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Château d'Aynac

Château d'Aynac
Château d'Aynac Photo - MOSSOT - Wikipedia - lic. under CC BY-SA 3.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Aynac, in the Lot departement of France (Midi-Pyrenees Region).
Built: 16th-19th century.
Condition: In good condition.
Ownership / Access: Owned by the municipality.
ISMH Reference Number: PA00094975
Notes: Château d'Aynac is one of Aynac Aynac castle located in the Lot, France. The building is classified as historical monuments in 1988.The Lordship of Aynac belonged to a side branch of the house of Pierre II Turenne Turenne, son of Hugues de Turenne, lord of Saint-Genest, married Saure Aynac, daughter of Archambaud, lord of Aynac partly quoted in 12712. Found Annet de Turenne, lord of Aynac, married 11 February 1495 to Jacquette Genouillac, daughter of Jean Lord of Assier, Jacques sister Genouillace said Galiot Genouillace, Lord of Assier, equerry, grand master artillery, Jacques niece Genouillace, master of artillery in 1479 under Louis XI and Charles VIII. Knight of the Order of the King, gentleman of his chamber, lieutenant of artillery, Galiot companion Genouillace, he was taken prisoner at the battle of Pavia. To pay his ransom, his wife has to sell part of the land of the barony of Aynac in 1526. His grand-son, Galliot de Turenne († 1569) was made the heir of Galiot Genouillace in its 1523 and 1544 wills, if his descendants, François Genouillace, Baron d'Assier, and Jeanne Genouillace, Viscountess Uzes, have no descendants. François de Turenne (circa 1548-1633), son of Galliot, Baron de Molières and Aynac, married in 1591 to Antoinette Pontaniez, only daughter of Antoine Salers lord. He began his career in the company of the Count of Sancerre. He paid tribute to his land to Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duc de Bouillon and Vicomte de Turenne. Flotard III Turenne (1600-after 1675), son of François, baron of Aynac. He was married in 1633 with Claude Gourdon Genouillace, Aubepeyre lady, sister of John Paul Ricard Gourdon de Genouillac (1621-1681), Count of Vaillac, first equerry to Philippe d'Orléans, daughter of Louis II Gourdon and Genouillac, field marshal, and Françoise de Cheyradour, lady Aubepeyre. He served as a handlebar in the company of gendarmes Themines Marshal, his cousin. He served in the army commanded qur Marshal Thémines in Guyenne to fight against the rebels Protestants. He received a commission from Louis XIII to get to Cardaillac to contain the Protestants of Upper Quercy who were holding meetings. Louis II de Turenne, son of Flotard III, Marquis of Aynac, died in 1697. He married in 1646 with Marie-Hélène de Felzins, daughter of Jean, Baron of Felzins, Marquis Montmurat, first baron of Quercy. Brother of John Turenne of Aubepeyre (born in 1643), said the count Aubepeyre, lord of Saint-Yrieix, married in 1671 to Catherine de Felzins. John Paul Turenne (born 1665), Marquis of Aynac and Montmurat, Baron of Felzins and Gramat. He married in 1698 with Marie Victoire de Durfort, Baroness Gramat, sister of the Earl of Boissières, Seneschal and Governor of Rouergue, commander for the King in Quercy, daughter of Armand de Durdort, Earl of Boissières and Anne of TOUCHEBOEUF, Countess of Clermont Vertillac.Jean Louis. Anne de Turenne (circa 1700-1767), Marquis of Aynac, married in 1732 with Anne Claude Robert Lignerac. Claude Joseph Turenne Aynac (1734-1771), son of Jean Louis Anne de Turenne, brother of René Joseph Turenne (circa 1735-1777), Marquis of Aynac, married in 1772 with Pauline Gabrielle Baschi Pignan ( towards 1742-1833). Henri Amédée de Turenne Mercure Aynac (1776-1853), Marquis of Aynac, married in 1799 with Claire Isabelle de Brignac Montarnaud (1781-1856) Gustave Joseph Romuald Edmond de Turenne Aynac (1803-1893), Marquis of Aynac, naval officer, married to Jeanne Adelaide Louis de La Tour du Pin La Charce (1812-1862) Guy Etienne de Turenne Aynac (1837-1905), Marquis of Aynac, general counsel of the Lot, married in 1874 with Elisabeth Alexandrine Berthier de Wagram (1849-1932), daughter of Napoléon Alexandre Berthier, Prince of Wagram. Louise (Louise Françoise Marie Josephe) Turenne Aynac, Stephen Guy Girl Turenne Aynac, married in 1895 with Count Bertrand (Bertrand Raymond Louis) de Toulouse-Lautrec Montfa, cousin of the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and mayor of the town at the time of the separation of church and state, between 1904 and 1906, was the last descendant of the family to live in the castle.

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