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Château de Béduer

Château de Béduer
Château de Béduer Photo - Pymouss - Wikipedia - lic. under CC BY-SA 3.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Béduer, in the Lot departement of France (Midi-Pyrenees Region).
Built: 13th century.
Condition: In good condition.
Ownership / Access: State property.
Notes: Château de Béduer is a medieval castle built from the thirteenth century for its oldest parts, modified to the eighteenth century for the home, located Béduer, Lot. Barasc of the castle perched on a hill, there remains only a Roman tradition to keep and a tower restored.The stronghold is the Béduer Barasc since the tenth century and will remain in that family until the sixteenth century. The first member of the family is known Dieudonné I Barasc, born around 1030, died in 1085. His son Peter I Barasc, born about 1055, died after 1096, crossed in 1096, he died in the Holy Land. Pierre Barasc II, born in 1080, father of Guiraud Barasc (1110, 1150). Arnaud follows I of Barasc (1140-1193), married with Aygline, Lord of Béduer, testified in 1181 in the cartulary of the Abbey of Aubazine in Frotad company Thémines, and in 1193 in the deed of assignment Rocamadour monks of Tulle by the Saint-Pierre Marcilhac Sur Cele. Then Arnaud II, said Dorde to Barasc (1165-to 1231), Lord of Béduer, Lissac and Poujoule, married about 1194 with Uga Montbrun (1170-1256) and his brother Déodat of Barasc (1170-after 1195 ). Arnaud II pays tribute to Simon de Montfort, June 12, 1214, he denies his respects and defends Raymond of Toulouse, in 1219, and founded the hospital and monastery Poujoulat in 1230. On top of the local celebrity of Barasc, Béduer is just one of eleven castles that has this family. On the death of Arnaud II and his brother, their son shared four possessions. Dieudonné II, said Dorde to Barasc (1195-1256), married to Sibylle de Panat (1215 - 1268), Lord of Montbrun, Cabrerets, Lissac, Larnagol, with possessions in Rouergue, Arnaud Barasc III (1215-1268) , Lord of Béduer and Gréalou and Calcomier, Guéraud of Barasc (1200-1256), bishop of Cahors in 12362. William of Barasc (born 1195-died before 1275), son of Déodat, Lord of Montbrun, Lord of Reyrevignes and co-lord of Assier. Arnaud follows IV Barasc (around 1235-1277), married about 1260 to Guillemette de Luzech, Lord of Béduer and Gréalou he gives or renewed, in 1277, customs Béduer formed by the St. Peter and St. Stephen parish . Then, Arnaud V Barasc (born 1268), married with Agnes de Melun (1280-1328), Baron Béduer, knight, lord of Gréalou and St. Néboule, co-lord of Montbrun. He goes to war in Flanders and tested in 1315-1316. Arnaud VI Barasc (1300-after 1346) married to Isabelle de Castelnau, Lord Béduer, followed by his son Arnaud VII Barasc (circa 1325-1368), lord of Béduer, married about 1340 to Marguerite de Cardaillac, then his son Déodat Barasc V (1355-1434), married in 1388 to Catherine Cruéjouls, Lord of Béduer, co-lord of Lacapelle-Marival, then Dieudonné VI Barasc (circa 1400-1465), married in 1420 to Antonia de Gimel and Dieudonné VII Barasc (circa 1427-1489), lord of Béduer and Gréalou, married in 1457 to Claude de Balzac Entraygues and their son Francis Barasc (died 1507), Lord of Béduer, married Catherine Barjac, follows Jean Barsac, married a second time with Marie de Pompadour, where Dieudonné VIII of Barsac, married to Béraude Huguenot Ferrières, died in 1559 in Lusignan fighting Protestants, the last lord of Barasc Béduer.

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