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Château de Ventadour

Château de Ventadour
Château de Ventadour Photo - Christian Roustan — Travail personnel - Wikipedia - lic. under CC BY-SA 3.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Meyras, in the Ardèche departement of France (Rhone-Alpes Region).
Built: 11th century.
Condition: In good condition.
Ownership / Access: Privately owned.
ISMH Reference Number: PA00116731
Notes: Château de Ventadour in the nineteenth century, is a castle with architectural elements of the eleventh century, the twelfth century, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, in Ardèche (France) southeast of the municipal territory Meyras.It is the subject of a registration as a historic monument since May 4, 1937.Castle Ventadour was probably built in the eleventh century as the stronghold of Meyras belonged to Solignac. In 1195 Pons V Montlaur, Baron d'Aubenas, Miracle wife and brother Beraud Solignac Solignac II (died 1234), Baron of Solignac-sur-Loire and lord of Meyras, abandon their stronghold Meyras. From this marriage was born Héracle II Montlaur. His grand-son, Pons de Montlaur VI, who had no offspring of his two marriages, bequeaths to his death in 1285 the castle of Meyras, his nephew Guigues IV of Roche (circa 1245-1327), son of his sister, Jordane Montlaur (circa 1245-1279), widow of Guigues III of Roche-en-Régnier (circa 1195-after 1239).The castle was acquired by inheritance by the family of Levis in the late fourteenth century. Philip Levis (1321-to 1382), Viscount of Lautrec, married in 1336 with Jaujague of Roche-en-Régnier, lady Bellegarde, and Broussan of Jonquières-Saint-Vincent, daughter of Guigues V la Roche-en-Regnier. Philippe III de Lévis married in 1372 with Eleanor of Thoire-Villars, lady Miribel, Annonay, Buis and Bussy-en-Beaujolais. His son Philip IV of Lévis was married in 1395 to Antoinette Anduze, Viscountess Remond, lady Charmes, of Pierregourde to Chomeirac and Rochemaure. His grand-son, Louis de Lévis, Baron of Roche-en-Régnier (with Jaujac, and the Boutières Meyras) and Baron d'Annonay, wife Blanche in 1472 Ventadour, heiress of the castle of Ventadour, Corrèze. This branch of the family Levis takes the name of Lévis-Ventadour. Levis Louis died in 1521. The castle returned to his son, Gilbert I de Lévis-Ventadour. He married Jacqueline du Mas who owned the castle of the Hawks in Saint-Cirgues-en-Montagne4. After the death of Gilbert I, in 1529, Jacqueline du Mas spent her widowhood in the castle of Ventadour. The castle is no longer inhabited later by successive owners. Their son, Gilbert II, followed Francis I and Henry II in the royal residences of Amboise and Fontainebleau, and moved to the castle of La Voulte he did enlarge. It hosted a meeting individual states Vivarais, in 1532. He died in 1547. Gilbert III de Lévis-Ventadour in 1553 married Catherine de Montmorency, daughter of the constable Anne de Montmorency. He became Duke of Ventadour in 1578, peer of France in 1589. He died at the Château de Charmes in 1597. During the wars of religion was close to Montmorency, moderate Catholics and opponents of Guise. François de Langlade was bailiff of the Duke of Ventadour Meyras for its castle-Ventadour5 and Huguenot, and bought the castle Hautsegur, formerly Rochegude or Rochesure at Meyras6. His son Lévis Anne married in 1593 with his cousin, Marguerite de Montmorency (1572-1660). Anne de Lévis-Ventadour died in 1622. The castle of Ventadour was the dowry of Marguerite de Montmorency. Gilbert Vincentis took custody of the castle he had to defend in 1622 against one of his brother-hand, the Barber captain who died in the attack. Gilbert Vincentis died at the castle in 1623. Annet Vincentis succeeded him in the custody of the castle but the longer lives.

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