château de Savignac16th-19th centurySavignac-MonaPrivately owned
Château de Seissan13th centurySeissanOwned by the municipality
Château de Sérillac13th-18th centuryIn good conditionSauvetat (La)Private property
Château de SimorreSimorre
Château du Tauzia14th centuryMaignaut-TauziaClassified as a historic monument in 1932, the castle is now owned by a magnautais artist.
Château de Terraube13th-18th centuryTerraubePrivately owned
Tour de Termes d'ArmagnacTermes-d'ArmagnacThe Tour de Termes d'Armagnac also belonged to the family Boingnères including André Boingnères who donated the Tower common in the 1960s, so that the historical heritage of importance to be open to all, a goal innovative for the time.

Châteaux of Haute-Garonne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'AigrefeuilleAigrefeuille
Château fort d’Agos-Vidalos
Château d'AlliezCornebarrieu
Château d'Aurignac13th centuryAurignacOwned by the municipality
Château d'AzasAzas
Château de Barbazan16th-18th centuryBarbazanPrivately owned
Château de Barelles18th centuryVillefranche-de-LauragaisPrivately owned
Château de Beauvoir18th centuryBelbèze-en-CommingesPrivately owned
Château de Beillard19th-20th centuryMervillePrivately owned
Château de BellevueToulouseState property
Château de BoissèdeBoissèdePrivately owned
Château de Bonrepos1651Bonrepos-RiquetOwned by the municipality.
Château de Boussan13th centuryBoussanOwned by the municipality
Château de Brax13th-18th centuryBraxPrivately owned
Château du CabirolColomiers
Château de Cadeilhac18th centuryMuretPrivately owned
Château de Calmont14th centuryCalmontOwned by the municipality
Château de Cambiac15th-19th centuryCambiacPrivate property
Château de la Cassagnère18th centuryCugnauxPrivately owned
Château de Castagnac12th centuryCastagnacCastle Castagnac is registered under the historical monuments in full with its moat since March 18, 2003. It belongs to a private family.
Château de Castelnau-d'Estrétefonds16th-19th centuryCastelnau-d'EstrétefondsOwned by a private company
Château CatalaSaint-Orens-de-Gameville
Château de La Cépière16th-17th centuryToulouseOwned by a private company
Château de CornebarrieuCornebarrieu
Château du CoustelaGratentour
Château de la Creuse16th-18th centuryPortet-sur-GaronnePrivately owned
Château du Croisillat15th-17th centuryCaramanPrivately owned
Château des Demoiselles18th-19th centuryFrouzinsOwned by a private company
Château de Drudas18th-19th centuryDrudasPrivate property
Château de Espanès16th-17th centuryEspanèsPrivately owned
Château de Fonbeauzard18th-19th centuryFonbeauzardPrivately owned
Château de Fourquevaux15th-18th centuryFourquevauxPrivately owned
Château-fort de Galié13th-14th centuryGaliéPrivately owned
Château de GagnacGagnac-sur-Garonne
Château de Gensac-sur-Garonne18th centuryGensac-sur-GaronnePrivately owned
Château de Grand SelveToulouse
Château de Gourdan-Polignan
Château de Guran17th centuryGuranPrivately owned
Château de HautpoulCugnaux
Château d'Izaut-de-l'HôtelIzaut-de-l'Hôtel
Château de Jean17th-18th centuryVillarièsPrivately owned
Château de Juzes14th-16th centuryJuzesPrivately owned
Château de Labastide-Beauvoir18th-19th centuryLabastide-BeauvoirOwned by a private company
Château de Labastide-Paumès16th centuryLabastide-PaumèsPrivately owned
Château de Lacroix-Falgarde16h-17th centuryLacroix-FalgardePrivately owned
Château de Laréole
Château de Lafitte-VigordaneLafitte-VigordanePrivately owned
Château Lafont18th centuryBagnères-de-LuchonOwned by the municipality
Château et parc de Larra18th centuryLarraPrivately owned
Château de LaranCornebarrieu
Château de Laréole1579LaréoleThe site is open to the public and free or guided tours are free. Inside the empty castle is used as a showroom in summer. To the park when it was the scene of a festival that takes place from mid-July to late August offering every weekend in the late afternoon of circus, dance or theater are free.
Château de LarroqueLarroque
Château de Latoue1140LatoueAll facades and roofs has been an inscription on the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments July 25, 1979. The site hosts cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions.
Château de Launac1211LaunacCastle listed as a historic monument June 3, 1991.. Offers room rental.
Château de LaunaguetLaunaguetCurrently the Town hall.
Château de Loubens-Lauragais11th centuryLoubens-Lauragais A history of the castle by video or slideshow complete the visit. The park , with trees: the terrace of the South, grasslands, large grove, fountains.
Château et parc de Mascarville17th-18th centuryMascarvillePrivately owned
Château de Mauremont17th-19th centuryMauremontPrivately owned
Château de MaurensCugnaux
Château de Mauvaisin18th centuryMauvaisinOwned by an association
Château de Merville1743Merville The castle itself, it has been classified by historical monuments , its beautiful architecture is pure 18th century.
Château du MirailToulouse
Château Montespan13th centuryMontespanOwned by the municipality
Château de Montlaur16th-19th centuryMontlaurPrivately owned
Château de Montgeard16th centuryMontgeardPrivately owned
Château de Mourvilles-Basses16th-19th centuryMourvilles-BassesPrivate property
Château de NovitalGagnac-sur-Garonne
Château de PalaminyMoyen Age-17th centuryIn good conditionPalaminyPrivately owned
Château de Palays15th-16th centuryMontesquieu-VolvestrePrivately owned
Château de Pontié
Château de Pechbonnieu18th centuryPechbonnieuOwned by the municipality
Château de PercinSeilh
Château de Pibrac1540RestoredPibracThe park of the castle of Pibrac open to the public, is also seen. It was designed in a very sleek in style landscape Eugene Buhler in 1897.
Château et ferme de Pinsaguel13th-18th centuryPinsaguelPrivately owned
Château de PontiéIn good conditionCornebarrieuToday it hosts receptions and seminars for businesses.âteau_de_Pontié
Château des RamassiersColomiers
Château des Raspaud15th centuryRuineColomiersThe castle was demolished in 1960 and it remains today as the entrance gate built in the 17th century.
Château de Redon18th centuryLagardelle-sur-Lèze
Château de la ReneryGratentour
Château de Reynerie1781ToulouseOn October 23, 2008, at the end of an auction, the city of Toulouse has acquired the domain part with the castle and the orangery.
Château de Rochemontès17th centurySeilhPrivately owned
Château de Roquefoulet19th centuryMontgeardPrivate property
Château de RoquetteMontesquieu-Lauragais
Château de Rudelle16th-17th centuryMuretPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Clar-de-Rivière18th-19th centurySaint-Clar-de-RivièrePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Élix-le-Château1540Saint-Élix-le-ChâteauThe surroundings of the castle host for 20 years, the fourth weekend of October an exhibition of rare plant sales recognized one of the finest exhibitions botanical of France, organized by chaired by Brigitte Bazin Kero'Zen association.
Château de Saint-Elix-SéglanSaint-Élix-Séglan
Château de Saint-Félix-Lauragais13th-14th centurySaint-Félix-LauragaisPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Geniès16th-18th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Geniès-BellevuePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Jory16th centurySaint-JoryPrivately owned
Château Sainte-Marie16th-19th centuryLongagesPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Martory16th centurySaint-MartoryPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Michel18th centurySaint-MichelPrivate property
Château Saint-Simon13th-17th centuryToulouseOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Paul-d'Oueil16th centurySaint-Paul-d'OueilIt is subject to protection under the historical monuments.
Château de Salvetat-Saint-Gilles (La)13th-17th centurySalvetat-Saint-Gilles (La)Privately owned
Château de Sarremezan15th-18th centurySarremezanPrivately owned
Château de Savères17th centurySavèresPrivately owned
Château des sœurs16th centuryLagardelle-sur-Lèze
Château de Thèbe17th-18th centuryMartres-TolosanePrivately owned
Château de Thégra16th-18th centuryBalmaPrivately owned
Château de TournefeuilleTournefeuille
Château de VallègueMoyen AgeVallèguePrivately owned
Château de Valmirande19th centuryMontréjeauIts owner is the Baroness Simone de Lassus.
Château de Vieillevigne16th-19th centuryVieillevignePrivate property
Château du Vignaou18th centuryLagardelle-sur-Lèze
Château de Vignolles16th-17th centuryBeaumont-sur-LèzePrivately owned
Château de Villaudric19th centuryVillaudricPrivately owned
Château de Villefranche16th-19th centuryVilleneuve-lès-BoulocPrivately owned
Château des Vitarelles17th-18th centuryPlaisance-du-TouchPrivately owned
Domaine Saint-Rome19th centurySaint-RomePrivately owned
Le Château d'eau19th centuryIn good conditionToulouseOwned by the municipality
Le Pavillon Louis XVICugnaux
Mairie (Château de Gramart)17th centuryTournefeuilleOwned by the municipality
Palais des évêques du Comminges15th centuryAlanSince 1998 , two artists photographers , Yuri Lewinski and Mayotte Magnus, in pursuing restoration.évêques_du_Comminges

Châteaux of Hautes-Pyrénées

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'AdéAdé
Château de Beaucens14th centuryBeaucensPrivately owned
Château de Camalès17th centuryCamalèsPrivately owned
Château des Comtes de Comminges de Bramevaque
Château de Camon ou Château des Nestes17th centuryArreauOwned by the municipality
Château des Comtes de Comminges12th centuryRuineBramevaqueIts ruins are listed under historical monuments since December 13, 1950.
Château de Gardères18th centuryGardèresPrivately owned
Château et donjon de Gaston Phoebus13th-15th centuryMauvezinOwned by a private company
Château de Horgues15th-19th centuryHorguesPrivately owned
Château de Labatut14th-18th centuryLabatut-RivièrePrivately owned
Château de Laloubère19th centuryLaloubèrePrivate property
Château fort de Lourdes8th centuryLourdesIt becomes the seat of the Pyrenean Museum ( 1921 ) that still houses. It is the largest museum of arts and popular traditions of the Pyrenees.
Château de Luz-Saint-SauveurLuz-Saint-Sauveur
Château de Maubourguet18th-19th centuryMaubourguetPrivately owned
Château de Mauvezin11th centuryFully restoredMauvezinThe castle is open to the open house every day and throughout the year. Guided tours are offered daily in July and August, and throughout the year by appointment for groups. Theme days and school visits are also possible. Performances are held every Sunday in July and August.
Château de MontusCastelnau-Rivière-BassePrivately owned
Château d'Odos dit de Marguerite de Navarre13th-19th centuryOdosOwned by the municipality
Château d'Ourout15th-19th centuryArgelès-GazostPrivately owned
Château de Sainte-Marie14th centuryLuz-Saint-SauveurPrivately owned
Château de Tostat18th centuryTostatPrivately owned
Château de Tramezaygues
Château de Tramezaïgues11th-12th centuryTramezaïguesOwned by the municipality

Châteaux of Lot

11th century
Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ancien prieuré ou Château d'Carennac12th-17th centuryCarennacPrivately owned
Ancien presbytère d'Ginouillac15th centuryGinouillacPrivately owned
Château des Anglais (Autoire)11th-12th centuryAutoirePrivately owned
Château d'Aujols13th centuryAujols
Château des Anglais (Brengues)12th centuryBrenguesPrivately owned
Château d'Assier1518RestorationAssier The castle Assier, like a hundred other buildings owned by the State, is managed, lively and open to the public by the Centre des monuments nationaux.
Château d'Aynac16th-19th centuryIn good conditionAynacOwned by the municipality
Château de Barasc1515BéduerThen the castle was owned by the family of Lostanges.âteau_de_Barasc
Château de Béduer13th centuryIn good conditionBéduerState property
Château de la Blainie1865AlbasUntil 2005, the castle was owned by Louis Emile Henry MOURGUES (1926-2008), who had inherited from his father.
Château du Bousquet13th-17th centuryPartially ruinedArcambalPrivately owned
Château BoutierDuravelPrivately owned
Château des Bouysses13th-19th centuryMercuèsOwned by a private company
Château de Busqueilles17th centuryIn good conditionAutoirePrivately owned
Château de Cabrerets16th-17th centuryCabreretsOwned by a private company
Château de Caïx14th centuryLuzechIt is now owned by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her husband, Prince Henrik of Denmark (born Henri de Laborde de Monpezat). It is is now a royal residence and a wine producing property Cahors quality.âteau_de_Caïx
Château de Calamane15th centuryCalamanePrivately owned
Château de Caïx
Castrum de Cazals
Château de Cousserans
Château de CapdenacCapdenacPrivately owned
Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux11th centuryIn good conditionPrudhomat. It belongs to the state, is assigned to the Ministry of Culture and is open to the public by the Centre des monuments nationaux.
Château de Castelnau-Montratier13th centuryCastelnau-MontratierPrivately owned
Château de Ceint-d'Eau16th-18th centuryFigeacPrivately owned
Château de Cénevières13th-16th centuryCénevièresPrivately owned
Château de Chambert16th centuryFloressasThe 21th century is launching work for a great wine. With the invaluable assistance of the consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt, Philippe Lejeune began redesigning the vineyard.
Château de Charry15th-17th centuryMontcuqPrivately owned
Château de Clermont, à Linars13th-17th centuryConcorèsPrivately owned
Château de Condat15th-18th centuryBouzièsPrivately owned
Château de La Coste14th-16th centuryGrézelsPrivately owned
Château de Couanac12th-16th centuryVarairePrivately owned
Château de Cousserand15th centuryBélayePrivately owned
Château de Crabillé19th centuryMontgestyPrivately owned
Château de Crozes19th centurySarrazacPrivately owned
Château des Doyens1550In good conditionCarennac
Château de La Devie
Château de Ferrières18th centurySérignacPrivately owned
Tour de Floirac
Château de FontaudaMontcuq
Château de Geniez15th-20th centurySauliac-sur-CéléPrivately owned
Château de Grugnac15th centurySousceyracPrivately owned
Tour de l'Horloge13th centuryCardaillac
Château de Labastide dit aussi de Marsa13th-17th centuryBeauregardPrivately owned
Château de Labastide-Murat19th centuryLabastide-MuratPrivately owned
Château Lagrézette
Château de Lacapelle-Marival12th-16th centuryLacapelle-MarivalOwned by the municipality
Château de Lacoste11th-18th centurySalviacPrivately owned
Château Lagrézette16th centuryCaillacIn 2008, the vintage of La Dame d'Honneur Grézette 2003 was ranked in the top 100 wines of the world through trade magazine Wine Enthusiast.
Château de Lantis1453RestoredDégagnacMr. and Mrs. Barbier-Damiettaâteau_de_Lantis
Château de Larnagol18th-20th centuryLarnagolPrivate property
Château de Laroque-des-Arcs12th-16th centuryLaroque-des-ArcsPrivately owned
Château de Larroque-Toirac12th centuryLarroque-Toirac In 1926 , the castle is placed on the supplementary list of historic monuments before being classified a historical monument in 1995. Although private, the castle is open to visitors every day from July 1 to September 30.
Château de Lastours13th-17th centurySainte-CroixPrivately owned
Château de Lavercantière17th-18th centuryLavercantièrePrivately owned
Château de Les Junies13th-18th centuryJunies (Les)Privately owned
Château de Limargue15th centuryAutoirePrivately owned
Château d'Lunegarde18th centuryLunegardePrivately owned
Château de Luzech13th centuryLuzechOwned by the municipality
Château de Marcillac17th-18th centurySaint-CyprienPrivately owned
Château de Masclat13th-14th centuryMasclatOwned by a private company
Château de Mayrac15th centuryMayracPrivately owned
Château de Mercuès13th centuryMercuèsThe Castle Vigouroux Mercuès a Relais & Chateaux hotel, restaurant and wines from properties.
Château de Montal15th centurySaint-Jean-LespinasseSince the 1st October 2006, Montal Castle is the responsibility of the Centre for National Monuments. It is open to visitors.
Château Montbrun12th-17th centuryMontbrunPrivately owned
Château de Montcléra16th centuryMontcléraPrivately owned
Château de MontcuqMontcuq
Château de Nadaillac-de-Rouge15th-18th centuryNadaillac-de-RougePrivately owned
Castrum d'Orgueil
Château de la Pannonie15th-19th centuryIn good conditionCouzouPrivately owned
Château de PechrigalRestored Saint-ClairIt has then became the property of an American, John Manchec, who restored and converted into a hotel.
Château de Pestillac12th centuryMontcabrierPrivately owned
Château de PleysseMontcuq
Château de Puy-Launay15th-17th centuryLinacOwned by a private company
Château de la Rauze17th-18th centuryBourg (Le)Owned by a private company
Château du Roc16th-19th centuryFonsOwned by a private company
Château de RocamadourRocamadour
Château de Roussillon12th-15th centuryMaxouPrivately owned
Château de Saignes16th centurySaignesPrivate property
Tour de Sagnes13th centuryCardaillac
Tour-moulin de Ségadènes
Château de Saint-Laurent-les-Tours13th-20th centurySaint-Laurent-les-ToursOwned by the department
Château de Saint-Privat15th-16th centuryFlaugnacPrivate property
Château de Saint-Sulpice12th-17th centurySaint-SulpicePrivately owned
Château de Saint-Thamar15th-18th centuryTerrouPrivately owned
Château de Cieurac16th-19th centuryCieuracPrivately owned
Château de Thégra15th-18th centuryThégraPrivately owned
Tour de Teyssieu
Tour de Trébaïx
Château des Tours-Saint-LaurentSaint-Laurent-les-ToursConseil général du Lot
Château du Théron13th-15th centuryPrayssacPrivately owned
Château de la Treyne16th-20th centuryLacaveOwned by a private company
Château de Vaillac14th-17th centuryVaillacPrivately owned
Château de VentalaysMontcuq
Château du Viguier du RoyFigeac
Domaine de Montal16th-20th centurySaint-Jean-LespinasseState property
Hôtel de Balène ou Château Balène14th-20th centuryFigeacOwned by the municipality
Site castral de CavagnacMoyen AgeCavagnacPrivately owned

Châteaux of Tarn

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Commanderie de VaourIn good conditionVaourPrivately owned
Château d'Aguts17th centuryAgutsPrivately owned
Château d'AiguefondeAiguefonde
Château d'ArifatArifat
Château de La BancaliéSaint-Antonin-de-Lacalm
Château de BelbèzeGiroussens
Château de BoissezonMurat-sur-Vèbre
Château de la BonnetteSenouillac
Château de La BourélieBrens
Château de Calmel15th centuryLacaunePrivately owned
Château de CamalièresLacaze
Château de Campan17th centuryIn good conditionAnglèsPrivately owned
Château de CanacMurat-sur-VèbreThe building is registered under the historical monuments in 1990 and listed in 1991
Château de Cantepau15th-17th centuryAlbiPrivately owned
Château de Castelnau-de-Lévis
Château Cap de CastelPuylaurens
Château des Capitaines-gouverneursPuycelsi
Château de Castelfranc16th centuryMontredon-LabessonniéPrivate property
Château de CastellasDourgne
Château de Castelnau-de-Lévis1235RuineCastelnau-de-LévisPartial restoration since the early 1980s can locate the high walls of the enclosure. The low boundary, remains only a fortified gate.
Château-musée du Cayla15th centuryAndillacThe building was converted into a castle-museum dedicated to Maurice de Guerin and her sister Eugenie de Guerin, in literature and painting.
Château de CaylusRouairoux
Château d'en ClausadeMarzens
Château de Combefa13th centuryRuineCombefaThe castle is ruined since the Revolution, the fact remains that two towers and some walls.âteau_de_Combefa
Château de CordurièsCastelnau-de-Montmiral
Château de CurvalleCurvalle
Château de CussacSaint-Grégoire
Château Ferrieres11th-16th centuryFerrièresPrivately owned
Château de FézembatCastelnau-de-Montmiral
Château de FiacFiac
Château de la Gautherie16th centuryIn good conditionCrespinetPrivate property
Château GinesteLisle-sur-TarnPrivately owned
Château du Gô16th-17th centuryAlbiPrivately owned
Château de GosBarre
Château de GrandvalTeillet
Château de Groupiac19th centuryViviers-lès-MontagnesPrivately owned
Château du Gua17th centuryLescoutPrivately owned
Château-Haut Guitalens19th centuryGuitalensPrivately owned
Château d'Hauterive14th-17th centuryCastresPrivately owned
Château d'HautpoulMazamet
Château d'Hutaud17th-19th centuryGaillacOwned by the municipality
Château d'Jouqueviel14th centuryJouquevielPrivately owned
Château Labastidié19th centuryFlorentin Château Labastidié is regularly organizing international and private events. It houses the International Wine School organizes various types of oenological: festive (harvest with the old horse, cart, gland and former press), fun, event, studious, courses and trips.
Château de Labastide vassalsSaint-Grégoire
Château Labastidié
Château d'Labruguière16th-17th centuryLabruguièreOwned by the municipality
Château de Lacaze17th centuryLacazePrivately owned
Château de LagassiéGarrigue
Château de Lastouzeilles15th-19th centuryPallevillePrivately owned
Château de Lézignac13th-18th centuryGraulhetPrivately owned
Château de LinardiéSenouillac
Château de Mailhoc15th-16th centuryIn good conditionMailhocPrivately owned
Château de Magrin16th-18th centuryMagrinPrivately owned
Château de Massaguel13th-18th centuryMassaguelPrivately owned
Château de Massuguiès14th-17th centuryMasnau-Massuguiès (Le)Privately owned
Château de Mauriac13th centuryRenovatedSenouillacFrom the 1960s, the painter Bernard Bistes, owner of its renovation. The artist uses the room to exhibit his paintings.
Château de Meyragues16th-17th centuryIn good conditionCastelnau-de-MontmiralPrivately owned
Château de MazièresCastelnau-de-Montmiral
Château de Mézens15th-16th centuryIn good conditionMézensPrivately owned
Château du MilharsMilhars
Château de Mirabel-Laval17th-18th centuryLavaurPrivately owned
Château de Montespieu12th centuryRebuilt and restoredNavèsThe castle and the common pigeon which were recorded in historical monument October 26, 1992. It is currently used for the organization of weddings and events.
Château de MontfaMontfa
Château de MontgeyMontgeyPrivately owned
Château de MontlédierPont-de-Larn
Château de Montpinier1830RuineMontpinierIt is now in a state of ruin advanced. There is a small courtyard in the center in a Renaissance style. It also contains a chapel and its last occupants had built a "Moorish living" in the next garden party. Admission is however illegal and dangerous.âteau_de_Montpinier
Château de Montus16th centurySaint-AndréPrivately owned
Château de Mouzieys-PanensMouzieys-Panens
Château de NagesNages
Château de Padiés17th centuryLempautPrivately owned
Château de Paulin15th-18th centuryPaulinetPrivately owned
Château de Penne12th centuryUndergoing restorationPenneFrom 2009 to 2011, a restoration program is being initiated by the new owner. The castle reopened to the public since June 2010.
Château du PoutacMoularès
Château de RayssacRayssac
Château de Reyniès17th-18th centuryLavaurPrivate property
Château de Roquevidal14th-16th centuryRoquevidalPrivately owned
Château de Saint-Amans-Valtoret17th-19th centurySaint-Amans-ValtoretOwned by the municipality
Château de Saint-Géry14th-15th centuryRabastensOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-Hippolyte14th-19th centuryMonestiésOwned by a private company
Château de Saint-MartialSenouillac
Château de Saint-Martin-LaguépieSaint-Martin-Laguépie
Château de Saint-Urcisse18th centurySaint-UrcissePrivately owned
Château de SalettesCahuzac-sur-Vère
Château de Salvagnac16th centuryIn good conditionSalvagnacOwned by an association
Château de Sauveterre16th-19th centurySauveterrePrivate property
Château de Sendrone17th-18th centurySaïxPrivately owned
Château de SénégatsSaint-Pierre-de-Trivisy
Château de la Serre16th-20th centuryCambounet-sur-le-SorOwned by a private company
Château de Serres15th-16th centuryLabessière-CandeilPrivately owned
Château de Scopont18th-19th centuryMaurens-ScopontOwned by a private company
Château de Thuriès13th centuryPampelonneOwned by the municipality
Château du TourPrades
Château de Soult-Berg19th centuryIn good conditionSaint-Amans-SoultPrivately owned
Château de Thoré19th centuryAussillonPrivately owned
Château du Travet17th centuryIn good conditionLabastide-Saint-GeorgesPrivately owned
Château de Trévien15th-18th centuryIn good conditionTrévienPrivately owned
Château de la VèreLarroque
Château de le VergnetMoularès
Château de Viviers-lès-Montagnes16th centuryViviers-lès-MontagnesPrivately owned
Castella de Saint-SulpiceSaint-SulpiceOwned by the municipality
Pech MassouGiroussens

Châteaux of Tarn-et-Garonne

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Château d'Ardus18th centuryLamothe-CapdevillePrivately owned
Château d'AutyAuty
Château de la Barathie13th-18th centurySainte-JuliettePrivately owned
Château de Belpech14th-15th centuryVarenPrivately owned
Château de Bioule14th-16th centuryBiouleOwned by the municipality
Château de BlauzacVazerac
Château de BouillacBouillac (Tarn-et-Garonne)The building is registered under the historical monuments in 1992âteau_de_Bouillac
Château de Boutary18th centuryMontechCurrently owned by the Saint Vincent Family. Private property.
Château de Brassac12th-16th centuryBrassacPrivately owned
Château de Bruniquel6th centuryBruniquelThe castles are open to visitors from early March to mid-November season, Sundays and holidays.
Château de Cambayrac16th-19th centuryCastanetPrivately owned
Château de Candes19th centurySaint-MichelPrivately owned
Château de Cas9th centuryRestoredEspinasThe monument is subject to registration as a historic monument since October 11, 1984.
Château de Castelferrus14th-17th centuryCastelferrusPrivately owned
Château de Castels17th-19th centuryValencePrivately owned
Château de Caylus et garenne de MondésirCaylus
Château du ClauLabastide-Saint-Pierre
Château de Cornusson16th centuryParisotOwned by a private company
Château de Couyssels13th-16th centuryRoquecorPrivately owned
Château de Féneyrols13th-14th centuryFéneyrolsPrivately owned
Château des Fours15th-16th centuryCumontPrivately owned
Château de Frescati18th centuryMas-GrenierPrivately owned
Château de GlatensGlatens
Château de Goudourville12th-17th centuryGoudourvilleOwned by a private company
Château de Gramont13th centuryGramontThe owners, Mr. and Mrs. Dichamp, donated the castle to the Centre of National Monuments.
Château de Granès19th centuryRéalvilleOwned by a private company
Château de LabartheLabarthe
Château de Labro14th-18th centuryParisotPrivately owned
Château de Larrazet16th centuryLarrazetPrivately owned
Château de Lastours17th-19th centuryRéalvillePrivately owned
Château de Lesparre14th centuryMontfermierToday, the tower of honor is a museum dedicated to local history, crafts and traditions Medoc.âteau_de_Lesparre
Château de MansonvilleMansonville
Château des marquis de Pompignan18th centuryPompignanOwned by a private company
Château de Marsac13th-16th centuryMarsacPrivately owned
Château de Moissaguel14th centuryTouffaillesPrivately owned
Château de MonteilsMonteils
Château fort de MontgaillardMontgaillard
Château de Montricoux12th centuryMontricouxOwned by Claude Namy. It houses the Museum Marcel Lenoir- 130 drawings, pastels, watercolors and oils.
Château de la Motte18th centuryBardiguesOwned by a private company
Château de Nègrepelisse13th centuryNègrepelisseOwned by the municipality
Château de PechrodilRuinsVarenPrivate property
Château de Pérignon19th centuryFinhanPrivate property
Château de Pervinquières12th-13th centuryGinalsPrivately owned
Château de Piquecos15th-17th centuryPiquecosPrivately owned
Château de la "Reine Margot"Verdun-sur-Garonne
Château de Reyniès13th-18th centuryReynièsPrivately owned
Château de Riblaye17th-20th centuryMontaubanPrivately owned
Château dit de Richard Coeur de Lion13th-19th centurySaint-Nicolas-de-la-GraveOwned by the municipality
Château à La Roque de LozeLoze
Château de Saint-ClairSaint-Clair
Château de Saint-Nicolas-de-la-GraveSaint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave
Château Saint-Roch19th centuryPin (Le)Owned by a private company
Château de Savenès17th-19th centurySavenèsPrivately owned
Château SouloumiacSaint-Nauphary
Château de TerridesLabourgade
Château de la Salle de Savenès
Château de Verlhaget18th centuryLacourt-Saint-PierrePrivately owned
Château de Villebrumier19th centuryIn good conditionVillebrumierOwned by a private company
Doyenné (ancien logis abbatial dit château)16th centuryVarenOwned by the municipality

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