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Château de Hauterive

Château de Hauterive
Château de Hauterive Photo - Matton Patrick — Travail personnel - Wikipedia - lic. under CC BY-SA 4.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Argentré, in the Loire-Atlantique departement of France (Pays de la Loire Region).
Built: 13th century.
Condition: --.
Ownership / Access: --.
Notes: The castle of Hauterive is located in Argentré in the department of Mayenne.It has been registered for historic monuments since 13 March 1989.It includes a castle and a chapel, facades and roofs of the fief, an enclosure with moats and retaining walls, an isolated eighteenth-century pavilion, a garden with fence and tower, as well as a central well, a wood And the wide alleys of the park. The tapestries of the great hall, with the arms of Hautefort, are very beautiful. The chapel was founded on 10 April 1508 by Thomine de Villiers. In the garden, there is a monumental well and a large sundial very complicated, with a small mobile dial completely degraded. A labyrinth of the eighteenth century still existed around 1940 near the barnyard.In September 1209, Guillaume d'Hauterives recognized Savary d'Anthenaise, lord of Bazougers, to hold of him his manor of Hauterives with all his dependencies and duty to him on horseback and armed. In 1485, the Comte de Laval granted him the remission of his feudal rights. As early as the 13th century, it had the right to use any wood in the forest of Frageu. The castle, described as a lodging in 1533, could be considered a safe asylum. During the disturbances of 1616, Saint-Céneré was brought there to secure precious objects. Hauterives belonged to the lord of Bazougers and two centuries later to the lord of Villiers, then by inheritance, he arrived in the illustrious family Du Bellay allied later to Highforts. The lords of Hauterive had several rights in the church of Saint-Vénérand de Laval. One of the descendants sold the property in 1737 to Jean Baptiste Berset, a Laval merchant. The descendants have preserved it through the Fitzgerald and Montalembert which were buried in the chapel. The castle and the current chapel were built by Jean-Marie Berset. He thus became lord of Argentré. The Bersets still possessed Parreneau en Parné and a host of other lands that made them the richest family in Laval. The widow Berset de Vaufleury was represented at the assembly of the nobility of Maine in 1789.

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