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Château de la Roche-Pichemer

Château de la Roche-Pichemer
Château de la Roche-Pichemer Photo - MontdErve — MontdErve - Wikipedia - lic. under Public domain

Castle Facts:

Location: Saint-Ouën-des-Vallons, in the Mayenne departement of France (Pays de la Loire Region).
Built: 13th-16th century.
Condition: In good condition.
Ownership / Access: Private property.
ISMH Reference Number: PA00109605
Notes: La Roche-Pichemer is a castle located in the municipality of Saint-Ouën-des-Vallons in Mayenne, 300 m. east of the town. Building of the thirteenth century and sixteenth century. Two buildings framed by three large pavilions; chapel rebuilt in the nineteenth century. The Chateau de la Roche-Pichemer certainly built by Louis du Plessis (° 1542 - † 1570), includes a rectangular main building, with square flag at each corner of the façade, in front building. In the center, a door semicircular pilasters and triangular pediment, a mullioned window on the first floor, a skylight and double bay topped by a curved pediment and florets in the attic, are staged, carefully paired in Assize granite. The same decorative motif recurs in the other openings in the walls and pavilions, except that the gables are triangular and less massive. A main building by corner back, later built in a simple style, has been harmonized at all since 1840. The north facade preserved round tower at the northwest corner; before we assume the wing of the building is, there was a second symmetrical. The chapel is mentioned in 1630; a preservation request is made in 1804; it has since been installed in the castle. The castle has two protections as historical monuments, dated September 17, 1973: a ranking for facades and roofs of the castle and three pavilions, the leak, various parts of the first floor and a registration for the common roofs and facades . The Chateau de la Roche-Pichemer is private; the interior is not open to the public. Access to external and park along the marked route (free visit). Timetable 2007: 1 July to 15 August, every day between 14h and 18h. The park is classé7 (constituent parts: pool.) As a remarkable garden.

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